Chapter 2.


I walked into the lockerroom to change to hit the gym for some late night working out. I opened my locker and threw my bag into it. I stripped down to my Under Armor tights. I grabbed a water bottle. As I closed my locker, I heard a door closed. I turned around and seen Coach Osbourne office light flash. I walked around the lockers and seen him flopped down in his chair. He rubbed his face and banged on his desk. He seemed upset ass hell. He probably stressed about our Championship Game next week. I walked over to his door and knocked on it, slowly. Checking on the Coach to make sure he was good was my only intent. He said, "Come in...who is it?" I slowly pushed the door opened and stuck my head in and said, "Wassup, Coach. Its me...Reke." I walked in and stood by the door and he changed his mood from what I seen through the window. A smile crept on his face, "Reke, wassup. Why you here so late?"

I exhaled and walked over and sat on the edge of his desk and faced him.

"Im was changing to go work out. I seen your office light cut on and I came to see if you was good." I explained to him trying to hint that I saw being very upset.

"Oh, im just here to go over a few plays--" He picked up the manilla folder and I stopped his hand and said, "You dont have to lie to me. Look, I know it was wrong to do what we did and all, but im still here for you." We looked up at me with his brown eyes. He stood up and crashed his lips into mine. I cupped his chin as he stood over me and I leaned over his desk. He climbed over me and we started making out more. He leaned up and I snatched his shirt over his head. He smirked and said, "Reke, this has to be the last time." He picked me up and I said, "Sure it is." He walked over and cut the office light off. He laid me down on his officer couch. He slid my Under Armor tights off and flipped me over on my stomach. He slapped my ass and said, "I miss this." He spreaded my ass cheeks and dove his mouth on my hole, reminding me of why this is his ass. He feasted on my hole as if this was his last supper. I grinded my ass on his face and as he came up for air he whispered, "Come suck my dick." I turned around and he spreaded his legs. I unzipped his khaki pants. I pulled them down to his ankle. I rubbed on his dick through his jockie underwear. His ten inch dick started to grow. I placed my mouth around it and sucked on the mushroom head through the briefs. He threw his head back and said, "Stop teasing me." I smirked knowing I had full control. As I pulled his dick from his briefs and popped it into my mouth...the door opened and the light cut on. I didnt even bother to turn around because it didnt even matter. I was just caught red handed with Coach Osbourne dick in my mouth. I kept my eyes close wishing this was now a dream. Im about to be kicked out of school, destroy any chance at a future, and become a school joke. I pulled his dick from my mouth and turn to face the music or shall I say face.....

5 Months Earlier

I headed up to my dorm room from meeting with some friends and smoke a little weed. I made it back to my door. I pulled my wallet from my back jean pocket. I pulled out the keycard and slid it into the door. As I pushed open the door, the light was off, but Aaron laptop light was flashing making me focus on his bed. As I looked over the sight was one for the books. He had porn playing , headphones in, and jerking his dick. Kid had a long hard 9 inch dick. He was packing for a 14 year old. What really got my jumping was the sight of my CumRag over his face. My dick grew a tent in my jeans as I watched this happen. What was in that weed? This cannot be happening. Is he gay?

I snapped, "What the fuck are you doing with my rag?" Aaron came to a complete stop as if he had become frozen in time. He slowly removed my rag from his face and then proceded to pull up his briefs. I cut the light on as he closed down the laptop. I smirked at him waiting for his response.

"im sorry. Please dont tell my dad. He doesnt know--" He pleaded as he jumped up walking up on me. Aaron looked out of it and then it clicked that he was at the Freshmen Luau. I remember how drunk I got. I replied, "Dude chill out. Im not going to tell your Dad, because actually I dont know what to tell him. So are you gay?" His eye gree big and he took a step back. That face was all to familiar to me....its the same face I gave my first boyfriend who has now graduated from here. I knew right now Aaron throat was dry and the sweat was coming.  I patted his shoulder and smirked.

"Its cool man. Im gay too. Just next time...make sure Im here to watch and possibly join. Who doesnt like a good jerk off session. You are cute ass hell, but you arent my type. I like dick up the ass and I take it you do too."  I explained as he took a deep breath and started laughing. He tried to walk away and I grabbed the brim of his briefs...

"You must didnt hear me...I wanna join. Your toes was curling--" I pulled at his briefs and they dropped to his knees. He looked up at me and I licked my lips and continued in a soft seductive voice as I grabbed at the young boys cock. As I begun to tug at it he closed his eyes and started moaning. He must have never had anyone else play with his stick, because I can hear his heartbeat at this point. I backed him up on to his bed and told him to lay back. I asked, "Have you ever use lubed to jerk off?" He shook his head no all scared. I hopped up and went over to my closet and grabbed my bottle. As I returned squirted the cold jelly on my hand, he stuttered, "can-can I-um see yours?" I smirked and said, "You sure about that?" He licked his soft pink lips and shook his head yes. I stood up and put the bottle down and unbuttoned my jeans. I stood in my Green Briefs and he can already see the monster hiding under the fabric.

"You pull it out?" I told him. Aaron sat up and pulled my dick from the fabric that was hiding it. My 11 inch dick sprung to action and his eyes grew big. Aaron grabbed the bottle and squirted some lube on his hand.

"Lets jerk eachother off." He told me. I sat down next to him and we grabbed at eachothets dick and started pumping away. His little hands on my dick felt so damn good with that lube. He moaned, "Im about cumm-ummmnnghh" Ropes of cum shot from his pee slit and I aimed it on his faint abs. Seeing him quiver and jerk as he nutted sent me over the edge and I came second laters, but on to the rag I quickly grabbed. I laid back on the bed next to him and we started laughing.

"So what was all that with your dad? Are you realpy mad that he took the Coaching job?" I asked him to take his mind off of what just went down. He looked over at me and said, "Seriously--" But the look on my face showed him that I was. He exhaled, "First off I didnt want to come here at all. My Great Grandfather, Grandfather, 3 Great Uncles, Dad, 4 Uncles, and 2 cousins have came here. I didnt want to follow in their footsteps. I wanted to make my own path in life not follow theirs. I love my dad dont get me wrong, but he knows how to tick me whats your story, Reke?"

"Well, besides jerking off my new roommates who I get caught jerking off by is--" We laughed and he hit my chest and said, "Seriously." Ever time someone ask me about my family or personal shit on this campus, I can easily brush it off, because it just felt wierd. However, laying next to this kid naked didnt at all...which is wierd. I stared up at the white cieling and replied, "Im from Detriot. My Mom is a maid and Dad is an abusive drunk. I had a 18 year old brother who was killed one nigt at a corner store that got robbed...what makes matters worse he was there because I begged him to go for me.  After he died I threw myself in Football and during freshmen year some recruits was at a game and accepted me on spot. However, grades keep grants for me to come here. Last semester I slipped up and my mom had to pay. Hence, it got paid late--" I shrugged my shoulders and said,"So this semester I have a contract with the Dean that if I get all A's and excel great on the field...He will give me my grant back." I looked over and Aaron was dead sleep on me...with a snore coming second laters. His drunk mind must have finally clocked out. Did he even hear a word I just spoke to him. I jumped up and picked his feet up and put him in his bed under his cover. I went into the bathroom and took a quick shower. I put only on gymshorts with no underwear and laid down on my bed to drift to sleep. Tonight was interesting enough, but tomorrow is going to be even better. The returning football players meet with Coach Osbourne.

My Alarm went off at 10:30 AM and I groggily rolled over and seen Aaron bed made and empty. He was gone already, that hangover must didnt get to him. I got out of the bed with a raging hard on and walked into the bathroom and pissed. I yawned and thoughts of lady night jerkoff session made me smirk. Still shocked at that white boy got such a big dick. I would love to fill it rubbing against my asshole. I twitched just at the thought of it. I walked over to my phone and had a message from Collins. Collins and I have a up&down friendship...during football we hate eachother...after we are the best of friends. The problem is we both want to be Quarterback and this year we know we have to compete for who will start. I picked up my phone and the message said, "GammaU interest meeting tonight before classes start in the morning. We are hoping to see you there." GammaU is the school version of a frat house. It gets you prepared for college and gives you good recommendations. Juniors&Senior get grants for college if you join. However, I cant pay the fees that come with it. I exited the meeting and got dressed in a burgundy hoodie a joggers with the school Black Bear mascot on it. I walked out of the dorms and bumped into Aaron who was returning with a bagel in his hand. He must have went to the Café, because the food vendors like Chipotle, Mcdonalds, Starbucks, and Subway arent open until Tomorrow when classes start. We stared at eachother and he said, "Hey, Reke--" He then looked around and whispered, "Last night was in the heat of the moment...if we can keep it just at--" I cut him off and said, "No problem. I dont wanna marry was all in fun." He smirked and said, "Thanks." Aaron must have thought last night was going to lead to something more...he is a 5 months away from being 18. I laughed and exited and walked across campus to the Gym. As I walked in most of the team was there and all talking. I walked over to my locker and as it opened it was all my equipment from last year. I seen my dickcup and smirked. I came so much sniffing that last semester is crazy. I felt a push and turned around and stood toeTotoe with Collins. His black hair was tied up in a ManBun.

"Yo, you didnt get my message." He asked, as his 5 person squad of; Masen, George, Liam, Raj, and Jaxs stood behing him as if they was his bodyguards. I replied, "Yea, I did. Didnt know I needed to reply just yet. You arent my bitch."

"Dont you mean...boyfriend. We all know Rico and You was fucking after every game. Im the only one on this campus probably dont like dick...well in my boys. Now look we dont care about you like being dick down, but you need to consider joining."

"I will." I lied and brushed passed him.

Suddenly, Coach Osbourne walked out of his office with the 2 Assistant coaches. He grabbed his whistle that hung around his neck and blew it. He cleared out all the crazy noise. I stared at his muscles almost bursting from that tight white shirt he had on. He was way different from his son. All Man! Muscles, Pecs, strong dark hair and that mustache. His perfect pearly white teeth complimented his DILF look no lie. Aaron was cute like a puppy, but his Dad is sexy like a TopDog. I licked my lips and my dick twitched as we made eyecontact.

"Now most of you may have already heard, but Coach Creatin have left the school this year after coaching for 56 years. One of the best to ever coach the game I love so much. He lead this school to Nationals 15 years in a row, and me being a witness for four years is evidence that he was all about greatness. Some of you may know me as the Great Ozzie--" About 7 guys cheered and clapped. Typical fan girls.

"But, I can assure you those plaques I got and the trophies in Davis Hall, dont define me. As Im taking the reigns of head coach this year I will lead his team to greatness. We have been in bit of a dryspell. Making it to the SuperBowl and losing for the last 3 years, but I can tell you now that we are going to bring it back home. I have a whole new blueprint, starting with this. Please listen up! All 30 returning players will have to tryout again this upcoming week. No spots are for sure until I put your name on the roster of 25. Thats right only 25 players will play this year. Anybody spot can be taken. Creatin did tell me who to keep an eye on, but this is my team." Collins and I stared at one another and gave each other a smirk. We knew that the Quarterback spot was open and it was out of us. I didnt want to be first string. Im happy Coach Ozzie is about to let Creatin favoritism towards Collins depict how he will pick players. So yea, thats the meeting see you all at tryouts this wednesday--" Everyone went to leaving and Coach Osbourne said, "Tyreke Jones," I turned to him and he nodded for me to follow him inside his office. I followed and he closed the blinds for a bit of privacy. I checked out his legs and ass, from behind. Damn, this man is sexy in thise black little shorts. I took a seat and said, "Wassup, Coach."

He took his seat and said, "Dean Brice have told me of this contract that he have you on. Im sorry I didnt know about it before I had made the choice to make everyone re-tryout.  Please bring your A game."

"No doubt I will. Last semester just was a bad one for me. Im back on track, I promise." He licked his lips and said, "I hope, you are, because I seen some of the tapes, you have potential." Coach Osbourne thinks I have potential made me smirk and blush...luckily im caramel in color so it will be hard to see. I got up and said, "Is that it?"

"Yea-" As I walked out he said, "Hold up--" I turned and he stood up and he was about 4 inches taller than me. He walked over and asked, "Is this the football sweatsuit set?" Looking down at my outfit I nodded my head, yes. He said, "I have a prototype shall I call it for the new one, already. You want to try it on to see how it fits."

Shit, im commando. I cannot, I will be at risk of becoming hard.

"No, I really have to--" He cut me off and ran back to his desk and said, "It will be quick." He leaned under his desk and grabbed a cardboard box. He pulled out a black sweatsuit and threw the jacket at me. I exhaled and took off the jacket, showing off my abs and nice chest.

He complimented me, "Nice chest. You work out alot, huh? Hopefully you can get Aaron to go with you..." Aaron is way too skinny I seen it..all of it. He threw me the pants and I said, "Coach--can you turn around I dont have one no briefs." His eyes grew and he chuckled, "Son, I have seen more dick and balls in my lifetime more than any man should. It comes with the life of football." I took a deep breath and pulled the sweatpants down. He started at my dick for  a second and turned away. I turned around and slid my legs into the pants legs, making my ass jiggle a bit. I did that just incase he was it bad Im flirting with the coach, especially on my part after I just jerked his son off lastnight. I turned around and said,"You like?" He was now sitting down and acting all wierd.

"Uh- Yea. Looks good. Okay, you can return it whenever." He said not even making eyecontact with me. I walked over towards his desk and whispered, " back right now." He looked up at as he say down and said, "If you want. Um, I have to go." He stood up and I moved towards him to stop him and he bumped into me, he ended up jabbing me  in the stomach with something I didnt know he had grew. He apologized and quickly exited the office. He must have had a flashlight in his pants....its no way he had a hard on. Or did him seeing my fat ass do that? Only time will tell.


I walked out of the Gym and as I walked down the sidewalk a black bag I spotted Aaron with two other guys..I know one of them is Nathan, Collin little brother...the other I didnt know. I walked over to them at the table.

"Wassup, Aaron?" I asked. He looked at me and said, "Oh hey wassup. Guys, this is the Junior roommate I told yall about, Reke." Nathan and I clapped eachother up and he said, "I been knew Reke, he and my brother use to be friends." Use To be is correct. Collin and I was friends only freshmen year, but he let this academy get to his head and its sad. I then greeted Jason and I said, "So I just left the Gym with your Dad. All the players have to re tryout with all the guys trying out for the team on Wednesday."

Nathan clapped, "Fuck, yes!!! We have shot boys." I looked at Aaron and asked, "You thinking of joining?"

"Yea, might as well. I learned from a story someone told me last night that might life can be a whole lot worse than me being pissed at my dad for working here, so I will take advantage of it." He winked at me and I smiled. He did hear my story and didnt fall asleep on me. I licked my lips and said, "Well, goodluck boys. Hope, yall make it. I know someone at this table has a bit of advantage." We all laughed and I excused myself and walked off leaving them clowning Aaron. I looked back and smiled. Just as I turned to go to the library to go buy my books for this year, my phone rang. I pulled it from my pocket and it was Rico....the Rico...the ex Rico...the Rico who broke my heart and allowed me to go off the deepend last year. I hesistated before I answered. I opened the library door and whispered, "What, Rico?" I walked up the stairs and found a secluded table to not annoy anyone.

"I just finish moving on Stanford campus. Im laying here naked and I miss you. Wish your lips was wrapped around my latin dick right now." He said all seductively in a whispering tone. It made my dick jump. This boy knows how to turn me on.

"Rico, you told me not to call you broke up--" He cut me off and I heard him spit.

"Just slobbed uo my dick with my spit. Im jerking picturing it was your mouth on it. Where you at?"

I whispered, "In the library..stop it."

"Thats hot as fuck...take that dick out." He started grunting, moaning, groaning, and calling me papi. He knew that gets to me. My dick was at full attention. I quickly whipped out and slid the chair under the table. I started jerking off and moaning back.

"Thats it baby. Moan for Daddy, Sit on Daddy dick papi. Ride daddy dick. Make Daddy dick yours." He said as I heard the spit and dick friction in the background.

"I sliding off my briefs, Daddy. The yellow ones you like so much-" He groaned as I closed my eyes. "I spit on my two fingers getting this hole ready for you Daddy. Im climbing on top of you. I sit down on your dick...ohhh it feels so good." I jerked off as he said, "It feels so tight baby....damn... Bounce on daddy dick." I tried to control myself, but I couldnt...

"Im bouncing Daddy. Ohhh I feel you in my guts." I whimpered as I jerked faster and faster. A couple of moans and groans later we both came on opposite sides of the phone.

"Thanks for that. Ill be in touch."

"Rico, I love--" The phone beeped signaling he hung up. It came to me that I was just used to make him get himself off. I put my dick in my pants and ran off towards my room. I was pissed.

A Couple of Hours Later.

I woke up from a nap and it was 11:33 PM. Aaron was in his bed sleep and I should be returning. Class starts in the morning. I needed to be focused. I got up, peed, and showered. I threw on rhe pair of yellow briefs and climbed into bed. As I laid down my phone buzzed a message from Collin.

"Its okay you missed the meeting, but you are an Official Member of GammaU. You can move into the GammaU house tomorrow."

"No the hell I wont. Sorry, but--" As I was typing a video came to my phone of my jerking off in the library under the table.

"Yea, if you dont want Dean Brice to see this....You will become an Official Member, brother Reke."


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