"Les, please, just think about what you're doing?! I swear I'll change, just one more chance!", I scream at him.

"You've had enough chances. Three to be exact. I'm not going to stay and be with someone who treats me like shit. Not to mention the cheating, lying, and backstabbing.", Less replies softly. "I still love you. That's what hurts the most about this. But I just can't stay with someone who doesn't love me back..."

"But Les, I do love you!"

"Well you have a damn funny way of showing it.", he snapped. More softly, he replied,"It was a mistake getting back together with you... The only reason I did was because I had thought... I thought you had... Actually changed."

That's what did it. I started crying. Not just whimpers, full out sobs. It was completely unlike me. Never once had I cried this hard about someone... Not since HIM... He's the one who made me this way...

And suddenly, we were out the door, me holding on to the last bit of Les that I could, and him trying to get as far away from me as humanly possible.

"Honey, I'm sorry that it had to end like this. But if you ever actually DO change, look me up. I'll be waiting.", Les cried out the window.

And he was gone.


I guess I should explain to you who I am. My name is Malachi. Malachi Lucifer Maed. I'm six two, with stunning brown hair, and gorgeous green eyes. They kind of have a darker green towards the pupil that gets lighter in the middle, and then obscenely dark on the outside. I keep myself in perfect physical form, rain, sleet, or snow. I'm lightly tanned, with white stripes in the places where no sun shines.

But lately, everything's gone to shit.

Les walked out on me. I haven't seen hide nor hair of him, and I want back so badly there is a physical pain in my nerves. I haven't moved from my bed except to eat, go to the bathroom, and do what made him leave in the first place...

I'm such a disgusting, dirty, whore...

I can't help it though... All because of HIM... He made me this way. I haven't been able to stop, because I'm still looking for someone who could please me like he could. Make me scream his name, and keep me silent with just a look...


I hate him for what he did to me. But I love him more. So I do what he taught me. I went out and tried to please my partners. Even if I already had one that was trying to become permanent...

It's not that I don't want to change... I just can't. Ian wasn't human. He was something much darker... Much more furious. Much more deadly.

Ian was a demon.

Ask me how I know? WHY, I know. Because I'm his counterpart.

I'm an angel.

An angel that fell...


I was out working late one night. At my job at the grocery store. I didn't want to waste time looking for another job, and I got paid well enough.

My next customer was a little old lady with a purple, knit hat, and an entire flower ensemble. She had a black purse that was a little bigger than her chest.

She bought two boxes of cat food, some denture cleaner, and two beers. For her husband she said.

I checked her out, and she left. There wasn't another employee there at that time of night. Just the janitors cleaning up. When all of a sudden, he walked in.

Ian was... The hottest creature I've ever seen... When he took off his sunglasses, I understood though. The fatal attraction. The attraction all angels feel toward a demon.

A deathly attraction.

Ian bought apples, bananas, two two liter bottles of Mountain Dew, and a box of donuts. Since I was the only one at the counters, he kind of had to get rung up by me.

But I could tell he didn't want to.

See, demons don't have a particular attraction toward anything. They do what they have to survive, and then drop it in the gutter when the finish using it.

They also don't have the sight.

He couldn't tell that I was one of the Fallen. But I could tell that he was definitely a demon. No angel would ever give up this secret, but demons leak a kind of dark spiritual energy from their eyes. They can't help it. They don't even know it exists.

Because they aren't in touch with their souls. And those souls are dying.

He came up, and I rang him up. The total was 27.48 . He paid cash and told me to keep the change. My shift was over three hours ago, so I got my coat and ran to him.

That was the first mistake.

Ian was done packing his trunk. He was just sitting outside, waiting for me. When I saw that, I should have run. But I didn't.

That was the second mistake.

The third mistake was going up to him, and asking for his number. He didn't give it to me, he just said, "Get in." So I did.

He drove back to his house, and we ended up in bed together. When he was finished, he bit my neck, and whispered, "You're mine.", in my ear.

That was my final mistake.


Me and Ian were together for a year and a half. I didn't think it would last that long, but it did. He was different from the demons I had heard about ... Or so I thought.

He was so... Caring toward me. And I loved him to death. He would help me make dinner sometimes, and we would cuddle in front of the T.V. on cold nights. Chess was our game of choice, as we both liked the strategy from it.

That all changed when I finally told him what I was.

We were driving into town to go shopping for Christmas. When we got there, we separated to do our separate shopping for one another.

It took two hours, but I found him the perfect gift.

It was a gold necklace. Nothing fancy, just a simple gold chain. I had it wrapped in the store, and went out to the car to meet him.

"Did you find anything good darling?", he asked?

"You're going to love it babe.", I replied.

We drove home, and jumped straight in bed. Tomorrow was Christmas after all.

In the morning, I was up with the sun. I was bouncing around like a child. I've always loved Christmas time.

He came out a few minutes later, dressed in nothing but pajama bottoms. He was so fucking sexy... His raven black hair was all messy, and his brilliant blue eyes were still dull with sleep... And his voice... His sleepy voice would have made God herself cry. (Yes I said, herself, I'll explain later) He hadn't shaved yet, so he had just the right amount of stubble to be insanely hot.

And then there was his torso... Mmm... I swear... His chest was perfectly muscular, and there wasn't a hair on it. His nipples were perfectly round, and just the right shade of brown. My eyes traveled down past his eight pack to the v-line that pointed to the package I most wanted to unwrap... He had to wave at me to get me to look at his eyes.

"Why are you up so early Mala?"

"Why aren't you still asleep Ian? I wasn't planning on waking you up for another hour at least!", I replied jokingly.

"I missed you're warmth..."

"Awww, hun..."

"Anyway, I'm up now, let's just get this over with.", he quietly replied.

Christmas was always a hard time for Ian. It made him remember what it was to be like me... To be angelic. Because that's what a demon is. An angel that came out wrong. A mutation in the genetic coding of angelic DNA.

"You're present first.", I said.

I gave him the little package I had wrapped the day before, and he opened it like it was going to bite his finger off. He hated gifts.

But when he saw what it was, his entire face lit up like the tree in the corner of our house.

"Malachi, you shouldn't have!"

"What I should have done, and what I did are two completely separate issues.", I reply. "Now come here and let me put it on you."

He scooted closer to me, and I hooked it around his neck. When he turned around, I noticed that the stream of soul tears had turned a brilliant white. And that there were physical tears in his eyes as well.

He put a hand on my chest, and pushed me down to the floor, following so he then lay on top of me.

"Mala... Thank you..."

Then he kissed me.

A real, passionate kiss that took away my breath, and made me crave more of him. Made me hotter, and less able to breathe. Made me love him completely.

When he pulled away, I whimpered.

"Don't worry love, you'll get some more later... If you're good.", he mischievously said.

"Ian... There's something else. I have just one more gift, and it's more priceless than anything I've ever given or gotten you before."

I had his attention.

"Go on."

"I'm going to give you my trust. I'm going to tell you a secret. A secret so vitally important, I haven't told anyone, ever, since I came in this world."

He was starting to look a little worried. And that was ok. He should be worried. I took a deep breath...

"I know what you are. I've known since you came to the grocery store."

Ian was panting. He definitely did not expect this.

"And what, pray tell, am I?"

"You're a demon."

Ian flinched.

"H-how do you know that?", he asked shakily.

"Because I'm an angel.", I replied.

Instantly, the soul tears became pitch black. And I'm not just talking black. Imagine a black hole. The universe without creation. Blackness. Darkeness. Encompassing all light.

"Malachi, since you are an angel, and you did not tell me from the beginning, according to angelic law, coming straight from the mouth of God herself, I hereby curse you. You will never again be able to keep your body to yourself. You will never again be able to have a life partner, like you would have had with me, if you told me the truth in the beginning. You will lie, cheat, backstab... You will do anything to not be with a person for more that six months."

And so I was cursed. By my fiancee no less.





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