Tony sat silent in the back of the dark classroom as the snow began to drift slowly outside. The room was quiet and low sound of a cheap independent film montage from the television In the front of the room echoed to his ears. He glanced side to side, observing the faces painted on his peers' faces. One girl to the left laid with her head in her hoodie, phone tucked away in her hand. Another boy sat a couple seats up, playing a arcade game on his iPhone. Tony watched as each student slipped into their own blissful world far from the dull room, each anticipating an early end to the day in regard to the snow. The teacher sat, his eye's bobbing from side to side, quickly deciphering the text in a ancient Anne Rice novel.

Eighteen years-old and full of desire, Tony found himself hard in the middle of the school day. It was nothing new to him; his hormones were raging and he found himself ready and willing at the most inopportune times. Normally, he would sneak to the bathroom, work a nut out, and return to class but today, he felt like taking a risk. He figured, what better time to take care of it in class, while no ones looking. "When opportunity knocks.." he thought. How would he do it? What if someone saw? Questions and panic rushed through his mind, but he had more than made up his mind and , lets be honest, what could it hurt.

He gently moved aside his phone, tucked between his legs, and began to grind his hand along his throbbing cock. The feeling was amazing, even through his tight skinny jeans. He pushed his long blonde hair from his face before letting his fingers drift into his tight boxers. He glanced around the room, again finding himself solace in is act. He slowly slide the tag of his zipper lower until he could maneuver his cock from his underwear. He let his hand trail up his 10 inch cock, taking a bead of fresh pre-cum to his finger and placing on his tongue. The sweet taste made his eyes role back, and he used the extra juice to lube his tool. Again, his teenage drive took over and he lost himself in the thrill of beating off in public. A low mumble drew his eyes open and he fixed a glance to the teachers' desk. Mr. Anderson sat eyes locked on Tony, his scruff-covered jaw gently flexing as the young twenty-something mad rolled the arm of his glasses in his mouth. Tony, unsure of what to do shoved his dick back into his pant. He panicked as he searched for a way to cover the fact that he was pleasuring himself in class. Luck was in Tonys' favor as the principal came over the intercom...

"Attention Students," the voice blared, "Due to the inclement weather, we will close in the next hour. Please dismiss student to the Auditorium."

The class dispersed as quickly as possible, Mr. Anderson taking point next to the door. Tony was the last to leave, but was coldly stopped by his teachers arm.

"I saw what you were working on back there Tony. Tell Me, who taught you that."

Tony was speechless. "I... I don't know... I just..."

Mr. Anderson cut him off, placing a finger on his students lips. "Tony, next time, wait till the end of class... when I can help."

Mr. Anderson pressed his hand to Tonys' neck, pulling him to his full lips. He kissed him, slow at first; but with intense force. He pushed his tongue into his mouth and lifted the twink onto a desk near-by. He savored the taste of the teens sweet spit. He opened his eyes to observe the boy he had in his arms. Tony sat powerless, his body cover in cold-chills. Mr. Anderson laid him to his back, pushing a hand under his tight v-neck. Tony felt so smooth in his hands. Gentle flowing curves, skinny yet full bodied. He had never felt a twink body so perfect, and so ready for a pounding,

Mr. Anderson pulled his lips from Tonys' "I'm gonna fuck your tight twink ass, and you're gonna take it, got it Tony?"

"Yes sir, Mr. Anderson. Whatever you say." Tony replied.

Mr. Anderson pulled Tony by his skinny waist to his desk, gently laying him down, a hand braced behind Tony to ensure a tender placement. He let his hand wander down his body as he tugged on Tonys' neck with his teeth. Tony gasped and enjoyed the feeling of being helpless in the hands of his teacher. He looked down, watching Mr. Anderson's lips move lower on his smooth body, and feeling his scruff tickle his waist. He exhaled with a groan and a thrust, forcing his hands onto his teachers back as he felt his skinny jeans hit the floor. He decided it was time for some restiveness.

Tony put his hands behind him, lifting himself up face to face with Mr. Anderson. He grabbed him by his Oxford blue button up, ripping past it, uncovering a plain white Tee hiding a glorious set of six-pack abs. He placed a finger and traced them as he gave his teacher the look a boy only gives when he wants to be fucked wild. He slid his hands down and began tugging on Anderson's belt until his pant hit the floor. Tony instantly hit his knees, feeling the cold floor. He sat there eyes locked on the bulge in Mr. Andersons pants as his own dick grew even stiffer.

Mr. Anderson glanced down his hard chest and washboard stomach at the twink that sat awaiting his cock. He marveled at the sight of the long-haired boy in his tight underwear stroking his rod through his briefs. He pushed a hand into his underwear, pulling his cock out. It stood an even Ten inches and thick. He laughed at the expression of awe on Tony's face as he placed a hand on the back of his head. With no resistance, Tony placed it into his mouth, feeling it fill his throat. He gagged but didn't let the throbbing erection leave his mouth, instead moving it slightly up his tongue and then back into his throat. He continued to do so until he was used to swallowing a fat cock. He looked up at Mr. Anderson with his blue eyes, begging for more.

Mr. Anderson placed a second hand on the teens head, and started moving his dick in and out of his mouth, face fucking the twink of his dreams, watching the boy enjoy every second. He grunted, and watched his cock get full serviced. He couldn't believe it, but this newbie cocksucker was better at giving a blowjob than his wife. He pulled his cock from his mouth, slapping him in the face and then shoving it back into the warm and wet hole that had him in ecstasy.

Tony pulled on his dick, dripping pre-jizz on his fingers and rubbing it on hit teachers ripped body, shinning it. He then slid two fingers slowly into his wet hole, moaning as they fully penetrated him. He grasped the base of Mr Andersons spit covered dick, slurping and moaning on hit as he pleasured himself. He couldn't even fathom how much better it felt to finger himself with cock in his mouth as opposed to being at home in front of the computer alone. He yanked his cock faster and woth more force. He stood abruptly, spinning around. He slammed his face onto the desk and his ass up to Mr. Anderson.

"Get that shit ready!!!" He said, rubbing his index finger on the outside of his already dripping wet hole.

Mr. Anderson didn't hesitate as he lowered his mouth to Tony. He slipped his tongue out and began to gently polish the boys' perfect and tight hole. Again, tony slipped a finger in as he felt Mr. Anderson lick and suck his ass. Mr. Anderson squeezed his ass, pulling his cheeks apart and forcing his tongue into the tight hole, tasting the twink juice that filled the boy. He stroked his cock, taking pleasure listening to the moans coming from Tony. He looked at his ass, spitting on it. He stood, adjusting himself.

Tony grabbed his ass cheeks, holding them apart as he braced for a pounding. He felt the force of Mr. Anderson's engorged dick-head slipping past his hole and deep into his ass. He screamed, his eyes rolling back as he tried to calm himself into taking this monster dick. After a few seconds, he felt the full effect of Eight Inches of Mr. Andersons cock. He forced his ass lower, now in full enjoyment of Ten amazing inches. He rode Mr. Anderson; slow at first then fast, listening to the low moans escaping Mr. Andersons mouth and the loud slap of his bubble-ass bouncing off Mr. Andersons hips. He bit his bottom lip, rolling around in circular movements on the cock that felt so heavenly in his now full-ass.

Mr. Anderson watched a his cock disappeared in the tightest hole ever. He could contain his moans. His cock felt so good. Hugged by the warmth and wetness of Tonys' ass. He leaned back, placing his hands on Tonys shoulders and started pounding the ass he wanted to destroy. Faster than his brain could accompany, he pounded the ass wrapped around his dick. He moaned louder as he picked to up, slipping him up onto his dick as he laid down on his desk. He placed his hands under Tony's ass, moving it up and down his dick. Looking at the boys face, he felt prideful. Tony moved up and down; his mouth open expelling moans and screams as he tossed his head side to side. His long hair him in the face, Tony placed a hand on Mr. Andersons abs, balancing himself and sliding even easier on Mr. Andersons lubed shaft. He leaned forward, shoving his tongue into Mr. Andersons mouth as he took the dick of a lifetime.

Mr. Anderson moaned, kissing Tony passionately as he laid him back, placing the boys sweat covered legs over his shoulders. Tony now could watch the show, his eyes painting the picture of his pink hole being stuffed with bareback cock. He dug his fingers into Mr. Andersons back, letting the feel the force he was putting into making sure Tony enjoyed the dick he was receiving,

"Tony, Oh my god, I'm getting close!" groaned Mr. Anderson as he pulled his cock from Tony's ass, forcing it all the way back in.

"Fuck yes, Mr. Anderson!" replied Tony between gasps for air, "Cum all over me, Please!"

Mr. Anderson grunted, moving and grinding his hips so that his cock head would bounce over Tonys prostate. Tony screamed, shooting cum from his cock all the way to his face, covering his lips and cheeks. He licked the fresh juice from his lips as the last drops filled his belly button. He pulled Mr. Anderson down and kissed him, sharing the taste of teenage cum as he continued to get fucked. Mr Anderson soon pulled from Tonys' hole, shoving his dick towards the twinks face. His cum soon flew out of his wet dick, falling to the boys face, When the cum was gone from his cock, he looked down at Tony. He was covered, forehead to chin in fresh jizz. He kissed the boy again, drained from the intense fuck he just experienced.

"Tony..." Mr. Anderson whispered.

"Yes Sir?" Tony replied.

"I think you may need after class tutoring. Plan to stay after class until further notice.." he expelled as he wrapped the boy in his arms.


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