Chapter 5

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Aniket could not believe that Ritvik had left him for ever. He still had hopes to find the symptoms of life. He quickly leaned forward and put his ear over Ritvik’s heart. He could have missed the heart-beats last time, he wanted to hear it again. He kept listening patiently for few moments, and tears and laughter came out together representing his extreme pleasure and shocked state of mind. He kept lying in same pose, with his head resting on Ritvik’s chest and started crying furiously.  After releasing his psychological pressure through tears, when he came back to his senses, he got up, got dressed quickly and ran out to bring home a doctor.

Doctor came in and did a thorough inspection. Ritvik was almost nude, covered with just a bedsheet. Looking at Ritvik’s condition, and physical injuries, he raised a few questions with suspicion. Aniket figured out it won’t be of any help to hide the details from the doctor, so he gave a hint about the incident.

“Oh ! I see.”, The Doctor looked again on Ritvik lying on the bed. His voice and his facial expression was filled with pity. “Poor boy ! “, The doctor exclaimed with a long exhale. His eyes were now filled with kindness and pity. He wrote a few medicines to be brought immediately and handed over the slip to Aniket.

“I am going to give him saline water and some injections through “dip”, as he is already quite dehydrated and not in a position to take anything orally. There does not seem to be a cause of  immediate worry as I don’t see any sign of critical injury on his body that could lead to unconsciousness. His medical history, as you informed, also did not have any such symptoms to worry. His unconsciousness is probably because of some other reason, but not because of these external wounds on his body”, Doctor explained to Aniket who was looking at him anxiously with concerned expressions. The doctor was also surprised to see Ritvik’s condition as his wounds and physical examination did not reveal any critical injury which could have turned him so severely ill or unconscious. It was a mental shock and trauma, he figured out, that deteriorated his condition.

The Doctor Shrestha was a qualified, and experienced doctor. He had spent 33 years of his life in understanding the complex machinery called “the Human Body” and its anatomy. His vast experience with different kind of people had given him an insight into understanding of various effects of internal and external agents on it and also a chance to understand the co-relation between the Physiology and human psychology for an overall diagnosis and effective treatment. He was one of those few medical practitioners, who take this profession for serving the humanity with dignity and not just to make money. That’s why he had successfully earned a great respect and reputation in society.

He gave the medicines, and after around forty to forty five minutes, he checked Ritvik once again. After running through physical examination, Dr. Shrestha turned to Aniket and said, “See Mr. Aniket, with these medicines, his fever should get controlled in 3 to 4 hours, and probably he should come back to his senses in next 5-6 hours. His Blood Pressure was critically low when I had come, which is now coming back to normal. I have given him mild sedatives so that his body, and his mind are able to take proper rest, which is usually unlikely in current circumstances without these medicines.” He paused for a moment, looked back in Aniket’s eyes. He was probably trying to read something through his eyes, and then he continued, “My medicine is just a temporary solution. It will help him recover from his external injuries, but you must think about getting him healed for his internal injuries,……     you know what I mean.”, and kept looking directly into Aniket’s eyes expecting a reply.

“Sir ! Thank you very much, for your kind visit and help. I don’t have words to express my gratitude for your kindness. You have saved many lives today. He is the only son to his parents.”,  Replied Aniket and his voice started trembling with emotional excitement. It was not hard for the Dr. Shrestha to understand that Aniket was one among the “many” lives that he saved today by visiting here. He probably got answer to his questions that he was trying to find through Aniket’s eyes.

“Okay ! Don’t worry. You first need to take care of yourself young man, otherwise who will take care of him if you fell ill.”, Dr. Shrestha tapped on Aniket’s shoulder, who was on the verge of falling apart emotionally. “Here … it’s my card. Do call me if needed, or if he does not wake up by tomorrow morning. His fever must get down tonight.”, Said Dr. Shrestha, handing over his visiting card to Aniket.

Aniket took his card with both the hands, and said, “I don’t have any words to thank you Sir.”.  After a while, Aniket asked again, “Sir .. you talked about getting his inner wounds healed…..”

Dr. Shrestha understood his question and interrupted him before completion of his sentence, “See, our physcial health is directly impacted with our mental health. Do you see bruises and injuries on his body? What’s his age again.. 18 something?.. at this tender age, he has seen worst shades of human-life which would have left deep scars and wounds on his soft-hearted mind and soul. It is most probably a result of those inner wounds that he is out. I would not be surprised if he has left all hopes of continuing his life. These scary experiences are not going to get away on its own. He needs professional help and guidance, otherwise it will keep haunting him throughout his life. I can refer you to one of my known Psychologists or Psychiatrists. There is nothing to be ashamed of getting help from a Psychologist or Psychiatrist.  He is almost of my Son’s age, and I am concerned for him”,  continued Dr. Shrestha looking back at Ritvik while ending his sentence.

There was no response from Aniket when he turned back to him.

“Okay ! you first let him recover from his external injuries, and then we will talk about it, if you feel so. I am sure, you also want the best for his life and future.”, added Dr. Shrestha seeing the hesitation in the name of  “Psychiatrist”. “But keep in mind, you need to be extra alert for a few days. Don’t leave him all alone.”, warned Dr. Shreshta.

After the Doctor’s visit, Aniket did not leave Ritvik alone even for a second. He sat close to him all day, talking to him. Even though Ritvik was unconscious, but today Aniket had a lot of talking to do. For him, his words were reaching to Ritvik. On top of that, Ritvik was patiently hearing all what he had to say without any interruption. He held Ritvik’s hand in his hands and talked about how they met for the first time, how he fell in love with him and how important Ritvik had become in his life. He also talked about the various incidents and fights between them. He talked about the incident when they went to watch movie, and he deliberately asked Ritvik to drive his bike and he chose to sit on back-seat so that he can embrace him from backside and explore his body. He talked, and talked and talked. Most of the things he talked were coming out spontaneously and were about only positive moments of their lives together. Although, there was no response from Ritvik but Aniket was talking with a confidence as if Ritvik is listening each and every word of his talks. Many times, his voice trembled and eyes got wet due to excitement and emotions, but then he quickly changed the topic.

He was not only talking, he also did the cleaning, dressing, rubbed the ointment prescribed by the Doctor, washed his bleeding wounds, and gave him medication. Doctor had already given the saline water to avoid dehydration.

The same body, which once mesmerized Aniket was in front of him, all nude. Even though Ritvik was injured, unconscious, and his body had clear signs of scars, injuries and bruises, still his natural beauty was shining flawlessly. The body, which he wanted to explore with his hands, but could not do much even after a couple of forced attempts as there was a resistance from Ritvik. He wished many times to get a glimpse of Ritvik’s body without any clothes, but never got a chance to see it completely nude. Today, all his long desired wishes had come true, but that feeling had eloped, which gave his penis an instant hard-on with a mere thought of Ritvik. That feeling and excitement were  replaced by a powerful sentiment that only had a sense of devotion and wish to see Ritvik back to his glorious charming smile. His bonding with Ritvik became much more dense and stronger. Now, he and his life had only one goal. His existence on this earth was only to protect Ritvik and bring him back to life, smiling and cheerful. The beauty was there, but not the beast. That’s the beauty of the Love. It nurtures all involved in it. It is protective, it is magical. It is divine! At times, it may be hidden behind physical attraction, lust, but it all depends upon what is the driving factor. If it is mixed but driven by love, you still have the magic inside. If Love is not there, it turns ugly. That was the difference between the feelings of Rizwaan and Aniket. One was just a beast without any Love, the later one was ruled by Love. That’s why, even though Aniket at times felt impulsed and tried forcibly to get hold of him, his body, but it was his love hiding behind his impulse for physical attraction that never let him cross the limits or to harm his loved Ritvik. Ritvik’s happiness was all that controlled Aniket’s actions over and above his own desires.

Aniket was also tired, both physically and psychologically. But at this moment, the only thing that was soothing to him, was holding his love in his hands and stay close to him. It was also giving him the assurance because he would get notified with slightest movements of Ritvik and serve him. He did not want to loose a chance to be unaware of Ritvik’s movements, so he had already embraced Ritvik in his arms. He had comfortably set his one arm under Ritvik’s head between the gap of his neck and pillow and his second hand was resting over his belly, moving up and down with each breath Ritvik inhaled or exhaled. Amidst his talks, he rested his head on Ritvik’s chest, close to his shoulder and his eyes got closed. He did not know, when his eyes got closed amidst his one sided talks with Ritvik and slept holding his love in same pose.

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