The shelter.

I was disappointed when Anna Willis, the lady who ran the teenage shelter, told me that I was gonna be taken in.I liked living here, I had friends here and I didn't wanna go anywhere else.

My parents and I were in a car crash, I was the only one to survive, I didn't know what to feel anymore and since I had no living relatives I was sent to a shelter to be adopted.I felt like I was condemned there as punishment that people get for doing some horrifying evil deed.But as time passed it got better but unfortunately no one adopted me but I was ready for that because on the very first day that I'd been brought here Mrs.Willis said, 'Tim, I don't want to break you heart by letting you keep your hopes high because I've seen the faces of children who wait to get adopted but when they don't the get shattered and....honestly it's not to ofter that an 17 year old boy gets adopted.I couldn't care about anything at the time because all I could think about were my parents.

But a year later, one day, one man came in, dressed in a black suit.He had two men similarly dressed guarding him from each side, they appeared to be weaponless, but I was sure that their pockets contained at least one gun.'Hi, my name is Jeremy Rojas', he introduced himself stretching his right hand out to Mrs.Willis.'Anna Willis, pleased to meet you Mr.Rojas, so your here to adopt??', Mrs.Willis asked.'I'm hoping that you'll say yes, because the child that you would adopt would be very lucky', Mrs.Willis added.'Actually yes I'm here to adopt, but not a child I want to adopt an teenage boy, around the age of 18, might sound weird that I'm being so specific but it's actually because my wife and 18 year old son recently died in a car accident, can't get my wife back but I'm trying to get my son back.'Well, Mr.Rojas you have been through a lot, are you sure that this is going to help you cope with your loss???', Mrs.Willis asked as she sipped a little tea from her cup, I being the only 18 year old in the shelter was standing at one end of Mrs.Willis's office until she called me.

'Hi, I'm Tim Curtis', I said secretly hoping that he wouldn't pass all the requirements to adopt, but unfortunately he seemed perfect, financially stable, mentally sound and after a few forms and legal documents, I was adopted.I packed my stuff and said goodbye to my friends and then I was escorted to a black range rover which had heavily tinted windows.

Range Rover.

The engine hummed like an awakened beast as the car began to move, I looked behind at the shelter and saw it's shape get smaller and smaller as we moved further away.After that I don't remember how everything turned into a nightmare, in a flash there was a blindfold on my eyes and hands held me in my place as my clothes were torn off, I was in my underwear and when I tried to scream I felt a gut-wrenching punch.'Don't bother, no one can hear the bitch scream through the sound proof glass anyway'., Jeremy's familiar voice said.

'What the hell is this', I questioned, 'you'll find out soon enough', he replied.'You won't get away with this, they'll find you, you gave them you name and address along with a shit load of other details', I said but he laughed and replied, 'Why would they even look for you when you've been adopted???, I told then that we were moving to Mexico and I didn't even adopt you with my real details, I filled in details of a person who died 75 years ago, they'll never even find out, I've been doing this for a long time now and not once has anyone been suspicious about my real intentions, truth is, Mrs.Willis was relieved to have you off her back, she's not gonna get into much more background check'.The rest of the car ride was in scilence, I dind't try to struggle again.


'We're at the mansion sir', someone said, maybe one of the guards I'd seen with him when he first came to the shelter.', I'll tell you why your here', Rojas said as he caught my jaw with his hand.'You here', he continued, 'for a specific purpose, as my brother's 18th birthday present........your lucky, most of the boys we take get transported to some old business executives with very strange fetishes.You'll do whatever my brother want's you to do and let him do whatever he wants to do to you', he grabbed a fistfull of my hair and pulled me closer, 'and sometimes...whatever I want to do you'.As we entered the mansion the blindfold was lifted off my head, and in front of me was the most beautiful house I'd ever seen, paintings covered some walls, there was a 105' TV sets in the living room, a chandelier made of white gold hung above an oakwood dining table, I was made to kneel down on the carpet right in the middle of the living room.'Leave us', Jeremy ordered and at once all his men dispersed.'Dave'......'Dave', Jeremy called,

'yeah, Mark??', presumably Dave, replied and that's when I learnt that Jeremy's real name was Mark.

'I've got your birthday present for you, come down here', Mark called.

Dave came running down the stairs but stopped short when he saw the scene ahead.'What is all this', he asked, like he was weary of his brother's games.'Your present, his name is Tim, but you can call him whatever you want'.Mark said and he hugged his brother.Dave pushed his slightly back, 'I don't want a sex boy Mark, all I wanted was a normal damn present, not for you to ruin someone's life, other than the lives you ruin on a daily basis'.

'I took the trouble to get his pussy ass here for you and this is how you say thanks??, no your just ungreatful, I don't care your going to like you present, your going to fuck him right here', Mark said, with cold eyes.'What???, no I won't, I'm not gonna fuck him, not here, not anywhere', Dave fought back.'Do it, or else I put you down in the cellar', Mark warned grabbing Dave by the wrist.'No, please, no, don't', Dave pleaded.'The fuck him, right now', Mark pushed Dave.

The First Time.

Dave stumbled towards me and Mark pulled off Dave's shirt from behind, as he came closer I felt a chill run though me, I was gonna be fucked.Dave pulled off his jeans and came closer to me, he pulled down his underwear to reveal a soft cock.He jerked his cock a few times, till it got hard and said, 'I'm really sorry about all this but my brother will kills us both if I don't do this so....suck my cock', as he inched his cock closer to my mouth.I did the only one thing I could do and I took it into my mouth and man was he big, I figured that he must atleast be 9' hard.Rhythmically he shoved his cock in and out of my mouth and I didn't gag since it wasn't the first time I'd suck cock.He moaned, now feeling the pleasure of my warm moist mouth and he began to push faster, then he stopped and pulled me up and kissed me, all this while I wanted to punch him because he was the reason that I was here in the first place but now I felt something else, it felt like I was falling in love with him and I could see that he felt the same way, we were still kissing when Mark interjected and pushed my to the ground.'Stop stalling and fuck him already, I don't have all day', he said.

Mark gave Dave a condom and Dave asked me to slip it onto his cock, I tore the packet and slowly pushed it over his cock, he moaned even as I was slipping the condom onto his cock, Dave lifted me and positioned himself under me.Slowly he brought me down inch by inch pushing his cock into me, I moaned in pain as the first cock I'd ever take slipped into my butt, 'I'm sorry, the pain will ease up in a while, I promise', Dave said and he left his cock that way for a while to wait for the pain to ease up and then he began to push in and out.We both moaned as he slid his lubed cock in and out of me.Dave was screaming, 'Uhhh, yeah, oh baby your ass feels so good' and Mark who now had his cock out of his pants and was jacking off said, 'hahahaha....I knew it, the bitch likes cocks up his ass, well I just know a cock slut when I see one, give it to him Davey, yeah, just like that don't stop'.The room was filled with loud moans and yells of Dave's pleasure and my pain and after another fifteen minutes of fucking Dave pulled out of my ass, ripped off the condom and jacked his cock which he brought to my face and just then volley after volley of hot cream shot from his cock hit my face and soon my face was covered with cum.Dave fell on top of me, breathing heavily and he wiped some of the cum on my face and said, 'sorry, Tim, I dunno what came over me but I'm really sorry'.I couldn't reply, I wanted to cry and I was afraid that if I opened my mouth to speak, the sob that I was holding back would escape.

'See that wasn't so hard was it and you loved it, now take him to your room he can sleep on the floor, we'll be having guest soon and it wouldn't look good if a naked cock slut was on our living room floor, now would it', Mark said as he put his cock back in his pants.

One thing I knew for sure was that.......this was just the begining.



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