Day 7

It took the loud ringing of the alarm clock and a lot of effort from Ryan to wake me up. Last night sex had made me soooooo tired. It was just the morning and I was still tired. I was so tired that I slept in the bus and at the museum and in the park where we stopped for lunch. In the bus to come back to the hotel I realized that I wasn't tired anymore and I was starting to get excited about my dinner with Ryan tonight. When the bus stopped and I wondered what was happening because we were still in downtown and we should have been near the hotel now. One of the teachers took the speakerphone and announced us that we would have an hour and a half of free time to go shopping. I had worked all summer long in a subway so I had earned a good amount of money and with the cash that my mother gave me for the trip I had more than enough money to go shop for few items in designers shop like D&G or Hugo Boss. I also wanted to buy something classy for tonight's dinner in the five star restaurants.

When it was time to go back to the bus I had the hands full of bags. I had bought two pairs of classy jeans, a turquoise D&G shirt and some cool t-shirts and shorts.

I didn't knew where was Ryan when I got to my room so I just started to prepare myself for tonight. I took a pair of black jeans and my new shirt. I was a little bit sad that the most classy shoe I had were a pair of white Lacoste. Has I got out of the bathroom Ryan entered the room with a nice white shirt and black trouser. I couldn't believe he was more classy than me. We complimented each other and went out for the dinner. The restaurant was well decorated and the atmosphere was great and I had a great dinner with Ryan. We were now eating our dessert and I decided to go out with a more interesting conversation subject.

'So Ryan, when did you found out you were gay' I asked

'I always believed that I was straight so when I was going hard thinking of guys I was thinking it was just hormones but as year passed I started to be less and less attracted by girls and the hot bod of my male friends would jump in my mind when I was jacking myself so eventually I came to admit I was gay.'

'And obviously I wasn't the first to enjoy yourself so who came before?' I asked with a teasing look

He laughed 'My first time was last year. I was at home in boxer watching TV when my brother came back from a party with one of his friends. They were both pretty drunk and I'm pretty sure alcohol wasn't the only thing my brother took in this party because he went straight to his room for a long sleep. My parent's were not at home and the friend of my brother Michael was sleeping in my house pretty often so he knew where the bathroom and the friend room were. Michael was taller than me and pretty buff and damn so sexy. I wanted to be with him the most time possible so I went in the bathroom brush my tooth because he knew he would probably go there before going to bed. He came in the bathroom and sat on the edge of the bath while I was brushing my tooth. I was looking at him in the mirror and I was wondering if he was staring at my butt or if he was just looking in front of him. I asked him what he was doing and said he 'enjoying the view' and he asked if I could wait for him in the lounge. He came down the stairs and asked me how old I was and I answered him and he answered then your old enough and his pants fell to his knee. I stared at his huge cock. He said to not worry he wasn't going to fuck me with it yet. He came closer and started to kiss me. Then he sat on the couch and he started to stroke himself. He asked me to suck him. I fell to my knees and wrapped my lips around his dick and I sucked him with pleasure when he jerked he thank me and said he would fuck me next time he sees me what he did a week later.'

'Nice you got me horny now, I'm done with my ice cream are you ready to go back to the room'

'Since we sat' and we got up and we went to our room.

We walked into the room we removed our shoes and entered the main room. I turned to look at him. He asked me if I would go to bed right know because it was late. Then I looked in his beautiful blue eyes and I truly realised how beautiful he was. I answered 'yes' because I just wanted to be near him and he got closer and he kissed me.

He kissed me in a different way than usually, we were kissing more slowly more softly. His right hand went on my cheek to hold my head and his left hand went on my chest and then in my back. Mine went to his waist. Has a real passion was growing between our bodies we walked toward the bed. He slowly unbuttoned my shirt and then took it off while slowly caressing my body. I lay on the bed and he went over me. We were kissing and hugging when I unbuttoned his shirt and started to rubb his pec and abs. He started to kiss me in the neck and to rub every part of my body. Then he started to kiss me lower and lower until he removed my belt and then my jeans.

He sucked me like he kissed me with care and sensuality. I was feeling like if I was in heaven I had my eyes closed and one hand in his blond hair. I didn't wanted to come right now so I made him stop. He removed his trouser and we went under the sheets. We were kissing and rolling in the bed and his opened shirt was driving me crazy. I was rubbing his muscled arms through the sleeves of his sexy shirt when I took his boxers off. Our dicks were now rubbing each other while he was kissing me in the neck. I shoved him on his back and went on top. Then I sat on his abs and then I took his dick in my ass. He moaned slowly while caressing and rubbing my thighs. When I was not doing up and down I would be rubbing his pecs or kissing him before going back to ups and downs. Then he asked me to wait and he raised his torso to kiss me while I was doing ups and downs and then I took his shirt off. Then he grabbed my ass and hold it down to penetrate me the most possible before he came whit a silent moan.

I took his dick out and I stayed on top while we were kissing. I slid my cock under his ball until I reached his hole. He spread his legs a little bit and I entered my whole dick in one thrust, we both moaned. I fucked him and kissed him for a while before my jizz exploded in his perfect ass. We spooned and slept one of the best night of my life.

The trip is coming to end don't miss the last parts...


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