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"You are quite handsome, Guyton," he says to me, "I have thought so, since the first time, we first talked, a few weeks back, at the Ryan party. I wanted to exchange numbers then, but did not. I was happy, thrilled, tonight, when I saw you walk into the charity event. Maybe I could get it, now."

As he finishes his statement, he roughly fondles his dominantly pronounced packaged equipment, his cock, which is growing, slowly, in his shorts.

I am lusting after him as he makes his flirtations, known, quite obviously.

He gives me a 'suggestive' leer, with his piercing brown eyes, a slight wink as we gaze, so intently, fixated, at one then the other.

I do not consider myself, particularly handsome; I am a 'Regular Joe'. Yeah, I am 6'1," moderately muscled, hairy. I visit the gym, as time allows. I am scruffy bearded on my face, I hate shaving, absolutely, hate it. Oh, and I have patches of gray in my wavy hair, too, I am in my late thirties so I am not a spanking young buck.

We are standing in his open spacious kitchen, located at the foot of the stairs leading up to the second story of his townhouse.

"Mmm," I stammer as Beck strokes my humbled but fragile ego with his delightful flattering words. I am at an obvious loss for words as I stare into the alluring dark eyes of this man, standing directly across from me, who is a few years older, I believe.

"You are, Guyton, you are quite handsome," he says as he leans, provocatively, with his back propped up against the counter top, with his hands on either side of his waist, clasping tightly, the countertop edge, with his mid-section, thrust out, prominently.

He winks at me, and walks, seductively, from his former station in the kitchen, standing before me, crotch to crotch. Nudging me with his erectness, I feel his hardness, press hard against my own. I can feel the rounded-head of his tool massage my own in some sedate sword-like dual in our respective shorts.

Beck lights my fire. When I first saw him at that party, my cock twitched, it would not stay in its proper place, that night, it fought for freedom from its confines. In fact, the longer I stared at the man, my cock dripped a noticeable puddle in my shorts. I had to keep my hands on my fiercely hard tool, because the erection was so apparent for all to see. His chest hairs peeked prominently out of his button-down it was an instant turn-on. He is darker than I, much darker. We both share a similar swimmer-built, he is an inch shorter than I am, but it does not matter.

"OHH! OHH!" I aggressively moan as he presses his body weight against mine, into me with the full pressure of his studly frame.

He grinds roughly onto my inflated bulge; the sparks fly between us, as we stare, eye-to-eye, by our closeness, as our cocks makes contact through our respective fabrics. I grind back, matching him maneuver for maneuver.

Beck tucks his right index finger, placing it under the top of my shorts, right along the belt loops and runs his finger around my naked waist, under the cusp of my shorts, and draws me into him, closer. He looks inside my shorts, peeking in, touching the tiny sensitive hairs of my happy trail with his intimate touch, causing me to shiver and quake in my shoes, as he pulls me in and smiles, coyly.

"Kiss me," he says, without giving me any time to answer.

He does.


I respond accordingly.

Our tongues fight like savages in our shared mouths as we consume each other in our building lust-fueled exchange.

"You feel good. Mmm," he says as he continues his forced nuzzling of our thighs as we continue our aggressive grinding.

"HUH, HUH," I moan as the lust-fueled electrical charge between us intensifies, more.

I feel his hands roam down the sides of my tee shirt-covered torso as he finds their way to the lower end of my shirt, before he grips and lifts it, forcefully, over my head, temporarily ceasing our lip locked exchange.

The cool air of the room causes the goose bumps to pop up, unexpectedly, across my bare chest, arms and back.

"Nice," Beck says as his strong fingers do swirling unpredictable patterns across my naked, lightly sprinkled hairy chest, "unbutton my shirt, Guyton, please."

I do as he asks, I start at the lowest of his button-down shirt and begin working my way, up, as I unbutton, button after button, sometimes gently running my available fingers across his deeply muscled and moderately peppery-haired chest. I tear it from his body, letting it fall in a lump on the tiled kitchen floor.

"You like?" he asks me as he responds to my delicate touch, while still grinding me with his stiff tool into my own pronounced bulge.

I nod my head in response to his question about his muscled physique.

"Let's get these off," he says as he begins to unbutton my brown cargo shorts, "AHH, you are 'going commando'. I thought so. I liked what I saw when I peeked in to your package. I can feel the whole of your stiff dick."

He fondles my hard-tented cock with his hand as he reaches into my shorts for my heavily bushed crotch.

As my shorts drop, from my waist, my cock bounces out, in its full hardness, freed from it cargo short confines.

"Mmm, this needs my mouth," Beck says as he attempts to squat before my displayed hardened tool, before he takes me, sacrificially and willingly, into his mouth but I stop him as he begins to stoop.


"What?" he asks puzzled.

"Let's relieve you of these, first," I say as I unsnap his shorts while at the same time, snaking my hand into them, tucking my hand under the elastic band of his tightly packed briefs, feeling his erection against my hairy arm as I wrap my lithe fingers around his full balls, squeezing them, tight.

"Ahhh," he sighs softly, as I squeeze the sacs, harder.

"You like?" I ask.

"Uh, huh," he says without hesitation.

"Let's get these off," I say as I pull his shorts and briefs down while at the same time, my hand is still tucked inside his packaged goods.

In my awkward way of dropping his drawers, I am face-to-face with his enormously swelled knob.

I nuzzle my nose underneath his balls, taking in the aromatic scent of sweaty balls, as I stare up into his thick pubes, in my face and breathe in his musky scent.

Beck steps out of his briefs and shorts, his sneakers, still on. He is naked and sporting a massive erection from his impressive mid-section.

His body quivers as his body is overtaken with an overloading of sexual energy, pulsing out-of-control from the pent-up passion of sexual frustration.

"You cold, Beck?" I ask softly, I want confirmation of my inborn prediction.

"NO!" he answers, assuredly, "I am shaking because I want you. RIGHT NOW, my lust, overwhelms me. I WANT TO FUCK YOU! I WANT YOUR ASS WRAPPED AROUND MY COCK!"

"Okay," I whimper, obediently, as I rise from my sniffed-nuzzling of his cock and pubes.

Our cocks, swordfight, as our hardness, and the extension of man-tools vie for room between our haired man-thighs. No one wins and a place is found, accommodating each other's equally hairy cocks.

"C'mere, "he says as yanks my arm leading me to the stairwell.

He walks from the kitchen, our dual, ceasing, grabbing my arm with such an awesome force, yanking me in front of him, and forcing me, ass up, presented, onto the first few steps of the flight of stairs.

I feel his wet tongue as he laps me up and tongue-fucks my puckered hole.

"AHHH," I moan, deliriously, with, inserting his slithery tongue, tweaking my 'button' with his ongoing fixations, stirring my juices and lubing me for the eventual entry of his hardened member.

The slurping sounds fill the narrow staircase, bouncing off the walls, magnifying the intensity, of his rimming of my non-virginal orifice.


In my stimulated frustrations, I am awed when I feel the head of massively endowed male-member plunge into my saliva-soaked ass.


Beck says nothing but plunges like a lunatic.

The sweat seeps from his pores as his fervor-filled pitch amps up from his hard-assed fucking of my well-lubed hole.

His cock feels like a hammering steel rod ramming through cold asphalt, my prostate receives their massive blows from his angelic-like gyrations with ease.

I feel my eyes roll back in my head, brought to a point of supreme ecstasy as he fucks me like a wild unleashed beast, pushing us, step-by-step up his inclined staircase.

I mumble incoherent words, loudly, babbling like someone in a drunken stupor, as I am brought rapturously to new heights of pleasure.

The sounds of this animalistic passion feel his two-story home, but I am only concentrating on the pleasure being derived from the depths of my being as that 'special' spot is continuously plummeted by the magnificent tool of this gloriously blessed man that continues to drill into my accepting ass.


His volume increases and his penis swells as his momentum mounts as the eventual climax grows near for him.

We have now climbed up to the tenth step, I gather, moved by animalistic 'love' making of two willing participating people.

My cock throbs and pulses, depositing small drips, of a wet trail of seminal pre-cum, gracious offerings, on the carpeted steps. The smell from this man-protein excites me, further, I am at my absolute hardest, having no need to use manual stimulation to maintain my masculine strength, the skill by which my adorned lover keeps me fully charged and near the brink of climatic release is intoxicating.

Beck moans and thrust with ongoing intensity.

The pounding of my once-virginal ass, feels marvelous; my body continues the electrical shock throughout my 'on-fire' system.

"OHH! AHH!" I moan.

"You feel it?" Beck asks as he feels his cockhead swell up, further, in my tightly clenched ass around with his ongoing pleasurable assault of my tender region.

I mumble, stammering, as the riveting by his tool continues on my soft malleable hole.

While in the midst of another forceful plunge, I feel his cock, swell to mammoth proportions, the blood fills all the tiny vessels that encompass the full length and girth of his penis, before I feel the burst of his climatic sperm, flood my hole with his juice.

I am baptized in his gracious fluids as they soak down my interior.

Beck quivers uncontrollably as he recoils from his explosive climatic release before collapsing on my backside in a disheveled heap.

His weight, forces, me down onto the steps, I expel my own pent-up load onto the carpeted steps. Although not as violent as his, who still fills my hole, my load is quite impressive. I sigh, once, and collapse onto the steps, which causes Beck to slide, gently, out of my now wet relaxed, no longer, clenched, tight hole.

I push up, moving him and me.

"Now it's my turn," I say, "Where's your bedroom?"

"Follow me," Beck says as he heads up the flight of stairs.

I do as my cock inflates back up to full erection as I veer into the hairy crack of Beck's ass that sways in my direct sight.



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