As I was driving down the road minding my own business and deep in thought about the situations I faced all day long and the feelings I bottled up inside me about my life and how it was going, just drove me almost completely insane, figuratively speaking, but none of that mattered at that moment until I noticed the red and blue flashing lights in my rear view mirror.  Great, just what I need a ticket and harassment from an out a shape motorcycle cop that was trying to prove himself true police officer.  I pulled over atthe next parking lot area and waited patiently for this to all be over, but then it happened, the knock on the window. I turned to look out the window and instead of a overweight desk jockey,my heart was in my throat to see a young beautiful blonde haired blue eye officer who was probably in his early twenties with a physical appearance of a super model.  As I greeted him, I took a look at his name badge and saw that his name was N. Shaw and he stood approximately 5ft 11 in and if I were to guess his weight I would say he weighed 190 lbs of ripped muscle and wore a size 11 shoe.  I knew he was not gay since he had a wedding band on his finger, but that did not bother me. As I listened to him talking, I imagined having him in ways that I would drive a person insane.

After we finished with the ticket I thanked him and left,but had a hard time getting that beautiful officer out of my mind.  I thought about him for nearly several days afterwards and finally figured that I had to do something about it.  The first thing I needed to do was find out his name, I knew his last but only had an initial for the first, so I contacted the local police department and spoke with a secretary that I told her a story that I wanted to thank the officer for helping my wife out, which I did not have and said that all I had was a last name and that he was a motorcycle cop.  She then “asked what his last name was?” and, I presented the last name of Shaw to her.  She then replied that his first name was“Nathan”, I thanked her and asked if I should send the thank you note to the department or what she said “ that would be best”, I told her thank you one last time and hung up.

I then went to looking thru the address lookup to see if his personal address was available and to my surprise I found several Nathan Shaw’sin the area, so I had my work cut out for me temporarily, but I had to have himno matter what.  For the next couple of months I watched each one of the Crenshaw residential addresses until I finally came to the one I was looking for, I watched as he drove his pickup into the driveway and got out in his uniform, he was still as beautiful as the day I saw him.  I then saw his wife come out and great him with a kiss, as I watched I told myself that she should enjoy it now,because soon enough she would not be getting any from him.

I watched for several weeks unnoticed and soon got to know his schedule probably better than him, which would be to my benefit.  I watched as I saw his wife leaving for work the next morning and knew that he would be getting home soon since he worked the night shift and he would be vulnerable to my attack.  I then went over to the house and went in thru the back door unnoticed by anyone locking it behind me, I went in and proceeded to the bedroom where I located his dresser and open up the drawers to see his socks, underwear and t-shirts.  I started by packing them all up into bags to take with me, since I wanted him to disappear without a trace.  Then I heard his truck pull into the driveway, I quickly decided to hide and wait, as I watched him come into the house and start to take his gun belt off and his main shirt next he walked into the bedroom where I was hiding and went straight to the bed where he sat down on the bed and pulled his boots off, I was just imagining what the smell of his sweaty socks must be like and immediately got hard.  Next I watched him take his pants off and saw him standing there in his t-shirt, underwear and socks and was he ever beautiful, but I waited as he went into the bathroom and started his shower, I knew the time was coming so I grab the taser from my pocket and waited, he soon came out of the bathroom with the shower still running in the background and went to his dresser where he open his drawers up and noticed that all his clothes were missing, he looked confused but then he started walking toward the closet where I was hiding and waiting.  I watched in anticipation as the doorknob started to turn and he opened the door.  Ashe walked in I made my move and jumped him wrestling him to the ground he fought like a bear as most cops are trained, however with the taser I was able to take him down.  He laid on the floor still semi-awake but not for long as I reached into my pocket and retrieved as mall amber colored bottle and cloth.  I applied some of the liquid from the bottle to the cloth and walked over to him and applied the cloth over his mouth and nose, you could tell he wanted to fight but couldn’t.  He slowly slippedinto darkness and was out.

While he was out I knew neighbors would be looking at anything weird, so I looked at myself and realized that I had a lot of the same characteristics as Nathan so I went and retrieved all his uniform pieces and put them on, after wards I took some cable ties and tied his ankles together and his arches together, as well as, his knees and his wrist and elbows.  I started to take out the bags of hisclothing and load them up in his truck, next I brought in a big duffle bag largeenough for my precious cargo.  When Iwalked in I heard some commotion coming from the bedroom and went in he lookedat me in his uniform and said what the hell is this, who are you.  I told him to be quiet or I would make himquiet he decided to try and yell for help but before he could get a word out Ihad my hand over his mouth and reached into my bag where I pulled out a dirtyjock strap one that I had been wearing for the last several weeks just for himand stuffed it into his mouth, I then got the roll of duct tape I had andstarted to wrap it around his mouth and head several times.

After I was done I stood up and admired my work , watching him struggle, but I was not done yet I wanted to have a visual inspection so I rolled up his t-shirt to reveal a beautifully normal abdominal and chest area with a nice line of hair running from his pecs down past his belly button and disappearing into his underwear.  When Ilooked up at him you could see the fear in his eyes, but I told him not toworry that he would grow to love it.  Ithen pulled his underwear down and then I saw the best thing ever he had a dickthat needed some attention and I would be the one to give it to him.  I slowly started to massage him and waitedtill he responded and boy did he everhis dick grew to 8 inched long and I wasexcited.  I looked at him and said thatwe needed to be going and so I grabbed the duffle bag and moved him over to itwhere I placed his feet inside first and then started squishing him down to asquatting position and last thing was for me to stick his head inside thebag.  he looked at me in fear and disgustas I started to zip the bag up and tried to yell thru his gag for help, but tono available effort nothing was coming out. 

I made one last walk thru to make sure I had everything of his and once I did, I reached down and picked up the duffle bag and placed it over my shoulder like most duffle bags are carried, I knew that he definitely weighed close to 190 but fortunately for him I was able to bench press 250 to 275 easily and proceeded to take the duffle out and throw it into the back of Nathan’s truck with him struggling to be noticed by someone but no one could.  I jumped inside the cab and backed out of the drive and started down the road with my new cargo in hand.  Only one neighbor saw me and they waived at me and yelled out have great day Nathan, I smiled and nodded towards them and thought to myself oh he his going to have a great day but mine is going to be even greater.


Big D


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