It was Sunday, June 12, I couldn't get to bed knowing I would be staying in the same tent with my extremely hot cousin Brent for an entire week. 

We would be going to the same camp for a week out of the summer and we decided to share tents. I loved it from the beginning. Only the thought of getting to possibly see him naked was a dream, a dream about to come true. 

**********THE NEXT MORNING**********

'Did you sleep well hun?' asked my mother.

'Yeah slept great!' I said, obviously lying.

The night before I got absolutely no sleep. I just kept thinking about him. His body, his chest, his schlong.

As we got in the car I was waiting to get to the church where we would all meet up to go to camp. Yes this is a church trip. 

Since it was kind of a long and boring car ride I decided this would be a good time to tell you about myself. My name is Thurman and I am 5'7. I have a nice tan that ends right next to my butt. I have hair everywhere except my thighs, butt, chest, and face. I won't tell you about my cock I will let you have a sense of imagination. It's 7 inches. 

As we arrived at the church I couldn't get out of the car fast enough. Brent was standing there all pretty and tan. 

'BRENT!' I yelled as I got out the car. 

'THURMAN!' Brent yelled when he heard me. 

We hugged each other and I felt up his back. 

'I haven't seen you in like forever.' I said. 

'Same here. I missed you dude.' Brent said. 

'You ready to be tent buddies?'

'Sure am. Hope you don't mind I sleep naked!' he's said jokingly. 

Brent is about 5'6 and tan all over. He's got blond hair and blue eyes. He has a swimmers body that will make any girl drop dead. I'm not sure has big his dick is. *cough cough* 


We all hugged our parents goodbye and told them we would call. We all piled into this one mans truck, I wasn't sure of his name so let's call him Steve. We all waved goodbye to our families and then we were off. 1 hour from now it would just be us, our tents, and the ,quiet yet full of noise, woods. 

We were going to a camp a little further south of our town. It's called Camp Ho Non Wah on Wadamalaw Island. We'd be sleeping in tents only big enough to accommodate 2 people. 

I looked around the truck to see if anybody was even worthy of a second glance. Being a church group I didn't expect much and that's exactly what I got nothing except Brent.  

We talked the whole ride about what we've done since two thanksgiving's ago. There was just so much to catch up on. We talked about school and hunting. Our family was big on that. We talked about how he had killed 10 deer this season and how killed none. I have horrible aim. 

We were talking about our other cousins when we arrived at camp. We all got out of the truck and stretched our legs while Steve signed us in. The camp had mini donuts and milk for 'breakfast' waiting for us. 

When were all done eating we went to find our campsite which just so happened to be right next to the parking lot. 

Brent and I found our tent which was a little bit away from the others. Alone. Quiet. We set up our sleeping back and clothes and what not. Then it was time for classes and such. 

We all had the same classes which lasted from 9:00  to 4:00 with a break in the middle for lunch and siesta. So all day I had Brent.

Of course the first day went so slow because we had woken up at 4:00 this morning to get here on time to get setup and what not. It felt like 2 days had passed when I laid down on my cot drifting to sleep. 

I slept really good that night actually. It was really awkward waking up though to birds chirping and other unknown noises. 


I woke up and found Brent half naked and looking good. We got dressed separately and went through the day like normal. Nothing really important happened besides Brent looking cute and sexy. 

**********THE NEXT MORNING**********

I woke up Brent and we got ready to go to breakfast. He didn't have on a shirt and I swear when I turned around I saw his butt. It was round and bubbly and I wanted to grab it so hard. But I couldn't so I resisted the urge and walked out of the tent. 

 Each morning they had a flag ceremony ,then announcements and then everyone went into the dining hall to get breakfast, lunch and dinner. 

I ate really fast because I was hungry. I hadn't eaten dinner the night before. It smelled funny.  

As we headed off to classes Brent had to change pants because he had gotten some jelly on them. Well I didnt know and walked in on him changing. Needless to say he didn't have on underwear. I saw his cock. The one I had been dreaming about for days I finally saw it. Oh and it was good looking. 

His cock was at least 8 or 9 inches and so thick and juicy. Oh it made me wanna get down right there and suck it but I kept on walking. 

When I got to class I sat and waited for Brent to get there. A few minutes later Brent showed up in a pair of very loose basketball shorts that were so thin you could almost see through them. And from what I saw he had a slight chubby. 

He sat right next to me But I couldn't say a word because the teacher hated when someone talked over her. All I could do was stare at the huge bulge in his shorts. 

By lunch was hungry and horny. The best combination. Brent wasn't at lunch for some reason. Some one told me he wasn't hungry and that he was back at camp sleeping. 

After lunch each day we have an hour to chill. It's called siesta. Well during siesta we all went back to camp to make sure Brent was all right. 

They sent me in the tent, considering it was my tent to, to make sure he was okay. I walked in and he was dead asleep on his cot so I quietly walked back out and told everyone what was going on. They all left and went to their respective tents. 

I went back inside the tent only to find Brent awake just laying on his cot. 

'What are you doing? I thought you were asleep!' I said. 

'I'm not doing much just laying here, thinking.' ,Brent said, ' I just didn't feel to good and I wasn't feeling lunch today.'

'So what's wrong? I mean are you all right or did you just didn't want to have to deal with the craziness that comes along with lunch?' I said. 

'Neither really. I just didn't want to confront you.' he said. 

'CONFRONT ME?!?! ABOUT WHAT?' I yelled and questioned. 

'I know you saw me this morning while I was getting changed.' he said. 

'Yeah so, were family. That's normal, but weird, to see family naked.' I said. 

'Yeah but I like you Thurman. You are more than family. You are the one I want.' Brent said

'Well, I like you to Brent. I've always liked you, more than a cousin. I love you Brent.' I said

That's when he leaned in really fast and started kissing me. I had to push him away just to get a word in. 

'Brent stop. We can't now it's only twelve in the afternoon. Wait until tonight. We'll go somewhere. Somewhere that we can be alone. Okay?' I said. 

'Okay, tonight at midnight. We'll go to the dock.' he said. 

For the rest of the day I kept thinking about our kiss. Every time I looked at Brent he was staring at me and I stared right back at his deep blue eyes. 

In our last class we sat next to each other. Halfway through the class I felt something on my leg. I looked over and Brent had moved closer and put his hand on my lap and was slowly moving it closer and closer to my cock. I moved his hand and gave him the look you give someone when you want them to stop because it is not the right time. 

**********DINNER THAT SAME NIGHT**********

Brent and I sat together at the end of the table, away from everybody else. we talked quietly about what we were gonna do tonight. Brent and I touched each others legs and eventually Brent touched my cock. I had to push him away so I wouldn't get a boner at the table next to everybody from church. 

After dinner we all went to our tents to lay down. We were supposed to play a game of ultimate frisbee. 

When Brent and I got in our tent he immediately kissed me and I kissed back but I had to push him away. 

'Save it for tonight sexy.' I said. 

He agreed and we laid on our cots talking and eventually napping. When we woke up it was almost 11:30 at night. I looked outside the tent and saw everyone else was asleep as well. I got Brent and we headed off to the dock. I held I hand the entire way. 

When we were walking by the dining hall we were almost caught. A man walked out of the dining hall half asleep. Luckily he didn't notice us. 

We ran to the dock and as soon as our feet hit the wood of the dock we were undressing and making out like crazy. 

We got to the end of the dock where there were some tables. We got to the tables and I put Brent on his stomach on the table with his head at the to where he could suck my cock. 

I took out my dick and he immediately started taking it down his throat. He sucked cock like an Asian schoolgirl. I felt so good. I started to moan while he sucked me off. 

'Oh you like that, huh?' Brent said. 

'Oh yeah it feels good. You suck dick like a pro. Where did you learn?' I said. 

'I've had sex with a few guys in my time.' Brent said. 

'Oh, well they must love you.' I said

I then got him off the table and took his shirt off. I saw his extra hard nipples just staring me in the face. He immediately started kissing me which made me want him more. I kissed down his neck and eventually made it to his nipples. I sucked on them and I heard him let out a little moan. 

He took off my shirt and started playing with my nipples while we made out. I put my hands right on the button of his pants. I unbuttoned them and put my hand down his pants. I felt around and found his dick hard as ever. 

I got on my knees and pulled his pants and underwear down, exposing his huge cock. I went down on it so fast. I sucked and sucked until I couldn't anymore. I listened to him moan like a scary ghost. 

'How am I?' I asked. 

'Oh you are great. Probably better than me. I want to go all the way.' he said. 

'All the way? As in you want me to fuck you?' I asked cautiously. 

'Yeah I want you to fuck my brains out and maybe you'd let me fuck you too.?' he said. 

'I would love you too.' I said. 

He then picked me up off the ground and kissed me. He bent over the table and showed me his beautiful asshole. By the way remember when I told you I saw his ass, it was even better looking now. It was tan and smooth. Hairless and sexy. I grabbed it and it was just how I imagined it would feel. Soft and bubbly. So sexy.  I got back on my knees and licked his asshole. I then licked my finger and stuck it up his ass. 

I started with one finger and worked my way up to 4 fingers. Brent took things up the ass very well. He let out a slight moan that grew too a loud yell. I got my dick nice and hard and started to slide it in his ass. He let out a loud moan but told me to keep going in, not to stop. 

I got my dick all the way in and held it there. He told me to start fucking him so I did a nice rhythm of in and out, in and out getting faster with every fuck. 

I kept going until I felt a slight twinge in my dick and Brent noticed too. He turned around an told me I was about to cum. He told me to keep going and to let it go inside of him. Which is exactly what I did and it felt so good. 

It was then my turned to get fucked in the ass. Brent didn't even finger fuck me he just stuck his massive dick inside me. It felt so good. He wasted no time he fucked my brains out in a matter of seconds. He never stopped and I didn't want him too. 

He went off inside of me and he pulled out. I turned around kissed him letting his tongue massage mine. I pulled back. 

'We need to go the sun is about to come up.' I said 

We had spent all night having sex. We walked back to camp naked and playing a game of grab-ass.  

We got to our tent and changed. We sat outside talking for about an hour and then we noticed other kids waking up. 

The first one up was a close friend, Chase was his name. He came and sat next to me. Brent was over in the woods using the restroom. 

'So where did you guys go last night? I saw y'all walking out of your tent.' Chase said. 

'We didn't go anywhere. What are you talking about?!' I said. 

'Don't play stupid with me Thurman. I followed you guys and saw at y'all were doing on the dock.' he said. 

'You did!' I said astonished. 

'Yeah and tonight I want to join you two.' he said.

**********TO BE CONTINUED**********



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