At two locations – one in the desert, the other in L.A. – excitement was mounting.

At Uncle Mike’s house in the desert a guilt-ridden Randy had succeeded in impressing the older man by performing physically challenging tasks. Mike’s reaction? “Randy, you are one of the most exceptional men I’ve ever met – powerful, dominant, a born leader and totally fucking gorgeous with massive sex appeal. One look from those blue eyes and any man is hooked.”

Then Randy’s kid brother, the gypsy boy Ben, had introduced Mike to his master, the handsome fireman Jason. As Ben stood eagerly before them Jason said, “See what I mean, Mike. Now that is a beautiful sight. Picture this – a fireman gets home from work hot and horny and finds a sexy young gypsy waiting for him. So what’s the guy gonna do?”

“Hmm … fuck him?” Mike grinned. “Just a guess.” And that’s just what Jason did while Mike watched spellbound – just one of the many homoerotic acts he was to witness that day.

While the heat was building in the desert, back in the city anticipation was intensifying at the Grady House. The handsome young actor Grady, star of the new Tarzan film now in production, was due back from his location shoot in England. He had never been separated from his lover, the sexy Italian gardener Mario, since they first met.

They were totally crazy about each other and had had spent much of their time up to now making love, so this physical separation was especially hard on the lovers. That explained the excitement in the house at Grady’s imminent return, an excitement that Mario, with his cool European poise, tried to hide – and failed.

The eagerness was shared by Danny, the young house manager and chef, and his assistant houseboy Brian, who never allowed the fact that he was in a wheelchair to limit his duties around the house. They both worked like demons to get the house ready, especially the master bedroom, and prepared enough food to withstand a siege – which in a way they were.

They knew that when Grady came through the gates into Mario’s arms and the gates closed behind them, they wouldn’t open again until the reunited lovers were good and ready. And that might take a very long time.


Preparations were in full swing. It was midday Sunday and Grady’s flight from London was due in on Monday afternoon so they had another 24 hours to get the house exactly as Mario wanted it. Danny was working in the kitchen and Brian was racing round the house in his wheelchair putting the final touches on things, making them exactly as he thought Grady would like it.

As a matter of fact Grady was a real easy-going, laid back guy who didn’t especially care how the house looked as long as Mario was in it. He was new to stardom and the tribe had rallied to help him. Randy’s lover Bob, who worked in finance, had become Grady’s business manager and, now that money was flowing in fast, had persuaded Grady to put some of it into real estate.

Hence this large house on the Hollywood Hills with its extensive grounds that Mario, a landscape designer, had planned. Right now he was working on a section of the garden that was Grady’s favorite, a tree-shaded nook where the two of them spent a lot of time together. Mario, usually so casually elegant, was wearing jeans and boots but no shirt, his face and body streaked with dirt as he planted yet more flowers to greet Grady when he came in tomorrow.

Excited as he was, Mario was also apprehensive. While he was sure of Grady’s love for him he could never quite shake the fact that their situations were so different – Mario a simple gardener – handsome, sure, with his dark, chiseled Mediterranean looks and tousled shock of black hair – but still somewhat intimidated by his gorgeous lover’s fame.

After all, Grady was spectacularly good looking, a man who could have anyone he wanted. He had been in England on location in a large country mansion, the center of attention, wined and dined by rich, successful, beautiful people. Would that have changed him, Mario wondered as he shoveled dirt in the garden? How would his humble gardener look to him now after all that?

Deep down Mario knew that Grady took his budding stardom in stride. Despite his growing celebrity he was entirely unpretentious and liked nothing more than holing up in the house with Mario and the two boys he looked on as family. Because of the constant hunger of the press and paparazzi, security was of primary importance so Randy and his crew had installed high fences and security cameras at the direction of Mark who, as a cop, was a security expert.

And it was the security monitor in the kitchen that Danny now instinctively kept glancing at while he worked preparing Grady’s favorite dishes. Mark had trained him to look for telltale signs – unusual activity outside the gate, cars lingering too long to be more than casual tourists.

And now he was surprised to see a knot of paparazzi gathered outside. One thing was for sure – the press always knew celebrities’ movements before anyone else did, so they must know Grady was out of the country. Brian came buzzing in and looked at the monitor and asked the question in Danny’s mind. “What are they doing here? They gonna wait there ‘til tomorrow?”

And suddenly the question was answered. A long black limousine drew up … and Grady got out. “He’s home! He’s home!” Danny said. “Quick, dude, we gotta get out there.”

They ran out to the gate and Danny used his remote control to open the gate just a few feet. Through the crack they could see Grady being his usual affable self with the paparazzi, answering their questions, smiling for the cameras until finally he said, “Hey guys, ain’t you ever gonna let a fella get some sleep … long flight … I’m bushed … thanks guys.”

Grady slid through the gate and Danny closed it behind him. He dropped the big shoulder bag he was carrying and held out his arms. “Hey, my guys to the rescue. Hi, kids.” He gave Danny a tight hug then bent down and kissed Brian on the cheek.

“But, sir,” Danny said, “we expected you tomorrow.”

“I know, but we wrapped early and the producers gave me a ride home on the corporate jet.” He smiled slyly. “I think it was my reward for being so damn great during the shoot. I could have called you all but I wanted to surprise you. ‘Course,” he grinned, “if I’m too early I can go away and come back tomorrow.”

“I don’t think a certain person would care for that, sir,” Danny said with a smile.

Grady looked around expectantly and Brian said, “He’s over at the other side of the garden, sir, planting more flowers in that favorite place of yours.” Grady shielded his eyes from the sun and saw in the distance the shirtless gardener bent over, intent on his task, unaware of the commotion at the gate.

“Oh, shit,” Grady whimpered, “there he is.” He tore his eyes away from Mario and gave the boys a conspiratorial smile. “Quick, guys, give me a hand here.” He unzipped his shoulder bag, rummaged inside and pulled out a small item. “Ta-da!”

The boys looked at each other in surprise. Grady was holding up one of the loincloths he wore on set as Tarzan. “I said I wanted to surprise Mario and this’ll do the trick.” Grady had worn jeans, a polo shirt and loafers on the plane and he now proceeded to take them all off and throw them over Brian’s lap. He pulled on the loincloth, held out his arms and smiled at the boys.

“What d’ya think, kids? Think he’ll still love his Tarzan?” The near-naked Grady looked spectacular of course, like the publicity pictures the public was already drooling over.

“He’d love you whatever you’re wearing sir,” said Danny. “But especially like that,” Brian added.

“OK, dudes, here goes. And … action!” He cupped his hands over his mouth and let out the long, loud Tarzan yell he had by now perfected. Then he raced barefoot across the lawn – not exactly the jungle but it might as well have been.

Startled, Mario straightened up and stared in amazement. Instinctively he opened his arms and Grady slammed into them so hard they both fell to the ground where they rolled over the lawn in each other’s arms, kissing feverishly. Mario ended up on top, pinning Grady’s arms to the ground. “Is it really you, Grady?” he said breathlessly.

“No, I’m his stand-in … I’m prettier than Grady, though.”

“You sure are … much sexier than the guy who left here a couple of weeks ago. OK, you can stay.” They giggled like schoolboys and Grady teased, “When we wrapped they asked if I wanted to take a week’s vacation in England or come back to L.A. on the corporate jet. Well, there are a lot of cute Brits over there so it was a toss-up. But I thought I should probably get back to check up on how my garden was coming along.

“And what do you think of the garden?”

“What garden …? I see no garden … too busy staring at the gardener. Man, you look so fucking beautiful … just look at you. This was my fantasy when I used to beat off in bed at night … a handsome Italian gardener, shirtless in dirty old jeans, black curly hair, his gorgeous face and chest smudged with dirt.”

“Oh yeah? So what came next in this fantasy?”

“Well, see, this hot-looking, full-of-himself movie star goes over to give the new gardener his instructions, but when the Italian hunk stares at him with his dark brown eyes the actor wants only one thing. He sinks to his knees and soon the gardener is kneeling over him pinning him to the ground.”

“Hmm,” Mario said, “then what? Does the hot Italian unzip his old jeans and pull out his cock … like this …? Wow, look at that. For some reason his cock’s stiff as a pole.”

Suddenly, “Excuse the interruption, sir, but you may need this.” That was Danny sliding a tub of lube across the grass to Mario, then beating a hasty retreat.

“Ecco!” Mario said in mock surprise. “Room service. Wonder why the houseboy has provided lube? Maybe he knows something the gardener doesn’t. What could that mean?”

“It could mean that the movie star wants to get his ass fucked by the sexy gardener. Just a thought.”

“Hmm, well let’s see here. The gardener grabs a gob of lube and greases up his cock, then rips off Tarzan’s loincloth like this … and pushes his greasy fingers in his ass.”

Grady lost it. “Oh, man, I’ve missed you so much. Every night I dreamed of you fucking me … I panicked, felt homesick and thought you’d never fuck me again. Please, buddy. I need it so damn bad.”

Mario smiled, “Calm down, amico. You’re not the only one who had wet dreams every night. OK let’s … come se dice? … let’s cut the crap. I’m so happy to see you, Grady. This happy…!”

Mario pushed Grady’s legs up high, smiled down at him … and eased his cock slowly in his ass, inch by loving inch. Grady stared up at his lover, his breath heaved, heart pounded and he moaned, “Oh shit, that feels … oh fuck … I love you dude … aaagh.”

His cock erupted in a plume of semen that splashed on his chest, stream after stream, as he pleaded frantically, “Don’t stop, man, please … fuck me, fuck me … I can cum again … please don’t stop.”

“Amico,” Mario said in his seductive Italian accent. “Don’t panic. I knew you would cum right away … that was in my wet dream … and I have no intention of stopping … ‘assolutamente no’. How could I stop fucking a man as beautiful as you, the man I love, the man I’ve dreamed of.” And so he began to make love to Grady’s ass with long, slow, deep thrusts of his cock.

Tears came to his soft brown eyes. “I too panicked, amico, afraid something would happen and you would not come back to me. Ti amo, mi amore. Look at me, Grady, while I fuck you, and tell me you love me.”

A discreet distance away Danny squeezed Brian’s hand as they sat enthralled by the sight of these two glorious men making love … the intense kind of ‘reunion love’ after the pain of separation. The boys edge forward a little to catch their words.

 “Oh, man,” Grady was saying, “I’m crazy about you, buddy … your cock feels so good in me.”

“Better than all those British cocks?” Mario teased.

“Well now, those Brits really know how to fuck and …” Seeing Mario’s startled look, “Just kidding, dude … just kidding. Buddy, you know you’re the only guy for me. Don’t stop, please. You look so fucking gorgeous, all dirtied up and disheveled like that. Man, that feels good. Keep fucking my ass, amico. I love you dude.”

“I can fuck you all day and all night if you want, amico, you know that.”

Grady’s eyes sparkled like a young boy being offered a special treat. “Yeah, yeah, all day and all night, let’s do that. Kiss me, man. Kiss me.” Mario bent down and their mouths met in a ravenous, tongue-searching kiss that never let up while Mario’s hips moved up and down and his cock made love to Grady’s ass.

But their mouths separated at last and Mario smiled, “Amico, I’m so close. When I dreamed of my fantasy gardener at night I always woke up the minute he came in his lover’s ass. But when I woke, I was alone. I want to wake now and find you still here, amico, in the flesh – the gorgeous flesh.”

Grady stretched his arms to the sides and Mario pressed down on his biceps. “So,” Mario grinned sexily, “you came back and found you gardener all hot, sweaty and dirty. And he pinned you naked to the ground, pushed his dick in your gorgeous ass and … and … oh that feels so … I love you … ti amo, amore …. Aaah!”

He closed his eyes, threw his head back and his cock erupted inside Grady. Moaning loudly Mario squeezed his eyes tight shut as he flooded his lover’s warm ass with his juice. And when at last he opened them he was staring down at Grady’s dazzling, dimpled smile.

“See,” Grady laughed, “I’m still here. Didn’t vanish this time. ‘Cos it wasn’t a wet dream, Mario. OK it was wet, but wasn’t a dream. That was real – and it’s gonna be real over and over again.”


Mario pulled out of his ass and Grady pushed Mario roughly off him and onto his back. Grady sprang to his feet and looked over to Danny and Brian. “Hey, boys, get your asses over here. I need your help.” Grady loved to play.

Danny ran and Brian wheeled himself fast until they were facing Grady across Mario’s prone body. All three stared down at the pornographic sight of the shirtless Italian gardener sprawled on his back in filthy jeans and boots, his handsome Latin features and muscular torso streaked with dirt and sweat, his mass of curly black hair falling over his brow..

Grady faked displeasure. “See what just happened here, boys? This totally gorgeous movie star comes home from a grueling location shoot to find the Italian gardener slacking off. He tries to discipline him but the gardener throws the movie star on the ground, pins him down … and ploughs his ass.

“Can you imagine? This gorgeous stud, the new movie Tarzan, getting butt fucked by his own gardener? Well of course, the actor calls his staff for help and they look down at him, lying helpless on the ground, stripped to the waist, his cock hanging out of his jeans as evidence of his crime. Hell, he may look like a fantasy figure out of a porn video but dammit to hell, he’s gotta pay for his crime. So, guys, what’s his punishment?

“Dismiss him, sir? Fire his ass?” Danny frowned doubtfully.

“Hmm … possibility I suppose.”

“No, sir,” Brian spoke up. “I’ve got a better idea. See, I saw this porn movie once where this hot guy, a mechanic I think he was, loses his cool with the master of the house and overpowers and fucks him. Well, the master don’t retaliate by firing him. He kinda liked getting fucked by the mechanic so he keeps him as a prisoner in the house … like his sex slave. So forever more the guy is there day and night to service the master, fucking him whenever the master wants … and he wants it all the time.”

Brian blushed, afraid he had said too much. “Sorry, sir. Just a thought.”

“But you might be onto something, kiddo. What d’ya think, Danny?”

“It could work, sir. The house has a big fence around it – tons of security to keep people out – and to keep a prisoner in. ‘Course, you’d have to train the guy to fuck on command.”

“Damn straight, boy.” Grady looked down at Mario, a homoerotic icon stirring on the ground, his cock already getting hard again. “So, man, that’s what you get for fucking a movie star of my caliber. You’ll be my sex slave, like the boy said. You’ll live with me day and night, you’ll sleep with me, be there when I come home and be ready to fuck whenever I want it. I’m a horny son-of-a-bitch so there’ll be non-stop sex.

“Mostly I’ll order you to fuck me, but sometimes I might tie you up in my gym and fuck you, then leave you there until I’m ready for more. And this is gonna be for keeps. You’re gonna be my prisoner for ever and ever. Hey, who knows? Maybe we’ll end up falling in love and we’ll make love night and day. How’s that grab you, boy?”

Mario’s cock was rigid by now. He could half believe in this porn-video plot and imagined himself the sex slave of this magnificent jock now towering over him buck naked. In the spirit of the fantasy he said, “I agree, sir.”

“Right, but we gotta seal the deal,” Grady said. “How we gonna do that? Come on, you kiddo. You’re the one with all the bright ideas.”

“Sir,” Brian frowned in thought, “the way I see it, the guy has to get used to sex real fast so why don’t we drown him in it? I mean drown him in jism, sir.”

“Perfect” Grady grinned, ruffling Brian’s hair. “Let’s do it guys.”

Mario was feeling delirious with happiness. Grady was home … his lover was back. Mario had just fucked his ass and now Grady, with his mischievous sense of fun, had painted an erotic picture of their future, where fantasy and reality were so tightly wound they were inseparable. He would be Grady’s lover for ever and ever, living with him, sleeping with him, fucking him whenever Grady wanted, with Mario offering his own ass to Grady as the mood took them.

The sight of the three men above him and the sexual fantasy that now gripped him, made his cock throb. Grady stood on his left, Danny on his right next to Brian in his wheelchair … and all of them were stroking their cocks. Mario grabbed his own cock and – even though he had just now filled Grady’s ass with cum – he was ready again.

“OK, guys, you ready?” Grady shouted. “Look at that hot gardener, so fucking gorgeous. And he’s gonna be here forever, and we’re gonna fuck, make love, and laugh and play and share our lives together, and ... and do all kinds of stuff we haven’t even thought of yet. Come on guys, let’s initiate him with jizz. Ready guys?”

Were they ever! Grady had been ready soon after the first time he had cum when Mario entered him. And the boys … well, one look at Grady and Mario and they were always ready. So as Mario pounded his own cock he looked up at the three dicks pointing down at him, heard three howls, and closed his eyes a split second before cum slammed into his face and over his heaving chest … four streams of it counting his own.

Grady looked down at his lover, at his fantasy gardener, smothered in dirt, sweat and now semen, his body heaving, his cock still in his fist, still dripping cum. Overwhelmed, Grady dropped to his knees then lay on top of Mario’s slippery chest. Words came tumbling out almost incoherently.

“Man, I’m so glad I’m home, and you’re here. Are you OK? Dude, I didn’t mean all that, not the prisoner thing and giving orders and everything. I’m no master and you’re not my slave – other way round maybe,” he chuckled. “And of course you’re free to do whatever you want, even leave … no not leave, anything but that. Well you can, of course, but …”

Mario placed his finger across Grady’s lips. “Grady, stop talking like an idiot before you dig a hole so deep you can’t climb out. Of course I’m never gonna leave. It’s real simple, amico … I love you and you love me … that’s it … simple. Of course there’ll be sex, fucking, games, fantasies, more sex … but most important of all, we’re lovers … and always will be. Capisce?”

Grady nodded, eyes brimming with tears.

“OK,” Mario said, taking charge. “A whole lot of cleaning up to do here. I’ve never been so filthy in my life. Can you boys come upstairs and help us?”

He and Grady helped each other to their feet and walked toward the house, arms over each other’s shoulders. Brian wheeled over to pick up the shoulder bag Grady had dropped and the boys followed the men. Danny reached down and squeezed Brian’s hand. “You happy dude?”

Brian gave that freckle-faced smile that could light up a room. “Like my Uncle Mike always says, ‘Happy as a dog with two dicks’.”


Up in the master bedroom Mario and Grady went straight into the shower while the boys turned down the bed and put the finishing touches to the room they had intended to do tomorrow but had been blindsided by Grady’s unexpected early return.

When the men emerged from the bathroom with towels round their waists, their bodies still gleaming wet, the boys had instant boners as they always did at the sight of the near-naked lovers. Brian said, “Sir, would you like me to unpack the bag you brought with you?”

“Nah. It’s mostly dirty laundry so it can wait … no hurry.” He grinned salaciously at Mario. “I don’t think I’ll be needing too many clothes for the next few days.”

As Brian stowed the bag on his wheelchair a small bottle fell out and rolled over the floor. Mario picked it up and said, “Hey, my Acqua di Parma cologne? How did that get there?”

Grady blushed. “I, er, took a bottle with me from your closet. Sorry, dude, but I wanted to smell it while I was away to remind me of you.” He giggled. “Probably the first time a guy’s ever jerked off sniffing a cologne bottle.”

Mario laughed, “Grady, that is so cute … come here.” He opened his arms and Grady fell into them.

The boys smiled at each other knowingly and were about to beat a discreet retreat when Grady said, “Hey, not so fast, you two. You know, they served great food on that plane but I slept a lot of the way, so now I’m starved – especially after all that action. Do you think you kids could rustle up some chow … you know, just a snack or something?”

“How about lunch, sir?” Danny said. “It’s a bit late after all those … distractions … but it won’t take me long at all to prepare something, and I’ll do a special welcome-home dessert too.”

“Kiddo, now I remember why we hired you … that and the fact that you’re so damn sexy with your cute face, great young body and the fact that you kept my man warm at nights while I was gone. Come to think of it, I haven’t thanked you properly for that. Later kiddo. OK, lunch it is … but on one condition. That you two sit down and share it with us. Can you serve it up here?”

“Of course, sir,” Brian said. “No problem.”

The two of them hurried out of the room and Grady smiled at Mario and dropped the towel from his waist. He grabbed Mario’s towel, towed him over to the bed and pushed him, keeping hold of the towel so Mario fell naked on the bed. Grady grinned down at him and said, “Right, now that you’re all cleaned up it’s time I inspected the merchandise.

Grady lay down beside him and looked into Mario’s soft brown eyes. “See, I used to lie in my English bed and try to remember every detail of you. Let’s see if I got it right.” Mario gave himself up to Grady’s examination.

“As they say in rehearsals, let’s take it from the top. Hmm …” he ran his hands through Mario’s hair. “Yup same curly black hair, all messed up just the way I like it.” Grady traced his finger down Mario’s face. “Same high forehead – proud they call it don’t they?” He kissed it, then ran his finger down the nose. “Oh yeah, same perfect Roman nose … but cuter than I remember. You didn’t have a nose-job while I was gone did you?”

Grady kissed the nose, then the eyes, the cheeks the lips, the dimple in his chin. “Yup, all still there. Just as I remember. Now the neck.”

Mario could not remember ever being happier than he was at this moment, with Grady nestled beside him, kissing every feature as he came to them, with his silly sense of humor that was so endearing. He inhaled sharply as Grady kissed his neck and bit it lightly. Then he pulled back and stared at Mario.

“What is it with you Italians anyway that makes you all so damn gorgeous? The wine, is it, the olives, or the fact that you have a new government every five minutes so you have to stay looking good in case you’re the next prime minister? Must be your turn soon, kiddo, but I won’t let you go. Here, wait a minute.”

Grady reached over to the table where Mario had place his cologne. He dabbed some on his fingers and rubbed them over Mario’s chin and neck. He nuzzled his neck and sighed, “Oooh, Jesus, you don’t know how often that scent made me bust my load, amico. Now let’s check the body, make sure you’ve been working out like I told you. “Shoulders? Check. Arms? Perfect. Chest? Oh man, did I miss that chest, especially this,” running his tongue up the cleft between his pecs.

“I missed these gorgeous slabs,” punching his pecs lightly. “And, oh, did I miss these!” He leaned down and circled Mario’s hard nipples with his tongue. “God you have gorgeous tits.” He licked, bit, sucked, as Mario squirmed in ecstasy. Then he flicked his tongue lightly at each one in turn as Mario groaned. “No … basta, amico. Please, you’re driving me crazy.”

“Ooh, I love this little hollow place below your pecs where there’s a little pool of sweat. Let me drink it, dude.” He slurped it up, then said, “And now for what I think you guys call the ‘piatto forte’, the pièce de resistance – those fucking gorgeous abs. Grady moved lower and ran his tongue over the ridges of Mario’s washboard abs.

Mario felt Grady’s body heave and heard a sob. “Man, I missed you so much … I missed all of you … all of this. Mario, let me stay here a minute, don’t move, don’t go away. I need this so bad.” Grady laid his cheek on Mario’s abs, wrapped his arms round his waist and sighed deeply. And in a few seconds he was asleep.

Mario looked down at him and stroked his hair lightly, then his face, so beautiful in sleep. Again he felt a moment of panic. Who wouldn’t have panicked feeling a surge of love that engulfed him so completely, something so out of this world that he would never know how to get it back if it disappeared? But then he knew it would never disappear. He was loved, and he loved. And it would always be so. Mario closed his eyes and fell asleep with a smile on his dark, handsome face.


Sometime later there was a soft tap on the door, it opened and two heads peered round it. Danny and Brian stared at the peaceful scene – Mario asleep on his back and Grady’s sleeping face resting on Mario’s stomach. They were about to withdraw discreetly when Mario opened one eye, then both, and beckoned them into the room.

Danny came in pushing a loaded lunch cart and Brian followed him, his wheelchair tray table piled with dishes. Mario pointed over to the round table where he and Grady often ate. He looked down at the sleeping Grady, grinned and shrugged at the boys. He stroked Grady’s head and said, ‘Il pranzo è servito, amico … lunch, buddy …” then louder “… time to eat Grady!”

Grady stirred, moaned and, without opening his eyes, sleepily moved lower and pressed his open mouth over Mario’s cock. Mario rolled his eyes. “Time to eat lunch, Grady, not cock. You can have that for dessert.”

Grady opened one eye and flashed his playful, dimpled grin. “You can’t blame a guy for trying.”

“Sir,” Danny protested, “I already brought dessert – your favorite.”

“OK, guys,” Mario said with a tinge of frustration. “Lunch first, then dessert, then cock – does that please everyone? Now get up, Grady, and sit at table like a good boy. Dio mio, it’s like talking to a child.”

Grady’s eyes sparkled. “You can spank me if you want to.”


“Aye-aye boss. I’ll behave.” He winked at the boys, pulled on a loose pair of shorts and sat at the table where he picked up a knife and fork in his fists and held them upright on the table like a child waiting for dinner. Mario gave up and burst out laughing.

It took only a few minutes for Danny and Brian to set the table and load it with the food Danny had cooked, and then they sat down with the men. Grady wolfed the food down, Mario ate more politely, and the boys joined in eagerly.

“Hey guys,” Grady said through a mouthful of food, “this is delicious. You’re a great chef, Danny boy. Hell, what a welcome home! As soon as I set foot inside the gate I get fucked by the Italian gardener, then get my revenge jacking off all over him. I fall asleep in his arms and wake up to a banquet fit for a king.”

He waved his fork at Brian. “Hey, kiddo, that scenario you came up with out there – the mechanic fucking the master, then held captive as his sex slave – that was real hot. Where did that come from?”

“Oh that’s easy, sir. When I lived in my trailer in the desert I spent all my time watching porn movies, all the fantasy stuff, so I got lots and lots of ideas.”

“Kiddo, you should write them down, like a script. We’ll get Darius up here with his camera and we’ll film them. It would sure beat anything in my Tarzan movie – even though the writers have sexed it up a lot since they watched me in the early scenes. Hell, soon there’ll be no-one else left for Tarzan to fuck except the chimp. Come to think of it I always did wonder about the relationship between Tarzan and Cheetah.”

“Grady, don’t be gross while we’re eating lunch,” Mario said with mock severity.

“You should talk about gross, dude, throwing a man on the ground as soon as he gets home from a long flight and fucking the bejeezus out of him.”

“Didn’t hear you complain,” Mario said archly.

“Well, maybe not,” Grady smiled … “and there’s gonna be a lot of that this coming week. I didn’t tell you, buddy, but I’ve got the whole week off. I gotta go in Wednesday to shoot more publicity stills but that’s all. There’s a delay on a mammoth set they’re building so they’ve released me for the week.

“So listen, I was thinking on the plane back, why don’t we give a big party here for the whole tribe? We haven’t had a celebration here since that open house when we first bought the place. They guys had a blast then so I thought, let’s do it again. What d’ya say, Mario?”

Mario was moved, as always, by Grady’s boyish enthusiasm. “I think it’s a fine idea, amico. My only concern is that we might be creating too much work for Danny and Brian, but …”

“Don’t worry about that, sir,” Danny said eagerly. “We can handle it, with the twins’ help in the kitchen, don’t you think, Brian?”

“Of course,” Brian smiled. “We’ll recruit the other boys too like we did before and ask Doctor Steve if he’ll loan Tommy to us ‘cos he’s so good at that stuff.”

Grady looked at Mario who gave a slight nod. “And one other thing, kiddo,” Grady said. “Would you like to invite your Uncle Mike? Mario and me have heard so much about him we’d love to meet him. Do you think he would come?”

“Could we, sir? Of course he would come. Now that Randy and him have patched things up he’s been wanting to see the whole tribe together. I can call him and ask.

“Er, I think it would be more appropriate if I called to invite Mike,” Mario said. Better the invitation comes from Grady and me. But I think it’s a wonderful idea. You’ll have the chance to introduce your uncle to all the guys – your new family, Brian. Er, by the way Grady, you called it a celebration. What exactly are we celebrating?”

“Isn’t it obvious?” Grady laughed. “We’re celebrating my coming-home present. I’ll tell the guys I just imprisoned the sexy stud gardener and made him my sex slave for life. I’ll show him off, maybe demonstrate the gardener’s new duties.”

“Hmm,” Mario mused, “maybe the gardener will have something to say about that. Brian, perhaps you could dig into your video memory and write us a new script where the gardener rises up in rebellion, takes the other guy captive and fucks the bejeezus out of him.”

“No problem, sir,” Brian grinned. “I saw a movie like that too.”

“Brian,” Grady laughed, “I like your stories. Keep ‘em coming, kiddo.”


Now that Grady was home the house sprang to life again. He and Mario spent all their time together on a variety of activities – working on the garden, making love, welcoming visitors, making love … a lot of that.

Bob came by to update the pair on their investment portfolio and he included Jamie and Brandon in the meeting, always improving their education on money matters. Under Bob’s overall supervision, Jamie was the business manager for the construction company and the tribe’s household, and Brandon managed the accounts for the Grady House.

When the meeting broke up Brandon slipped away and joined his friends Brian and Eddie who were already working with Danny on plans for the party. Thomas was there too. The athletic former gymnast, dubbed ‘The Golden Boy’, was the house manager for Doctor Steve and his lover, the architect Lloyd (not to mention their sexual plaything, willingly submitting to the varied sexual appetites of the handsome doctor and the gym-honed architect).

With Thomas’s former experience as event planner at a luxury hotel he was invaluable for helping to arrange events like this one at the Grady House. Steve and Lloyd had agreed to loan him out for the day of the party, and for several hours each day preceding it to assist Danny and Brian with the planning.

Other visitors that day included the two black muscle-studs Zack and his boy Darius. The macho leather master Zack was co-chief with Randy of the construction company, and his boy Darius was their assistant, all of them engaged in the heavy construction work they excelled at.

When they dropped by with Bob, Mario had casually mentioned that some new pieces of heavy equipment had arrived for the gym downstairs, but their installation would require moving other machines around to make room for them. Right away Zack offered to take care of that. “Right up our alley, eh boy?” Zack had said to Darius, both of them always up for a muscular challenge which, like a great gym workout, left them physically satisfied … and usually horny as hell.

So, leaving Grady and Mario to plough through facts and figures with Bob, Zack and his boy had gone down to the basement and started work. If they wanted the macho satisfaction of heavy labor they got it. Shifting around the heavy equipment took all their combined strength for over an hour, and when they were done they came back up to the garden for a breather.

They were both shirtless in black jeans and boots (Darius always dressed like his master) and they sprawled in a couple of Adirondack chairs by the wall, hands linked behind their heads, faces to the sun, eyes closed.

Meanwhile, the boys were out by the pool discussing a casual table arrangement that Thomas had come up with. Thomas left Danny, Brandon and Brian to work it out and on his way back to the kitchen caught sight of the shirtless black muscle hunks lounging in the sun.

From a short distance away, unseen by them, he stared down at Zack, at his muscled body, square-cut features and shaved head, his elbows outstretched showing the curly black hair of his armpits that Thomas had once been forced to lick when he had first come to the tribe and the two men had tied him up in their garden and worked him over.

His gazed shifted to the younger man with his perfect physique, handsome face and, above all, the long bulge in his jeans stretching halfway down his thigh, all ten inches of his massive cock. His own cock shuddered as he recalled being at their mercy in the garden long ago, and then soon after at the construction site getting group fucked by them and their construction buddies.

He sighed, tore himself away, went on to the kitchen and came back with two bottles of beer. He cleared his throat and said, “Er, excuse me sirs, but would you care for a beer?”

Zack opened one eye and flashed a dazzling white-tooth smile. He opened both eyes and stared up at the muscular blond gymnast dressed in his usual tight black dress pants and a white dress shirt, open halfway down his chest, sleeves rolled up above the elbows.

“Well, well, well, what we got here? Tommy boy – looking more fuckable than ever. Long time no see, kid. After that session when you first came to town I said we should get together again and we never did.”

“I believe that’s quite true, sir,” Tommy said with just a hint of the arrogance he had brought with him from the hotel and never quite lost.

“Did I hear someone mention beer?” said a drowsy voice as Darius opened his eyes.

“Yes, sir, I thought you might need one, sir,” Tommy said in the same slightly mocking tone, his eyes unmistakably fixed on the bulge in Darius’s pants.

He handed over the beers and Zack said, “Turn around, boy.” Thomas obeyed and Zack whistled at the sight of the incredibly rounded ass accentuated by the tight pants. “Phew, still the same gorgeous ass … never forget that bubble butt. What was it – ice skating, no?”

“Yes sir, semi-professional for several years. Great exercise for the glutes.  Er, if you’ll excuse me, sir, I have to get back to the boys – planning for the big party.” Without waiting to be dismissed Thomas turned and strode away as the two men watched his ass cheeks strain in his pants as he walked.

Zack pointed with his bottle and growled, “I gotta have that boy … I gotta have that ass. Still the same arrogant fucking prick under all the ‘yes, sir, no, sir’. He is so fucking asking for it … he wants it so damn bad he can taste it. Remember when we worked him over at home, then group fucked him on the site with Randy and the others?’

“That was so damn hot, sir.” They fell silent and took long drafts of beer while they watched Thomas working in the distance. With his free hand Zack was stroking the growing bulge in his black jeans, and Darius grinned knowing exactly what was going through the big man’s mind.

Suddenly Zack stood up and wiped the back of his hand across his mouth. “OK, boy, go get him for me. I’ll be in the basement.”

It was an order Darius was happy to carry out.

The junior boys were always pleased to see Darius who was a favorite senior boy with his sense of fun and easy-going masculinity. “Hey, guys, how’s it hangin’? Looks like it’s gonna be a great party. Sorry I can’t stop and chat but I came with a message for Thomas.”

Thomas looked up sharply and Darius said, “Tommy, Zack wants to see you right away. He’s waiting for you down in the gym.” There was an exchange of knowing looks among the boys – a summons from Zack could mean only one thing. A change came over Thomas as his confidence drained, and everyone knew he had a huge boner in those tight pants.

“Go on, dude,” Danny said. “No knowing what’ll happen if you keep the leatherman waiting.”

As Thomas dutifully followed Darius, Eddie whispered to the boys with his lopsided grin, “It’s gonna happen anyway … everyone knows that.


When they went into the gym Zack was sprawled shirtless in a chair finishing his beer, his legs man-spread, his free hand resting on the huge bulge under his jeans. He was ready.

Darius brought Tommy to stand before him, then positioned himself a few feet away, ready to help when necessary. He enjoyed playing Zack’s assistant in scenarios like this. Also, he had his camera that he took everywhere and used it now when he was not called on to participate.

Zack always toyed with boys he was about to fuck and now there was a long silence while he gazed up at the blond muscle-jock, appraising him critically. “So, Tommy here we are again. ‘Course you know why you’re here – I’m gonna fuck your ass. But you know my rule – I never do anything a boy don’t want. So, do you want my big black dick in your ass?”

“Yes please, sir. Very much.”

“Remember the first time I tied you up and fucked you at my house? And then when me and a bunch of construction guys gang-fucked you at the building site? Remember that?”

“Yes, sir.”

Do you still jack off thinking about it?”

“Yes, sir. Often.”

“Good. OK, Darius. Get him ready.” Darius led Tommy to the center of the gym under two ropes hanging from the ceiling with gymnastic wood rings attached to the ends. Darius stood in front of him and unbuttoned the boy’s shirt. He smiled at him then kissed him hard while he pulled his shirttails out of his pants, pushed his shirt off his shoulders and let it fall to the floor. Then he went back to his place and left the muscle-jock standing shirtless for Zack to admire.

Zack was stroking the bulge in his pants as he said, “Shit, boy, you look hotter than ever. Great muscle tone. You still practice your gymnastics?”

“I do a basic workout every day, sir.”

“Like what? Show me.”

Thomas had a history of showing off his body to men, formerly for money, and now desperately wanted to impress this dominant construction boss. So, stripped to the waist in tight black pants like a typical gymnast, he went through his routine, his torso muscles flexing, bulging hard as he performed basic gymnast moves – wide pullups, dips, L-sits, body rows – the whole routine.

As his legs raised up high the mounds of his ass flexed hard under his pants and Zack grabbed the shape his own cock hard in his jeans, moaning, “Holy shit. Fucking beautiful. Hey, Darius, you getting all this on film. Something for you and the kids to jack off to later – especially when Tommy’s there and you boys can take turns fucking him while you watch the video. You wanna fuck him now, boy?” Darius lowered the camera and nodded vigorously.

When the young athlete finished his routine he stood still, arms still raised, hands looped through the rings. Zack said, “Guess I don’t have to tie your wrists this time, eh, boy. You’ll keep hold of the rings like that?”

“Yes, sir.”

Zack stood up and walked round him, then stood behind him, ran his hand down his muscled back and squeezed his butt in his clawed hand. Then he reached round to his front, unzipped his pants and pulled them down slowly, salivating as the pants slid from his waist over the rise of his ass, slowly revealing the white globes in all their glory.

When the whole ass was bare, the pants clinging to his thighs below it, Zack stood back and growled, “Fucking hell, boy … fucking beautiful ass. Clench it, stud.”

The mounds clenched hard as Zack slapped them, with the satisfaction of watching them bounce under the blows and red handprints appear on the smooth white flesh. Zack stooped, bent down and licked the stinging ass, then walked round to face the excited young athlete. Tommy’s cock had sprung out when his pants were lowered and it now stood out rock hard.

Zack grinned, “Guess I don’t have to ask if you’re getting off on this, boy. You like it when I slap you and run my hands over your beautiful body?”

“Yes sir. I like whatever you do to me, sir. Anything.”

“Especially fucking your ass, eh?” Zack laughed. He ran his hands down his upstretched arms, over the flexed shoulders and traced the contours of his handsome face. His eyes gleamed as he clenched his hand lightly round the young jock’s throat for a moment … then slapped his palms against his rounded pecs and ended up twisting his nipples.

Thomas was hypnotized by the gray eyes set in the dark ebony face and knew he would do anything for this man … would let the man do anything to him. The deep voice said, “When I fuck you, Tommy, I wanna plough right in, so I want you good and ready. You hear that Darius? I want you to get this jock’s ass ready. I want it lubed with your jizz and I want the guy to bust a load before I fuck him.”

“No problem, sir,” Darius smiled. He put down his camera and Tommy watched in the mirror as the black stud ripped open his jeans and pulled out his awesome ten-inch club. He gasped in fear but Zack grabbed his chin and forced him to look into his gray eyes. You look at me, boy, only at me and I promise there’ll be no pain. I’ll give you the strength … and the breath.”

Zack wrapped both of his hands loosely round the jock’s throat again, opened his mouth and pressed it against Tommy’s – airtight so Tommy was forced to inhale and exhale the same breath as his master’s, with its warm beery taste. He was trapped, the black muscle-god’s hands loose round his throat as he gave him the very breath of life. And he was in ecstasy.

He felt Darius’s thick greasy shaft entering his ass, inch by inch by inch, penetrating into the fiery depths, but there was no pain. Zack had promised, and Tommy trusted him completely. He had to … he was entirely at the mercy of the muscular black leather-master and his boy. As the long rod pulled out and drove back in, deeper each time, Tommy’s heart beat fast and his breathing got heavier, taking in great gulps of air from Zack.

As the assault on his ass went on and on the young gymnast’s perfect body was on fire. He was overwhelmed by the sexual charisma of these two powerful black men, crushed between them, one pounding his ass, the other grinding his body and his mouth against him, breathing life into him. His pent-up desire needed release … and suddenly Darius yelled, “This is it, kiddo, here it comes … do it boy!”

The blond jock felt the massive cock explode in his ass, felt his own juice race up his cock and pour out between him and the master, soaking their bodies as they rubbed against each lubricated by a the young athlete’s sperm.


A few minutes later Darius was standing to the side with his camera to his eye, ready to record the grand finale for later showing to the boys, turned on as they would be by the sight of the near naked blond gymnast at the mercy of the shirtless black muscle-god facing him, with his piercing gray eyes, square-jawed face and shaved head,

The young jock still held onto the rings above him but his body was sagging now, saliva dribbling from his slack jaw, cum oozing from his ass and running down his legs. Through half closed eyes he saw Zack standing before him, legs apart, arms folded across his chest.

As Zack stared at him a wave of sympathy for the boy swept over him. He wants it so damn bad, Zack thought. That hunger in him, the worship in his eyes. He walked forward, pressed his finger under his chin and pushed his face up so their eyes met.

A smile crossed Zack’s face as he said, “You’re a good boy, Tommy. You should spend more time with me and Darius. But right now you look as if you’ve had enough.”

“No, sir,” Tommy gasped. “Please sir. Please fuck my ass, sir, I need it so bad.”

“You’re a tough young buck, I’ll give you that,” Zack grinned, “after you just took my boy’s huge slab of beef up your butt. Here, I’ll give you a break, those arms must be aching.” He pulled the boy’s hands off the rings and pulled them forward onto his chest. “You can touch it, boy.”

In a daze Tommy pressed his hands on Zack’s rock-hard pecs, then down over his eight-pack abs and back up to his face, then linked his hands lightly round Zack’s bull neck as Zack had done to him. “Feels good, eh, kid? Here, give yourself a treat.”

Zack stretched his arms up and grabbed the rings that Tommy had let go of. The young jock whimpered and leaned forward, licking Zack’s face, his neck, then the upstretched arms, down to his armpit where he buried face in the wiry black hair and inhaled the stink of male sweat. He gripped Zack’s waist for support and heard the deep voice say, “Go for the gold, kid.”

Blindly Tommy groped for Zack’s fly, pulled it open, reached inside and pulled out his massive black cock, hard as steel. He wrapped both hands round it, stared pleadingly up at the ebony-carved face and sobbed, “Please fuck me sir. Please let me feel your dick in my ass.”

“OK, boy, reckon you’ve earned it.” Zack lowered his arms, clamped his hands round the athlete’s slim waist and lifted him off his feet. He walked him over to a mirror and lowered him down on a workout mat in front of it.

Tommy instantly turned onto his stomach, clenched his ass cheeks and pushed them up off the floor, offering his ass to the man he wanted so badly. Zack reached down, pulled the boy’s pants down his legs and flung them aside. The naked gymnast raised his head and stared in the mirror at the shirtless black construction worker gazing down at him and stroking his cock sticking out of his jeans. He growled, “Who does your ass belong to right now, boy?”

“You, sir. It belongs to you, sir.”

“Damn right.” Zack leaned down, slapped his ass again, then hooked his foot under the boy’s waist and flipped him onto his back. “Darius … get him ready.” Darius had done this before and he now stood behind Tommy’s head, leaned far forward, grabbed his ankles and pulled his legs back toward him so the jock’s ass was raised up before Zack.

Zack dropped to his knees behind Tommy, leaned forward over him between his legs and clamped his hands over the gymnast’s biceps, pinning his arms to the floor. Once again Tommy had the exquisite sensation of being a helpless captive, pinned down by the black bodybuilder and his boy.

He stared up into the piercing gray eyes as Zack said, “Tommy, you feel the head of that prick push against your ass? Your butt’s nice and slick with my boy’s jizz. Feel that rod pressing on your hole? Tell me what you want, boy.”

Tommy was being driven wild. “Please ... please … please, sir. I’m begging you. Fuck me, sir. Aaaagh.” His scream echoed round the room as the long, thick rod drove deep in his ass.

His handsome face thrashed from side to side on the floor, his blond hair flying, as the cock pulled all the way back, then plunged in again, deeper, deeper and over the tender inner sphincter. “Aaagh!” No … I can’t … please, I …. Aaagh.” The writhing athlete’s cock exploded in a stream of cum that splashed on his abs and he groaned, “I couldn’t stop… I’m sorry, sir …”

But Zack ignored him. When Zack fucked nothing stopped him, and now the fuck Tommy had craved for so long began.

When Zack had last fucked Tommy on the construction site he had hurt him, which went against all his rules of treating a boy well. He had paid a heavy price for that, but now he knew better. He knew the boy’s limits and knew how to tease, to hold back, to make love to an ass, and then to pound it like a jackhammer. Like Randy he could drive a guy wild, modulating the rhythm of the fuck, keeping the guy begging for more, begging for less, unsure what came next.

In a delirium of lust Tommy gazed up at the magnificent body rising and falling over him, at the square cut ebony features, the shaved head and those eyes, the hypnotic gray eyes piercing his. He felt the master’s cock by turns stroking, massaging, caressing, pounding his hungry ass. Sometimes he went blank, and in a few seconds opened his eyes to see the man still fucking him, and to feel himself still impaled on the thick pole.

He lost all track of time and place … all he knew was the ecstasy of being dominated by this powerful black leather-god. Dimly he heard the deep voice say, “I’m close, boy. I’m gonna fill your ass with my jizz, and you are gonna shoot another load when I order you to.”

“Yes, sir,” the boy moaned as if in a dream. He would do anything for this man … anything. And when he saw the muscular body shudder above him, heard the deep voice howl, felt the master’s sperm pouring into his ass he felt his own cock erupt one more time. And then he passed out.

A few seconds later he slowly came back to his senses, opened his eyes and saw Zack towering over him stuffing his dick back in his pants. “Like I said, you’re a good boy, Tommy, and a sensational fuck. Darius, clean him up and help him get dressed.”

A feature of Zack’s fucking was that as soon as he had busted his load it was over and he was his laconic, matter-of-fact self right away. Darius did as he was told and in minutes Tommy was standing up, dressed again in his tight dress pants and white dress shirt open halfway down the front. The only difference was he was not quite as steady on his feet as before.

Zack put his hands on Tommy’s shoulders and smiled at him. “You did great, kid. Like I said, we should see more of you. I’ll do a deal with Steve and Lloyd so they’ll let you come and work for us one evening a week. And when I say work, it won’t involve setting tables or planning parties. When I put a guy to work, he knows what it means. You OK with that?”

“Definitely, sir. Thank you, sir.” Zack took him in his arms and kissed him ferociously. Then, “Remember that, kid. Beat your meat thinking about it … ‘til the next time. Now, get back to your party.”

When Thomas emerged from the house he walked unsteadily back to rejoin the other boys, who all looked at him with newfound respect. Eddie was always the one to break a silence. “Hey, dude, come sit me and help me with these placemats.” He grinned impishly, “That is if you can sit.” Thomas smiled, then joined in the boys’ raucous laughter.


Saturday came, the day of the big party, and by noon the whole tribe was gathered in the grounds of the Grady House. Brian’s Uncle Mike was late, held up in the weekend traffic from Palm Springs. Brian kept a lookout for him and finally heard his truck pull up outside. He clicked open the gate, Mike walked in and stopped in his tracks, staring in slack-jawed amazement at the gathering of stunning men.

“Holy shit … holy fucking shit. I have died and gone to heaven. Always wondered what that place would look like. Now I know.”


TO BE CONTINUED in “A Trial Of Strength” – Part 325


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