With it being time to schedule vacations, I called the campsite where I had spent my last three vacations, verifying what dates for the cabin I wanted were open.

As I talked with Jake Cooper, the forest ranger about the reservation, he said, 'I'm looking forward to seeing you again this year.'

'Same here, Jack. As soon as I get the date set at work I'll call ad reserve the first three weeks of May.'

'I'll put a hold on it for you,' he replied.

'Thanks,' I said. 'I'll be in touch.'

As i hung up I began to remember back to the first vacation I'd taken to the campsite.

Just a couple of years before my first vacation there, the national forest service had built some shelters in several areas of the forest. There were several sections with three to five shelters per area, depending on the terrain.

A close friend of mine had been there and told me about it saying that section two as the most isolated and private and that shelter four was the most private. He said that for going nude, it was the best and most isolated. He and I had been on nude camping trips before and enjoyed the freedom. He was gay also and we had experienced some great times on those camp outs.

The shelters were only square screen enclosures, with a small bathroom with shower in one corner and the rest of one wall had a small stove, fridge, and counter with sink and cabinets. There were four double beds and a table and chairs in the shelter, plus electricity.

My first trip, I had reserved shelter 4 in section two. The only way to reach the shelters from the ranger station parking lot was by foot or ATV. My shelter was roughly three miles from the ranger station. The closest shelter was number 3 which was roughly two miles from mine, and there were rules forbidding entering another shelters clearing without being invited.

When I arrived that first time and met Jack, my heart raced with lustful excitement.He was in his mid twenties, and from his snug fitting uniform, I could tell that he was extremely well built and well endowed. His dark hair set of his sky-blue eyes that had a constant twinkle, and his smile was perfect.

As I registered, we talked and before long it seemed like we were old friends. He said most of his reservations were for weekends or just one week at a time. He said I was his first long term stay. I was soon sure that he was either bi or gay. There was just something about the way he looked at me that made me feel that way.

After my check in and with key in hand I unloaded my ATV from my pickup along with the small trailer that held my few clothes, should the be needed, and all my food supplies. Once the trailer was hooked to the ATV, I headed down the narrow trail that Jake had indicated.

I arrived, settled in, stripped totally nude and went for a swim in the huge lake. Each shelter had it's own private grassy area and beach on the lake.

Three days into my stay, I was sitting in a lounge chair next to the beach, reading one of the gay novels I had brought. My cock was rock hard and I was entranced in my reading, when I suddenly heard, 'Everything satisfactory with your stay?'

Jumping up, I turned to see Jake sitting astride a beautiful chestnut horse.

'Uh, yea, every thing's great.' He had already seen my rock hard boner before it began deflating, so I made no attempt to hide it.

Smiling, he said, 'That must be one hell of a hot novel.'

'Uh, yea it is,' I replied, trying to hide the cover from him as he dismounted his horse and walked up to me. It was obvious that the bulge in his pants was larger than it had been when I checked in.

'Uh, I hope that there are no regulations against nudity,' I said.

'No as far as I'm concerned. The rules state that there shall be nothing offensive to other campers or it could result in expulsion from the campsite and forest property. You're the only one here until this coming weekend and then there is only one reservation and it's for shelter 1. So, stay comfortable all you want. It certainly doesn't offend me.'

'Thanks,' I said.

I offered him soda and we sat down at the picnic table. I then asked, 'Have you ever come across others going nude?'

'Just once. It was a man in his seventies and he was in shelter 1. The family in shelter 2 complained and when I went to talk to him I nearly threw up. He was gross. I kicked him out and forbid him from coming back.'

'I hope you don't think I'm gross'

'Oh, hell no. How could someone with a build like yours be considered gross?'

'You seem to be pretty well built yourself. Too bad I can't see for myself.'

He smiled and said, 'You never know what might happen out here in these woods.'

At my check in, I found out that the rangers worked three weeks on and one week off. Jake would be here my entire three weeks.

'So, you'll be working the entire timeI'm here?' I asked.

'Yea. If one of the others rangers were here I'd ell you to be careful about going nude. Hell, when there is no one here some weeks, I'll stop off while patrolling and get nude and relax and take a swim.'


'Oh yea, but that's our secret,okay?'

'Definitely. And if feel free to come by anytime and if you want to relax as you call it, please do it. I certainly don't mind.'

'Thanks,' he said, 'I just might take you up n that sooner than you think.'

'Anytime,' I replied.

He said he had to get back on patrol and said casually, 'See ya later, Mark.'

He left and I was now almost positive that things would develop between us.

That evening just as the sun was setting, I heard him approaching on horseback.

'Well, hello again,' I greeted.

'Hi. You mind some company?'

'Hell, no, I don't mind.'

He dismounted and tied his horse to a tree limb.

'I've made a quick patrol of the area and all's quiet. Like I said, You're the only one here besides me.'

'Well, make yourself at home,' I said, noticing that this time there was no tee shirt showing in the opening of his button up uniform shirt.

'Mark, I confessed to you how I came up and relaxed at times. Do you have any objections if I do it now?'

'hell, no. Like I said, make yourself at home. If you want to, shall we say, 'get comfortable', by all means do so. You can do it any time your here.'

'Thanks,' he said. He casually stripped, laying his clothes on the table. 'You know, it's good to find someone else into nudity.'

'Oh, I know, but I find nothing dirty about the naked human body, especially the male body.'

'Me either,' he replied.

'Where do you sleep? Is there a bedroom at the station?'

'Yea, there is. It a full small apartment attached to it, but when the weather is nice like now, I usually sleep on a singe bed up in the fire tower. You can catch more breezes there.'

'You stay up there nude?'

'What do you think?'

'I think you're nude as much as possible up there and back in the apartment.'

'You're right. I love walking around the outer platform on the tower nude. It's awesome.'

'Is there any way I could visit you up there?'

'Sure. Tomorrow night ride your ATV up after dark. The gates are locked at dark so no one will be around. You can come just as you are now. I'll probably already be up there so just come on up.'

'Great,' I said. We visited and we each got partial boners during our visit. Jake's cock was near eight inches, cut and with a nice mushroom head.

He stayed about an hour and a half. He said he had to leave when I noticed his cock getting harder for the second time.

'I have to call in some reports,' he said.

The next evening, just after seven, I climbed onto my ATV nude and headed back to the ranger station. I could see that there were just his and my trucks in the parking lot. I stopped at the foot of the tower and began the long climb to the top.

Sure enough, when I reached the outer walkway and looked in, I saw Jake at his desk totally nude, and on the phone. When I stepped in, he held one finger to his lips, signaling me to be quiet.

When he hung up, he said, 'I was calling in my reports to the district office. We shouldn't be interrupted during our visit.'

'If we are, I'll be quiet.'

'Thanks,' he replied. 'It's against regulations to have anyone up here without prior supervisor approval. I could loose my job.'

'Have you ever had anyone up here before?' I asked.

'Just once, after I first started, and I nearly got caught.'

I asked what happened and he said that he had let a friend visit one night and they were up here watching the last of the sunset when his supervisor drove up. he said that his buddy got on his hands and knees and crawled around the outside, staying out of sight of his boss.

'I bet you nearly shit,' I said.

'Man, don't you know it. I had him stay on his hands and knees and slip back inside and stay down until almost midnight before I let him leave. I had to go down and unlock the gate.

As we stood out on the walkway watching the last hues of the sunset fade to darkness, we placed our hands on the railings and after a moment he slid his over until it was slightly touching mine.

I didn't move mine away. Instead, after a few moments, I casually lifted my fingers and after turning my hand sightly, lay them over his. He turned and looked at me and as he did, I turned to him. Our eyes met and locked.

As if reading each others mind, our bodies turned to face each other and as they did, our faces moved closer and closer. Our lips met casually for a moment then separated. We continued looking into each others eyes and began a second kiss. This time, however, when our lips met, they parted and we each offered our tongues. As we kissed passionately, our arms wrapped around each other pulling each other tightly together.

It wasn't long before we were back inside, laying on the single bed and in a hot sixty-nine. For he next three hours we kissed, caressed, fondled, rimmed, sucked and fucked each other.

Then before I returned to my shelter, we stood on the outer walkway holding hands as he said, 'Mark, you can't imagine how lonely it gets out here. Am I ever glad we discovered each other.'

'I couldn't agree more,' I replied.

For the rest of my stay, we had sex daily. And the next o vacations were spent the same three weeks that Jake worked. Each year we rekindled our sexual pleasures. This year would be no different. Or would it?

TO BE CONTINUED...........



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