I had grown up in a Suburban area on the outskirts of a city in Missouri.

I was the only child of a construction worker, my mother had been killed in a automobile accident when I was ten, and it had just been me and my father since then.

I am now nineteen, into sports, I have been all my life, my dad even coached my little league team when I was smaller.

Ah! My Father, I have been so friggen proud of him, he was well liked, so damed outgoing it was almost sinful, and so fucking good looking it was sinful.

Dad was one of those sexy, well built guys, that had women fighting over him like cats and if he had had a mind too, he could just about have had any one female in town he wanted, he just had that air about him, and I might add he was hung like a porn star too.

I guess thats where I got my family blessing, I am quite proud of the inheritance I got between my legs, as well as the body type and build.

Dad saw to it I was involved with baseball, soccer, tennis, swimming and any other thing I wanted to be involved with.

I met Maury when I was playing little league, he and I became very good friends and were almost inseperable as kids.

Since they lived the next street over in the Subdivision we lived in, we saw each other all the time, even had sleepovers, thats when things began to come to fruition with me at least.

I would see how Maury was filling out, and of course as we got older I began noticing his body, he was really getting an awesome body.

First let me tell you about him, he was the son of French people from Paris, they came here on a job transfer when Maurice (Maury) was five, and they have been here ever since.

WEll it was on a Friday night Maury had spent the night with me and thats when I came to realize I was in love with Maury, in a sexually desirous capacity, I had felt these strange feelings for him for a long time, and I would get aroused when I would see him in his tidy white briefs when he spent the night.

I would become sexually aroused seeing his gorgeous, muscular body, walking around in the bedroom in just his briefs, seeing that thick looking bulging cock as it sorta flopped around under the stretched white cotton of his briefs, to notice his shapely, round full looking ass in those briefs was almost more than my heart could take, and seeing that awesome hairyness of his legs, feeling his body laying next to mine in bed and feeling the heat it was generating, I would almost pass out with lust, my cock straining at my own boxerbriefs wanting release.

And then there was that fantatic night I could take it no longer, I could feel his body next to mine as we slept, and I listened to Maurys breathing, the sound of a young man asleep, his breathing was deep, and very regular, thats when I did something I had given thought to many times before, but now was the time.

I reached over and lightly and gently lay my hand ont top of that awesome spongey bulge in his briefs.

My heart was pounding like a symphonic kettle drum, I could feel and hear it in my throat, as I began to squeeze Maury's cock while he slept, it began to swell up thicker than I could imagine, Holy Fuck, Maury had a horse cock, or so it seemed to me, I very gently and lightly pulled out the elastic band of his briefs and slid my hand down and gently felt the thickness of his balls, they felt like chicken eggs they were so big, and then I noticed his cock felt different than mine, I couldn't feel the rim of its head, and I realized that Maury had been European born in France, he was uncircumcized, he still had a foreskin.

I was in heaven with it, it was so smooth and velvett feeling, I had never felt an uncircumcized cock before and it was awesome.

I pulled the elastic down and hooked it under his nutsack gently, so as not to wake him.

By the time I had his cock and balls free, he was already bone hard, thick and fantastic.

I slid his foreskin back and forth exposing his cock head a few time, I was in heaven doing this.

I leaned over and began to lick on his cock then I took it into my mouth to have a taste, it was then I felt his hand on the back of my head pushing my head down, 'Oh Fuck that feels good, dont stop,' Maury said. And I didn't, I was giving my very first blowjob to my best friend.

I was having a time because of it's thickness and length but I was doing what I could to take it all..

I had sucked him for about ten minutes learning not to scrape with my teeth, when I felt Maury's body go rigid, he started grunting and I felt his cock swell up a bit, and start to slightly jerk in my mouth, I began tasting this sorta musty, sweet, saltyness fill my mouth and I almost gagged with the amount of cum that was filling my mouth..

I swallow as much as I could and let the rest run down my cheek.........

'Holy Fuck that was awesome,' Maury said.

I flopped back and lay there as Maury looked into my eyes. 'I have wanted to do that for a long time Maury, I hope you aren't mad.' I said.

'Mad, Why the fuck would I be mad, that was the most amazing feeling I have ever had.'

'You like it then.'

'Fuck yeah Man! Who wouldn't?'

Then Maury reached down and slid his hand inside my boxerbriefs, 'Wow your dick feels strange to me.' he said.

Then It dawned to me, I dont' have a foreskin, since it was removed as a baby, but it still feels awesome when touched.

Maury pulled down my boxerbriefs and went down on my cock, I thought I would fly off the bed it was such a phenomenal feeling, and it didn't take me three minutes before I was filling Maury's mouth with my nut cream, god IT was the most awesome feeling I had ever experienced in my life.

Maury Swallowed it all too. We both held onto each other and fell sound asleep holding each other.

We awoke the next morning, oth naked, sporting morning wood with My father laughing.

'What the fuck is this? you to sweethearts have a good time last night did you? and there he was holding both our pair of underwear, and there we lay still naked as a jay bird. Dad just giggled and walked out of the room.

We both walked into the kitchen to get something to drink still in our underwear, sorta embarassed that we had been seen laying wrapped in each others arms naked as the day we were born.

My Dad looked at us and smiled, 'Hey guys, I don't give a shit about what you guys did last night, wish I had someone to have been with.'

I was shocked by that statement.

AS time went on Maury and I began to have a regular sex relationship. And I didn't hide it from my father, he was fine with it and accepted it fully.

It was about six months later that I had been called into work that night to work in place of another second shift worker that had gone home sick.

I got to work about six in the evening, it was a Friday, just to fill in.

Maury had been scheduled to come and spend the night, which is a regular thing for us to do on a Friday, except I was not going to be there for Maury.

Well I usually didnt get off untill eleven but that night it was about nineish that the boss came over and told me since it wasn't my regular shift and I was filling in for someone else, go ahead and go home, things were very slow that night.

I had rode my motor bike to work so when i got to the drive way of our house, I shut it off and pushed it to the back of the house where the garage entrance is.

it was very dark and I notice a little light on in the side bedroom, my fathers bedroom, so I decided to see what was going on, man was I in for a shock and surprise.

What I first saw I felt rather good about, it was My Father, he was naked, up on his knees with his cock stuck in a very nice looking ass, My Father was hammering away and at first I thought it was a woman then i saw the cock sticking out at an angle under the one getting fucked, I almost swallowed my tongue. My Father was fucking a dude in the asshole, WOW!

I became very aroused and sexually excited and there in the dark I undid my trousers, no one could see back there anyway.

I let my work pants fall to the ground and I reached in and took out my hardon, I was feeling only good and as My father made passionate love to that asshole I was watching thru the window I was beating my cock like there was no tomorrow.

My Father was in his groove, and he looked like he was throughly enjoying what was happening, he was fucking that nice ass like there was not end in sight, shoving it to the balls with each thrust, and the way the dude was acting he was enjoying it too.

The window was open just a little, enough to hear their grunting and moaning sounds, and as they neared the climax, I watched as the young man Dad was ass fucking straightened up, grabbed his cock, leaned his face over and My Father began Kissing his sweet, very pleased face, I shot my load all over the siding on the outside of the house and then I felt like my heart was torn out, the guy getting fucked by my Dad was Maury, and they were both very pleased looking as they both grunted and groaned to an awesome climax.

Cant say I wasn't a little hurt, but then something happened, I wasn't so much hurt as I was Jealous from both angles.

I was Jealous that My best friend and lover had anal sex with my Dad, and not me first, and also that my Dad had not wanted to get it on with me, I would have loved to have felt Dad's thick eight incher sliding up inside my asshole for the first time in my life.

to be continued..... See what happens when Dad and Maury are confronted.



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