Hello, my names jorge, I am tall, In shape, and very hot. Most girls (and some guys) love to just stare at me because of the looks. They also stare at my ass a lot too. It's very hot as most girls tell me, a guy even once told me, oh yes, I'm gay and have a 12 inch dick. It runs in the family I overheard my mom say. I am very laid-back an chill.

I was at my friend jakes house hanging out with him and Jose. They're both tall and slender and have blue eyes. We were all playing xbox and having real fun. Eventually we got bored so we all started just talking. 'what's your mom going to make for dinner?' Jose asked calmy. Jake quickly answered, 'actually, my dad was going to cook some steaks. I had a feeling we all thought that sounded delicious. I called my mom and told her I'd be home late today. She said, 'you could stay if you want.' I said, 'cool, but I'd have to make sure it's okay with--' 'it's fine.' Jake cut in, hearing the whole conversation. 'jose's staying overnight too.' 'oh, okay I can stay, bye, love you.' we hung up. So we all just started watching tv until those steaks were done. Once they were done, I saw ribs also. Ribs are my favorite food. We all started grubbing. It was deIicious. I complemented on the food and we all went back to the room, stuffed. I told them both I was sleepy, so I slipped out of my skinny jeans and just made a bed on the floor with a blanket. Jose and Jake were wide awake still as I slowly drifted off. I am a very heavy sleeper. So once I was alseep, it was extremely hard to wake me up.

I was asleep and got a huge erection 'cause of my dream. Jose and Jake were still up, and they decided when I was asleep, they'd do tons with me. They started off with simply poking me. Thenthey uncovered the blanket and saw my huge erection. Once Jake saw it he couldn't resist. He pulled off my boxers slowly and out plopped my dick, at it's 12 inches. I was thick as hell so he started slow, his mouth stretching as he went lower and lower each time. He continued sucking as Jose watched. Then Jose wanted some. They took turns until I apparently moved and turned around. They saw my ass and were stunned. They both caressed it rubbing themselves allover my hairless ass. They boh undressed, there dicks erect, a few inches smaller than mine. Jake sent Jose to the bathroom to get lube. Jose came walking back, with lube. Suddenly, I woke up, I noticed my boxers thrown on the floor nearby and saw my dick standing, then I saw Jake ad Jose, staring at me in shock. I sort of exclaimed, 'what the hell... You guys are gay?' they nodded still staring at me. I sort of grinned, they saw my grin and started grinning too. I just said to them, 'do whatever you want, I don't mind.' so I laid back on my stomach, and felt someones finger applying lube, while another hand caressed my ass. Then Jake put his arms around my body and lifted me up and putting me bent over. My ass cheeks spread widely, ten I felt Jake start fucking me slowly, but the patern got faster, and faster, it seems I was moaning with the pattern. Then Jose crawled under me and started sucking my dick. Oh, both of them felt so good on me. Jose jacked me off and sucked. A while of this happened, continuously fucking an sucking, and ten, I felt my load coming. I warned Jose but he stayed. Jake was fucking me hard and wildly, and then pulled out as he told me about his load coming also. He came to my face. And rubbed his dick allover my face, in my mouth. It was heaven. Then I moaned really loud and cum exploded allover jose's and in his mouth. I continued sucking and Jake warned me one more time that his load was coming. I kept his dick in my mouth. Finally, I felt hot cum in my mouth, the flavor tasted way better than the ribs and steak! Oh how I felt so good. This night was amazing. I am drfinately coming back again. ;)




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