Chapter 4 – Phil and Danny’s incest.

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Danny was thoroughly licking my stinking foot and he said “you’re hot, Dad” from time to time. It was a good moment to ask him. I wanted to know some things about his sexual life.

-Are you bottom, Danny?

-I like both fucking and being fucked, Dad, even if you haven’t yet seen me fucking.

He licked knowing how to lick a foot, and it was extremely pleasant. I never could have thought of having real incest, and less public incest: all his friends were jacking off now.

-You can fuck me if you want –I told Danny.

-And you can fuck me, Dad. What do you think now of my boyfriend, Dad?

-Lol, I was for years expecting the moment you came home with a girlfriend, Danny. But I like most the fact that you have a boyfriend. So, we can both comfortably be gay men, at ease with each other. And we can even have incest more often since you seem to like it. I think you have a wonderful boyfriend, Danny. He seems learned in many things and he is really nice and kind. He’s cute and has a hot body besides.

-I was never in love with you, Dad, though I don’t know why. But now that possibility can be real one day, knowing what a hot, open-minded man you are.

-I was never in love with you, Danny. I hope I never fall in love with you. It would be a problem for your couple.

-Evan wouldn’t mind either of us falling in love with the other. What opinion do you have of David? Yes, we call him “it”, but he likes it.

-I like people with clear principles. He has chosen a difficult way of life, but I am sure he is happy with you. He knows how he wants to live and is coherent with his own ideas. He’s hot too.

He started then with my right foot. Impossible to describe what pleasure my feet were feeling.

-There’s no smell in the world for me like that of an unwashed man, Dad.

-I quite agree with you –I smiled.

-And what do you think of Mark?

-I want you to know that when he and I were alone in our bedroom, he said he wanted to fuck my ass tonight.

-And you also like being fucked?

-A lot. Well, I was completely horny when I heard that. He is brave after all for saying that to a man he hardly knows, even if he knows you wank over me: that does not mean I am gay; even when he felt my tongue in his stinking right foot beforehand. But I must confess you something, Danny: I want a dirty man like him in my life, the dirtiest man I have ever known. So surprised I was when I finally decided I liked his stench that unexpectedly, I want you to know, I have fallen in love with him. I hope he cannot hear me.

-You move me, Dad. Mark would be a perfect match for you.

-I would like that. But he seems a dominant man. If he wants me to be his slave or toy, I would be. You know I have even eaten his diarrhea.

-Do not fear Mark, Dad. I could tell you something but I would rather he told you before. But I have had sex with him, and so has my boyfriend. He is sweet. I am sure he would like you to fuck him too. And he is as pig as I have seen you today, Dad. I am sure he would even like to eat your shit. He has eaten ours. Dad, could you turn now? I wanna lick your ass.

I did.

-Wonderful flavor. I would also like to taste your shit, Dad. So pervert to eat your daddy’s poop. I want some of it later, but save almost all your shit for Mark: I am sure he wants to eat it. But at least you could fart in my mouth.

-Do you really want me to?

-Yes, Dad, please.

So I farted and he asked me please to go on. As he was licking my ass, he told me something more.

-Dad, Evan and I like to swap partners. We have no problem going to bed with someone else, even though we have to sleep alone. My boyfriend knows how much I sexually desire you and must be really happy watching us now. He will have no problem accepting what I am going to tell you now, but I wonder what you might say.

-Say anything you want now, Danny.

-Well, I would like to go to bed with you tomorrow night. I’ll leave tonight for you to get to know Mark. And on Sunday night you can go to bed with Evan. But I want to share the sheets with you, Dad, and of course having more sex.

-If you really want to come to bed with me, Danny, and that is not a problem for your boyfriend, then we will sleep together and have sex tomorrow night. And I also have to please you. You know, I am still trying to assimilate you like me, and we are indeed having sex now. But give me some time and I will please you as you are pleasing me now. But if we go to bed together we are friends or sex partners, so I want you to call me Phil then. And now if you want. Danny –I added-, if you keep on like that for five more minutes, I am sure I will cum again.

Then he intensified the rhythm of his tongue in my ass saying he really wanted to make me cum. I reminded him he had already made me cum, but he said he wanted me to cum at least twice with him. My son’s tongue in my ass was working splendidly. I almost reached g-spot with him. I stained the floor with a big amount of semen and Danny ate it and said.

-I wanna taste more of you, Phil –he finally dared to call me.

He then let one finger in one of my nostrils searching for a booger of mine and found one and ate it: long and black. Then he asked me to raise my arms and started to lick my left armpit.

-I discovered I was gay one day smelling your pits, Dad. Man’s pits are the most fragrant smell in my life –and he started to jack off.

-And in my life. I am glad you have the same sense of smell I have. Then enjoy my ripe pits. When I am at the carpenter’s shop I sometimes think the smell of wood is similar to the smell of men’s pits.

He was enjoying them. He frantically wanked now telling me once and again he was in heaven.

-I have wanked over your pits a thousand times. I hardly can believe I can finally taste them.

He went fast to my right pit for he told me he liked that smell so much he would soon cum. I felt like jacking off too in that moment but I preferred to cum later for I didn’t know yet what Danny would like to do next. I saw him cumming and I told him he would have my ripe pits as many times he desired. Then he started licking my balls and then he swallowed my dick and started to suck my dick.

-I wanna thank this cock for the life it gave me.

I saw Evan and David were cumming. Mark was frantically wanking now. He would cum soon. And I knew in that moment how good blowjobs my son used to give.

-Throw my brothers into my mouth when I least expect them, Dad. But piss too, please.

I pissed him. He enjoyed his daddy’s piss and moaned. He was madly sucking my cock but the fact that my son was blowing me drove me crazy and soon after peeing I had to cum and fill him with more brothers.

-I have never before had so much fun in my life, Dad. I wanna taste some of Mark’s diarrhea but mainly I want to kiss your mouth. But shit me a turd, please Dad. Only one so you have more tonight for Mark.

He was licking my ass again, for a shorter time now, and asked me continuously for more farts. So I farted once and again and finally I shat him a small turd. I liked seeing Danny enjoying shit as I used to do. It was his father’s poop besides. He was madly aroused next.

And he came next to me and kissed me. Neither of us minded that both our mouths were so dirty. He told me “let’s keep on kissing, Dad” and we were like that for some minutes. Then he said again.

-Thank you, Phil.

Evan came to us then and talked to me awhile about Oedipus and told me there were many cases of incest in old mythologies. Then he said it was getting dark and told me we still had time for another coffee before dinner. Jimmy was there again. He had been scampering awhile around Evan’s property. He told me Jimmy’s kennel was in the kitchen and on Monday there would come Spencer, who looked after him from Monday to Friday. He said to Danny.

-My darling, why don’t you prepare coffee now? I want to take Jimmy to the library and please him.

We went to the bathroom first and I wiped my ass while Danny was brushing his teeth. I brushed my teeth later. We went to the kitchen and Danny stayed there making coffee and I saw Evan sucking Jimmy’s cock in the library. But I wanted to allow him some privacy and went on walking past the library and finally reached the living room, where Mark was sitting awaiting coffee. So I sat close to him. On the table there were some newspaper articles about Helen of Troy.

-Evan likes mythology a lot –Mark told me.

-I can see he has a lot of books here and it is not the library.

-He loves literature and there are many masterpieces everywhere in the house. When we are not having sex he talks to us about books and its characters.

We were awhile more alone there, but I had to say.

-So, you’re gonna fuck me tonight, aren’t you?

-Would you rather I fucked you or not?

-I would rather you did.

-So, you can be sure I will fuck you. But you have to fuck me too.

There was no time for more. In that moment came Danny with our coffees. And he had hardly sat when there also came his boyfriend with Jimmy barking.

-He was a long time sniffing my shitted ass and then I had to blow him. He will fuck me later. I have just wiped my ass.

-I haven’t, Evan –Mark said-, I am staining your chair, sorry. I will wipe my ass after coffee.

-You can be sitting here and having your coffee as you are.

Evan had sat next to me. Well, I had already blown Mark. Sooner or later I knew I would blow Danny. But now I dared to grab Evan’s cock and seeing he didn’t seem to care, I started to blow him.

-Phil, I like you a lot. We come to The Acacias once a month and you will be always invited. We all like you.

-Danny –I asked as best I could as I was sucking his boyfriend’s cock-, how did you think of inviting me? I mean, did you guess I was gay?

-No, Dad, but all my friends know how I desire you and you are a wonderful man to bring here and spend a weekend with us. It was not difficult to convince Evan. But we thought we would have to spend this weekend with clothes on or not having public sex. I wanted to see if I would dare to tell you Evan is my boyfriend. But you didn’t seem to get shocked at the fact that we all stink or the fact that nobody rolled down any windows in the car. You had a boner even in that smell and even had a boner when Mark came. So I was hornier and hornier and in the service area I couldn’t control myself. I chose one situation in which you could not easily reproach me, but when I was stroking your crotch you said “Go on”, so I went on and took your cock out and jacked you off. You said “I’m in heaven”, so I continued and made you cum. Of course everybody knew what had been going on under that table. I took courage then and entered the restroom when you were peeing; I grasped your dick again. I told you Evan was my boyfriend and you respected me. I asked permission to jack you off more often and you answered I could jack you off whenever I wanted. Then what can I say now? In the car you allowed David to blow you and you said you were gay. You licked Mark’s stinking foot. Of course Mark puked unintentionally and everything seemed ok for you. You understood Jimmy was my boyfriend’s lover. You went to the room you have to share with Mark, he told you we would go down stark naked; you came down in your shorts and took them off. You took part in our salad. So, in that moment we all knew we could at least invite you to come and see what our special dessert was. You ate some of it and allowed my boyfriend to blow you. Next you saw how both Mark and Evan fucked me. You blew Mark and ate his diarrhea. So, I really wanted to try real incest with you now. And we had sex. Your comprehension of us all and the way you are also a pig like us is priceless. You will be invited here every month or every week if you want.

-Phil –Evan said-, do you want me to cum in your mouth?

-Yes, please.

So he cummed in my mouth. Then he was a while speaking of the latest books he had read. I hardly listened to him for I was taking courage to do what I knew I had to do. There was a small room between the living room and the stairs, with a large and wide couch visible from the living room. I had to finally say what I was dying to say. So I started to speak breaking a conversation they were having about Hercules and I unexpectedly said.

-Danny, I want you to come to that couch with me. I really want to please you now. You can all see from here. Whack off as much as you want. Come with me, please.

-Going, Dad –he had a huge erection then.

-I want you to lie on your stomach, Danny. I wanna start pleasing your ass first. Please fart a lot of times.

I tasted my son’s rank hole. Immediately there came some smelly thunders into my mouth. Of course I said I wanted many more. I intended to take him to g-spot; I could be hours if necessary inside his ass giving him pleasure. Everybody was jerking off in the living room, seeing what father and son were doing. I had spent years imagining what his ass would be like whenever he came out of the bathroom and I could not believe I was now sniffing and tasting it. He moaned and I said nothing. I was very sure now what I wanted. He had to know that pleasure coming from my tongue. So I didn’t care how long it would take me. Voices from the living room cheered me: “go on, Phil. Give a perfect black kiss to Danny”. Finally it took me three quarters of an hour. We would have dinner soon but nobody was in any hurry. I had just started, getting hornier every minute knowing it was Danny’s hot body that I was finally pleasing. His cum was a great amount and his face in that moment is beyond description. I was satisfied.

-Dad, you can wait for me here a minute, I gotta pee.

-I will not wait for you to pee. I want you to piss in my mouth.

So I finally had Danny’s cock in my mouth. He pissed intensely for three minutes. It was warm, salty and wet. And pervert. It was my son’s piss.

-Now is the turn of both your pits and both your feet.

I was five minutes with his right foot and five minutes with his left foot. I never got tired of that scent which reminded me of bread, three-day-old bread. I loved hearing his moans. I wanted to be very good. He was the most special boy I had ever been with. I could accept incest or not but it I had already accepted it, I had to be perfect: nobody else’s feet could ever have more pleasure from my tongue. He is my son and I really like him, so he must have the sexual pleasure of his life with his dad.

After ten minutes, I started with his pits. Danny moaned and said.

-Oh, Dad, you’re so good.

-Every day when you woke up and kissed me good morning I had an instant hard on when I smelled your ripe pits. I was afraid you could see my boner then. Now I won’t ever hide you how much I enjoy this scented landscape.

There were even some drops of sweat there. It was the hottest day of summer and the hottest day of my life. Who could have thought when I got up that today I would be savouring my son’s armpits? I started to jack off. I couldn’t help it. I wanted to cum and notice that everybody would come watching me enjoy heaven. I came quickly. There was a still a part of his body I hadn’t tasted. I looked forward to having it in my mouth.

I started licking his balls and I sensed him moaning more and more. He really desired it. But before I started with his glans I had to say.

-If ever I have given a good blowjob, it must be good for you, you are someone very special and I must return you the pleasure you gave me before. So I hope I can take you to heaven now.

I slowly licked his glans in no hurry to leave that beautiful hill. My tongue had never before worked like that. The rhythm of my tongue became hectic. My whole body was implied in giving him the most perfect blowjob he could ever have had. I swallowed it completely and started sucking. The taste was perfect. The blowjob was short. Danny could not believe either that daddy was blowing him. He intended to warn me beforehand but couldn’t, filling my throat and stomach now with that white substance that were also the grandchildren he’d never give me. Then he spoke.

-Thank you, thank you, Dad. Now please fuck me. You must thrust your cock into my ass.

-I will fuck you, Danny, if you promise you will fuck me later.

He agreed and turned. I saw again his beautiful buttocks, which were asking to surrender to my cock. I didn’t hesitate and shoved my penis in. The feel of Danny’s ass was as if I was touching silk and you could see his ass was used to being fucked. In fact, mine was the third cock that day. I heard Evan shouting.

-Finally, my darling, you have your daddy’s cock in your ass.

-Oh, Danny. You have talked too much – I said.

-I couldn’t help it, Dad. Go on fucking me. It is so hot to know whose cock I have in my ass now. You move skillfully and I can see it’s pleasure for you. So please, Dad, I love it, fuck me at least once a day, very often.

-I will if you fuck me often too. Now we can do anything we like with each other and as many times we want. You’ve got a very sexy ass, Danny. I would like to have my penis here very often.

The rhythm was fast and arousing. He panted, moaned, sighed, all at the same time. I will never forget that first time I was fucking Danny. He encouraged me to touch every pore of his ass, to go deeper and deeper and knowing now what pleasure my cock gave him, the rhythm never stopped. It was as if I was in the roller coaster, but the place was more beautiful, more arousing, more dangerous, Danny’s ass. My adrenaline could be seen in my sweat which was staining my son’s body. Of course he didn’t care. He liked my sweat. I think I was fucking him for ten minutes. My cock was exhausted or I would have cum earlier with the more forbidden thing I had ever done. But finally I blasted my load his arse. He turned then and hugged me.

-You great man. Tell me when you want me to fuck you. You deserve every pleasure I can give you.

-I won’t wait. Fuck me now, please Danny. And keep on enjoying the show –I told Evan and Mark.

He then came to my ass and shoved his cock in unceremoniously. He moaned and I moaned. My God, I could never have believed I would have Danny’s dick fucking me one day. It was as a snake searching inside my ass for its prey. Every muscle was touched; each of my ass hair, each drop of sweat and maybe some shit at the bottom for Danny fucked me to the hilt. All I could say stupidly was “go on, Danny, go on and fuck your father”. I could see all cocks now, Mark’s and Evan’s. They repeatedly said I was hot and had a sexy body. I asked them: am I not too old for all of you? They said I had a youthful spirit and they preferred me to many men. I liked these guys. They were saying the truth. And Danny confirmed his friends’ opinion. Now he was fucking me in slow motion. I was near the climax. But I wanted to feel my son’s dick a couple of minutes more. I don’t know how but I was able, though I finally had to stain the floor just when Danny was cumming in my ass. I bent down to the floor and ate my cum, but I had something more to ask of Danny.

-Danny, dear. I would also like to taste some of your shit now.

-Dad, I have tasted your cum, your pee, your shit, your farts, one booger, some of your spit when we kissed. I only have to taste your puke now. I would shit you a bit if you puke in my mouth.

-If you really want to taste my puke, you can, Danny. I also want to taste yours. But maybe tomorrow. I want you to taste your father’s natural vomits. I don’t want to puke diarrhea in your mouth now.

-If he wants to taste diarrhea, tell Danny he can come now and taste it. I have to shit again –shouted Mark.

-So please, Danny. You have already tasted my shit. Let me taste your poop now.

-Ok, Dad, come to the dish now –he pointed at his hot ass. My tongue was in there again and knowing I would enjoy my shit more thus, he started to fart. I licked once and again awaiting his first turd. Finally it reached my nose, which was in his prostate all the time. Delicious shit. I chewed and swallowed inside his arse tasting my son’s digestion.

-Shit me a lot more, please –I said inside his ass.

-I want to save at least a turd for Evan, but you can eat two more.

It was like the first time I filled my mouth with shit. My tongue, my lips and my teeth were getting brown but there could be no hotter feeder. To know it was my son’s shit I was eating drove me absolutely crazy. Had I not cum so many times today I would cum now. Not cumming was also one of the hottest things of that day. Any other day I would have cum eating Danny’s shit but my dick had had so much fun that day that I couldn’t. I enjoyed the taste and hoped he would shit in my mouth often. I opened my mouth for him to see his shit in my teeth and tongue. Then I turned to Mark and Evan. I also wanted them to see. Then I told him no puke today and no more sex between him and me that day but tomorrow night we would go to bed together and have more sex, even more dirty sex. Danny kissed my mouth again and thanked me. I kissed him passionately and thanked him. He went then to Mark and asked him please to feed him some diarrhea now. Mark asked me if I wanted to see and I answered I did. So soon I could smell again that substance which no doubt was still in my stomach dirtying it. Danny ate some more, showed me his dirty teeth later, and said he was going to brush his teeth and make dinner. He asked me if I would like my omelette with onions or without them. I love the taste of onions, I said to him. And he left.

Meanwhile Mark, Evan and I were waiting in the living room.

-You’re better than I ever thought, Phil –Mark said.

That was my great reward. Mark was praising me! He said something more.

-So I’ve shitted both you and your son. I want to ask you something for you know I’m sitting here still with a shitted arse with diarrhea. Would you like I went to the toilet and wipe my ass or would you prefer I enter our bedroom tonight with shit in my ass?

-Go up with unwiped ass, please Mark. I even hope you shit me again.

We were talking of pig things or sex for five minutes, but it was curious how these guys started talking of literature at the slightest pretext. I talked little but I also wanted to take part in their conversations on mythology. After five minutes Mark praised me again.

-You’re very intelligent, Phil. I like your points of view on anything.

-I have no idea of these things.

-But you know about life in general and have an intelligent and respectful view of everything.

Finally Danny came with our omelettes. They were with onions for Mark and me and without them for him and his boyfriend.

-I hope you can spare your daddy tonight, Danny –said Mark-, after dinner we have to fuck.

I was not shy to talk with them now about anything. We were talking of literature, of course, of sex, of incest, shit, puke… I had sat beside Mark and was stroking his balls and cock on purpose. I wanted him to be much aroused before the sex night we were going to have right now.

-Come to bed with me, you hot man –Mark told me when we finally finished dinner-. I cannot wait to have a lot of fun now for everything is possible with you.


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