The Cast of Characters

A Trial of Strength

The Cast of Characters in our story is now so numerous that  readers sometimes have a hard time figuring out who’s who.   As a guide, here is a list of regular characters (with the chapter number in which they first appear).

If you feel that I have neglected one or more of the characters please let me know.  It's not easy to juggle so many balls in the air at one time (excuse the pun) so if you have a favorite character you think I have short-changed, leave a comment at the bottom of this page.  In fact, if you have any comments or suggestions (always welcome) please leave them in Comments too.   Thanks, guys.


Randy (Ch:1)  Leader of the tribe and boss of the  Construction Company.  Bob’s lover. Pablo’s adoptive dad.

Bob (Ch:1)   With his Superman looks loved by all.  Co-founder of the tribe.  Randy’s lover. Master of the twins.  Senior VP of Investment Company

Mark (Ch:18)  ‘The most beautiful cop in the  world’.  Co-owner of Construction Company. In love with both Bob & Randy.  Jamie’s master.

Zack (Ch:66)   Black leather master.  Randy’s buddy  and co-boss of the construction site.   Master of Darius.

Hassan (Ch:91)   Exotic, Arab/Asian muscle-god Marine.   In love with Mark.  Master of Eddie. 

Adam (Ch:128)   Tall, handsome Aussie.  Works for an Australian airline.  Lives in a house next door with his Aussie boy Nate.

Jason (Ch:148)   Gorgeous fireman, featured in the Firemen’s Calendar.  Lives in a rustic house close by.  Ben’s master. 

Pete (Ch:219)   Handsome Forest Ranger.  Lives up the hill with his boy Brandon

Steve (Ch:60)   Psychologist – therapist to the  tribe.  Randy's brother - looks like his twin. Lives in Hollywood Hills with his lover Lloyd.  

Lloyd (Ch:48)  Company  Architect.  Lives with  his lover Steve in the Hills.  Addicted to gorgeous men (isn't everyone?)

Mario (Ch:186)   Sophisticated young Italian.  The tribe’s landscape gardener.  Becomes Grady’s lover.

Grady (Ch:264)   Starring as the “New Tarzan” movie now filming.  Soon to be rich and famous.  Mario’s lover. 

THE BOYS  (all over 18)

Darius (Ch:11)  Senior Boy. Handsome young black man with 10-inch endowment.  Zack's boy.  Pablo's lover. 

Pablo (Ch:22)   Senior Boy, Company's chief mechanic.  Randy's boy and adopted son.  Darius's lover.

Jamie (Ch:34)   Senior Boy.  Company’s office  manager.  Blond surfer.  Mark’s boy

The Twins (Ch:84)   Identical twins (and lovers) Kyle & Kevin.  The house chefs.  Bob’s boys.

Nate (Ch:121)  The young Aussie.  In charge of the running of the house.  Adam’s boy.

Eddie (Ch:139)  Nate’s assistant plus works in office  part-time.  Hassan’s boy.  One of the ‘3 Amigos’.

Brandon (Ch:220)   In  a wheelchair, ultra-independent.  Jamie’s  office assistant. Pete’s boy. One of the 3 Amigos.

Ben (Ch:166)   Randy's kid brother.  Assistant mechanic to Pablo.   Jason’s boy.  One of the 3 Amigos.


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