Day 8

When I wake up we were still lazily spooning. His right arm was around me and I was feeling his muscled biceps on my pecs. I wasn't horny when I woke up but his warm breath in my neck quickly turned me on. I reached to his thigh under the sheet and started to caress it. Soon, I felt his cock hardening against my ass. As I got higher to reach his ass he leaned and softly kissed me in the neck. I turned and we kissed until he turned me on my back and spread my legs. He took my legs in his arms, my knees in his elbows, he entered his beautiful cock in my tight hole. I moaned and he started to fuck me at mid speed. Then he took my dick in his right hand and jacked me as he fucked me faster. It didn't take very long to jerk when such a hunk his masturbating you. His golden hairs were covering half of his forehead and his bicep was bulging at every stroke he was giving me. The view of his bubble pecs and his abs contracting at his penetrations made me cum and it excited him even more. He started to ram his dick in very fast and moaned louder until it almost becomes shouting. He was now covered in sweat and he quickly leaned forward to kiss me while he unleashed a big load of cum in my ass. We took a romantic shower and went back to our life where we were barely friends.

At the end of the day, when we stopped in front of the hotel, we were announced that we had to pack our belongings because we were leaving tonight for a smaller Spanish city.

Day 9

The road to this town had been long and we all slept in the busses. It was 7 am when my bus reached the town, we had to go take breakfast in a small diner and I ate with my usual friends (all girls) and Ryan and one of his friends because the rest of their gang was in the other bus which was late. We were talking when one of the teacher came to our table to gave us the list of activities we were going to do. We were very disappointed by this list of activities more boring than the others. Camille , the auto-proclaimed leader of our group, spotted a small club on the other side of the street and suggested that we go there tonight.

-It would sure be fun but how are you planning on convincing the teachers? I said

-They don't have to know. We only have to sneak out of the camping area!! Said Camille

-Yeah good idea and we you do this miss secret agent? I answered

-Well... huh...

-Oh I got it! You just have to seduced Mr. George (Our young math teacher who was, not always subtly, trying to flirt with Camille). I said

-Yeah! I'll make him eat in my hands. she answered too happy to show everybody her charms

So at 10 pm Camille two other girls, Ryan, his friend and I got out of our tent and met near the campfire where most of the teachers were not very sober anymore and when Mr. George went to the bathroom Camille rushed to him we he got out.

-Mr. George I was wondering if we could go eat something at the town because we're soooooo hungry?

-Well, you're not supposed too.

-Ohhhh please we'll be back before anyone notice, she said joining her hand leaning forward to show her the cleavage of his clubbing dress.

Of course he accepted, how he could resist this black widow.

It was the first time I ever entered a club but I didn't look out of my element. There were a lot of people in there and it was very hot (both sexually and the temperature). An hour later, I had a couple of drinks and beers in the system and I was burning the dance floor (well, not that much). Then a pretty cute latina girl took me by the shirt and pulled me near her. We were dancing together when a latin dance song played. She asked in Spanish if I knew how too dance it. I achieved to answer that I would try to follow her. I was soon making her sway like a real dancer and everybody was looking at us. I had never took dance class but I had the sense of rhythm and for what it's worth I never miss an episode of 'So you think you can dance' but I think I was doing pretty good. When the song ended we thank each other and I went to the bathroom where Ryan followed me.

I thought I was alone in the bathroom when I finished but I noticed Ryan when he locked the door behind him. He looked at me and said 'Watching you with that girl fucking turned me on' and he kissed me with passion and wildness. He opened my shirt and started to unzip my pants when I pushed him behind. I made few steps in his direction and turned him while removing his belt. Then I lowered his pants which fell at his ankles. He putted his elbows on the bar of the bathroom and arched his back to give me his footballer's firm ass. I lowered my trousers and rammed my 8inch in his butt. He moaned a lot while I was fucking him but shouted as much 'Oh yeah, fuck me'. I was so happy of what my life had become: I was in a club with my friends and I was now fucking one of the hottest boys of my school. Is perfect hairless butt was feeling so good on my cock and the sound of my balls slapping his butt was making me on the edge of coming so I calm my pace and made him stand straight and I grabbed is hard dick in my hand and sloppily stroke him. Then I reached to his nipple and played with it until he jerked in the sink. I got my dick out and he knelt and took my cock in his mouth. He sucked me and licked my cock until his mouth was full of my cum. Then we returned to the dance floor and later to the camping area were we dreamt of each other...

One day left to the trip, don't miss it...


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