Early one Saturday morning I headed to Home Depot to pick up some things I needed around the house. Of course, when I'm there I always cruise the hot studs I see.

As I turned down one aisle, I saw him and wanted him instantly, but could I get him? I never have been very aggressive in cruising, usually meeting and letting this just happen.

I slowly worked my way down the aisle checking him out. He wore a tight white tee shirt and very snug jeans, showing a nice bulge, and work boots. He was extremely muscular and well built. I assumed he was a construction worker.

I paused to check out some items on the rack then continued on my way. I'd go down other aisles then return to what ever aisle he was on. I did this several times and eventually he noticed me watching him.

Soon afterward, as I passed him on one aisle he turned to me and asked, "Do I know you?"

"Uh, no, I don't think so," I answered. "Why?"

"It's just the way you've been looking at me when you pass me."

"Uh, I was just envious of your build."

"Lots of manual labor and a couple of nights a week at the gym," he replied.

I was nervous as hell at the fact that he noticed me. I cut back on the number of times I went down his aisle, although I didn't stop completely.

After a few more times of passing him, this time he stopped me by grabbing my upper left arm and said, "Look, I don't know what you're up to but why do you keep coming by and staring at me?"

He released my arm from his powerful grip and I said, "If I'm honest with you and tell you, you'll probably beat the shit out of me right here in the store."

Now he just stared at me and I headed off and onto another aisle.

A few minutes later, as I was picking out more items for my house, he came up to me and said,"Look, bud, you've got my curiosity aroused. I promise not to do anything, but just tell me why."

Never before had I been so open and honest, but I looked around to make sure we were alone and said, "Bud, you're hot as hell and I'd love to see you nude and suck your cock."

His eyes widened and after a second, he said, "You're shitting me, right?"

"Nope, not at all," I replied as I went on my way, my heart pounding wildly in my chest and my knees weak from fear.

I was headed for the garden center when he came around a corner toward. I froze in fear. As he passed me, he never said a word. He simply dropped a piece of paper into my basket and continued walking.

After he was gone, I reached down and picked up the folded paper. Opening it, I saw a written note. I began reading.

'I've never down anything with a guy

before, but for some reason, you have

my curiosity very aroused. If you're

really serious, come out to the blue

panel van on the far left side of the

parking lot. Open the side door and

get in. I'll be waiting.'

My heart began racing unbelievably fast and my hands began to shake. I forgot about the garden shop and went to the check out. After paying for my items, as I took them to my pick up I looked toward the left side of the parking lot. There all by itself was a blue panel van.

I loaded my purchase and got in and drove over near the van. Nervously, I walked to the side door and opened it.

There on an old blanket he lay, his tee shirt off and his jeans down around his ankles, his cock already rock hard. He was even more muscular than I thought and his chest was covered with a medium coating of medium brown hair.

I stepped in and closed the door behind me, and as I did he said, "So, you really were serious."

"Yes, I was."

"Well, show me what it's like to get sucked of by a dude."

I reached down and untied and removed his work boots then completely removed his jeans and briefs.

Spreading his legs, I knelt between them and leaned over. I wanted to work him up first so I first started licking and gently sucking on his balls. As I did, he moaned softly several times.

After a few moments, I gently lifted his cock and licked of a large droplet of precum from the slit. He moaned again.

Then, I went for the gold.

Opening my mouth, I swallowed his cock balls deep. He gasped audibly. As I raised and lowered my head, caressing his cock with my tongue, he said, "OH MOTHER FUCK! Fuck yea, dude, don't stop!"

I took my time in bringing him o his climax. I wanted him to get as much pleasure as possible before hand. After close to twenty minutes, I could tell he was getting close. I worked his cock more eagerly and soon he began moaning loudly and said, "Oh fuck dude, I'm gonna cum. Please don't stop. Take that load."

His beautiful seven and a half inch cock exploded, sending a huge load partially down my throat and half filling my hungry mouth.

Once I had him totally drained, I pulled off and looking him straight in the eye, I swallowed his load.

His eyes widened and he said, "Damn, man, you must really like that shit to swallow it."

"I do. It's the best source of pure protein there is."


"How'd you like getting sucked by a guy?" I asked.

"Fuck, it was ten times better than any bitch I've ever had blow me and a lot better than most of the pussy I've fucked."

"Well, I know I sure enjoyed it. Thanks for letting me have it."

He had begun redressing and as i started to leave the van he said, "Dude, I'm here many mornings around this same time and every Saturday. Any time you want it again, be here. Either find me in the store or park by this van."

"How can I refuse an offer like that," I replied. "I'll definitely be back."

I left looking forward to our next meeting.

On Wednesday, I was there earlier than before. I didn't see his van so I parked and waited. About forty-five minutes later I saw him on the street waiting for traffic to clear so he could turn in.

Quickly starting my truck and heading for the entrance, I was waiting as he pulled in. I sounded my horn and he looked over at me then smiled. He turned toward a deserted section of the lot and parked. I pulled up next to him and parked. As I did, he opened the side door slightly.

I went over and as I opened it he was removing his boots. His shirt was already off. Quickly, he removed his boots, socks, jeans and briefs.

"It's all yours, man. Go for it."

I did but after licking and sucking his balls, I gently lifted his legs. He was hesitant but I assured him I wasn't going to fuck him.

I leaned down and quickly began licking and drilling hos hot hole with my tongue.

"Oh, Fuck!" he gasped. "That's awesome. I love what you're doing."

I ate his ass for several minutes before returning to his balls then his cock. Again, I took my time bringing him to his climax, and again he was vocal when he filled my mouth.

"I was hoping to see you again," he said, as he lay there nude. "I tried to get my girl to suck me last Sunday but she said it was gross. When I reminded her how much she enjoyed me eating her pussy and her sucking me wasn't any more gross than me eating her, she slapped me and through me out."

"Sorry about that," I said, "but I've eaten pussy myself and sucking a cock is much better. At least it doesn't smell like dead fish."

He began laughing then said, "So you were into pussy before cock?"

"Well, I started on both about the same time. cock was first with a bud in high school. Then came pussy. I enjoyed both but as I got older, and was with more men, i found that there was almost no drama in sex with another man like there is with a woman. You know when a man is satisfied."

"Very true," he said. "What were you doing with my ass?"

"It's called rimming. I was literally licking your hole and sticking my tongue up it. However, I only do it when the guys hole is clean."

"Man, it felt awesome," he said, then added, "By the way, I'm Greg.

"Nice to meet you officially. I'm Mark."

"Any idea when you might be back, Mark?"

"Not off hand, but I'll tell you what I'll do. I'll give you my number and anytime you want it, just call day or night. And I do mean any hour."

"What if I call at two in the morning?"

"I'll meet you or you can come to my place."

"You serious?"

"As serious as a heart attack," I replied.

"That would be great," he replied.

I gave him my number and we went our separate ways. I wondered when he might call. I soon found out.

Friday night about ten as I was considering going to my favorite bar where the younger crown hung out, my phone rang.

When I answered, I heard, "Mark, this is Greg. You busy?"

"Not if you're saying you're horny," I replied.

"Well, I'm horny as hell."

"Then get you're ass over here," I said and gave him my address. Then I added, "Don't be shocked when I answer the door totally nude. I live that way."

"Hey, no problem," he replied. "I should be there in about half an hour."

"Great, I'll be waiting."

Twenty-five minutes later he knocked on my door. When I let him in he smiled as he looked me over and said, "You're pretty well built yourself."

"Thanks, but not as well as you," I said as je looked down at my almost fully hard cock. "Make yourself comfortable."

"And I assume by that you mean get nude," he said.


He quickly stripped off his shirt, shorts and deck shoes. He wore no underwear or socks. He was prepared, and his cock was already hard.

"You in a hurry?" I asked.

"Definitely not," he replied. I'm off tomorrow so I don't have to get up early."

Hummmm. He was off. I wondered if I could get him to spend the night?

"Great," I replied. "In that case, let's have a beer and get to know each other better."

"Sounds good."

I got us each a beer and we both sat on the sofa and talked. I found out he was twenty-eight and a former Marine. He was, of course, single and not ready to settle down.

Then he said, "May I ask you some personal questions? I've never known anyone that was openly gay."

"Sure, but I'm only open to certain people."

"Mark, exactly how did you get started?"

"That's a fair question. When I was fifteen, a bud and I were looking at a porn magazine he swiped from his older brother. Of course we both got hard. Soon we were both sitting side by side jerking off. We began doing it almost daily. after about a week, we decided to see what it was like to jerk each other off. Feeling another guys hand on our cocks turned us on. After seeing the women in the magazine sucking the guys cocks, we decided to see what it was like. to our own surprise, we both enjoyed it, receiving as well as giving. We both began swallowing. I immediately liked the taste. He didn't at first."

"What's it taste like?

"Well, most of the time it has a salty-sweet taste, but depending on what the guy has eaten it can sometimes be slightly bitter."

"I see. Go on with what you were telling me."

"Anyway, in high school, he and I wuld double date. We fuck our dates together and if they wouldn't put out after we took them home we'd go find someplace private and suck each other. After a while we decided to see what it was like to fuck and get fucked in the ass. By my second year of college, I was tired of all the drama the bitches were dishing out and decided to go totally gay. I've never regretted it."

"Damn, i can certainly understand the drama. They are either bitching cause you got off too quick or not quick enough or you're fucking too hard or too deep. It's always something."

"You seem to know exactly what I'm talking about."

"Do I ever," he said.

"Greg, as handsome and built as you are, I'm surprised guys haven't hit on you before."

"I've had a couple make mild comments but I really didn't think much of it. But you're the first to come right out and say exactly what you wanted."

"To be honest, you're the first I've ever done that too."

He smiled and said, "I'm damn glad you did. You ready for it?"

"Always," I said, "but let's go get comfortable."

I led him to my bedroom and quickly began kissing his neck, sucking his nipples, licking and sucking his pits, sucking his balls, rimming his ass and finally sucking his cock.

After getting his load, he said, "Fuck, I've never been serviced the way you just did it. It was fantastic."

"I'm glad you liked it. I enjoyed doing it."

I lay next to him and to my surprise, he reached over and began stroking my cock and said, "At least I can do this for you."

"You don't have to," I said.

I know that."

He soon brought me to a roaring climax with my load firing out onto my chest and stomach.

Looking at it he said, "Damn, what a load. I better get you something to clean up with."

"There's a washcloth there in the bathroom," I said, noticing a big puddle of cum on his hand between his thumb and index finger.

He got up and headed for the master bath and as he entered I was shocked to see him lift his hand to his mouth and lick the puddle of my cum off his hand.

He returned with the warm wash cloth and wiped me clean, then return it to the bath.

When he returned he lay beside me saying, "That is the very first time I've ever touched another man."

"Well, what did you think?"

"Honestly, it was kind of erotic."

"I know I sure enjoyed it," I said.

"Me too," he said almost guiltily.

"Greg, if you'd like, you're welcome to stay the night here with me. I'll service you anytime you want. Just wake me up."

He looked at me ad said, "You really mean that, don't you?"

"Yes, I do."

"I'll stay."

"Great," I replied.

I had him raise his head and wrapped my arm around his shoulders, pulling him to me.

"You know, even though you're a man, this feel nice," he said as he turned toward me and lay his hand on my chest.

"I love to cuddle nude," I told him.

We were silent for a long time before he said, "Mark, do me again."

Without a word, I got between his legs and again serviced him thoroughly from neck down.

I then lay back beside him this time with him wrapping his huge arm around me and pulling me to him. I lay on my side facing him and rested my hand on his hairy chest. I heard him moan softly. Soon, we were both asleep.

During the night I woke to a shocking surprise. Greg was sucking my hard cock. I couldn't help but moan softly. As I neared my climax I warned him but he kept sucking. I soon climaxed and filled his hot wet mouth with my load. I was more surprised when he he swallowed with my cock still in his mouth.

When he lay back beside me I said, "I damn sure didn't expect that."

"When I arrived I didn't expect to do it."

"Well then why did you do it?"

"I was curious. Seeing how much you enjoyed it and all our conversations tonight as well as what I saw at the gym the other day made me more curious. Then after I jerked you off and headed for the bath and saw your cum on my hand and tasted it, I was more curious."

"I saw you lick it off but what happened at the gym?"

"There is a married guy there that is twice as well built as I am. He's married and a guard at the maximum security prison out on the highway. A couple days ago almost everyone was gone. I finished working out then went to the steam room. When I went in there was him and two other guys there up on the top bench. I could barely see them. I sat down and few minutes later I heard strange noises. I turned to see what was going on and saw one of the guys fucking the guard in the ass while the guard was sucking the other. I was shocked because he is so masculine acting and speaking. I became even more curious."

"Greg, all types of guys are gay or bi. Married, single, divorced, masculine, feminine, all types. Gay is a lifestyle, not dictated by how the person looks or acts."

"I realize that now," he said. Then after a moment he said, "Mark, I want to experience it all. I want to experience everything you can show me. Starting right now."

I turned on the bedside lamp and asked if he was really serious. He said he was.

I began with kissing and he quickly mastered that.

he then began kissing my neck and soon my nipples, copying what I had done to him, even to rimming my ass.

When he was through he admitted that he found it erotic and had enjoyed it. Afterward, I told him we had all the next day to explore and we went to sleep.

I was awakened by him kissing me. Immediately, I responded and we kissed passionately. When he went down to suck me, I suggested we have a sixty-nine. He was all for it. We sucked each other and when I climaxed, he eagerly swallowed.

After the sixty-nine, he looked at me and said, "Mark, you hooked me on cum, at least yours anyway."

"It's easy to get hooked on," I answered.

I asked if he could stay that night also and he said yes. During the day, I had him fuck me and then he wanted to get fucked. He said it hurt like hell to start but by the time I climaxed in his ass he was enjoying it. We fucked each other several times that day. That night, we made passionate love.

Greg started coming over several times a week and we'd suck and fuck like mad. He admitted that he was totally gay and that guys at the gym he had never looked at before were now turning him on. he said he did have a sixty-nine on the top bench with the guard and they had also fucked each other.

After six months, I suggested Greg move in with me, explaining we could have sex every night if we wanted but there was the understanding that both of us were free to bring home other guys for sex. He agreed.

He's loved with me for almost two years and we love each other deeply although we don't consider each other our lover. we cruise together to find guys for a three way as well as cruise separately for one on one sex in separate bedrooms.

It's amazing what honesty can do at times. I do realize that there could have been drastic results had he not been so curious.

THE END.......

TO MY READERS: This story up top and including me sucking him in the van that first day and him saying he was there regularly actually happened. The rest is fiction and what I am hoping might happen. Only time will tell.



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