Day 5

When I woke up it was about 6am. I turned in the bed to be facing Ryan. He was on his back still sleeping. The white sheets were starting to cover him at his belly button so all his torso was naked. The morning light easily passing through the half closed white curtains were illuminating his body. His short blonde hairs were falling on his forehead which gave him a sexier look than usually. I stayed like that, admiring his beauty for some minutes until he took a deep breath and lazily opened his eyes. He turned his head and looked at me the first reflex I had was to close my eyes to try to not look weird watching him. He laughed and said' Don't be shy it's not your style and if you knew all the time I passed watching you while you were sleeping' so I opened my eyes and said' Well... good morning'. He moved and came kiss me.

We were still naked from last night and as we kissed he rolled on me. I had his whole body on me and I putted my hand on his back and the feeling of his pecs and nipples on my chest made cock go hard. As Ryan got wilder in the kissing his cock came give some company to mine. He putted some weight on his knee to lift himself so he could be able to stroke his cock with one hand while the other was holding my head.

We were both jacking each other when he stopped kissing me and got straight on his knees. He closed his eyes and started to fiercely stroke himself. He let his head fall back and he said in a gasping voice 'Sit' and I just sat on the bed with my back against the wall. He opened his eyes and look at his dick then at me and said' Can you suck me?' and I said it's my first time but I'm sure I'll do a fine job.

He smiled and walked on his knee to come closer and in a second I had his big cock in my face. I putted my hands on his hips and took the head of his cock in my mouth and I wrapped my tongue around it and I started to suck it. He moaned a lot and it became loud gasping as I took his whole cock in my mouth. His dick was so big that my head was doing big back and forth to suck him well. I had a lot of pleasure sucking him and rubbing his tight ass. I got his cock out of my mouth and I started to play with my tongue around the head of his cock. At his loud moaning and expression of his pleasure I figured he was enjoying it. A little bit too much because he quickly stopped me and asked me to just suck him because he doesn't wanted to come right now so I went back to the sucking. Few minutes after, he putted his hands behind my head and he started to fuck my mouth. His cock was striking the back of my throat and it took me a lot of concentration to adapt me without looking stupid. He finally jerked and I felt his hot cum go down my throat as I swallowed what was left on his soft cock.

He let himself fall down beside me and he boldly breathed. He had some sexy sweat on his neck and torso. Then he said -' Damn you may be new to all this but you're daaaamn good at it'' and I didn't answered because I was a little bit ashamed to be new to all this. After he just rolled on his side and started to kiss me and he said ''You want my ass don't you'' and I said '' Well if it is an invitation...''. He said '' I'm gonna make you jerk like never before but it's last time I make the first step next time if you want to fuck me just ask'' and I answered ''With pleasure''. I was still sitting beside him on the bed with my back against the wall and came back over me to kiss me. As we kissed he got closer and lowered his but to make my hard cock enter his crack. He tightened his butt and moved a little bit, the head of my cock was just between his buttocks but I was already enjoying it. I put my hands on his ass and rubbed it as he finally got lower and took in one strike my 8 1/2 inch cock in his muscled butt. I moaned a lot at first because it was so good and he was doing the same. He was doing little up and down while I was rubbing my new favourite part of a shaped man's body his thigh. This moment was incredible, I was feeling so good sexually and we were just slowly kissing because one of us frequently had to stop to moan a little bit and I was with this beautiful hunky football player who seemed to appreciate me. I was so in my perfect moment that I had never noticed he was jacking himself all the time I realised it when he jerked again this time on my abs. He had stopped to go up and down while he was jacking and his big balls were against my abs and they were exciting me a lot and I wanted to jerk. As I was thinking to that, he finished to jerk and said with an amused tone -' now it's your turn'' and started to make bigger up and down so much that my cock almost got out of his butt. It didn't took long before I felt the effect of this next level fucking, I was feeling really close to coming so I asked him to calm down and he slowed down a lot and I jerked at the slow and exciting feeling of his ass pushing on my balls and thigh as he was going down. Then he kissed me with a satisfied smile and got out of the bed while saying me -' we should take a quick shower and got breakfast he we don't want to miss the busses.'' So I got out of the bed and washed myself in the shower then I got dressed and we quitted for breakfast but just before we got out of the room he took my hand and softly pushed me against the wall and he kissed me slowly and tenderly with his hands on my waist. It took me a little time before following him out of the room because I was a little bit startled.

When we came back at the end of the day, we were really tired because it was late in the night so I just got to my boxers and went to bed and Ryan did the same. The lights were shut but we talked few minutes about what we did in the day, because we had different group of friends, and we said goodnight. I was turning again and again trying to fall asleep and Ryan putted his arms on my chess, got nearer, so our body were touching, and hold me against him. I was so comfortable that was sure I would fall asleep soon but he started to caress my pecs and my abs. He turned on his side and started to kiss me. We kissed in the dark while he was holding me in his arms he I felt the warmth of his body. Then I felt his dick go harder and harder. He didn't seemed to give any satisfaction to his cock and it make me more excited feeling his iron hard dick against my leg. I started to feel hungry for his dick and I pushed him on his back and I kissed him while rubbing his pecs, then his abs and then his cock. I lowered his tight gray boxers and started to stroke him. Then when I couldn't wait anymore I went down to his dick under the sheets and I sucked him. I didn't sucked has fiercely has I did before but more softly I he seemed to enjoy it has much because he was doing silent moan and he said several times some:'' Oh it's so good'' -' I can't believe it'' ... He was caressing my head and shoulders we he came in my mouth. I swallowed all of it and I went back on my pillow. He kissed me and said thanks before we both fell asleep.

Some more to come...


Adam Monroe

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