Until recently I had worked nights as a hotel auditor. While I didn't exactly like the job, it did give me the chance to hook up on occasion for some pretty damn hot fuck sessions with guests. However, my first hook up on the job was not with a guest, but with a co-worker.

I had been on the job about six months when we had warning of a major snow storm due to hit the city within 48 hours. Not wanting to be short staffed, my boss had spread the word that all of the employees were welcome to free rooms for the duration of the storm. Truth be told, he simply didn't want to risk having to work anyone's shift.

Several of us took him up on the offer, and by the time I arrived just after 3pm the snow was already accumulating at a rather alarming rate. I checked myself into a room at the end of one of the side hallways where I knew I would be away from the cluster of rooms my co-workers were checking into. That way I was due to have some privacy and quiet.

While I was checking in, Billy, our maintenance man, walked up beside me and began making small talk about the storm.

Now, here's the thing. Billy is my idea of a HOT guy. He stands all of about five foot six, and weighs all of one hundred ten...soaking wet! With shoulder length coal black hair and big blue eyes, my cock grows instantly rock hard every time I see him. And this snowy afternoon was no exception.

Billy had always gone out of his way to speak to me and, from day one, had done everything possible to make me feel welcome and like one of the gang, especially since, working nights, I rarely ever saw the majority of my co-workers.

In addition to taking care of maintenance, Billy also ran our shuttle van during the morning hours, so he was one of the few people that I saw on a regular basis. After about a month on the job, I began to notice that Billy would arrive a bit earlier than necessary and would kill time just hanging out behind the desk talking to me.

Just having him near was enough to make me cream my shorts every morning, and to make matters worse, Billy had a tendency to wear his pants just a bit snug across the ass....and what an ass!

This guy had an ass like a ten year old boy. Nice little bubble butt just aching to be loved!

Even though I knew Billy was married, that didn't stop me from wanting this twenty-five year old so much that he was all I could think of. But, being fifteen years his senior, I knew I had no chance, even if, by some miracle, he turned out to be bi.

Anyways, after checking in and making small talk to Billy I immediately went to my room, stripped down, opened my bottle of poppers and promptly beat my cock till it was throbbing and beet red, all the while thinking of how much I wanted to bury my eight inches up Billy's ass.

Just about the time I was ready to blow I eased off, rolled over and allowed my self to fall asleep.

When I reported for work that night at eleven, I was informed by the night clerk that we had a total of ten rooms rented....and seven of those were employees. One look out the window told me why business was dead. The snow had continued to fall heavily while I was sleeping, and we now had a total of roughly seven inches on the ground, and it was still coming down.

Knowing it was going to be a long night, I hurriedly finished my audit and went to preset our breakfast area, figuring once I finished I would hop on the lobby computer and hit gay.com for some fun.

Just as I finished getting things set up and was turning out the lights, a voice from behind me said 'Hey, how's it goin?'

I jumped three feet in the air, spun around, and found myself face to face with Billy, who was wearing an old white t-shirt with the arms cut off, and a pair of green sweat pants. I was amazed to see that he was barefoot since the hotel hallways are tiled and tend to stay cool year round.

'Fuck man, you scared the shit out of me!'

He blushed. 'Sorry Ryan, didn't mean to scare you.'

I had to smile. I mean, this guy is (to me anyway) so smoking HOT that I couldn't be angry with him. 'It's okay man. What are you doing up at this hour?'

'My old lady's snoring like a freight train and I can't sleep.'

'Oh, your wife is here with you?'

'Yeah.' his face had an unpleasant frown on it. 'To be honest I didn't want her to come, but she insisted and kept on bitching till I let her. Kills my plans.'

I looked at him, a little puzzled. 'What plans?'

Billy placed his hands on his t-shirt and raised it up over his head, giving me a clear view of his skinny, smooth chest. His dime sized nipples were not only rock hard, to my delight I found both to be pierced with tiny silver hoops. His pits were filled with dark thick carpet. My mouth immediately began to water. Some guys are into dicks....I get weak and wet for pits!

'I was hoping to have some fun for a couple of days without the bitch around.' he said, giving me a wink. Then he very slowly dropped his head and looked down at his sweat pants.

I followed his gaze down and found my eyes staring at the pup tent that was in his sweat pants, all thanks to the ten inch cock that was obviously rock hard underneath.

My mouth fell open. I could feel the saliva running from the corners of my mouth.

Without taking my eyes from his pole I said 'Fuck man, is that a flashlight in your pocket or are you just glad to see me?'

'What do you think?'

I reached out my right hand, grabbed his boner and squeezed. I stepped closer to him. My left hand went to the back of his head and my fingers began to run through that fucking hot long mane of his. Then I pulled his head to mine.

Without waiting to see what his reaction would be I pulled his mouth to mine and forced my tongue between his lips. His mouth opened, welcoming mine.

After giving him a long, deep passionate kiss I squeezed his cock even harder and whispered in his ear. 'I think this needs some attention.'

I reached into my pocket and handed him my room key. 'I'll be there in ten minutes. Get ready to go to heaven.'




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