A college guy 19 years old and i was working at a bar to make ends meet. I was seeing a girl but knew i really needed a man to pop my cherry and had always had a fascination with boots, leather and bikers. To earn a bit of extra cash i was always on hand for family babysitting duties and it provided me with a good excuse to see my hot uncle. A muscular build chap with his own business, a huge house and the flash motors and motorbikes...but married. He looked after himself, and liked his gold with a thick gold bracelet, a few sovereign rings, a big gold chain and a couple of earrings. He was a big cigar smoker and had a shaved head and a few discreet tatts. He was fucking hot and i spent many a night fantasizing about him.

One night i got dropped off because his wife had a night out with the girls and he had a business dinnner. He opened the door and my cock sprung to life. Tight fitting white shirt and tie showing off his huge arms and pecs, and tight fitting suit trousers all set off by a chunky gold bracelet, two full sovereign rings, a couple of other gold rings on the other hand and a gold hoop earring in each ear. I walked in and my heart started to pound as i noticed he left his black padded biker jacket on the bannister. He said he wouldnt be late but she said she would be. Once they were out the door i headed for the black leather traditional padded biker jacket. It was heavy and had a strong but masculine smell of leather. I put it on and my hard cock felt wet. The weight of it and the smell was making my heart pump hard and my cock spring to attention. I headed to the lounge where part of a cigar was left in an ash tray and lit it unzipping my jeans and touching my wet cock, a drip of precum fell on the jacket. I was about to start wanking when i recalled seeing my uncle in a pair of cowboy boots and i wondered if he still had them so i headed to the cloak room and there they were. Tall black cowboy boots again of the best quality and smelling of musky leather. I slipped my feet into them, a bit big for me but i was horny as fuck. I took a deep drag on the cigar and my cock began to drip more pre-cum. I then headed to the large garage all the time my heart pounding and my cock stiff as fuck. I opened the door and saw the Porche and his Ducatti and Harley bikes with a full set of leathers hung next to it. The smell of the oil and petrol in the garage made me feel horny as fuck and i took a big sniff of the leather one piece leading down to the crotch area thinking about my uncles cock rubbing against it. Next to it was a pair of leather biker jeans and with my heart again pounding, i took them off the hook and enhaled their musky scent paying again attention to the crotch area where i noticed a couple of white stains on the inside. I took off my boxers and jeans and his boots and put the leather jeans on wondering if my uncle had worn them commando but kept the fly open to avoid any further stains and put the boots on again. On the side were a pair of padded black leather gloves which i also put on. I jumped on the bike and as my precum hard cock rubbed against the seat i grabbed my hard shaft in the leather gloves fantasizing that i was pillion with my arms wrapped around his leathered waist. My cock began twitching and my heart pounding as my strokes gathered pace and my leather gloved finger reached round to finger my awaiting hole. In no time my cock exploded with jets of hot cum over the leather gloves and bike with my balls rubbing on the crutch of his leather jeans. I sat there taking in the sexy masculine environment and the odours of leather, his sweat, and garage smells of oil and petrol. I wiped down the gear, my cock still dripping. As i got off the bike, i felt the dogs bollocks and again found a half finished cigar in an ashtray and took a deep drag. I carefully replaced the items i'd borrowed making sure there was no evidence of my wanking session. My cock refused to settle.

I fancied a strong drink and helped myself to a whisky and finished the cigar. I felt a bit guilty but so fucking horny.

It was gone midnight when i heard a deep roar of a powerful car arrive in the driveway followed by voices. I panicked that i'd replaced everything in the right place but it was too late and my uncle walked in with a worse for wear wife in his hands. Crashed and burned he said as he walked in supporting her, his shirt no longer crisp and clean but smeared with her makeup. All okay here? he said as he made way for the stairs to put her to bed. Not a peep mate i said. He lifted her in his arms in a firemans lift and took her up the stairs. I watched his ass in his tight trousers as he took the stairs with his muscular arms trying to force their way out of his shirt. My cock was hard again.

About 30 minutes later he returned having changed into a white tshirt that showed off his pumped chest and arms and revealing tattoos to his upper arms. He's also put on a pair of jeans and the cowboy boots i'd been wearing earlier. That and a thick gold chain around his neck and other gold jewellery he'd been wearing all night. He sat down on the leather sofa and lit a cigar. I became conscious about the hardness of my cock but he seemed a bit pissed off.

She's in a right fuckin state he said as he took a long drag.

Good night then?

It was for her..deal went sour for me and then i get a call to pick her up.

She okay?

Yeah, she's sobering up now...after throwing up in the ensuite. I put her in the shower and i needed a cool down anyway. I'd better get you home.

Yeah, cool.

He opened his wallet with his gold covered fingers and passed me a twenty.

He grabbed his biker leather jacket from the bannister and threw it on...it was a tight fit over his muscular frame and my cock became hard and wet again. I kept discreetly looking at his crotch to see if there was any action and could make out the outline of a big hard cock. I tried not to stare. We got into his convertible and i slid into the slippery leather seats. It was a new car with a fresh leather smell mixed with the stale smell of cigars. He started the throaty deep engine and we both smiled at eachother as he revved it. He knew how much i loved cars and was always proud to show me what it could do. He lit a cigar and we began our journey. He smelt sexy as fuck...not sure what aftershave but very masculine and strong and it complimented the cigar/leather odour in the car which kept my cock hard and wet. I couldnt help but stare as he changed gear and his gold clinked together and he accelerated pushing me back into my seat. He again smiled at me and asked it i liked it. Fucking right i said. He then started to open up about his wife and how she was fucking him off. He does all the work, she does fuck all but spend his money. He said he wouldnt mind if she let him give her a good fuck every once in a while but she wasn't interested and he was frustrated as fuck. He said that a good looking lad like me must have a good sex life and how he'd like to be my age again. I said i hadnt had it in a while and just enjoyed a good wank most of the time. He raised his eyebrows and smiled and accelerated hard. I the saw him adjust his crotch area with his gold covered hand and i couldnt help but look then saw he'd seen me. He looked serious, almost angry and said he really needed a good fuck but would have to make do with a wank again tonight. His 9" hard cock was becoming visible through his tight jeans and with the feel of the leather seats and cigar smoke i asked if i could have a drag. He smiled and passed his big cigar over wet from his mouth. He said he didn't know i liked a cigar and i took a big drag and exhaled. I replied they made me horny. He laughed and said me too. I handed it back and watched him take a big drag and pulled in at an upcoming layby. Fancy taking the wheal? he said. We swapped over and i got into the driver seat and started the engine and gave it a rev grinning. Come on then he said...give it a good fucking pounding, he smiled. I went to put the car in gear but struggled embarrassingly. Clutch in he said and placed his gold ring covered hand over mine to help me put it in gear. I could feel my cock leaking pre-cum as his big hands touched mine. You okay he said keeping his hand on mine. You look a bit flushed. Just a bit embarrassed i said. He put his leather covered arm round my kneck in a manly way and said no need to be embarrassed with me fella. I switched off the engine and got out the car. He followed. Whats up? Lets just get back to mine i said. Nah come on mate, whats up? U okay? He was fully in my comfort space and i could see his breath in the cold air and was staring at the leather padding of his jacket. Come on, open up mate he said as he put his hand on my shoulder. It was then i just did it...my heart started pounding my cock rock hard and wet and i closed my eyes and kissed him full on the mouth grabbing his ears and feeling his earrings and rough stubble. He seemed to freeze but I stuffed by tongue into his mouth and tasted his cigar breath. He pulled away. Fuck mate, i had my suspiscions but fuck he said. Sorry, i fucking sorry...just get me home, i'm such a fucking twat. I shouldnt have done that. There was a silence that seemed to last forever as he stared into my eyes intensely. You been fucking guys he said? No, not yet. But you wanna? Yeah. Fuck! he said.

I don't have a problem with it, each to their own fella but it's a bit of a shock. Can we just forget about it i said. He stared again and took a step closer again and put his hand on my shoulder. Its okay he said, don't worry and leaned in to roughly kiss me forcing his tongue in and pushing his body against mine so i could feel his hard cock against my leg. I could smell his leather jacket, my hands were on his head but he was in complete control as his muscular frame dominated me. The kissing continued and his hands moved up inside my tshirt with his cold gold rings giving me goosebumps. His hands reached my nipples and discovered my pierced tit which he began tweaking pulled back from the kissing looked at me agressively and muttered dirty fucker. He then pushed harder into me kissing my kneck and brushing it with his stubble and my face rested on his leather biker jacket inhaling the leather smell. His kissing was fast and hard almost like he was losing control. i could feel i was leaking pre-cum and my heart was again pounding. He went to lift me up and my legs naturally wrapped around his waist and he smiled and forced his tongue deep inside my mouth. Dropping me he pulled back and went to the glove box in the car and returned with a condom packet and a cigar. He stared at me again before pushing me against the car and roughly undoing my jeans and stripping me revealing my hard wet twitching cock. He grabbed my head kissed me hard again with his tongue dictating what i could do with my mouth. I took the opportunity to move my hands up inside his tshirt and cupped his hairy pecs and began to pay attention to his hard nipples. He groaned and his hands moved to my naked ass pulling me into him. Our breathing was heavy and my cock was leaking precum onto his leather biker jacket and i could feel his gold jewellery against my ass. He stopped kissing me and whispered in my ear that i needed a good hard manly fuck and moved his sovereign rings hand to my cock rubbing my mushroom head with his thumb and using my precum as lube but also the cum from my earlier wank. He then stop and hurriedly undid his leather belt, unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans and guided my hand down to his 9" fat hard cock housed in skimpy jock style cotton brief... but i was in for a surprise. As my hand worked my way up from his hairy ball sack to his cock shaft and mushroom head i felt metal...my uncle had a large prince albert ring in his veiny hard cock. My heart pace raced and i started to move it gently to a point where his moaning became louder and i knew i was on the right lines. He looked at me in the eyes lifted me up and said suck my pierced cock you little cunt and dropped me to my knees. Id dreamt of this moment and the piercing made me even hornier. I began sucking furiously as he forced his hard cock back my throat and i could taste his salty precum and he choked me. Fuckin relax and take it he said as he lit his cigar and took a deep inhale. I could feel his other hand and gold on the back of my head and he pushed harder and harder. The musky smell of his bushy pubic hair made direct contact with my groin and i had involuntary twitching. I worshiped his hard veiny pierced cock as he enjoyed his cigar. As his thick cock moved in and out of my mouth i began to think about my tight ass and on one hand hoping he was going to pop my cherry but on the other wondering how id cope with having something so big entering by ass. But i fucking wanted it so bad i knew id find a way to take it. He inhaled another deep breath of his cigar then grabbed me by the neck and pulled me back up staring into my eyes. He looked angry but passed me his wet ended cigar. He pulled me towards him with his hands on my ass cheeks and as i took a deep breath of his cigar, worked his finger into my tight tense hole. He smiled as he realised how tight it was, took out his finger and made me suck it and lube it with my saliva and his pre-cum before telling me to inhale his cigar again and placing his finger inside me. It was painful but just what i need to calm down my cock. His tongue entered my mouth again and i felt his hard cock against my leg on occasion colliding with my own hard cock. I wanted him to suck my cock but he was in charge. He roughly turned me around and i naturally bent over to allow him to explore my ass further with his fingers, pain was turning to enjoyment and my cock began to rise again. He whispered in my ear that he was going to work my cunt like he used to work his wifes cunt and in no time i could feel his stubble around my ass and his tongue taking turn with his fingers entering my hole. My head was saying fuck me! fuck me! and i began to whisper it to him which made his finger more agressive and become two fingers...as he slid them in i could feel his gold sovereigns against my hungry ass. I took a drag of his cigar and he'd made his way back up to my neck rubbing his stubble hard against it and licking, kissing and biting my neck...i was desperate for him to fuck me. His tongue made his way into my mouth before he wispered i was a dirty cunt and pushing me hard against the car. I felt his leather jacket on the back of my skin and his muscular leather covered arms rose to my neck and mouth. He took his cigar back and i began to feel the coldness off his cock ring fumbling around my awaiting man cunt. I felt him pull back and fumble for the condom and waited as he placed it on his hard veiny pierced cock. I couldnt help but feel disappointed that i wasnt going to get it bareback and feel his juice inside of me but was just grateful i was going to get it inside me. The lube from the condom helped when he put pressure on my fuck hole and i ploughed my face and my teeth into his leather jacket inhaling the smell as he forced his hard cock inside me...my body nearly collapsed in pain but he held me up in his strong muscular arms and as i calmed down and took a breath away from the leather the realisation he was inside of me took over and i began to move and work him inside of me. He was still smoking and began to pick up the pace then would withdraw and force it back into me. I never wanted it to end. Then he took his hard cock out of my worn out ass and whispered in my ear now you're gonna get fucked. With that i felt the coldness of his cock piercing and a warm sensation from his cock as it entered me, fucking me bareback. He began slow snogging me again but picking up pace and began to get rougher forcing me into positions to give him the most pleasure. What the fuck am i doin i thought for a second, in the open air being fucked by my uncle against a car but those thoughts were replaced by the need to concentrate on how to best satisfy this muscle man. He whispered in my ear that he was gonna shoot his fuckin load inside me and that id better fucking appreciate it and he reached around to give my cock some attention feeling his cold gold rings on his big hands roughly wanking my cock whilst he drilled deep and hard inside of me. I felt his breathing get heavier and his groans and my cock began to twitch again. My ass felt full and content and i felt his body tense against me as he took a long breath put his leather arm around my neck and i felt his cock pulsating inside of me...he was cumming. He whispered in my ear you better not fucking pull back you're gonna get the fucking lot you dirty cunt as his breathing began to calm he started biting my neck and increased the pressure on wanking my cock. You gonna cum you dirty fucker? he whispered in my ear..fuck yeah i said as he withdrew his hard cock i felt my wet ass and he took my hard cock in his mouth sucking out my spunk as i erupted forcing my cock down his throat. You dirty fucker he said with my hot cum on his lips and forced me down to clean up his cock with my mouth, the pierced hard cock that had made me his fucking man. He pulled out another cigar and lit it then pulled me up to give me his cigar smoke and shared my cum with me forcing his tongue inside me again. i held onto his strong guns and just wanted to feel his cock around my ass again so jumped on him with my legs round his waist. We stared at eachother and he looked aggressive but i was smiling after being fucked by my fantasy man. He said it was time to get me home. As we drove home the car was silent and we arrived at my house. He looked at me and i thought i was going to say it was a mistake but instead he pulled my face to his lips, snogged me and whispered in my ear that i was a good fuck but that i had a lot to learn and he was going to teach me. He said next time he wouldnt be so gentle and smiled. My cock hardened again as i left the car with an ass leaking spunk.




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