Chapter 1.


I laid staring up at the marbeled roof of this classroom, my heart raced against time. Not in a million years I thought I would be enjoying having my ass eatened by this beautiful man. As his tongue dove into my wet hole, I moaned.  He leaned up and whispered, "You ready?" I licked my lips knowing what he meant by am I ready. Was I ready for his Dick. I nodded my head and he climbed on top of the desk and hovered over my small body frame. As he slid the condom on, I smirked. He slid in slowly then as my ass became use to be plugged by his dick, he starting stroking inside of me, as I dug my nails into his back.

"Ohh fuck!! Right there. Pound me with that big daddy dick." I moaned as Mr.Rydell pounded me with his 11 inch dick on top of his office desk. I ran my fingers through my blonde fohawk and closed my eyes to relish in this moment. Mr.Rydell started to pinch my nipples causing me to bite my bottom lip and grip the edge of the table even harder than before. He grunted at me, "Who ass is this?" as his dick rammed once more into balldeep. The skin slapping was making this moment even more intense and fucking hot.

I winced in pain and cried out, "Its Daddy ass." Making him continue to pleasure my sweet hole with that thick dick. He leaned down and started sucking on my neck, which I know will leave a passion mark. His mouth felt so warm and his touch felt so good. Minutes later, Mr.Rydell picked me up and walked me down the big auditorium style class and pinned me up against the SmartBoard causing  his Irish dick to slip out of me, before he returned it to the place it felt warm. My mouth parted just a bit for me to moan in sexual exstasy. He was fucking me like some 2dollar whore and I cant say im mad. We looked into eachother eyes as sweat poured from our bodies meshing together. He smirked, "You feel so good."

"So do you, Daddyyy." I reassured him just incase the hurtful look on my face told him anything different. I have been yearning for this dick ever since we laid eyes on eachother 5 months ago in the parking lot. Those green eyes made my heart melt everytime. Now its finally here and I love it. Fucking a teacher is wrong but in the end it feels too good to back out now. Suddenly, he moaned that he was about to cum a sound paused us like a film. We looked over the dark classroom at the door  with the Rectangular sized window that a light appeared. The door knob jiggled. I whispered, "Fuck, who could that be?" With my legs still wrapped securely around his waist, its no way we can even play off what the person behind that door was about to see once they cut the lights on. So I took a deep breath and swallowed the lump in my throat and tried to prepare myself for what was coming next. I would be kicked out of the Academy, my family legacy will be destroyed, and I wll become the face of the school paper. The door opened and.....

5 Months Earlier

"Aaron, I have already told you. This is your freshmen year at Keating Academy for Young Men. This isnt some joke. I had to pull major strings just for you to get in..." Those was the only words I even focused on as my dad went on and on about his presitigous High school or shall I say Academy. My Dad loves this place, hell my whole family does. All the men in my family have attended this school. The Osbourne legacy is here. Football, Soccer, Lacrosse, even Chess Club. The men in my family have made themselves known when they attended Keating Academy. However, I must be the ugly duckling, because I aint talented at shit that this school has to offer.

Sports? Hell no. I played Baseball once and ended up in the hospital. I wasnt built for it. Im 5'5, slim, and slight wierd if you ask me. However, I do have good looks and a big dick. Thats all I have going for me at age 14. Now when it comes to academics, Im a stellar guy. However, grades isnt the only thing Keating Academy wanted. They want people who will represent the academy after they leave, like my grandfather....he went on to own a successful Social Media App. Brought my family lots of cash.

I begged my father to let me just go to a private school close to home back in Texas, he didnt want to hear that. He packed up my ass and we hightailed it all the way to Upper North Dakota. Didnt even know people lived here to be honest. And I was right. This whole ride have been boring, filled with trees and signs. However, we are 15 minutes away from 1300 Acres of Keating Academy. I cannot believe I have to live on this campus filled with all men. Dont get me wrong, I love to look at men. Being that im secretly Bisexual....Dad doesnt know and if he did ill be dead. I love looking at rock hard abs, pecs, and V-cuts. This was about to be a hard time for me to hide all my sexual needs. Im a 14 year old boy, my dick gets hard if I rub it up against a door. Dad made a sharp left and a big Sign said Welcome to Keating Academy. I looked over at my Dad's bearded face and he said, "There it is son. We are here." He was smiling from ear to ear with his sexy ass. My Dad was a DILF, no doubt. He bring ladies home daily and have them screaming waking me every chacne they get. If I was a lady I would be happy to fuck my Dad. He had a nice body, face, and bank account. As we entered the campus cars and people became visible. Guys carrying their luggages and other things. Mothers crying. Dad grinning as they have nostalgia of the time they spent here. This place seemed snatched right out of a film.

"Wow, I remember my first day on campus--One of the best days of my life. Now listen son, I know Ive been tough on you, but its all to prepare you for this. These next four years of your life will be one for the books. Make it your own. Join something...just make mom proud." Here he goes using the MOM card. My mom passed away about 3 years ago from a car crash. She was on her way in the rain to my Piano recital and a skated off the road into a tree. Ever since then I havent even touched a Piano. Music was always an escape , but now I just like to be to myself. However, Dad knows when to use that card to get me to do what he wants. He swerved into a parking spot and cut the ignition.

"Alrighty, lets go." As he said that, I slung my door open without looking and heard someone scream in pain. I hopped out and seen a man hunched over in a teal green shirt and a cardboard box laid out on the ground with the contents...laying out. I leaned down helped him put hus things back into the box while apologizing deeply. He stood up and as our eyes met, my breath was taken away. He was about 6'4, nice build, dark black hair, and these emeral green eyes that can make a gem look dull. He smiled, showing off his perfect teeth and I was lost for words.

Suddenly, my dad said, "My son is sorry, he have always been a clumpsy boy--" He nudged me and said, "Aaron, apologize!" I snapped out of my trance and stuttered, "Im so-so sorry." He spoke and that beautiful irish accent and said, "Its okay. Everything is cool. Im a bit nervous too, its my first day. Can you tell me where the office is?" My Dad and him discussed where the office was as I walked off to cool off. I opened the trunk and as I grabbed my bag, my dad said, "Son, here is your dorm keycard and you are staying in NoviceHall. Im going to show this nice man to the office." My Dad was always a nice guys and over does his part when he thinks he or I is in the wrong...but by all means help your future son in law to the office. I grabbed my 2 suitcases from the trunk and closed it. As I walked on to the sidewalk I got lost in the large crowd, plus I didnt even know where NoviceHall was. Suddenly, I felt a big push and tumbled on the ground. I turned around and seen a bunch of guys all dressed in Black suits laughing.

The one with the long black hair who looked like Drogo from Game Of Thrones joked, "They are clearly letting anyone into Keating now. What does this little dickhead has to offer." His squad laughed and followed him as he walked off. I gritted my teeth and stood back up and was approached by another slim kid like me.

"Dont worry about them man." He helped me up and grabbed one of my heavy suitcases. He was taller than me ofcourse, but who isnt. He said, "Im Nathan Collins. That big jerk who pushed you down is my older brother, Collin--" I shot him a look and he laughed, "Yes his name is Collin Collins. My parents was on some type of drugs. So whats your name?"

"Aaron Osbourne--" As my last name left my tongue and into his ears, he stopped and said, "Keating Academy is all about legacies. So your father has to be Wells Osbourne." I nodded my head and he went to jumping up and down.

"No fucking way...your dad is a legend for the Football team here. Brought the team a championship trophy from a 56 point lead the Rancho KeKumbas had on us...I was just in diapers and still praise him as if I was on the team." Nathan was happy ass hell and was praising my dad as if he was some legend. Great for him.

"Anyways, where is NoviceHall?" I asked trying to change the subject." He stopped and pointed to the left saying, "All the way down this red bricked hallway and make 2 lefts and then a right. Its the only white building on campus. Im staying there too, so ill see you around. I have to go see my parents before they leave." He handed me back my suitacase and disappeared into the crowd.

Moments later, I found NoviceHall and my dorm room. I placed the keycard in it and opened the door. As I walked in I seen a sight I wish I didnt. My room mate laid across his bed with his headphones in, eyes closed, and hand wrapped around his 8 inch cock. He was jerking off right before my eyes. I didnt know how to approach this situation. Part of me wanted to keep watching. My dick twitched in my Grey Calvins. His toes curled and he pumped away. His eyes shot open hust as cum exploded from his pee slit. As the white fluid poured from his hold onto his hand, he couldnt even snap at me. He laid back and started laughing. He was caramel in skintone and had a hightop fade. He looked like Lebron James a bit.

"Yo, im sorry. I didnt even see you come in." He grabbed the towel and placed it over his dick and I walked over to the empty bed and took a seat.

"Its-cool. Just maybe do that in the bathroom next time." He sat up and said, "Yea, it was just a hype of the moment. I was alone and fresh out the shower." He explained.  He wiped himself clean and stuck his hand out for me to shake it. I squinted and he said, " look let me get dress and we can start over." I looked around and smirked. This is going to be alot harder than I thought.  He returned dressed in a lettermen jacket for the academy and some matching gymshorts.

"You must really like this school, being you already have all this stuff from it already--" He laughed and cut me off, "oh no Ive been here already. Im a Junior. My parents came up with my money for Room and board pretty late, so I got stuck in NoviceHall. By the way, im Reke--short for Tyreke." We shook hands finally and he apologized again for allowing me to see his dick and him cumming.

I played it off by saying, "Its cool. We are roommated atleast we got that out the way...I should just show you mines and we will be even." We laughed and he joked, "Thats might what have to happen." I laughed, but he didnt. Which was wierd, did he actually want to see my dick. I licked my pink lips as it was a knock on the door. I ran over to forcestop this awkward moment. It was my Dad.

"Great, you found your room. The FreshmenLuau is tonight at 9 at the school lake. Please , go." I nodded my head lying, because I was not attending. He knowd I hate social events...I guess it is a being short thing. Reke and Him greeted eachother and I butted in, "Okay Dad, its time for you to hit te road, before it gets too dark."

He turned to me and confessed, "I need to be honest. I went to speak to the dean today not about you...but about me accepting the football coaching job this year."

I snapped, "What??" Reke scooted passed me and said, "Oh wow, you are Coach Osbourne? Well, see you at practice. I got to go." Right as the door closed I snapped again, "Really Dad?? When was you going to tell me you was staying here?"

"Son, that was the only way--" He stopped talking and I walked over and pushed his chest.

"Only way what?" I asked.

"Only way he will let you attend this year. Your grades was great, but you had no activities under your belt. Dean Brice have been trying to get me to coach here for a minute and now it seemed like a perfect time." Wow, I didnt even get in on my own merits. I mean I knew that, but this is a whole different level. I wiped around my mouth and sternly said, "Dad, I didnt even want to come here....this is all about an image to you. The Osbourne name would have been okay if your son didnt come here...Believe me..however you just have to have people worshipping you, huh?"

He argued, "You damn right I have to, when my son hates me. Its not my fault or your fault mom is dead. You stopped your musical passion when that lady loved it. You using her as a excuse to fail at life, thats bullshit. But you know what...thats no more. You will join something here and thats finaled. Now I have to go have a meeting with my assistant coaches. You finish unpacking." He walked out and I screamed at the top of my lungs. I laid down on the bed and was hyperventilating. I looked over and seen Reke cum rag laying across the bed. I was so tempted to grab it and wank off until the stress was gone, but I bit my lip and went on with unpacking. Aboht 2 hours later, I was finished. I laid down and drifted to sleep.

Hours Later, my iphone 6 buzzed under me as I laid asleep. I pulled it from under me and answered the phone.

"Yea.." I said with a raspy sleeping voice.

"Its Dad...its 9 o clock...the luau has started. Get up and get dressed and go have fun." I hung up in my face and rolled out of the bed. I walked into the bathroom and whipped out my 6 inch pink soft dick and pissed. I yawned as I heard music from outside. As I shook off my dick, my phone started ringing again. I ran over and seen it was my Dad. He was about to annoy me until I go. I answered and said, "Fine! Im going!" And banged it in his face again. I walked over to our room window and looked out. It was clear view of the lake , but I only see fire from the Tiki lamps. I rolled my eyes and stripped down and put on my Hawaii print swimtrunks and Tank Top.

As I walked up to the lake I was still mad at the fact my Dad didnt tell me he was staying here for a job. It just was an important detail he shouldnt have missed at all. I walked down the rocky path into the party. I heard a familiar voice say, "Yo, Aaron!" I turned around there was Nathan. He was shirtless and had a banging body. He hugged me and said, "This is my bestmate, Jason Pierce-Jason, this is the son of the great Wells Osbourne. Yes THE WELLS OSBOURNE." Jason gasped and said, "No way..You know he is coaching the football team this year. Im definitely tryingout next week." Nathan added that he was as well. They looked at me and I lied. I didnt know why I did, I just did.

"Ofcourse--hopefully he doesnt show favoritism." They both laughed and Nathan handed over his red cup and said, "Here, have some liquor." I took the cup and downed it. I havent had liquor since the week of my mom passing. I stole some from my dad cabinet and drank the whole bottle. As it trickled down my throat I winced in pain and said, "Lets party." Jason, Nathan, and I drunk cups after cups of liquor. The Luau actually wasnt that bad, it was actually kind of fun. I think I might like it here. As I stumbled back to my room 2 hours later. I put in my keycard and as I walked mind went back to earlier when I caught Reke jerking off. However, this time it wasnt the same. No one was in there. I quickly ran over and laid down on my bed. I stripped down to my black briefs. I rubbed my crotch and my 8.5 inch dick started to raise. I fired up my laptop and stuck my headphones in and quickly went to my stash of my favorite gay porn stash. I havent nutted in a few days, so I needed to see Armond Rizzo. He is amazing as a bottom, I inspire to be like him when it comes to sex. As the video play my hand slipped into my briefs and I went to tugging away. It felt so great it wasnt even going to take me long to shoot my load. As I reached the climax...I stopped. I looked over and seen Reke cum rag still laying across his bed. I jumped up and grabbed it and pushed it into my face. The smell of him pushed me over the edge. I pulled down my briefs and threw one leg off the bed. As the rag covered my face and I relished in this whole moment....I heard a voice say, "What the fuck are you doing with my rag?"


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