Jhon´s thirteen  year old nephew had come to live with us since his mother  said she couldn´t handle him anymore. He had become very manipulative  and rebelled  against her at every move. As he arrived at the house I sat him down to explain the rules that he had to adhere to and to my surprise he agreed. I showed him his room  which was next to mine perhaps done subconsciously on my part without realizing it. Everything was going great and seemed to be fine. He was very respectful to me  almost to the point of disbelief. Especially after  hearing the stories from his mother  which I passed off to the fact he was evidently going through the changes from boyhood to adulthood. 

   At night, I would hear him beating his cock off and he made no attempt to do it quietly as his orgasm began I swear I could hear things about me and his father  muttered between his gasps saying ëat my cum like you ate my father´s¨  and  he actually would leave his door open perhaps liking the risk of being caught. It took all my strength  not to get up and catch him in the act. I knew deep down I wanted to see what he was stroking each night since I had sucked his father´s cock off  once while he was working  at my farm outside the city. And his father´s cock was one of the best cocks that I had had the pleasure to suck off. I remember that his wife and her brother had gone to town for supplies leaving me alone with James. James was busy planting coffee trees that I had purchased and I had brought him something  cold to quench his thirst. James asked where everybody was and after finding out we were alone he asked me point blank whether I wanted something to quench my thirst also. I jumped at the chance especially when he abruptly unzipped his zipper and showed me what I would be missing if I refused. As he broght it out for me to view I could see it hardening by the minute, its big head still encased within the drooping foreskin but soon emerging wet with precum. I told him we had to be fast and both of us went to the house, James said he wanted to take a shower but I told him there was no time. We went to my bedroom and he pulled his jeans down over his hairy muscular thighs and stood waiting for me to react to the sight of his fully erect cock already starting to drip a heavy stream of precum on the tile floor. I got on my knees in front of his nine inch uncut cock and was amazed at the size of his hairy pendulous balls  hangiing below his member, thinking about all the cum they contained and would soon be filling my belly. As I neared his cock I still remember the masculine odor of his sweat produced by working in  the hot afternoon sun.

   As I took the head of his cock within my lips he gasped and groaned in pleasure at the same time rewarding me with a mouthful of his precum. I knew by the way he was leaking his  lubricant that it wouldn´t be long til I had a stomach full of his hot cum. I managed to take his cock down to his balls even though the  thickness of his cock  was an obstacle. Jame´s precum made it easier for me to swallow and encase his stalk within the sleeve of my throat. While I was sucking his cock he asked whether I wanted him to fill my mouth like his brother Carlos had done. I answered  yes hoping his load was as luscious as his brother´s had been.

   Jhon , Carlos and I had been drinking in AndesJhon´s hometown and I remember it has begun to rain. Jhon through conversations with Carlos during the night told Carlos I liked to eat a guy´s load. I remember the rain had almost ruined my chance to eat Carlos´s cum when Jhon said let´s get out of the rain until it subsided. When went inside our car and all three of us ended up in the back seat. I could hear the tearing of the foil enclosing a condon. Carlos was in back of Jhon and in no time was fucking Jhon´s sweet ass. I took Jhon´s cock within my lips as Carlos pounded his ass. I knew I was going to at least get one load Jhon´s and I knew by the way Jhon was moaning it would be soon. Just as Jhon started to fill my mouth  I heard Carlos quickly yank off the condom and join Jhon filling my mouth with their cream. Jhon´s cream had a normal salty sweat taste but Carlos´s cum had much more flavor and was stronger in taste. Seeing Carlos ´s brother ´s cock before me made me hope his cum was like his brother´s.    

As I did I could felt the pulsations of his cock on its journey done my gullet. I felt him start to thrust and fuck my mouth hard wanting nothing more than to unleash the contents of his heavy sperm laden balls. At at once I heard him gasp as the cum started to fill my mouth. It was a dual gasp since he saw his son standing with his mouth open at the doorway watching his father empty his load. There was no way James could stop the automatic thrusting of his thighs lost in the midst of his orgasm. As it ended I realized that his son had viewed everything  we had done. Quickly James withdrew his  spent cock and went to explain to his eleven year old son what he had seen. James said he explained to his son that men liked having their cocks sucked off and that his mother didn´t like to suck his father´s cock so knowing that I was gay he took the opportunity at hand. After talking to his son he convinced him to keep it a secret between them since his father didn´t want any problems with his marriage. 

   This memory of his father being sucked off by another man made an indelible imprint in his young  memory to the point he asked me one day whether I had heard him jacking off. I said no lyimg through my teeth not wanting to continue with the conversation. But he was insistant  and asked whether I remembered what had happened at the farm. I knew what he was talking about but tryed to evade his questioning. He asked whether I had liked swallowing his father´s load and that his loads that he shot nightly were going to waste being lost in the white cotton of his underwear. I knew exactly what he wanted as he took his young cock out in  front of me  wanting to show me he had a cock bigger than his father even at thirteen.As I stared at his pulsating cock, I told him the truth that I would love to suck him off but it would have to wait til he was eigthteen. I promised at eighteen if he still wanted me to suck his cock I would. I knew deep down he had no intention of waiting five more years to fuck my mouth. That same night he knocked on my door , as I opened it he said if I was sure I didn´t want to suck him off. I glanced down at his adolescent hairy shaft and relinquished to my animal desire. I told him to come in quick and as he did I locked the door not wanting to be disturbed with the task at hand. I told him to sit on the edge of the bed and get ready for a great blow job . I knealt between his hairy muscular legs that I attributed to him playing soccer each weekend.I could smell the same masculine odor that his father had exuded at the farm. I gazed at the hard member before me astonished at the size for his age. I asked when he had started to jerk off and he replies about a month after seeing me sucking off his father. I said really yeah he said the first time he came he had had a wet dream in which I was sucking his cock. He said as his cock entered my mouth that it would be our secret just like the  secret he and his father had between them from the incident at the farm. As I started to savor his shaft  he gasped and groaned just like his father had done at the farm. Yes indeed he cock was longer and much thicker than his father´s cock but had the same taste reminding me of the time with his father. He started to feed me his cock relishing in the fact his plan had worked by pretending to rebel to the point his mother sent him to our house. All the while wanting to fullfill his need to mimic what he father had done and to feel what he had seen on his father´s face as he unloaded his cum into my mouth. As I sucked his cock I again asked him if he was sure this is what he wanted. And he assured me it was as he sent his whole length down my throat to his balls. He said this time no one was watching as he continued to feed me his cock. I withdrew and wanted to taste his balls, sparsely tufted with wiry pubic hair. I lapped each globe of flesh encased within his ballsack and then when below to taste his hairy asshole. I lubricated a finger with his precum and my spit and sent it within his quivering hole As I did he said I had better get back to his cock since he was almost ready to shoot his load. I had just gotten the head within my lips when  he unleashed a huge load that tasted like his father´s. I could feel his ass muscles spasm around my inserted finger  with each spurt of his cum. I caught him looking into the mirror enjoying the same open mouthed face as he had seen when his father was shooting his load into my greedy mouth.  After I had fed on his cum he said he understood what his father had meant when he told him men liked having their cocks sucked off and asked whether his cum was had quenched my thirst. I answered his cum was just like his father´s but the only difference his young balls produced an enormous amount of cum.  It was the start of nightly visits to my room to fullfill the need to keep his balls empty and to keep me well fed. 





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