Day 4

I was so happy when we finally got to the hotel because Ryan would probably get naked again. But when I entered the room he wasn't there yet so I just went in the shower. When I came out he was there, naked on the bed listening to the tv, with his arms behind his head. I was holding my towel with one hand and searching for boxers in my bag with the other. Then Ryan said ' If you don't want me to think your gay you should stop being shy and get naked like me'. I didn't really had the choice but to do what he asked if I didn't wanted him know I'm gay. Then I just let my towel go down. I wasn't really shy because even if I hadn't a body as perfect as him I had defined pecs pretty cut abs and on top of it a big cock. So I did as usually and went beside him on the bed to listen to the tv too. He looked at me as I lay beside him and he said 'Really there were nothing to be shy about' and I just said thanks.

About an hour passed and I was used to be beside this naked beauty... until he said he was bored and he started to switch channels. He stop on a damn porn channel ( I supposed it was free because we were in a high quality room). His very big dick went hard and raised up and mine too but because of him and not because of the big boop of the slot on tv. He first started to jack himself and I followed him to not look stupid. While jacking himself he said that it had been a long time since he jerk and that it was time to do it again and he jacked himself more intensely until he moaned very loudly and then again while jerking I did the same without moaning. We were dirty so he said let's go to the shower wash all this and I followed him while watching his firm ass dance in front of me.

The shower were one of those big shower with a window wall. We were both in the shower washing our torso and dick but mine was still hard and getting harder because I was so close to him then I saw him stare at my cock then he smiled and put his hands on my hips and shoved me against the window wall I didn't had the time to do anything before he gave me a smooth kiss. He step back and looked at my reaction. I was very startled and surprised then he made a magnificent smile of satisfaction and he took my head with one hand and put the other on my back and started to kiss me more intensely. I was not very good at holding breath so with the tongue kissing and the water on our faces I had to stop kissing to breathe a little bit. He pushed me again against the wall again and he started to kiss me in the neck. I was so enjoying the moment that I never noticed his dick was back hard. He nicely turn me so he would face my back and he hugged with his arms around me and his hand on my pecs. His dick was standing verticaly between my ass. He said 'It's gonna hurt a little bit but don't worry I'm taking care of you'. He slowly pushed with his cock on my hole until it oppennned and then he entered about 2 inch of his cock and slowly started fucking. It wasn't hurting that much so I said to go further and he entered another 2 inch. I putted my hand on the window and took a big breath while he got another inch and moaned a 'oh yeah it's good'. It was hurting more seriously but after some little in and out it started to feel good and I said 'give me all of it ' so he did. He slowly fucked me for some minutes but when he understood I was okay he started ramming me . He was like a animal screaming, moaning, gasping and so fucking me. I was feeling his balls slapping my ass each time the sound of his hips hitting my ass was exciting me so much. He was ramming me so hard that when he stopped to hold me very tight it was clear he was going to come. The feeling of his hot cum inside me was so good that I wish I could fuck him. He got out and turned me again and started to kiss me while jacking me. He got lower kissing my neck the my pecs and nipples, my abs and then he started sucking me. It was extraordinary the feeling of his lips wrapped around my cock and then going down in his throat. I t wasn't long before I jerk off too. He swallowed everything kissed me a last time before stopping the shower. He took my hand and drive me out of the bathroom he closed the tv and we went to bed. We kissed a little bit before closing the lights for the night and we slept on our sides.

Still a week to go before we left Spain don't miss wath is to cum...


Adam Monroe

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