"Move it or lose it, bitch!" Andrew Tyler shouted as he pushed me out of the way into a row of teal lockers. I was far past used to this daily routine. Every day, I'd try my hardest to avoid that towering jackass and every day, he always seemed to find me and ruin my day. My name is Tracy. I'm a sophomore at Aaron J. Wiles high school. I'm sixteen years old, about average height and have crystal blue eyes. They seemed to blend with the caramel brown of my hair and the brightness of my smile. I'm just your regular every day student. Trying to bear through these high school days. "Tracy! Wait up!" I turned to see my friend, Alex forcing his way through the crowd of students, like fighting an ocean current. To say that Alex and I are friends is an understatement. We have known each other since we were seven. I remember that day in first grade as if it was yesterday. "Is it alright if I sit here?" He asked as I was sitting under a fake palm tree in our classroom, my nose buried in a book. Yeah, I was a lonely child, always reading or studying. I remember thinking "He actually wants to sit next to me?" I just shrugged and he sad next to me with a bucket of Legos. He dumped them all over my lap and smiled at me.

Anyway, enough reminiscing. I don't even want to think back to those lonely, painful days. Alex finally reached me and let out a loud sigh. "When are you gonna stand up to that asshole, Andrew?" I eyed him strangely. "You've known me long enough to know I'm not much of a fighter. Plus he could probably kill me with his dick or something." I turned and began walking to my fourth period. "Well, if you don't, I will." He said before walking away. I just rolled my eyes and continued walking. Now, what was it?.... What could have possibly caused Andrew to hate me so much?... Oh! I remember! I was in ninth grade. He had a party at his house and I was invites. We weren't enemies back then, but I wouldn't have called us friends either.

It was strange. I had never been to a party before. Not even a birthday party, besides my own and it was just family. Everyone at Andrew's party had some kind of illegal drug on them and so many of them were either rubbing each other or viciously sucking each others' faces off. Alex had gotten pulled aside by some disgusting whore and I couldn't help but feel a twinge of jealousy. The girl had long, fire red hair and brown eyes. I can't recall what she said her name was... She sat Alex on the couch and straddled his lap, rubbing her fingers through his jet-black faux hawk. I saw her sliding her hand up his thigh and instantly turned away. I tried to keep my composure in this new atmosphere but it was too much. After about ten minutes, I lost it. I didn't have a phone at the time so I had to use their house phone. Trying to call my uncle for a ride, I accidentally hit redial and called his mother. I didn't realize it until a woman's voice answered the phone. "Hello! ANDREW TYLER! ARE YOU HAVING A PARTY OVER THERE!?!" She sounded absolutely furious over the phone. "Uhh... Umm.."

"I'm on my way home. You are in so much trouble!" I quickly hung up. I turned around and took a deep breath. I looked down at the phone and saw his mother was calling back. I quickly turned and walked away from the phone. I felt someone's hand tightly clasping my butt and I turned to see David Wess. He was a football player. He had spiky black hair and a slightly scruffy beard. He was staring at me with those mystic gray eyes of his. He had a beer can clutched in his other hand and was swaying strangely. "Hey Tracy. I heard you were gay. Is it true?" He said in his drunken stupor. "Yes. What does it matter to you? You're straight aren't you?" He laughed. "All the girls here are taken. And the ones who aren't probably got some disease. I know you're a virgin though." He bit his lip sensually. I turned and walked away. I plopped down on the couch closest to the door. He clumsily followed, flopping down next to me. "What do you want, David?" I asked, annoyed. "I just wanna get my dick wet." He said with a laugh and a hiccup. He grabbed my hand and placed it on his lap. I instantly felt a strange thickening in his pants. He slowly thrust his thick,, ready cock into my inexperienced hand. He reached his hand up and grabbed my chin, leaning forward and placing a tender kiss on my lips. He drew back and stared into my eyes, biting his lip again. Then there was a loud bang behind us at the door. Some woman, about mid forties, burst in with a red angry face. Everything stopped and we all stared at her. "EVERYONE! GET OUT OF MY HOUSE!"

So yes... That is why Andrew Tyler hates me so much. I honestly have no idea how he knew I was the one that called, but he's been as ass to me ever since. And David... He drove me home afterwards and the whole time, he had an angry expression. He pulled to my house and turned to me. "None of that ever happened. You understand me?" He said with a threatening tone. I simply nodded and got out of his car. I silently

I silently chuckled to myself as I entered art class. David... That kid was strange. He's a senior now and we hardly ever even see each other and when we do, it's and awkward glare. Hello Tracy!" Ms.Munroe exclaimed. "Hi." I answered back. I took my seat in the back. Everyone was so energetic on this Friday morning. All hyped and ready for the long weekend. "Well, it's Friday everyone. So it's a free-sketch day." Ms. Munroe said as she sat at her desk. I pulled out my sketch pad and flipped through the pictures, each one of them having a different memory attached to them. I heard the door opened and I looked up to see a kid with curly brown hair standing in the doorway. He was tall and kind of thin. Him and Ms. Munroe spoke for a second and he showed her a piece of paper. She smiled and nodded. I could see her saying the word "Welcome" She looked her seating chart and thought for a second. "Tracy, can you raise your hand please?" She asked. I raised my hand with a confused look on my face and she pointed towards me. The mystery boy walked over and sat in the desk next to me. "Hi, I'm Mason. He reached his hand out for me to shake it. "Uh... I'm Tracy." I said, reluctantly taking his hand. He flashed me with a strange smile and looked down at his desk. "What grade are you in?" He asked me. "10th." I answered shortly. "Hmmm. Me too." Those were the last words we said to each other in that class.

5th and 6th period went by fast that day. I didn't have any other classes with Mason and hadn't seen him since 4th. It wasn't until Alex and I were walking home and I heard. "Hey, kid!" I quickly turned to see what disrespectful bastard had just shouted at me like that. And then I saw Mason running toward us. He reached us and stopped next to Alex. They did this strange and intricate hand shake that left me confused. "I'm guessing you two know each other." I stated, my arms folded sternly across my chest. "Yeah, we know each other from the community swimming team." I imagined the two of them in a locker room in tight blue speedos, hugging and kissing each other. Dear god! GO AWAY BAD THOUGHTS. I forced them out of my mind and continued walking. "The three of us should hang out this weekend!" Alex suggested. I cringed at the thought. There was just something I didn't like about that kid. He's strange. "Sure. Whatever." I replied with a shrug. The autumn breeze was blowing by and chilling my bones. It blew along a few dead leaves with it. I felt Someone touching my head awkwardly. I turned to see that it was him. "What?" I asked, staring up into his brown spheres. "Nothing. You're just really short!" Him and Alex burst out in laughter. I turned and continued walking, struggling to hide the smile on my face.




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