As Seth sat bound in Frank's desk chair, he became frantic with worry while Frank was gone. He dreaded to think what he would do if Frank ended their relationship. In a few short weeks he had become dependent on Frank's acceptance of him as his slave. After all, that was Frank's plan: It's what he was so methodically working to achieve, and Seth had already accepted his role. No: He craved it. More than anything, he wanted to be Frank's own boy; his slave.

Frank was quick to praise him when he was pleased: "Good boy," he had said. "You're a very good boy. You're very pretty, Seth. How is my baby boy? My baby boy."

Seth got an erection thinking of Frank handling him. He would make things right again. He would do anything; would never again act or speak out of turn.

Seth heard Frank's heavy, determined footfall approach the door. He sat up straight in the chair and waited. Frank unlocked and opened his door; then quietly closed and locked it again. He faced Seth directly.

"You are my slave," he said in clipped tones. "You are here to do my bidding, and nothing more. Is that right?"

Seth lowered his head and looked at the floor. "Yes, Sir," he said softly.

"Goddamn it, Smith!" he swore. "Look at me when you talk to me. And don't use some prissy voice you'd use with your elementary school principal. Answer me again."

He looked into Frank's face. "Yes, Sir," he said more firmly. "I am your slave, here to do your bidding, Sir."

"That's better," Frank said as he approached Seth. He untied the ropes that bound him to the chair.

"We'll try this thing again," Frank said. "I hope it works.

"If you want to be my slave boy, you must humble yourself before me and submit to my training of you and to whatever punishments I think are necessary. Is that so?"

"Yes, Sir," Seth said.

"And you must control your emotions. You must never kiss me again like you did this morning. I admit that at the time I thought it was sweet, but from now on your kisses are to be only a reciprocation of my kisses. And you must never blurt out any foolishness about being in love with me. You are my slave. Slaves do not take such liberties with their masters. Do you understand that?"

"Yes, Sir," Seth said. "I understand."

"Get on your knees," Frank ordered.

Seth dropped to his knees and look up into Frank's face.

"Some things I tell you to do are to gratify my sexual desires. Some things will have practical application in our daily lives. The thing you are going to do now is to teach you humility. If you do what I tell you to willingly, eagerly even, I will know that you want to serve me the way a slave should. Got that?"

"Yes, Sir," Seth said.

Frank sat in the chair Seth had just vacated. "Lick my feet," he said.

Seth removed Frank's shoes and socks and gingerly licked the tops of his feet.

"The soles," Frank said. "Lick the soles. And don't be so goddam prissy. Wet the soles of my feet with the flat of your tongue."

Seth thought he would be repulsed by the taste of Frank's feet, but he was surprised to find the act was stimulating. He licked the arches and one at a time closed his mouth over them.

"Suck my toes," Frank said. "Each one, one by one. And lick the spaces between them."

Seth took one of Frank's big toes in his mouth and sucked it.

"It's almost like sucking my cock, isn't it? If you're a good boy I'll let you lick up my legs until you get to my cock. After all, you are my personal cocksucker, aren't you?"

"Yes, Sir. I am," Seth said.

"What?" asked Frank. "Say it all."

"I am your personal cocksucker, Sir," Seth said.

"Lick," Frank barked.

Seth lowered his head again and licked between the toes of both Frank's feet and kissed his instep.

Even though this was an exercise in humility, Seth was becoming aroused. And by the bulge in his trousers, he could tell Frank was too.

Frank stood. "Open my trousers," he said. "Take them off me and hang them in my closet."

Seth understood that he was being trained as a valet. He folded and hung the trousers correctly. When he knelt again, Frank was seated in his reading chair. "All right, Boy," he said. "Back to it."

Seth continued to kiss and lick Frank's feet.

"Good boy," Frank said. "Lick my leg; shin and calf."

Seth licked and kissed his way up Frank's left leg to his kneecap.

"Wash my calf, Fuck Face. Feel that bulging muscle with your tongue. That's a real man's leg," he said.

Seth licked Frank's muscular calf, scraping it gently with his teeth. He spent a long time licking the hollow behind Frank's knee.

"That's enough," Frank barked. "Do the other one."

Seth repeated the performance on Frank's right leg and started up the back of his thigh.

"That's right," Frank said. "Good. You're doing a good job." He scooted his butt to the edge of the seat cushion so Seth could reach it all. He licked up to the crease that divides leg from ass.

"Other leg," Frank ordered. When he neared the top of Frank's left leg he moved his attention to his inner thigh. He tugged at the hairs he found here with pursed lips and kissed the firm muscle. Frank's heavy balls were just at the leg opening of his boxers and Seth sucked one of them into his mouth. He laved it with his tongue until Frank lifted his ass off the chair. Seth quickly removed his shorts. He again licked Frank's balls and began to suck his cock.

Frank watched his boy suck his cock hungrily. "Don't make me come," he said. "I'm going to fuck your sweet ass again before this day is over.

"It's nearly six o'clock," he said. "You haven't eaten since breakfast. Get dressed and we'll go over to dining hall for the 6:20 seating."

Seth was ready for a good, strong fuck and was disappointed at this turn of events. "Now, Sir?" he asked.

Frank turned on him, his tight fists trembling beside his thighs. "God damn you," he fairly shouted. "Didn't we just go over the routine? You are never to question my authority; my decisions. If I say 'Get dressed,' you do it. No questions."

"I'm sorry, Sir," Seth began in a tremulous voice.

"There you go again. 'I'm sorry'," he said in a mincing voice. "Is that all you ever have to say?"

"It's just that I thought you were going to fuck me, Sir."

Frank looked closely into Seth's face. "Is that what you want, Boy? You want me to fuck you?" he asked in somewhat softer tones.

"Yes, Sir," Seth said.

When he next spoke, Frank's voice had almost returned to its usual conversational level. "I'll fuck you when I decide to fuck you," he said.

The two men dressed and headed to the dining hall. Seth walked to the left and a little behind Frank. "Walk beside me," Frank said. "People might begin to notice if you're always a step behind me."

He waited momentarily for Seth to come up to his side. Dinner was hot and plentiful. Seth was hungrier than he thought and had a second helping of everything.

They paid little attention to the conversation going on among the students around them. It seemed that there was a free concert being held later that evening at the large auditorium across campus. Seth knew that he would miss that one.

* * *

"This business of always being sorry is going to stop," Frank said as he turned the deadbolt to his dorm room.

"Yes, Sir," Seth said. "I know you are tired of hearing me say I'm sorry . . ." Seth started.

"You got that right," Frank said emphatically.

"But I am," Seth persisted, "And I'm going to be better. I'm not going to question anything you say, ever again. From now on . . ."

"Stop your meaningless blathering and get naked," Frank ordered.

"Yes, Sir," Seth said, and he kicked off his loafers and pulled his polo shirt over his head. While he was undressing Frank moved his bed to the center of the room and his desk chair into the far corner.

"Sit in this chair," Frank instructed him. He took a length of rope and tied Seth to the chair so that he was incapable of moving. "Now we wait," he said.

"May I ask what we are waiting for?" Seth asked.

"We are waiting for my assistant."

"Your assistant?" Seth asked.

"My assistant," Frank repeated. "He is going to help me teach you what it would mean to you if I were to take another boy as my slave. They may not be a dime a dozen, but there are enough that could find a replacement for you."

"Sir," Seth said, his voice softer than before. "I don't quite understand."

"You will, you insignificant shit. You will sit quietly in this chair and watch what my life would be like without you. You will not say a word or make a sound. If you disturb me in any way while I am with Craig, it will be over between us. Do I make myself clear?"

"Craig, Sir?"

"Yes, Craig. I told him to be here at nine sharp."

"What are you going to do, Sir?"

"I am going to do anything with Craig that I want to. He will be my sex toy for the evening, and you will sit here and watch."

"Please don't do this, Frank, Sir. Please. I am your boy. I am here for you to use."

"Stop whining, Smith. If you can't be a proper slave and do as I expect I'll find someone who will. You are expendable."

"Please, Frank. Please, Sir. Don't think of telling me to leave you. All I want is to be your slave."

"I told you to stop whining, Smith. Now shut the fuck up. Just sit there and keep absolutely still and quiet." He walked behind Seth and placed a ball gag in his mouth and tied the attached cord securely behind his head.

"Beginning now," he said, "you do not exist for me."

Seth could see the face of Frank's clock radio. It was 7:15.

Frank sat in his lounge chair with a textbook and clipboard in his hands. He busied himself with a class assignment while Seth watched.

At exactly nine o'clock as Frank said, there was a light tapping at the door. Frank answered it. "Craig," he said. "Thanks for coming."

"I wouldn't miss this," Craig said. He was the pretty blond boy who smiled at Seth after Frank had fucked him between the bramble and the brick wall. Frank turned the deadbolt.

Craig looked at Seth bound to the chair. "What's he doing here?" he asked.

"Ignore him," Frank said. "He's nobody. He isn't even here."

"Kinky," Craig said.

Frank put his arm around Craig's shoulder and turned him to face him directly. "Are you ready for this?" he asked.

"Yes, Sir," Craig.

"You've played the slave before?"

"Yes, Sir."

"Get naked," Frank said.

"Yes, Sir," Craig said and he took off all his clothing. "Where should I put these?" he asked.

"Out of the way," Frank responded.

Craig gathered his things and made a little pile of them beside Seth's chair. He winked at Seth before turning to face Frank. "I'm ready, Sir," he said.

"Let me look at you," Frank said. He walked around Craig and appraised him closely. "Very nice," he said. He stroked Craig's back and kneaded his ass cheeks. "You've got a great ass."

"Thank you, Sir," Craig said.

"Turn around," Frank ordered.

Craig turned. Frank pinched, then twisted his nipples. He looked into Craig's face. Then he made a fist and punched him on his chest, just hard enough to push him back a bit. Craig caught his balance and stood upright again.

"Can you take it?" Frank asked.

"Yes, Sir. I can take it."

Frank hit him again two more times, testing to see if he were telling the truth. He was.

"Bend over," Frank commanded.

When he bent over Frank squatted behind him and parted his ass cheeks. He ran his hands lightly over Craig's shapely globes and asked, "Do you shave back here, around your asshole?"

"No, Sir. I have very little body hair."

"I can see," Frank said. "I like a smooth boy.

"Well, get me hard, Sonny. Get me ready to fuck that hairless ass of yours."

"Yes, Sir," Craig said. Frank stood and Craig knelt in front of him. He opened Frank's fly and took out his cock. "Very nice, Sir," he said.

As Craig was sucking him, Frank took off his clothing. He stopped Craig long enough to hang his shirt and pants in his closet.

"Get on the bed," he ordered.

Craig moved to the bed and sat. "Lie down," Frank said, "on your back in the middle of the bed."

Craig scooted into position and asked, "Here, Sir?"

"Fine, fine," Frank said. He produced the handcuffs he used on Seth on their first night together and cuffed his wrists in the same way to the metal head of the bed.

"Lift your legs," he said.

Craig lifted his legs and Frank tied his ankles to the end posts of the metal bed head so that Craig was doubled almost in half, his asshole high and spread open. It was there Frank directed his attention. He lubed Craig's hole and finger fucked him with one, then two, fingers. Craig began to moan. "Ahh, yes."

Frank inserted the forefingers of both hands and spread Craig's hole even wider. He dribbled some saliva into the opening and spread it around.

Frank planted his feet on either side of Craig and stuffed his erection into him. He fucked him for several minutes. Craig was a moaner. "Ahh," he sighed with each of Frank's deep thrusts. Frank withdrew and knelt by his face. "Open," he said.

He put his cock in Craig's mouth. Craig lapped and sucked until all the funky taste was gone. Frank withdrew his cock and went back to fuck Craig's ass some more.

When he wanted a more satisfactory fuck, Frank loosened the fetters that held Craig's ankles. Craig lowered his feet to the mattress and Frank knelt between them. "Open your legs," he said.

He entered Craig forcefully, almost brutally, and fucked Craig with long, deep penetrations. Ahh," moaned Craig. "Fuck yeah. Gimme your cock."

Seth watched the whole performance from his chair, wishing the while that it were he who Frank was fucking. He watched as Frank increased the speed of his thrusting and he knew when Frank was about to come. It was painful for him to know that Frank was about to give his seed to another.

Frank's fucking changed from rhythmic to sporadic; he pushed and bucked, forcing his load deeply as he always did with Seth. He groaned loudly, lowered his mouth to Craig's and kissed him hard.

When he finished his fucking, Frank lowered his head to Craig's groin and took his cock into his mouth. "Ahh. Christ!" Craig exclaimed, and Frank sucked his rod and fondled his balls. "God! Fuck! I'm coming," Craig cried, and he exploded in Frank's mouth. Frank carried the load of cum to Craig's mouth and dribbled it in. He embraced Craig, cradling and rocking him as if he were a child. At last he said, "Let's shower."

They were not in the shower long enough for too much intimacy. Seth was glad of that. They emerged into the bedroom and dressed quickly. "Let's go," Craig said. "The dance floor at the Falcon awaits," and without glancing back at Seth, they flicked off the light and left the room.

Seth heard the sounds of other students going out for the night. There were no classes tomorrow. They were raucous as they scurried down the hall and bounded down the steps. They were free - free to party into the wee hours, to drink until they puked their guts out, to fuck if they got lucky. But Seth was miserable.

It was uncomfortable for him to be tied in one position for so long, he was getting hungry, and he began to feel the need to take a piss. But, just as Frank planned, all that was nothing to the feeling of sorrow knowing that Frank had cut him off; that he was going on with his life without him. He was truly wretched.

Serving Frank had become his main purpose in life. He wanted only to do things to earn Frank 's praise. He needed that more than he needed nourishment or creature comforts.

If Frank wanted to deprive him of the things that make life enjoyable he could bear that. But for him to take no notice of him was not.

He knew that he could do the things Frank expected him to do. He could and would live as Frank wished; expected; demanded.

But what if Frank were to abandon him utterly; throw him away? Is that his plan? If it were, why was he keeping him here in his room?

In the late hours of the night, students began to return to the dorm, singly or in small groups. It was a quieter process than their leaving. Seth listened, wondering. Hoping. For what?

For Frank, of course. What mood would he be in? Would he take him back so they could go on as before? Would he throw him out and ignore him completely as he suggested might happen when they first started down their road together?

Finally he heard Frank's steps. He knew the patterns and sounds of his footfalls as well as he recognized his own heartbeat.

Frank unlocked the door and entered the room. He did the things men usually do when they return home after a night out.

Then he turned to Seth. Without speaking, he undid the fetters that held him. Then he said, "Do what you need to do."

Seth got up and walked unsteadily to the john. It was a great relief to piss. His yellow stream cascaded noisily into the bowl. Then he filled Frank's tumbler and gulped the water like a man long deprived. When he went back into the bedroom Frank said, "Sit," and Seth sat. He was back on the desk chair. Frank rebound him, flicked off the light and crawled noiselessly into bed.



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