I couldn't believe what I just heard. I mean Chase. Really. No. 

When Chase told me he wanted to join Brent and I in our next sexual experience I was appalled. I never thought of Chase as being gay. But I guess I shouldn't question it. 

Chase is about my height and well built. He's got dark brown hair but piercing blue eyes. He's skinny with very little muscle but hot as hell. 

Brent came back to the table and sat down. Chase was still sitting next to me. 

'So shall you tell him or shall I?' said Chase. 

'Tell me what?' asked Brent. 

'Tell him.' said Chase. 

'Well, Chase has told me something very important. He saw us coming out of our tent last night.' I said. 

'Oh. So did you tell him about...' Brent said. 

'Yes,well he kind of saw us... down at the dock... last night.' I said. 

'OHHH! Gotcha. So now what?' Brent asked. 

'Well Chase has also informed me he wants to join us next time. So what do you think about that?' I asked. 

' I think it's a great idea actually. I've always liked you Chase, more than a friend.' Brent said. 

Chase sat there thinking about what he should say next. 

'I like you to Brent. So shall we go to the dock tonight.' he said. 

We sat there planning  on how to get Chase out of his tent without waking Evan. Evan is Brent's brother and my cousin. We thought and then we said we would just try and be very quiet. 


Brent and I snuck out of our tent and quietly walked over to Chase and Evan's tent. We lifted up the flap and ever so carefully we tapped Chase. 

He woke up in such a fright it felt like it took me forever to get my hand over his mouth to stop him from screaming. He noticed it was us and calmed down. He got up quietly and walked out. He was all ready shirtless from sleeping. 

We walked to the dock and Chase grabbed my butt which was odd. I gave them both a little peck on the mouth and I felt somebody grab my cock through my shorts. I looked down to find Chases hand massaging my semi-hard cock. 

After what felt like hours, we finally made it to the dock. We were about to have sex again. We got to the tables. Chase and I started making out. His tongue massaging mine. 

I felt Brent massaging my cock. I felt him take my dick out of my pants and start sucking it. Chase broke our kiss and He took off my shirt. He played with my nipples. Sucking them and licking them. 

I got a little tingle in my cock. All of a sudden I went off in Brent's mouth. I picked him up before he could swallow it and we kissed. We swapped my cum back and forth in our mouths and finally I swallowed it. 

I got Chase down on his knees sucking my cock. I had Brent stand on the table so I could suck his dick. His dick was warm and hard. I started sucking but then he started fucking my face. His balls slapping my chin felt so right. 

That's when I saw it. The tree down at the edge of the dock had just moved. Or something around it moved. 

'Stop! I see something.' I said

'What?' Brent said. 

'There.' I said while pointing at the tree.

'I'll go check it out.' Chase said. 

Chase started walking slowly and quietly to the end of the dock. As he walked on to the grass he saw what I saw. He peered around the tree only to find Evan. 

'Evan!! What are you doing here?!?!' Chase asked loudly. 

By now Brent and I have figured it out and started walking to the tree. 

'Sorry. I just saw you had left so I went looking for you and well I found you and Brent and Thurman.' Evan said. 

'Well why didn't you leave after you noticed we were busy?' I said with Brent and my cocks bouncing in his face. 

'I was gonna see if I could join you guys but was too scared to ask.' he said. 

'Well come on then. You want to join us, we'll let you join us. I mean if that's all right with you two?' Brent asked.

'Fine with us.' Chase said

So with that we all walked back to the table now with yet another new person. Brent and I sat Evan on all fours on the table. He sucked my cock while Brent licked his asshole getting it ready for the fucking. Chase sat underneath Evan sucking his cock and balls. It was the hottest foursome I have ever seen. 

I leaned down and gave Evan a little kiss. Oh I almost forgot to tell you guys about Evan. He about 5'5ish and a little bulky in the stomach but he makes up for it with his cock. It's at least 9 inches of pure glory. He's got blonde hair and blue eyes and a hot face. 

I looked up to find Brent fucking his own brother. The only thing I could think was SO HOT! I walked over and told Brent to bend over and spread his butt cheeks. I saw his hole and penetrated without warning. I fucked him hard and long until I went in his ass. Only about 1 minute later Brent went off in Evans ass and then Evan went off in Chases mouth. 

I thought we were done but I remembered Chase hasn't been fucked yet. He's only sucked cock. I bent him over the table and licked his hole clean. I started to finger fuck him but he told me no just to go ahead and fuck him for real. 

I stuck my dick in his ass hard. He let out such a loud moan I swear the whole camp heard it. I fucked him hard. My balls slapped his ass very loudly. I love that sound actually. Chase turned around and we kissed for awhile. When I stopped kissing him was when I was going off in his ass. This was a huge load. When I took my cock out it was still going so I put it all over his ass and made Evan eat it.   

We started walking back to camp after our long night with the best sex. 

'Hey guess what? Parents come tomorrow so i don't think this is gonna happen tomorrow even though it is our last day.' Evan said. 

'Oh it will happen because I need good sex every now and again.' Brent said. 

'Well I could give it to you. I mean we do live together.' Evan said. 

Brent and Evan kissed each other for awhile. When we got back to camp we all kissed each other good night and walked in our tents. 

I drifted off to sleep that night thinking about this week. How I've had sex with two of my cousins and one very good friend and how it will be even crazier tomorrow night.

**********TO BE CONTINUED**********



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