Last night we forgot to set the clock so it never rang and we woke up later than usual. We rushed to dress ourselves and we run to the bus which would take us to the city. Because we were late the only benches left were in front of the bus so we sat together which never happens usually because we sit with our friends. Anyway I didn't really care because it gave me the opportunity to pass more time with Ryan. Before we reached destination one of the teachers took the bus's microphone and said to us that today we would go to the beach for an all day long beach volleyball tournament with the other schools doing a trip in Spain. I love beach volleyball and shirtless guys so I was quite happy. I quickly ask Ryan if I could team up with him because he had already teamed up with another guy. The other guy answered on his own and said me I could because he knew I was a good player and he wanted to win and we picked the fourth player in Ryan's friend.

I was putted at the front of the net with Ryan because I was from far the best blocker and a good smasher and Ryan and his muscular arms were the #1 point maker. We had a strong team and teamwork so we crushed every team we had in front of us without real difficulty. Usually I would have been bored but Ryan was so hot in his beige shorts with a loose belt which let his dark blue Calvin Klein boxer briefs be visible. I took every free time to look at Ryan's firm but, tan abs, sculpted pecs and sexy blond hair.

It was now sunset and we were about to face the last team of the tournament in finals. It was still very hot outside and all the team who had lost were around the field watching us. The team we were facing was a lot better than all the other and the score was very close. We were giving all we had we were starting to get tired. We finally got to this clich situation were both team are at tie and the next play would decide the winner. We served, we played, Ryan smashed but the other team saved the ball and smashed then I blocked and they smashed again but I smashed the ball and then it hit the ground and we won. All the students of my school screamed and I guess it was my moment of glory.

In the bus going back to the hotel Ryan was sitting with his friends but he was always looking in my direction and smiling at me. I wasn't really surprised because before getting in the bus he had said me that making that point had maked him really horny.

We were alone in the elevator but we didn't talked or did anything. I opened the door of our room we entered and he closed the door. I turned in his direction and he almost jumped on me. We hugged tightly and wildly kissed each other. He shoved me against the wall and said me he never wanted someone that much before, and restarted the kissing. He got his white t-shirt off and got mine off too. I rubbed his pecs, shoulders and arms while he unbuttoned my shorts. Then he stopped and took a one place sofa and dragged it in front of a big mirror. Then he made me sit on it and said ??''You'll see how hot we are'' before kissing me again. He went on his knees and kissed me in the neck and went down too my nipples and it drove me crazy and I pushed on his shoulders because I wanted him to suck me. He took my shorts off and lowered my boxers just under my ass to make my cock go out. He jacked me while kissing my thighs and balls. It is only then that I understood why he had put us in front of the mirror, I could see him sucking me. I was looking at his blond head go up and down on my dick, and his muscled back. It was exciting me a lot and I started to rub his shoulders and his back while he was swallowing my dick down his throat. He unbuttoned his shorts and started to remove them. He never stopped to suck me so removing his shorts was hard and when he finished his Calvin Klein were at the half of his butt and he threw away his shorts. His butt was incredibly firm so even if his boxer brief were at the half of his ass they were keeping their sexy form. This half covered look was exciting me so much that I achieve to stretch myself enough so I could touch his ass while he was starting to suck me like a god. My hands went back to hold his head when I shot the most pleasant load of cum his mouth ,he swallowed it and sat in front of me while we both just lay there trying to catch our breath.

Suddenly it knocked at the door. We were both naked and Ryan couldn't find his shorts so I dressed up, put my t-shirt on and opened the door. It was one of our teachers. She said that at the tournament we had won a five star dinner in the hotel's restaurant and she wanted to know he we would take it now or tomorrow and we were tired so without even asking Ryan I said tomorrow and she said she would come back tomorrow then and I closed the door.

Ryan was just wearing his tight boxer briefs and he came back to kiss me as savagely as before. We walked toward the sofa but I didn't wanted to suck him, I wanted him to fuck me so I kicked the sofa and it fell on the side. We were still kissing and he shoved me again on the wall. He kissed me like a wild animal while, again, unbuttoning my shorts but this time he took them off as well as my boxers. He was kissing me in the neck while strongly grabbing and rubbing my butt. I was watching the scene in the mirror which was on our side so I was seeing his biceps bulge as he grabbed my ass. Then he made me turn and he lowered his boxer brief at the middle of his thighs. He strokes himself a little bit while caressing my butt and I putted my hands on the wall to support myself before he rammed is dick in. He was pounding my ass with the full long of his cock and he was enjoying it as he got faster and painting louder. This dirty fucking was exciting and my dick got hard again. He was ramming me so hard and he was shouting some ??''oh yeah'' and moaning loudly and then he got suddenly more peaceful and he took my cock with one hand and started to jack me while he was slowly jerking in my ass. He turned me again and kissed me but this time more softly. Then I turned him and I fucked him. We were both standing straight, I was holding his hips with one hand and rubbing his pec with the other and I came another time for this blond hunk.

Next time some romantic fucking...


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