Nicky looked down the hill to the harbor below. The little New England town was nestled in a bedraggled fashion in front of the untidy harbor. In the harbor were several rough looking sailing ships, and, Nicky hoped, a new life!

At 12, Nicky was looking to go to sea and start a new life. Like many boys his age the life back home at the farm held little appeal and fewer prospects. He was after all the youngest of 4 boys. To further this challenges, he was very small for his age, puny in fact. This had always caused him grief at home and at school. How the others ridiculed him! It came to a head when a 9 year old bully had whuped him. A boy 3 years younger! He hadn't been able to face the boys again after that.

To top off the insult of being so short, he was very lithely built and almost angelic in his looks. Even his ma had clucked, "iffen only he was a gurl". She would then cluck and shake her head sadly. Maybe because of that she always had him wear his hair longish, with his blonde curls framing his lashes and hazel eyes.

It was after the school incident that his father had gruffly suggested that Nicky try his hand at sailing. "Yer gotta try sumpin, and yar might be a good sailor", his father told him over dinner. Nicky held his head down, a sign of his inner despair.

"Ya" his older brother Hans smirked, "he has all the makings of a sailor all right."

His fathers stern glare cut his short.

"Son", he said. "It is time you at least try something and the best opportunities are at sea right now."

With that his fate was sealed to at least try seeking a position. When his father decided something he rarely changed his mind.

Less than a week later he was on the road, his only belongings in a bag over his shoulder, and a letter of recommendation tucked firmly in his pocket. As he strode along he felt happy for the first time in a long time. He whistled a tune, his bag swinging merrily along. Unconsciously, his hips and little tush gyrated along with the melody. This garnered more than a glance or two from the grizzled farmers along the road. One even offered him a ride which he gladly accepted. But when a mile or two down the road the old mans gnarled hand suddenly snaked over to his little bottom, Nicky yelped and hopped off the wagon lithely. The old man chortled and waved as he drove off.

It was towards evening when the boy, tired and hungry got into the little port town.

Concentrating on the seemingly insurmountable task of finding a ship that would take him, he went into the first small pub he happened upon. Putting his last bits on the table he bought a thick slice of bread and cheese.

Wolfing down the food the boy immediately felt better. With resolve flowing through his veins he looked around the dim pub. Surely there would be sailors here that would know of a position. He was not even aware of the burly men in the smoky room already sizing him up, like a chicken about to be put to market.

The boy looked as out of place in this joint as a lagoon would in the Sahara and the men drank in his lithe looks all the same. They knew what the boy did not, Nearly every ship in the harbor save the one old man Johnson was captaining along with his new bride would vie for the chance to ship him.

Nicky, mustering all his new-found courage turned to the grizzled seaman sitting near him.

"Excuse me sir", he said timidly, "I,I,I am a looking few a position on a ship."

The men in the room held their collective breath, each cursing himself for not befriending the boy earlier.

"Hmm," the man named Sam, "scratched his grizzled chin and pretended to think.

"Ya got experience?"


"Ya got gear?"

"Hmm not really".

"But", Nicky aid brightly, "I have me a reference letter>"

Sam studied the proffered letter thoughtfully.

"I just might have a possibility on the "Jasper". I'll take ya their me self. I believe that they are a lookin fer a cabin boy."

"Yer know what a cabin boy does?"

"Uhh no sir, " squeaked Nicky.

"Yer do what the capn and crew tell yer or yer shark food." Sam and the others at the table gaffawed at the joke.

With an air of camaraderie, the other three sailors decided to accompany Nicky and Sam to the "Jasper."

The little boy sure looked out of place between the burly sailors but Nicky grinned at the unbelievable opportunity he was getting. Just in town and he was already going to talk to a captain! He was so excited he barely noticed the wolf whistles from other sailors. He didn't know what they were doing anyway and waved goodnaturedly.

Nicky was so apprehensive when Sam knocked on the captains door on the good ship Jasper.

The captain, a portly grizzled man was not in good humor at being roused from his daily nap. Sputtering her glared at Sam and demanded an explanation of this infuriating disturbance.

Sam, looking meek for once, explained hastily that Nicky had been looking for a position. "I suggested you might want to interview him for cabin boy"

Sam's voice trailed off.

The captain noticed Nicky for the first time. "Jeez we caint have kids that young on board, whatcha age about 8?" The captain seemed very intimidating to little Nicky.

The boy, with all the courage he could muster said bravely, "Sir I am 12 and this letter proves it."

He handed the reference letter to the captain. The letter was from his father and aside from stating his age begged any captain to give his boy a chance at sea,

"Hmm," the grizzled captain said thoughtfully. He glanced at the boy, his cute pleading face and lithe body.

"Hmmm", I am willing to give you a try. You come to my cabin at once to sort out the details. We sail at dawn. To the others he barked, off with ye.

Sam and the others winked at each other and shuffled back off to the pub. This could be a fine voyage after all.

The captain gave a sharp whistle and a tall mean looking man appeared. He was over 6 feet tall and had huge bulging biceps.

"This here is my first mate Rocky", the captain said gruffly. "He is our ships doctor as well. Afore we sign you on we need a through exam. Agreed?"

To this little Nicky gave a squeaky "yes."

"Any ships rules are important, youngun. I am master and you do what I say, or" nodding towards first mate Rocky, "him."

With visions of terrible duties and dirty dishes awaiting him he hesitated and gave a firm yes. He wanted to succeed here. This was his opportunity to become his own person. All the teasing about his little frame and scrawny limbs were behind him. He wanted to ship out with these gruff men more than anything.

"Off with yer clothes", the captain thundered.

Nicky froze. He didn't know what to think.

"I sez, off with yer clothes or yer a landlubber" he roared.

Nicky quickly doffed his shirt and socks. When he saw more was expected he hesitated and then slowly unbuttoned his trousers and slid them to his ankles.

Slap! The captain with lightning speed slapped Nicky. The boy froze again.

"I gives an order and yous ter do it. Now off and I mean all of em!"

Nicky quickly shucked his pants and flannel under-drawers.

"Now my medical man can examine yer right proper. Yer understand?"

Nicky, naked and rigid nodded quickly.

"So Rocky, git with the exam. I'll have no disease on this here ship." The captain leaned on the nearby wall to watch the exam.

"Hmm", said Rocky. "Good teeth. No loose ones."

"How about straight? Gotta be straight".

Rocky nodded affirmative as he probed the boys mouth and throat.

Nicky breathed a little easier. He sure hoped he passed!

Feet were examined and noted for their smallness. Measurements confirmed what Nicky had feared. He was not going to grow much more. He groaned at that news. Forever a runt! His brothers had gotten all the height and physique in his family.

Soon the exam centered on his groin area. The captain showed unusual interest in the proceedings.

Rocky grunted out his findings. Very small testicles for his age. Another sign he wouldn't grow much. His little penis was probed and scrutinized, not that there was much of one. It was little and hairless barely an inch long.

His anus took an unusually long time to examine. "Remember, no sores or disease," the captain growled.

Time and time again the greased finger of Rocky probed his little butt. "Hmm, very tight, no sores" he said as he continued his probing.

"Ooh," said Nicky involuntarily.

He likes it, smirked Rocky as he probed some more. Nicky groaned a bit selfconciously.

The captain pleased, questioned Nicky.

"Anyone porked ya?" he asked directly.

Nicky gave him a quizzical look.

"Whatcha know about sex? captain barked.

Nicky thought and answered slowly, "my pa sez its fez when the cows get bred by the bull:."

The captain guffawed at Nicky's innocence.

"So now yer gonna be the cow and me and Rocky the bull," the captain chuckled at his own joke. "Iffen yer gonna be our cabin boy yer gonna keep us bulls pleased. Otherwise" he glared, "Its shoreside few yer and now!"

Nicky was confused. He had seen the mighty bull mount the cows numerous times but he didn't see how he could take the cows place.

The captain continued. "Iffen yer keep us bulls content yer stay with us in the forward cabin, otherwise its offn ter the crew quarters with yer. Understand?"

Nicky didn't but nodded anyway.

"So my good man Rocky" the captain said pleasantly, I believe it is time to see if our new cabin boy can do his duties, otherwise" the big man thundered again, "Its shore-side with the likes of you!"

The big captain was thoroughly enjoying himself. Unlike the last few cabin boys this one was completely innocent. He still didn't know if the runt would submit completely but it was going to be fun either way. Without a doubt the boy would be beached if he didn't though. Plus he thought absently, he is so gullible. The last cabin boy Frankie hadn't given out at all the the one before only a few times when they got him good and drunk.

"Rocky", the captain said pleasantly, "since the boy is naked I believe it would be a fine idea for him to see you without clothes so he knows what a real man looks like."

This was said in a conversational manner and Rocky affably agreed and started to strip as well.

Nicky gasped when he saw the emerging bulk of the man. He had never seen a naked man before let alone one sinewy and muscled like Rocky.

"Now" the captain said pleasantly to Nicky "look over my first mate and tell me some differences between yer. Then yer can see why yer the cow and hes the bull."

"Ohh", said little Nicky timidly. This was nothing like what he expected his first night on board ship but his was tingling with excitement for some reason.

"Well?" demanded the captain.

"Ohh," Nicky started again. "He is covered with hair." He glanced at the thick mat of black hair on Rocky's chest.

"And?" quizzed the captain impatiently.

Nicky answered back quickly "crooked teeth. and huge arm muscles. Nicky's hands couldn't even circle them.

Rocky flexed involuntarily.

Nicky hesitated but the captain drummed his fingers impatiently.

"His, er manhood is huge." Nicky said. He ran his hand over it and it stiffened involuntarily. "It has hair and a huge ahem bag below." Nicky was flustered.

"So now you see what a good bull he is?" The captain queried. Now the big moment. "And the captain said softly. you can see just like your fathers bull when he gets erect he needs to mount the cow."

Nicky looked uncomprehendingly. "But I have no, er birth canal."

The captain looked smug. "You have openings don't you?"

Nicky's look of bewilderment went to a sudden dawning. He tentatively pointed at his mouth.

"And" the captain said as he put his big hand on the boys little butt.

It was time now to see if the boy understood or would take the moments hesitation and bolt from the cabin.

"Really?" The boy said incredulously.

"Really" the captain snapped back.

The boy stood his ground.

"Show me so I can see if I can be your cow", he whispered. He wanted to be the cabin boy so bad he was willing to try anything.

"OK", the captain said briskly now that the tensest moment was over. We shall without further ado show you your duties. Time is waisting.

"Rocky if you please." The captain was thoroughly enjoying the show and was sporting a fine erection himself.

Rocky was a man of action and not words and the word "tact" would never be used in association with this big man.

Grabbing little Nicky by the scruff of his blond head he pushed the accidentally open mouth over his semi erect penis.

Chomp! As a natural reflex to the surprising turn of events Nicky chomped down on the tender member.

Slap! A curse and a harsh slap were the instant reaction from the foul mouthed seaman.

"Ya do that again ya little bitch and I throw ya to the sharks!"

"now, now", soothed the captain, getting more excited by the moment. "Show him whatcha want."

With a grunt the crusty seaman showed the befuttled boy how to glide his little mouth along his shaft. "N no teeth", he growled with a spiteful glare at the trembling boy.

After a few tentative tries, the boy improved enough to illicit grunts of approval from the rank smelling man. "Thar, nice n easy like. Up and down. A lil more tongue." Over the next 15 minutes there were more grunts of approval and only one slap when the teeth accidentally scraped.

Meanwhile, to access the man who scrunched further and further down on the cot, little Nicky's pink lil butt was higher and higher in the air. Still naked from his exam he had accidentally put his rosy butt at nearly eye level with the portly captain.

The captain, unable to resist slowly started working a greased finger up the little butt.

"OOh" gurgled the boy through his mouthful of cock and bushy pubic hair.

Emboldened the captain soon had two greasy fingers working up the hole. The little fanny wiggled as if on its own as the captain accidentally started rubbing the boys hidden g spot.

The little tush was soon almost a frantic blur as it worked the captains fingers.

Rocky, never much for small talk grunted his approval of the little cabin boys labors. His cock was soon at full staff at nearly 8 inches but as fat as the lithe boys arm.

With only a grunt to the captain and no word to the boy he suddenly pulled from the boys mouth and with a pop the fattened cock popped from the startled boys mouth. It had just become tasty to Nicky as well as a small amount of juice had squirted into his mouth. It still lingered there, tasty and salty as the seaman roughly pushed the boy around and so his subtle buttock not the willing mouth faced his raging hardened member.

A kinder man would have been gentle with the boy maybe even taking days or weeks preparing the virgin hole for fucking. A better man would have patted the boys head and saved his assault for his dreams.

Rocky was neither and was only interested in himself and his animistic need at the moment. He needed to fuck and now.

The little hole through, was well lubed from the captains hands and Nicky was anything but expecting what was coming.

Facing ahead he had no view of Rocky or his straining manhood. First he felt both of Rocky's huge hands grip his little waist firmly almost pinching him.

Then with no delay a stretching sensation on his little pucker-hole. It was not unlike the fingers of a few minutes ago but the opening of his ass was getting stretched like it never had before. "OH, OH" cried Nicky squirming.

"What? the little bastard is losing his virginity and all he says is "Oh??"

The captain roared.

Slowly, like a huge snake, Nicky felt the slow advance of the member as it stretched and worked its way inside his little fanny.He could feel the bulbous head as it advanced and even the pulsing of the veins. As it scraped his newly found g spot the whimper grew and he was now babbling sens-less animal sounds.

"Oh, arr, guh, ow, oh" the noises blended with the grunts of Rocky.

Suddenly the snake thing hit its limit and Nicky could feel a scratchy bristle rubbing against his butt.

The big man then started a thrusting, limited by the tightness of the buttocks. The thrusting lasted only a few minutes before Nicky felt a flood of warmth deep inside him. It was not unpleasant at all. The big man groaned once more and with a plop pulled the snake from his ass.

The captain almost immediately entered his as well. It was a much smaller snake, thrust briskly and efficiently. He too ended with a flood of warmth and a final grunt.

Rocky always of few words and fewer manners immediately dressed and started for the door. He pointed at the boy. "Tonight", he growled, and it will be much longer." With that he whistled tunelessly and headed for the door.

The captain had at least a bit more tact. "Ya ok?" he queried. The boy nodded, still exhausted from this first round of sex on the ship. "I am fine really " The boy finally pipped up, "I just never knew what cabin boys did on boats. Kinda different but I will do my best!"

Sheesh the captain thought, how gullible are they these days?

"Ok", the captain said gruffly. Ya sleep here in my cabin and here's your new kit."

Inside was the cockiest set of sailor gear the boy had ever seen, even real silk underwear!

"Oh gosh thanks sir" The boy threw the surprised captain a big hug.

Off with ye lad," the captain said gruffly. "We gotta sail this ship and get underway! A long voyage we have ahead of us. And,' he said as an afterthought, keep Rocky satisfied, a happy first mate is a happy ship." He guffawed and sent Nicky out to deck.

As the good ship Jasper ploughed through the whitecapped water later that morning, there was one grinning capin boy at the rail. His new clothes on and his cap at a jaunty angle. Sure his bottom burned a bit from the second much longer fucking by Rocky but he was now confident he could do his duties. He liked the sexy lea rs by the other men and the occasional ass pinch.

What he did not see was the look by the young third mate. Tall, young and handsome, Lars gave Nicky a look of longing so intense that only if an experienced sea captain saw it would recognize that the Lock only could mean one thing. Trouble!


Sam Lea


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