I'm Ken and I'm living in Rome for 5 years now.... close to City Centre, nice and busy area, old gorgeous building.... I stay on the top 3rd floor in a large 300sqm Penthouse. I'm 29 years old, black short hair, Athletic Build 1.85m tall, 82kg, go to gym 4 times a week, generally considered good looking..... I have been living in this apartment for 5 years and recently this super hot young student from Sweden - Sven, moved into the apartment opposite mine. He is 22, perfect Twink Look, Blond hair.... gorgeous body and face...

Although we have been neighbours and we sometimes watch movies or hang out in each others flat, we never done anything sexual besides lying in underwear on the couch and watching a movie. There is sometimes some sexual tension between us, but neither of us moved it forward. Maybe we both liked the game....

Sometimes I thought about him while jerking off but that was kinda it..... sadly I must say, as he was really hot and fun.

Lately I have seen him with a lot of Camera equipment and he told me that he started Photography a few months ago and loves it. Jumping on this more out of instinct then plan I invited him to my place that evening to show me his favourite pics. 

I always had a fantasy involving a photographer and I thought tonight is the night to make it real.

He messaged me that he will come at around 19h....... I still had 30 minutes before he would come, so I jumped into the Shower, shaved my balls and trimmed the hair very short.... before I finished, I heard the doorbell... he was early... great... I put a towel on and left the shower running.... opening the door all wet he grinned at me and we both laughed for no reason. Get a drink, get comfy, I'm gonna jump back in the shower I said.... my bedroom had an en suite shower and bath and I had a fridge with drinks always in my bedroom. He followed me into my room and went straight to the drinks cabinet. From the cabinet one could see the whole bathroom in the mirrors and I saw him giving a quick look towards me. I dropped the towel and stepped into the still running shower. From where he was he could see my back. I imagined him watching me, so I soaped myself slowly from hair to toes... I slowly rubbed soap in-between my bum cheeks and slid my finger in my whole. I didn't want to be too obvious haha but since he was looking why not...

I stepped out the shower with a half hard on and he stood between the bathroom and bedroom... there were no walls, just glass dividers. He had a drink in his one hand and wore fitted jeans torn on his knees. He didn't wear socks and his T-Shirt was tight and ended where his belt started. I know he must have seen my half hard on... my cock is about 18cm hard and thick like a big banana.... my foreskin was over my head and my balls and half erect cock were hanging large behind my legs... especially shaved it looked even bigger. I towelled myself down while we had some short talk about his day and mine and I walked past him into the bedroom holding the towel only in front of me and brushing against his legs while walking past.... His eyes followed me and I dropped the towel facing him with my back and slid on a blue pair of tight under boxers. My semi hard on was pushing through the fabric and created a big bulge. He told me he just got back from shooting in the Park. Take a shower if you want to I said and pointed to a fresh towel that was hanging on the rail on his right hand side.

To my surprise he nodded and seconds later he had had his clothing off with only his underwear on. Now I looked in the drink cabinet mirror and watched his hot body. He must have shaved his legs, as they were all smooth now, last time I saw him in underwear he definitely had a little of leg hair. He looked really fantastic. His upper body had a nice chest, his upper arms were a bit muscular, but not like a body builder, more like an athletic or a swimmer. Last time he wore boxer shorts and I couldn't see much, but this time he wore tight white boxer type undies. His cock and balls created a massive bulge in the front and I didn't even think that he was hard. It looked like his balls are really large and hanging low and his cock seemed to be thick and not small.

My cock got harder just from seeing him stand there like this and I tried to think about something else. Wasn't very successful with the other thoughts, because a few seconds later he stood naked in the bathroom with his tight little ass and gorgeous back towards me. He stood in front of the shower but didn't go in. His legs were a little spread to the side and I could see his ball sack and top of his cock hanging low in-between his legs. From what I could see he must have a massive cock. This really didn't help to get my erection down and I waited for him to turn on the water and go in, so that I could turn around and grab some track bottoms I left on the bed. If I would turn around now, there was no way I could hide my raging hard on.

Before I could even continue with my thoughts I heard Sven's voice and he asked me to come to the shower and show him how the hot and cold water worked. Fuck I thought, this is really gonna be embarrassing or, who knows, maybe not. I downed the whiskey I just poured into my glass and turned around to go to the bath room. The moment I turned I caught his eyes looking at my direction through the glass divider and watched his eyes wander down my body and see them stop abruptly gazing at my hard on. I was surprised that he kept his eyes there so long and was even more taken back by his little naughty smirk that he now had. As it was clearly too late to hide I used the courage I got from the whiskey and stepped into the bathroom without trying to cover anything. He really wasn't shy and when I stood next to him in from of the shower he grinned at me and said "so whats exciting you at the moment?". His cheekiness was very sexy and I just laughed and replied "don't worry, I always get hard after a shower, happening to me since I'm 15 or so" 




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