Frank arose early which was unusual, especially considering the hour he got home the night before. Seth was bound in the desk chair, awake and watching.

After relieving himself and putting on a pair of plaid boxers, Frank went to where Seth was sitting and undid his fetters.

"You're free," he said, and turned his back.

"Free?" asked Seth. "What do you mean, 'free'?"

Frank sat on his lounge chair and looked at Seth. "I mean you are free to do whatever you want to do. I might suggest you start your newfound freedom by taking a piss."

"Yes, Sir," Seth said. "I'll do that, but I need to understand what you mean by 'free'."

"Go pee, Smith," Frank said. "Give me a minute to get my thoughts together."

"Yes, Sir," Seth repeated. "Thank you, Sir," and he went into the john.

He was rubbing his wrists with the opposing hands when he returned.

"Have a seat," Frank said, indicating the chair in which Seth had been tied for the past twelve hours. He sat and faced Frank, waiting for him to speak.

"The business of being in a master/slave relationship can be a tricky one," he began. "There are rules, but virtually none of them are absolute. Some masters demand more - much more - from their slaves than others. Some punish lightly for major infractions; others punish harshly for minor ones.

"For me, one absolute, unbreakable rule is that I must never do anything that will draw blood or do permanent harm to my slave. I realize now that another should have been that I make clear to my slave what is acceptable behavior and what is not. This is where I have failed you."

"Failed me, Sir? I can't think that you failed me in any way."

"You are sweet, Seth; probably too sweet for your own good. But, it is clear, to me at least, that you didn't have a clear understanding of what was acceptable and what was not when it came to speaking to me."

"I don't understand, Sir."

"Let's start over. Let's start by agreeing that you and I, for purposes of this discussion, are not master and slave. Let's agree that we are friends."

"Friends, Sir?"

"Friends, Seth. I will call you Seth and you will call me Frank." Frank stood and removed Seth's slave collar and placed it on the nightstand.

"Friends, Sir?" Seth repeated.

"Yes, friends. For this discussion. We can revert back to our master/slave roles afterward, if that is what we both agree to do. But for now, for this discussion, I am Frank and you are Seth and we are friends. Please do not call me 'Sir' until we decide what we are going to be to each other."

"OK. If that's what you want."

"That's what I want. You may not be able to stop trying to please me, but you can at least call me by the name other people do. And believe me: No one else calls me 'Sir.'"

"OK, Sir," Seth said. "I mean . . ."

"That's all right, Seth. Let's move on.

"What I was trying to say a while ago about acceptable and unacceptable speech: Some time ago you told me that you love me, and I flew off the handle because I didn't think it was acceptable for a slave to speak so freely to his master. I thought that a slave shouldn't take such liberties, but you - you were just speaking your truth; what you felt at the time. You said what was on your mind; what most people could have said with no negative repercussions.

"OK," Seth said.

"As master, I have the right to decide what is acceptable and what is not. But I do not have the right to punish you for a behavior that I haven't told you beforehand was inappropriate."

"OK," Seth repeated. "But may I still be your slave? And you my master?"

"Not until this discussion is over. We haven't agreed to anything yet."

"Then we're friends for now?" Seth asked - just to make certain.

"Yes, Seth, we are friends."

"Then I can tell you something and you won't 'fly off the handle'?" he said making quotation marks in the air with his fingers.

"That's right."

Seth looked at the floor and then into Frank's eyes. "Well," he said, "I want to say something while I have the chance: I meant it when I said 'I love you'." He again diverted his eyes by looking at the floor.

"Fair enough," Frank said.

"I was wondering what you feel for me," Seth said softly.

"Well, I won't say I love you. My own opinion is that we haven't known each other long enough to know such a thing. I will say that I feel more for you than I have ever felt for any other person."

"That's something," Seth said. He looked Frank in the eyes.

"Actually," Frank said, "that's a lot."

Without saying more, he stood and took Seth by the hand. He led him to the bed, took him in his arms and kissed him softly; deeply. Seth placed his hand behind Frank's head and pulled him hard against his face. Their mouths opened and their tongues caressed.

Frank broke their embrace long enough to urge Seth to lie on the bed. He lay beside him and they resumed their passionate kissing. Seth cupped Frank's genitals and found that his cock was as rigid as his own. They broke apart again for Frank to quickly, almost frantically, push his boxers down and off.

"I want you to make love to me," Seth said. "Today I want you to fuck me like a lover rather than a domineering master."

Frank resumed kissing as he got atop Seth and parted his legs with his knees. He sat back on his crossed feet and drank in Seth's beauty with his eyes. He lowered his mouth to Seth's left nipple, small and brown in the soft blond down of his chest. He licked and nibbled and sucked and Seth breathed deeply, filling his lungs and making his chest expand. Frank replaced his lips with his fingers and twisted and pinched while he repeated the licking and sucking on Seth's other nipple. Seth writhed and pressed his head into the pillow.

Frank lapped briefly at Seth's deep navel before lifting is cock and licking it, swirling the salty precum around his glans and the upper part of his shaft. Seth breathed a series of soft sigh as Frank slowly lowered his mouth until his lips reached his blond bush. He sucked and Seth rocked his hips slightly and whimpered his delight in lowest tones. "Careful," he cautioned. "I'm close. Don't make me come."

Frank stopped his lavish sucking and looked again at his beautiful boy lying below him. He brought his knees up between Seth's thighs and positioned the head of his cock against Seth's hole. "No lube?" Seth asked.

Frank opened the jar of lube and swiped his fingers across the top. Then he reached between Seth's legs and smeared some around his hole and pushed some inside with his long middle finger. Seth squirmed and moaned low. "Yes," he said softly.

Frank quickly smeared the remaining lube on his shaft and again pressed his glans against Seth's hole. It opened with ease and Seth moaned again. "Fuck me, Frank," he said. "Fuck me slow and deep. Make me feel your hard cock go in and out of me."

"Feel this, Pussy Boy," Frank said. He pulled all the way out, entered him again and drove his cock home. He pulled out again and stayed out long enough for the lips of Seth's asshole to close and for him to begin to forget the feeling of his cock inside him. And he pushed it through the tightening hole again.

"I love it when you fuck me, Frank. I love the feeling of you opening me with your hard cock."

Frank withdrew again, his cock hovering above Seth's hole, and drove it in again. Seth widened the span between his legs and hugged Frank's chest close to his own. Frank lifted his pelvis and began the serious business of fucking his boy. Each stroke was deep and elicited a low moan from Seth. He fucked him hard for several strokes. "Do you like my man cock in your boy cunt?' he asked rhetorically.

"My cunt was made for you to fuck," Seth said softly. "Do it. Drive me crazy."

Frank slowed his pace, keeping his glans near the ring of Seth's hole. The lips separated when he made little jabbing motions. Then he rammed his cock hard inside Seth and held it deep, grinding his pelvis against him. Seth closed his legs around Frank's hips to hold him close; pull him deeper. The hard deep fucking brought Frank close. "I'm going to come," he said.

Seth opened his legs again. "No," he said. "I want to come while you're fucking me."

Frank arched above Seth to give him space to jack his hard cock. He fucked and Seth jacked. It didn't take Seth long. He shot a long stream of cum that hit Frank on his chest, and four more jets landed on his own heaving chest and abs.

Frank lay on top of Seth and resumed his deep fucking. "You're my baby boy," he said. "I love fucking my baby boy." He put his lips on Seth's and pumped his load deeply into Seth as he kissed hos passionately. He continued fucking after he was finished coming. Seth put his arms around Frank's neck and kissed while Frank continued to fuck.

The fucking strokes became slower and less insistent. "Keep it in me," Seth said and he wrapped his legs around Frank again.

Seth could feel Frank's cock soften a bit and contract. Frank lifted his hips high enough for it to slip out of Seth's hole. "Done," he said. "You've had your sweet fuck as a free man." He rolled off Seth. "I hope you liked it."

"Yes, Sir," Seth said. "I did. Thank you, Sir."

"You called me 'Sir'," Frank said. "Does that mean you want to go on being my sex slave?"

Seth reached across the bed and took the leather slave collar Frank had given him from the nightstand. "If you'll have me, Sir," Seth said. He handed the collar to Frank. Frank took it and fastened it around Seth's neck. "Good," he said. "You're still my sweet pussy boy slave to fuck any time I want."

"Yes, Sir," Seth assured him. "Any time you want, Sir."

"Better grab a shower, Smith. You've got cum all over yourself.

"As matter of fact," he added, "so do I. I'll join you in the shower."

"Yes, Sir," Seth said. "I'd like that."

Frank again removed Seth's slave collar before getting under the spray.

Each man washed himself. "May I get out now, Sir?" Seth asked when he was done.

"Not yet, Smith," Frank said. He attached the enema nozzle to the hose. "Turn around," he said. Seth turned and Frank said, "Put your hands on the wall. Stick your butt out."

When Seth was in position Frank rubbed the bar of soap against his asshole. Then he pushed the metal tube up inside him and filled him with water. "Let me know when you feel full," he said.

"Now, Sir," Seth said. "I feel full now."

Frank withdrew the nozzle. "Let it fly," he said.

Seth grunted and a stream of brown flecked water sprayed against the far wall of the shower stall.

"Again," said Frank, and he reinserted the nozzle. He repeated the process until the water ran clear several times in a row. "Now you're ready," he said.

"Ready, Sir? May I ask for what?"

"For whatever I want, Boy," Frank said. "For whatever I want."

"Yes, Sir," Seth said. "Thank you, Sir."

* * *

On their way back from breakfast Frank said, "We have a different kind of day ahead of us. A friend called me on my cell while you were still in the bathroom. He's coming to Shreveville. In fact, he'll be here in about ten minutes. I told him to stop by."

When the two were back in Frank's room Seth said, "May I ask you a question, Sir?"

"What is it?"

"Does he know that I will be here, Sir?"

"He'll find out soon enough."

"May I ask who he is, Sir?"

"He's a friend," Frank repeated. "We were in the Corps together; in Afghanistan. We played around when we could. We tried bondage and discipline, but we were both dominant and that doesn't work too well."

"No, Sir," Seth agreed.

Frank went on. "He played submissive once in a while but it didn't really work. For either of us," he added.

"Yes, Sir," Seth said.

"Get naked," Frank ordered.

"Get naked, Sir?" Seth questioned. "You want me to be naked when your friend gets here?"

"Yes, Fuck Face," Frank snarled. "I want you naked when my friend gets here." It pissed him off when Seth questioned his judgment, and it was happening again.

Seth was quick to try to appease Frank. He took off his clothing and put everything neatly away as Frank had taught him to do. He stood in the middle of the room with his hands behind his hips and head slightly bowed, obedient and waiting for his master to tell him what he was to do.

There was a light tapping at the door. Frank looked sternly at Seth. "Stand as you are," he ordered, and he opened his door.

"Bruce," Frank said and extended his hand. "Come in. Quickly," he added when Bruce just stood in the hallway staring at Seth.

Still shaking hands, Bruce entered and Frank closed and locked the door.

"Good to see you," Bruce said, still staring at Seth.

"Good to see you," Frank said. "This is my boy, Seth. Seth, show Bruce that you are glad to meet him."

Seth looked at Frank. He had received no instructions on what to do in a situation like this. So he turned to Bruce and dipped his shoulders briefly before resuming his former posture. Frank gave Seth a half smile. "Good boy," he said to Seth's great relief.

"Sit," Frank suggested.

Bruce sat and looked at Frank, "I guess there'll not be too much in the way of swapping war stories today," he said.

"Naw," Frank answered. "I have other things in mind."

"I thought that might be the case," Bruce said smiling at Seth. "But, before we do anything else, I'd like to have a bite to eat. I drove straight here from Pyleington and I'm hungry as a bear."

"No prob," Frank said. "Let's go to the Student Union. It's close by and the food's good."


Frank headed for the door, but Bruce just sat in the chair. When Frank made no attempt to include Seth in their little group he asked, "What about him?"

"He'll wait," was Frank's brief answer.

* * *

Seth was still standing at ease in the middle of the dorm room when Frank and Bruce returned.

"So, this is your slave boy," Bruce said. "It's about time you did it right." Both men chuckled.

Bruce walked around Seth and appraised him closely. "Very nice," he said. "Very pretty. May I touch him?"

"Of course," Frank said.

Bruce rubbed his big hand over Seth's chest and abdomen. He went behind him and rubbed him from the top of his shoulders to his narrow waist. He pressed a middle finger into Seth's ass crack and touched, but did not enter, his anus. Then he sniffed his finger. "Did you shower today?" he asked Seth.

"Yes, Sir," Seth answered.

"Too bad," Bruce said.

To Frank he said, "Do you have a plan?"

"Anything goes," said Frank. "Well, not anything. There are the usual restrictions. No blood, no permanent marks; you know the list."

"Yeah," Bruce said off-handedly.

"One more thing," Frank said. "I'm the only one who fucks him raw." Seth's eyes, when Frank looked into them, showed appreciation. Frank's cock tingled at the message.

"You got rubbers?" Bruce asked.

Frank went to the bedside table and took several condoms from the drawer. He tossed them onto the bed.

"Let's do it," Bruce said. He stood in front of Seth, took off his brown plaid shirt and tossed it on the chair. He was wearing a tattered T-shirt that had yellow stains in the armpits. He pulled this off and Seth gazed at his body. He saw thick red hairs all over his barrel chest and beer gut.

Seth glanced toward Frank but he was fishing in his wardrobe for something.

When Bruce sat and stooped over to remove his shoes and socks Seth saw that the tops of his shoulders were covered with curly red hairs almost as thickly as his chest. He stood, lowered and removed his pants and underwear, and he jostled his big balls with a meaty hand. A long and and very thick cock hung down from his red bush.

Seth was unsure of what might happen and didn't like the scenario that was developing in his head. But he had agreed to be Frank's sex slave and he knew that sharing a slave was a common practice for masters. He also knew he could absolutely stop any proceeding that proved to be too extreme for him by saying the agreed upon word, but he didn't know what the consequences of that would be, and that's what he didn't want to find out.

"Sit on the bed." The command was meant for Seth.

When he was sat, he saw that Frank was holding his array of torture and punishment devices.

"Lie sideways on your back," was Frank's next command.

"Sideways, Sir?" Seth asked.

"Sideways across the mattress with your feet on the floor," Frank explained.

"Yeah," grunted Bruce. "You work one end and I'll work the other. Which do you want first?"

"You take his mouth," Frank said, "and I'll start with his cunt.

"Spread your legs, Boy," he said to Seth. He knelt behind him, kissed his asshole and began to lick it.

"Open up," he heard Bruce grunt. He looked up and saw Bruce begin to fuck Seth's mouth. "Ahh," he said. "A nice hot boy mouth for my fat cock," and he fucked him deeply.

Frank went back to licking and munching on and around Seth's hole. When he was set, he lubed him up and stood, ready to fuck. He saw Bruce take the flogger and begin to swat Seth with it as he fucked his mouth. "Take it, Slut," he sneered. "Let me know that a hot bitch is sucking my hard cock."

Frank looked at Seth and realized that he was uncomfortable. He entered Seth as Bruce flogged his chest and abdomen. His fucking was easy, but Bruce's became increasingly harsh and his flailing harder and faster. "Take it easy," he warned.

Waas-a-matter?" Bruce sneered. "He can take it. He's nuthin' but a fuckin' slave. I'll toughen this boy up. You want a slave or a wuss?"

Bruce continued to lash at Seth's chest but with lighter strokes. He stopped fucking, took hold of his cock at its base and began to dribble piss into Seth's mouth. "Drink it," he commanded, and the dribble turned into a flow. "Drink it all," he said.

Seth turned his head aside and let the piss run onto the floor. "You stupid bitch," Bruce snarled. "I told you to drink it."

"We don't do that," Frank said in a calm voice. "I should have told you."

"Jee-zus Christ," Bruce swore, and he stomped into the bathroom and finished relieving himself.

Frank withdrew from Seth and walked around the bed to where Bruce had been. He swabbed up the spilled piss and tossed the paper towels into the waste basket.

When Bruce came out of the john Frank handed him one of the foil wrapped discs. Bruce unrolled the condom on his cock and he stood between Seth's knees. "Ahhhh, this girl has a sweet pussy," he said, and rammed his cock roughly into Seth. "Take it, Slut," he snarled.

Frank looked at Seth. His fists were clenched; his whole body was tense. He was clearly unhappy at being used so roughly by Frank's friend. However, he opened his mouth as Frank stepped closer and began the sucking motions he knew Frank loved.

"Turn this bitch boy over," Bruce suggested. Seth turned so that his knees were on the floor beside the bed. Bruce entered him again and continued his harsh fucking. Then he picked up the whip and began to lash Seth's back and shoulders. Lash. Lash.

Seth stopped sucking Frank and cried out in pain. "Shut up, Wuss," Bruce said loudly, and he lashed again, harder. Frank looked and saw the narrow line of blood begin to ooze where the whip last landed.

"That's it," he said. "Party's over."

"Whad'ya mean?" Bruce asked incredulously.

"Look at my boy's back," Frank said. He had a hard time controlling his anger. "I mean it's time for you to hit the road, Pal. Get the fuck out."

Bruce glared at him but didn't say a word as he picked up his clothes and dressed. Frank didn't look at him when he left the room.

He went to Seth and took him in his arms. "I'm so sorry, Baby. I had no idea it would turn out this way."

"Frank," Seth said, and he put his arms around Frank's neck and cried. He cried as if he were indeed a little boy, and that's the way Frank cradled and rocked him.

* * *

"I just don't know if I want to go on with this," Seth was saying. He and Frank were walking slowly through the grove of old oak trees on campus. "I never thought of being anyone's sex slave until I met you. I mean, the idea never entered my mind."

"I guess I forced it on you," Frank said.

"No one forced me into it. It was your idea, but I went along of my own free will."

They looked down at their feet as they walked.

"If you want out, then you're out," Frank said.

"You told me once that if I ever backed out you'd never talk to me again; that our relationship would be over." He looked at Frank. "That's the one thing that I don't want."

"That was then," Frank said, "and this is now. It was only a game, remember? A play we were acting out. It was something I wanted to try, and I failed at it."

"Don't be too hard on yourself," Seth said.

"I should never have allowed Bruce into our play - into our lives. I didn't even ask you. I just went ahead in my bullish way, snorting and pawing the ground - charging ahead as if no one else mattered."

Seth put his hand on Frank's arm.

"The truth of the matter is, you matter to me," Frank said. "I told you once that you matter more to me than anyone I have ever known. If I had had the balls back when you told me you love me, I would have admitted that I love you, too. But it was more important to me to properly act out the role of master to your slave than to be honest."

They walked on in silence.

"And now?" Seth asked at length.

"I've got my priorities in order," Frank said. "If you still care," he added almost in a whisper.

"I care," Seth whispered back. "There's no way I can tell you how much I care.

"What's next?" was his next question.

"It's always been your call," Frank answered.

"Well," Seth said, "for starters, I think we should put your buddy Bruce out of our heads."

"He's an asshole," Frank asserted.

"And then, I think we should go back to your room and pick up where we left off before he ever knocked on your door."

They walked a long time in silence before Frank responded. "Have I ever told you I think you're the sweetest guy I've ever known?" he asked.

"Too sweet for my own good?"

"Something like that."

"Don't believe your own propaganda," Seth said, and he pecked Frank's cheek. "And no, I didn't check to see if anyone might see us," he added.


When they entered Frank's room, Seth closed and locked the door. Frank sat in his easy chair. Seth took off the light jacket he had been wearing and hung it in their shared closet. He glanced at the night stand where the slave collar Frank had given him lay. He went and stood between Frank's splayed feet. He put his hands on the arms of the chair and stooped over to kiss him on the mouth. Frank arched his back to make firmer contact and parted his lips.

Seth took him by the hands and pulled him to a standing position. Without breaking their kiss, he turned Frank and walked toward the bed, forcing Frank to walk backward. He pulled Frank's shirt over his head, opened the fly of his jeans and pushed him onto the bed. He quickly removed the rest of his clothing.

Frank reached over, took Seth's slave collar in his hand and started to put it around his own neck. "Maybe another time," Seth said as he took the collar and put it back on the bed stand, "but not tonight."

He lay on top of Frank's naked body and kissed him. He kissed his forehead, his closed eyes and the bridge of his nose. He kissed his cheeks and chin and Adam's apple and he licked and sucked on his hard nipples.

"Is this a one man show?" Frank asked.

"Definitely not," Seth replied, "but I am the lead actor."

He rolled off Frank and scurried out of his clothes. He looked over Frank's long muscular body before wrapping his hand around the base of his cock. He looked into his eyes. "I was going to kiss your navel too, but that can wait. I'm in a hurry," and he lowered his mouth over Frank's growing shaft.

He sucked Frank's cock, using all the techniques he had learned over the months that turned Frank on. He deep-throated him and constricted his throat muscles when Frank's glans was deeply buried. He lifted his head and jacked, keeping his lips near the tip, licking and spitting to ensure a slippery surface. Frank propped his head on a pillow to better see.

Seth kissed his way down Frank's hard shaft and took his balls, one at a time, into his mouth. He laved lovingly and tugged gently at those precious orbs.

Then he scooted between Frank's open legs and lifted his ass into the air. As Frank loved to do and had done so often to him, Seth lowered his mouth to Frank's dark slit and kissed it. He kissed it over and over, and licked the shapely ass mounds that hid it from view and kept it a private domain. But tonight it was Seth's to share. He wet his fingers and touched his way around the hole's rubbery rim before spreading his ass cheeks and sticking his tongue inside. Frank's moan was surprisingly loud.

When he was ready, he lowered Frank's hips to the mattress and dipped his fingers into the jar of lube. He spread some around Frank's hole and on his own turbid shaft. He looked into Frank's eyes.

"Wait," Frank said, and he quickly turned and got on his elbows and knees, his back arched and his asshole exposed and open.

Seth pressed his glans against Frank's hole. He pushed and entered.

"God," Frank said, and when Seth began to fuck him he shook and twisted his body in response. At first it seemed to Seth that he was resisting but finally, "Yes," he said. "Fuck my hole," and Seth did. He fucked with a force that surprised, then delighted, Frank. His fucking was slow and deliberate, and after a few minutes, he pushed on Frank and forced him to lie flat on the mattress.

Seth rested his full weight on Frank's back. He lifted his hips and drove his cock deeply in. His balls slapped against Frank's ass with a sound almost resembling bird's wings in flight. Seth moved his legs outside Frank's, forcing them together, and he gyrated and humped; then he forced them apart again and he ground against Frank's ass.

He pulled out. "Roll over," he said, and Frank did as he was told. Seth placed Frank's ankles on his shoulders, scooted his knees close to his ass and entered him again. He looked into Frank's eyes and Frank looked back. And he fucked.

He lowered himself on Frank in this new position and fucked by raising and lowering his hips over and over, driving his shaft in and out, hard and deep. He whispered in Frank's ear. "I'm going to come. I'm going to come deep in your ass."

"Yes, Baby. Pump your man load up my ass."

Seth lurched and fucked. He thrust and held his pelvis against Frank. He pumped his seed in what felt like torrents, and when he was spent he relaxed his body on top of Frank.

Frank rubbed Seth's sweaty back from his muscular shoulders to his pliable ass mounds. He wanted Seth to know that he was content; that all was well.

But still he wanted release. He rolled so that he and Seth were side by side on the narrow bed. Without speaking, he lubed his cock and jacked a load that landed on Seth's ball sack and thighs. He closed his eyes.

"I'm surprised," he said.

"Didn't think I had it in me, did you?"

"It's not that at all," Frank said. "That was the first time I have ever been fucked, you know."

"There was that time when you sat on my erect cock," Seth reminded him.

"That hardly counts as being fucked," Frank demurred.

"Well," Seth said, "it doesn't surprise me that you've never been fucked before."

"What I find surprising is how good it felt; how much I liked it."

Seth moved his mouth close to Frank's ear. "I could have told you," he said softly.

"And how good it feels to please another in that way," Frank said, and he kissed Seth gently on his lips.



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