Before starting the hot scenes I will describe you Ryan a little bit. He his quite tall he's about 6 foot tall he has golden blond hair and a pretty face of cute football player. Ryan doesn't have a super muscled body like some other football player put he still muscled. I can't tell you how all his body his so sexy: his strong shoulders and arm his big pecs his holy abs his firm and juicy but. Even if he look so hot he his not arrogant or pretencious he's so kind with everybody. Now I will tell you how I came to fuck and be fucked by this angel...

Day 2 and 3 (from now on I will tell you only the events at the hotel because who cares about anything else)

The first morning I woke up before Ryan and I went in the shower and I hope that Ryan didn't heard me jacking myself thinking of him. When I got out of the bathroom Ryan was waking up, he pushed the sheet on the side and and said me good morning then he yawn, rubbed his pecs then grabbed his bulge in his white boxer-briefs, rubbed it a little and got out of the bed while I dreamt that I could be the one rubbing his bulge. When we came back to the hotel at the end of the day Ryan started to act strange. First thing he did was to pull out his t-shirt and he walked in front of the mirror and said:

-Damn I'm hot don't you think (I didn't answered) and look at look those biceps touch how they are hard (I only looked at him with a what-the-hell-are-you-doing look) oh come on I'm proud of them please touch them. (So I did and it was hard and sexy)

The next night he was weird again he was always smilling to me with a shy face and I think he was trying to touch me every time he could because he was slapping my but every time he could and jumped on me and started to fight for the tv commander but I won't complain because it gave the time to hug and touch his perfect body after he said it was time to put his sleeping boxer and oh my god asked me if he could be change in front of me because we are all made the same way after all and I answered he could do wathever he wanted. And he stripped in front of me and I saw his awsome dick. Light brown hair above, big balls and I gussed dick would be at least 10 hinches when staight. After getting naked he started too look for his breif so admired him walking aroud naked and when he found it he went to bed while I was still watching tv( even if the only thing I was thinking was his tight ass and big cock). From the bed he asked me if he could be naked at all time in the room because it is what he do when he his alone and said : As long as there is only one of us naked I don't the problem. He laughed, closed the lights and threw his sleeping boxer on the floor. One hour later when I was sure he was sleeping I went to bed lowered my boxer and started to jack myself under the sheets with my right hand and rub his naked ass with the other.

Real sex in next part...


Adam Monroe

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