This whole story came about because I’m kind of a traveling salesman.  I go from business to business hawking my company’s product but it is all done in my sales area, three counties in my home state. Every once in a while I would get the urge to stop in an adult club to watch the dancers, but this time I stopped in an adult bookstores , one of those with the individual viewing booths. Now I was a bit curious as to how the men got it on with each other, so I figured what the hell and went into a booth and watched a movie. Actually I watched two movies, I have to tell you, I was turned on by watching one man go down on another and started visiting the store once a week.

Well this one day the booth I always used was occupied, so I used another one and after I put my tokens in the slot, I heard a noise. I looked around and to my surprise, there was a hard cock sticking through a hole in the wall and the thought hit me, I wonder what it feels like to touch another man’s cock. I did one of those goofy things we all do from time to time, even though I was totally alone in the booth, I looked around and knowing I was really alone, I touched the cock. It felt so nice to my finger tips that I wrapped my whole hand around it and it felt so much better then holding my own. It was hard but had that soft outer covering and it excited me to be holding a cock other then my own, so I started stroking that sweet cock.

After a minute or two, I heard a voice telling me to, “Suck it,” and ever since watching the gay porn, I’d been wondering just what it would be like to have a cock in my mouth. 

Before I could change my mind, I slid off my seat to my knees on the cum crusted floor and impulsively kissed the head of this hard cock. I really liked how that felt, so I licked it, from the head all the way down to his balls and then back up to the head. I heard the cocks owner moan, “Uugggghhhhhhh,” and buoyed by that and how nice it felt licking it I took that sweet piece of meat into my mouth. 

I was really shocked at how much I liked having this stranger’s cock in my mouth. It was so silky feeling in my mouth and yet so hard. I started sucking on it like I liked mine sucked and it didn’t take long before it swelled up in my mouth. I knew the cock’s owner was going to cum but I wasn’t prepared for how much cum was to shoot out of that magnificent beast. I couldn’t swallow fast enough and wasn’t knowledgeable enough about sucking cock to hold the cum in my mouth and swallow at my leisure, so I choked a little at first on his cum.  But then I managed to hold the rest in my mouth and swallowed it slowly. 

Even though it was my first taste of man cum, I never even thought about not swallowing it. And I wasn’t disappointed. It was amazing. It was very hot in my mouth and much to my delight it had a bitter taste to it. I love bitter tasting things so I got hooked on a man’s hot cum my first taste. 

As his dick softened, he jerked it back through the hole and in seconds I heard the door open and close as he exited.

I was still on my knees contemplating what had just happened when I heard the door open and close again. But this time someone was entering instead of exiting. Then another cock came through the hole. It was a lot smaller then the one that I’d just lost my mouths virginity to, but still looked very appealing. So I kissed it all over and could hear the owner moaning as if he was in the booth with me.  

I decided to take a little more time with this little beauty, so I started licking and kissing all over and around the purplish head. I was really enjoying myself when realized that I had an erection. So with my free hand I took my cock out and started jacking off. 

I got this overwhelming urge to suck on the cock at my disposal, so I took his cock in my mouth and was so delighted that I was able to get his whole cock in my mouth. I started to work it slowly with my lips and tongue. The more I sucked this sweet cock the hotter I got and when I felt this wonderful piece of man meat swell up in my mouth, I shot my load all over the wall in front of me. Then the cock in my mouth exploded, filling my mouth with that wonderful tasting man cream. 

God…I couldn’t believe it. Here I was on my knees, a cock in my hand and a mouthful of hot tasty cum. savoring the taste, I rolled the salty goo around in my mouth before swallowing very slowly. I was very happy with myself. 

 I knelt there for a few more minutes but no more cocks were forthcoming, so I left, but I knew I would be back. 

After that I made that place a regular stop, every Thursday and I guess word got out, because after a few weeks I was sucking at least ten or more cocks every visit. And sometimes money would be pushed through the glory hole and a lot of phone numbers. 

After doing this for a few months, I got an invitation to a party put through the hole and a voice that told me, “You should really consider attending this party because it would probably help your sales output with the contacts you’d make.”

The address was in one of those very upscale gated communities and I was curious as to what a party of gays would be like. So I made up a story about a staff meeting story for my wife Barbara and went to the party. 

It was in a mansion, valet parking, escort into the house, name announced and when they announced my name the man behind the voice in the booth came over and welcomed me. I saw at a glance that it was all men…about fourteen or fifteen. He took me around introducing me to everybody and telling them I was the man he’d talked about. I was a little uneasy about that until one of the men inquired as to what I sold. After I told him, he gave me a business card and said, “Come see me, I’m sure we can do a little business,” and then I got cards from the rest of them. 

The booze was flowing like water so I had a lot to drink. Dinner was fantastic and then more booze.

Then the owner of the house offered to show me around.  Just out of respect I felt that I had to see look. 

It was a big house, huge kitchen, library, game room, movie room and other rooms all on the first floor. Then we went upstairs and the first room he took me into he said was the playroom. It had a bed, a kind of table with what looked like hand and leg cuffs, a padded half round thing that also had leg and hand cuffs and some very comfortable looking chairs. 

Now I was feeling no pain at this point so when he dropped his pants it didn’t quite register what had happened. But when he told me, “I heard that you were the best cocksucker in the state,” I just smiled. 

When he put his hand on my shoulder and pushed me down onto my knees, staring me in the face was his rock hard cock, so I did what had now become a natural act for me, I took it in my hand and started licking the head of his cock, sticking my supple little tongue in the piss-hole. 

“Mmmmmmm,” you’ve got a big one,” I murmured, “With nice thick veins.” I paused to run a finger down a pulsing vein.

Suddenly I opened my mouth wide and swallowed half his cock. My mouth was so hot and wet that I knew to him that it felt like a pussy. I started moving my head, bobbing my mouth up and down his shaft. My mouth slid farther down his shaft with each swallow. I felt his cock crashing into the back of my throat, as thrilled by it as he was.
Excitedly I kept banging him harder and harder with my mouth. This was the first dick that I’d ever suck that was sticking through a hole in the wall and the thrill was too much for me to handle.

My cock was hard, my mouth was in heaven so when somebody started undressing me, I let them. Just about the same time I was naked, the cock in my mouth exploded and filled my mouth with a really sweet cream, a lot sweeter then any other cock I had tasted to that point. 

By now the room was full of the other guests and they all seemed to be naked. I remember thinking how nice these guys were, getting naked because I was. 

I was led over to the half round thing. When I was bent over it, my legs were spread wide apart and my ankles were shackled.  And then the same thing happened to my arms. I was now laying there with my naked ass in the air for everybody to see. When I started to protest I felt something warm being rubbed into my asshole. 

It was a strange but nice feeling, so I didn’t say anything.  And then I heard somebody say, “He’s as ready as he’ll ever be. Let’s proceed,” and I felt something hard being pressed against my asshole. I was so out of it that I didn’t even move as my asshole got penetrated by its first cock.  And as I found out later, the smallest cock present was being used for my first asshole fuck. They were being very considerate of me and were not going to fuck my ass with any cock bigger then five inches my first time. 

The bigger cocks would have to wait until I was well broken in before they could fuck me.
The guy who cummed like a horse. He filled my ass with so much cum, it ran out like a river and oozed down my legs. 

I also sucked every cock in the house not just once, but I think more like twice and my stomach held so much cum, it was bit bloated.   

They kept feeding me drinks along the way and at some point I passed out, only to be woken by my wife Barbara shaking me. I was in my car, balls ass naked and she was holding what turned out to be pictures of me being used like a woman and a letter telling me to use the business cards and the next party would be in a month. 

My wife Barbara helped me inside, put me in the tub and made me tell her everything I remembered, including how it all came about and how it felt to suck a cock and take one up the ass. 

The next morning I managed to get up and go to work. I thought, what the hell, let’s see what happens with the business cards, so I went to the first cards business. I didn’t see the man who’d given it to me, but they had an order ready for me that was the biggest order of my career and so did all the other ones when I went to see them. 

With the commissions Barbara and I were rolling in money now.  my boss couldn’t believe it because most of these companies wouldn’t do business with us before. 

Barbara really surprised me by how well she took what happened. I thought for sure with those pictures, we were headed for divorce court, but she adopted a different attitude. 

She bought a strap-on and told me, “If you’re going to be somebody’s bitch, it was mine,” and now she fucks me in my ass at least twice a week and she supervises my visits to the adult bookstore. She wants to make sure the cocks I suck are clean and disease free. I have a following, of about ten or twelve of the same guys that show up every week. 

She takes me to the monthly fuck my ass and mouth fests and drops me off naked and they bring me home well fucked and naked. 

Barbara makes me wear women’s panties all the time now and she shaves my whole body. My once a month guys love that I’m shaved for them.

Now I have to go to gay bars, pick up a man, bring him home and let them use me like a woman so Barbara can watch me be a woman and a couple of times she even joined in and fucked me in the ass while I sucked our guest’s cock. 

All in all, things are pretty fantastic.



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