When I was about 18 I had my first sexual encounter with a man. I was in the navy and me and a buddy had been drinking and were picked up by this guy who said he would take us back to our ship which was in Jacksonville( I think, it was a long time ago) I just thought he was being friendly. On the way there he said we could stop off at his place for a drink which is where we wound up. I was already quite well drunk and my buddy was too, in fact he fell asleep.

While my buddy was asleep this guy came over and sat next to me on the sofa and showed me a gay porn mag, I got hard straight away, I had always fantasized about having gay sex and when he asked me if I had ever done any of the things in the mag I told him no. He then asked if I would like to be any of the guys in the photos I lied and said no, gay sex was an offence in the navy but really I would have loved to be the guy with the huge dick in his mouth and cum on his face and lips. I told him I had to go to the toilet and he told me where it was.

I sat down and took my now throbbing erection in hand, leaned back with my eyes shut and started to wank slowly whilst fantasizing about sucking cock. I definitely had locked the door but I opened my eyes and was shocked to find the guy (can't remember his name) stood in the now open doorway. I was very embarrassed and foolishly tried to hide my erection.

He told me he knew the pictures had turned me on and said it was ok and that they turned him on as well. He asked me which one turned me on the most and told me his favourite was the one where the guy with the cute arse was being screwed by the big overweight guy. I asked which one he would like to be and he told me he liked to fuck guys with cute arses and he told me he thought I had a very nice arse and I thanked him for the compliment. My heart was racing as I realised that I could be losing my virginity in the very near future but was a little scared and I had always felt guilty about being gay, in the 1970's it was not acceptable and I just wanted to fit in. He said he wanted to take me into his bedroom and screw me, I knew I wasn't going to take much persuading.

He had asked me which porn picture had turned me on the most and since sucking cock was my number 1 fantasy I answered his question and told him I would like to be the one giving head. As soon as I said that he undid his pants and his already hard dick sprang out, it was about 7 inches but very thick I was mesmerized by it. He told me I could put my mouth around it and do what the guys in the picture were doing and that it was ok and nobody would ever know. He told me he would really enjoy the feeling of my lips sliding up and down his cock shaft. I realized at that moment that I had virtually offered to give head and there was no going back. He gently put one hand to the back of my head and guided my head towards his throbbing erection. I put my mouth around his cock and started to give him a blow job. I could hardly get my lips round it, it was so thick, but he gave me instructions on what to do. I could hardly believe I was doing this, I somehow never thought I would do it for real. As I sucked his rock hard erection he kept saying "let's go into the bedroom I really want to fuck you now". I couldn't imagine how his cock was ever going to fit into me it was very very thick so I was quite scared but I thought after sucking him off I would go back to the ship satisfied that I had given head.

He spoke in a gentle but commanding voice as he told me how he wanted his cock sucked and I wanted to please him. He told me I was doing a good job and announced he was going to cum in my mouth. I was really turned on by the thought that I would soon have my number one sexual fantasy come true and after about 15 minutes he began to really force my head down and thrust at the same time. I knew he was about to shoot his load in my mouth and I had no choice but to take it, which made me feel very excited and I hoped there would be a big load. My jaw was aching at that point. I had let his cock out of my mouth a few times and each time he had told me not to stop and guided my mouth back onto his throbbing prick but now he was very insistant and I knew he was past the point of no return and I was about to have a load of cum in my mouth weather I wanted it or not. He also asked if I was looking forward to having his monster cock up my arse and I had a strong feeling that I actually would be getting screwed that night, I just felt like I had no choice but to give in to his desires and had a little panic attack. I couldn't say anything as my mouth was full of cock and anyway I had a very strong feeling that he had already decided that he was going to fuck me and was not going to change his mind.

He told me to suck harder, pushing my head down with both hands. I loved the feeling of having my mouth used by another guy I and pushed the thought of what was more than likely going to happen later to the back of my mind. He told me to just keep my mouth clamped over his cock head and suck then started to wank himself furiously into my mouth. He kept saying he wanted to take me to the bedroom and screw me hard and that I was a cock teaser and deserved to be fucked. He also said his partner was due back and they were going to teach me what happens to cock teasers who go too far, I was strangely excited by this news and felt then that whatever happened was out of my control, I was quite thrilled really and knew it was what I wanted so I stopped feeling guilty and enjoyed the experience. After about 5 minutes he moaned and I am sure his cock swelled even bigger and I knew this was it. I felt a powerful spurt of spunk hitting the back of my mouth, and then another and another. I resisted the swallowing reflex and could feel his cum sliding down my throat, somehow I didn't gag. He withdrew most of his cock so just the head was in my mouth and kept on cumming as he wanked himself off into my cum filled mouth, there was a lot of cum. He came for ages then held my head with both hands and fucked his dick in and out with long slow thrusts. I swallowed most of his spunk but some dribbled down my chin.

My so called buddy had been standing in the doorway, I don't know for how long but he did say he had "seen enough" and he was going to report everything to the regulators, so that was me in deep shit, I had forgotten about him due to being drunk. He left to find a taxi but I stayed. I was very anxious since I would be discharged from the navy and was going to go downstairs and sit and think for a while but the guy I was with had other ideas and blocked my way down the stairs. He told me I couldn't undo anything so might as well accept it which made sense. He started to push me towards a door at the end of the landing and told me I wasn't going anywhere till I had seen the inside of his bedroom, I didn't really want to go there and felt very guilty at having been caught but now I definatly had no choice and was more or less propelled into the room and the door was locked behind me.

There was a huge bed in the room and it was covered in black silk sheets, there was a full length mirror right across the wall at the head of the bed and another mirror at an angle from that and that was joined to another on the ceiling. The bed had big pillows on it and I was ordered to get naked and lie on it. I stripped down to my tiny red speedos, I had intended to go for a swim at the beach but lost my towel and undies somewhere so did not get there. I was reluctant to take the speedos off as once naked I knew there would be no way of stopping him from fucking me and I didn't think I could take his huge girth especially as this was my first time. He told me he liked the look of me in my speedos but they had to come off, he said I really was a cock teaser and it shouldn't be allowed. I explained I was scared and his cock was too big, it was already erect and ready for action. He told me he had something he could put in my drink which would relax me but he said he thought I had been fucked hundreds of times and couldn't believe this was my first time but he promised to be gentle for the first ten minutes at least. He left the room and took the key, the door now had an empty keyhole and when I tried it, it wouldn't open. I had another little panic attack and tried to think of ways to get out of this situation but then felt a flush of excitement just knowing there was no escape and I really was going to get fucked. I wondered how long it would be before he came back and looked at the bed, I would be able to watch myself being screwed in those huge mirrors and fantasised about hidden cameras. My cock was pressing hard against the thin nylon of my speedos so I decided to relax and slowly took my speedos off. I had the sensation that I was near cumming with the excitement, I was looking forward to what was now inevitable. I got on the bed, the smooth silk sheets felt nice, I looked at myself lying there and thought "you really are a slut", nobody had seen me like this before and my cock was rock hard, up till now I had tried to deny being gay but as I looked in the mirror I knew this was the real me. I hoped I was going to be a good fuck and he wouldn't be disappointed, I wished he would come and see to me soon.

When the door was unlocked some five minutes later the guy I had sucked off came in but another guy was right behind him, they were both naked. I can't remember either of their names, the second guy was not as fat as the first but he was hard and his erection was longer than the first guys and had a slight bend upwards but was just as thick. I was handed a gin and told there was something in it to make me relax but the side effect was that I might not remember anything for a few days or even a couple of weeks, the memories actually only came back a couple of years ago.

They both got onto the bed, one either side of me and I was told to use the pillow to prop my arse up so one of them could enter me more easily. They told me they were going to fuck me on my back to start with so they wouldn't fuck me too deep until I was used to having a cock up my arse. Once they positioned me the way they wanted me the first guy got into position so he could enter me and the second guy lubbed my arse and started sticking his finger up me. I tried to control my breathing and relax but my heart was racing and I was literally quivering with excitement, this was it. I actually managed to relax as I felt the cock head being pressed against my hole, perhaps the stuff in my drink had worked, in any case there was no stopping it now and although the feeling of my arse being stretched open by his rock hard shaft was quite uncomfortable I managed to stay relaxed. The feeling of having a cock entering me for the first time was mind blowing, once the shaft was so far in I felt the rest of it being drawn in and as it went up me I could feel every inch of it, veins and everything. The other guy got into position near my head once his partner was in me and I willingly took his cock into my mouth. After a short while the thrusting began, very gently at first but after only a few minutes it picked up pace and the headboard started banging rhythmically against the wall. The mirrors were placed in such a way as to give us all an excellent view of ourselves, it was an extra turn on. There was conversation going on, they both agreed I was getting all I deserved for being a cock teaser and they thought they should ring round some friends so they could teach me a real good lesson. They both agreed that this was not my first time but I had been fucked and given head to hundreds of men, by now I was in heaven and could feel an orgasm building. Even though my own cock had not been touched I had the best orgasm I have ever had and it went on and on, not like any ordinary orgasm, my cum didn't come in spurts but a massive load of cum just sort of flowed out and it went on and on. I wish I could have that type of orgasm again.

These two guys kept at it the whole night, which past in a blur but the feeling of being pinned to the bed as the biggest of the two guys banged me very hard as he built up to orgasm and beyond made this first fuck unbelievable. When he shot his load I could feel his spunk being pumped into me, I had the other guys cock in my mouth at the time and it's just a shame I couldn't recall any of it for many years.

I said I would see them again at the weekend and they said there would be a houseful of their friends and they would show me a real good time, in any event I was not allowed to leave the ship while 'enquiries' were made and when I sobered up I couldn't recall very much so when I was questioned I genuinely couldn't remember anything although memories up until the gin drink with something in it did come back in a day or two.

I have enjoyed recalling all this. This is all true but I have never told anyone. I think I would enjoy being in a gang bang, I still have a nice fuckable bubble but and a slim build and look younger than my years. Mebee use condoms if there is a next time.






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