After I had my current vacation dates scheduled, I called Jake to finalize my plans.

I dialed the number and soon heard,'Wilson National Forest. Ranger Cooper speaking.'

'Hey, stud,' I said.

'Hi, Mark. You ready to finalize that date?'

'Yea,' I said and verified the dates. 'Anyone else scheduled for then at any of the other shelters?'

'Not yet, but you never know what might come up. We're usually not buys that early in the season.'

'I hope it stays that way,' I replied.

'So do I. I can't wait to see you.'

I knew that he had to be careful about what he said on the phone so I replied with, 'Same here. We've become great friends since I've been going there.'

We talked a moment and I said, 'Hopefully, I should be there around noon.'

'Great. See you then.'

The date arrived and the evening before my departure I was packed except for my cold food. I was restless that night and gave up trying to sleep.

I loaded my cold items in my extra large cooler and headed out, arriving at the gate just before seven. I waited for Jake to unlock the gate.

At seven, he drove up and upon seeing me sitting there in my truck he smiled broadly. After unlocking the gate he came to my truck and said, 'I'm glad you're early. I need you.'

'Last one to the office gets fucked first,' I said.

He hurried to his truck, quickly turning around ad taking off. I started my truck and followed closely, but making sure I was last. I wanted to feel his awesome big cock up my ass as soon as possible.

We arrived and both ran into the office. 'I won,' he said smiling as he began dropping his pants. 'Drop yours and turn your ass around for me.'

I did and soon felt him in me, steadily fucking my hole. I was loving it. After he had deposited a huge load in my ass he pulled out and we kissed, then he dropped to his knees and eagerly sucked me dry.

After checking me in, he said, 'Go get settled in and I'll see you again shortly.'

We kissed again before I unloaded my ATV and headed for the shelter. I settled in and stripped and waited for my man. I knew I was falling for Jake, but how did he feel about me?

Shortly before noon, he rode up on horseback. He quickly stripped and I dropped and sucked his cock eagerly, hungrily taking and swallowing his load. Then I had the pleasure of fucking him.

He returned that night for more sex and then on the following days we'd have sex three to four times a day. If I went to him, I'd remain nude and ride my ATV up close to his office. I'd park in the woods and if no other vehicles were there, I'd slip in the back door of the apartment. He'd quickly join me.

On Wednesday, he came to me and, after a hot sixty-nine, said, 'We're going to have to be cautious about meeting starting tomorrow through Sunday.'

'Oh, why?'

'I had a call for a reservation for this shelter. I told them it was occupied and he asked for shelter three. He said that there would be a group of them coming up and just wanted some peace and quiet away from wives and bosses.'

'How many?'

'He didn't say. Just be careful about how far you venture out when nude.'

'I will, and when you find out what they are like let me know.'

'I will. I'll call the shelter phone.'

'I've been meaning to ask when those went in.'

'About six months ago. They are for contacting the office with questions and emergencies. When I go out on patrol, I forward the calls to my cell phone.'

'Damn. You can't get away, can you?'


The next afternoon shortly after noon, I could hear a low roar off in the distance. At first I thought it might be thunder but it lasted too long. A moment later, my shelter phone rang. It was Jake.

'Hey, babe, I just wanted to let you know to be extra careful. The group that checked into shelter three is a motorcycle club. There are five guys and they were all in leather vest and chaps. Pretty hot looking also. I saw wedding bands on two of them. They look like they could be rough if drunk or crossed.'

'I will. I'll have to sneak over though and get a look for myself.'

'Be careful and let me know what you find out. I need to know if there are any illegal activities going on.'

'I'll let you know.'

That night just after dark, I eased through the woods over to shelter three. As I drew close, I could hear loud laughter and later some conversation.

'Man, this is super,' I heard one guy say. 'We need to make this a monthly outing,' another added. I slowly and quietly eased closer to their clearing. Soon, it was within view of them and I froze.

All five were sitting at the picnic table drinking beer and all five were totally naked. I squatted down and watched and waited.

One guy called two guys by name, asking if they got any flack from their wives about being gone until Sunday evening.

'Mine is away visiting her mom, so she just said to have a good time,' one said.

The other spoke up and said his wasn't to happy about it but knew he needed a break from work.

Moments later another suggested that they go for a swim. The others agreed and one by one they got up and headed for the lake. I got a good view of each man and his cock. All were nicely built and all looked to be in their late twenties or early thirties. Two were very hairy and all were damn nice looking and muscular. Not one cock was smaller than seven inches soft.

I watched as they swam and began clowning around. Then to my amazement, I saw two of the men began kissing passionately as the other three watched. Soon, the three of them were in a three way kiss. My cock immediately began to rise.

After a moment all five returned to the grassy area, all sporting full erections and two got into a sixty-nine while another got on his hands and knees, taking one of the guys in his ass and the other in his mouth.

'Damn! They are here for a sex weekend,' I thought. My thought was confirmed when, after all had climaxed, one said, 'At least here we don't have to worry about our wives or girlfriends possibly catching us. Here we can love each other the way men should love each other.'

'Amen,' another said.

I continued to watch well after it got dark. They all took turns sucking, rimming, fucking and getting fucked. While watching, I jerked off and dropped three loads, and I was still horny.

I eased away and quietly returned to my shelter. As I arrived, Jake was just arriving.

Seeing me boned, he asked, 'What's got you so boned?'

'Shelter three,' I responded.

'What? Fill me in.'

I told him everything in detail. He couldn't believe what he was hearing.

'You need to stop by and check them out,' I said.

'No way,'he answered. 'If I do, I'll either have to kick them out or if I let them stay, they might suspect I'm gay. I can't afford to let too many know.'

'Well, let's go back and see if they're still at it.'

We did and sure enough the sex was still going on. Jake was in awe at what these leather wearing motorcycle guys were doing. One guy was even getting fist fucked.

After just over an hour we eased back to my area and had hot passionate sex. After Jake left, I decided that the following day I'd find some way to meet them.

Thursday morning, Jake called saying that he had to attend a meeting over at section one and wouldn't be back until mid afternoon. I said okay and began to plan my actions.

I went for a casual walk, nude of course. As I neared shelter three, I began singing and whistling. Suddenly, one of the guys came to me wearing shorts and saying, 'Hey, man, this is our area,' then noticed I was nude.

'Oh, shit!' I exclaimed, trying to cover my nudity. 'I'm sorry. I didn't realize anyone else was here.'

Smiling, he said, 'It's cool, but do you usually go nude here?'

'This is my fourth year here for vacation, and yea, I do, unless I hear the ranger coming. I'm sorry if I offended you.'

'Hell, you didn't offend me. I'm here wih some buds and o be honest we like to go nude also.'

'Really? Here?'

'Uh, yea, we're going nude here,' he replied. 'Say, would you like to join us for a cup of coffee? We us made a fresh pot.'

'Sure, but like this?'

'Why not? The rest of the guys are like that. I just slipped these on when we heard you coming.'

Then, he causally unbuttoned the waist and unzipped them and took them off. Carrying them he said, 'Come on.' He gave me his first name and I gave him mine. 'I'll introduce you to the rest of the group.'

As we entered the clearing he said,'Hey guys, it's cool. This is Mark and he's our neighbor and he's into nudity also.'

The guys relaxed and I was introduced to them all. As we drank coffee, we talked and I was asked what type work I did to stay in shape. I told them and asked what they did. One was an accountant, one was a lawyer, one a construction worker, one a fireman and the one that met me in the woods was a state cop.

'Damn, what a variety of occupations,' I said.

'Yea, but we have two things in common. We all love to ride motors and we all love being nude.'

'Nice,' I replied, feeling my cock stir and begin to rise. I noticed them eyeing it. then theirs began to slowly rise.

I tried to hide mine, continuing my act, when one said, 'Hey, don't worry about it. All of ours comes to attention all the time, like now.'

Soon, we were all totally boned, letting them show. The construction worker smiled and said, 'Man, you got something there to be proud of.'

'So do all of you. You're all damn nice.'

'Mark, we're all very open minded. Don't be surprised if one or more of us starts jerking off. We see nothing wrong in doing it in front of each other.'

'Hell, neither do I. I live nude at home and several of my buds go nude when they visit and it's not uncommon for us to do it in front of each other. All guys do it even if they say that they don't.'

'How true,' one said as he began to slowly stroke his cock.

Smiling, I asked, 'If I'm not getting too personal, do you ever jerk each other off? my buds and I do at times.'

'Hell, yea we do. Frequently,' the cop said, casually reaching over and grasping mine and began stroking it. I did the same to him and seconds later everyone had pared off and was stroking their partner.

I decided to take it to the next level and casually but quickly leaned over and began sucking the cops cock.

'Fuck, he's one of us,' the lawyer said excitedly.

Within seconds, the construction worker was sucking my cock as the fireman began eating my ass in preparation for fucking me. After swallowing the cops huge load I sucked the construction worker.

The cop and construction worker were the married guys. We began an orgy and before long all five had fucked and deposited loads in both my ass and mouth. I had fed them all orally also.

I said i had to get back to my shelter and they invited me back anytime.

'How about tonight? I can stay all night if you want me to.'

'Hell yea,' they all said eagerly.

The cop looked at me and said, 'Tonight, I want to see how much of your arm you can get up my ass. I want to eventually get up to a guys shoulder. Maybe you'll be the one.'

'I'll be glad to try,' I replied. 'See you all tonight.'

As I left their area I heard the accountant say, 'Damn, this trip is better than we could have hoped for.'

They all agreed.

Back at my shelter I waited for Jake. When he finally arrived, and after hot sex, I confessed what I had done. He couldn't believe it.

He came back before dark and we had more sex, sucking and fucking. He said he wanted to go with me but hang back in the woods and watch. I said sure.

He did and I went into their clearing, finding them all nude. Our sex orgy began and lasted till almost daybreak. I did fist fuck the cop and managed, with some effort, to get up him to my shoulder as the others cheered.

I returned to my shelter to find Jake there, a worried look on his face.

'What's wrong?' I asked.

'Mark, watching you with them last night made me realize how much I love you. I was so jealous of then enjoying you. If I could have joined in, I don't think it would have bothered me because I'd have been involved also.'

'You love me?'

'Yes, more than you'll ever know.'

'oh, Jake, I love you also. I live for the time we spend together. I just wish it could be daily. I want you with me every night.'

We kissed and had a sixty-nine before he left. I hit the bed and got a few hours sleep, waking up about noon o find Jake sucking my cock.

'What a way to wake up,' I said.

After he got me off, he asked,'Are you going back tonight?'

'They want me to,' I said, but if it will bother you I won't.'

'No, you go on and meet them, but this time I'd like to go also. You think they can be trusted to keep it quiet?'

I told him of heir occupations and said yes that they would keep it quiet.

'I'll wait in the woods and you just tell them you have a friend that would like to join in. If they agree, let me know and I'll walk out.'

'They will shit when they see ho my friend is.'

'I'm sure.'

That night Jake came with me and when I said I had a friend o join they were all for it. When Jake came into view, they were totally stunned.

We had a great evening of sex and also their last night there.

Before they left, I found out that they were all from the same town as me. We agreed to meet after I got back.

Jake and I returned to our regular daily routine of daily sex, continuing to profess our love for each other.

Before I left, I sat him down and asked, 'Would you consider leaving the forest service?'

'For you, definitely. Why?'

'One of my buds at home is a regular fuck bud. He owns a home security company and wants to start a security guard company but can't find anyone he thinks can run it for him. I know you could. If you want, I'll talk to him.'

'Do it,' he said.

When I got back I talked to my friend and he said he wanted to meet Jake. I called Jake and on his next week off he came to visit me. He met with my friend and was offered the job. He returned and gave a three week notice.

After three L O N G weeks, Jake arrived at my door his bags in hand. When I greeted him I said, 'Hey, lover.'

'I like the way that sounds.'

'Me too,' I replied.

Jake began work and one weekend we invited the guys from shelter three over for sex. They were surprised when we told them we were lovers.

My friend agreed to give Jake three weeks vacation with me and we always go back to the forest shelter and request number four.

We let our friends from shelter three know and they always come up and spend a long weekend with us.

Jake and I have been together five years now and things are great. We're thinking of buying a small Inn near the forest and making it for gays only. With our contacts, it will be a success. It's on four hundred acres of wooded property and we plan to make it a nudist resort. We're also thinking of making it a gay members only property. We're both looking forward to our new adventure.



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