Act 4

Seth slept poorly during the night. He was constantly aware of Frank in the narrow bed. He didn't want to disturb his sleep, so he kept close to the bed's edge. At one point he got up and tried to sleep in Frank's reading chair, but Frank woke and called him back to bed. He lay back down and turned his back to Frank. Frank nestled close. He reached around Seth, grasped his cock and fell back asleep in that spooning position.

When the morning sun streamed through the window and fell full on his face, Seth raised his arm to shield his eyes. Soon after, he felt Frank press his erection against his asshole. He lifted his top leg to make it easier for Frank to enter him. Frank inched closer and slowly pushed his cock the whole way into him, but he just lay there - still - like he was drifting back to sleep.

"Frank," said Seth softly. "Sir, I need to pee."

"Shh," cautioned Frank. "So do I." He slipped out of Seth and turned him so that he was face down on the mattress. Frank spread his ass cheeks apart and spit twice into the cleft. He lay on top of him and inched his growing cock back into his ass until his balls were nestled against his perineum.

"Are you ready?" he asked.

"Yes, Sir. I'm always ready for you to fuck me," Seth said.

"Not yet," Frank said, and Seth felt Frank begin to piss in him.

"Sir. Please. Don't do that."

"Not only will I do it," Frank said forcefully as he continued to piss, "but you will like it. You should be happy to serve me as my urinal. It pleases me. That ought to be enough for you. It is enough for you, isn't it Smith?"

"I don't know," Seth's voice was pleading. "It seems to me . . ."

"I don't give a fuck what it seems to you, you insignificant shit. Lift your ass a little until I finish."

Seth raised his ass and Frank pissed until his bladder was empty.

"And now for the good part," Frank said, and he began to fuck. He rested his weight on Seth and pushed his cock as deeply into him as it would go. He raised his hips upward in little lifts and lowered them again, over and over. Seth felt Frank's cock lengthen and harden in his ass. He felt as if he couldn't hold Frank's morning piss and his hard cock too.

"No, Frank. Please," Seth said. "I can't hold it all."

Frank smacked the back of Seth's head but did not pause his thrusting. "Address me correctly," he said.

"Please, Sir. Please stop."

"Squeeze your asshole," Frank said. "Squeeze. You not only can hold it, but you will hold it until I am finished with you."

He continued to fuck. "If you let a single drop out of your ass," he said, "there will be hell to pay."

Seth squeezed tightly. He thought Frank was going to cum in him but he stopped fucking.

"I'm going to pull out now," he said. "Squeeze your asshole and don't let anything dribble out. When you're ready, you may get rid of it."

Frank pulled his softening cock out of Seth and rolled off. Seth stood and walked gingerly to the bathroom. He sat on the commode and simultaneously let fly Frank's piss and his own. When he was finished, he felt so empty, so good. This morning sex was better than he expected.

He washed up and went back to Frank's bed. Frank held the sheet up for him to crawl under. "How's my baby boy?" he asked.

"Never better," Seth answered, and he grasped Frank's face in his hands and kissed him long and passionately on his mouth.

Frank broke free. "That good?" he asked.

"That good," said Seth, and he kissed him again.

After a while, he got up from the bed and put on his undershorts.

"What are you doing?" Frank asked.

"Getting dressed," Seth answered briefly.

"With who's permission?" Frank asked.

Seth froze. "No one's, Sir," he said meekly. "I only thought . . . Er, I'm sorry, Sir."

"I'm getting fucking tired of hearing how sorry you always are, Smith. Take those fucking shorts off and stand at attention."

"Yes, Sir," Seth said. He quickly removed his underwear and stood erectly in the middle of the room. He waited mutely for Frank's next order.

Frank got out of bed, took his short wooden paddle from its hook in the closet and walked around Seth, tapping his open palm with the paddle as he appraised Seth's naked body.

"You need to be punished," he said quietly.

"Yes, Sir. I'm sorry, Sir."

"Being sorry doesn't cut it with me, Smith."

"No, Sir. I know that, Sir."

"You need to be taught a lesson." Tap. Tap.

"Yes, Sir."

"And do you know what lesson that is?"

"Not to do a thing without first getting your permission, Sir?"

"That's right. And how can I best drive that lesson home?" Tap. Tap.

"I don't know, Sir."

"The hell you don't," Frank said. He swung the paddle and struck Seth's bare ass with it. "That's how, Smith. By turning your pretty ass into a red mass that will hurt for a week. Every time you sit down you will be reminded of this lesson."

"I don't think that will be necessary, Sir. I already know . . ."

"Shut up, Smith," Frank snapped. He put his face within an inch of Seth's and spoke through clenched teeth. "I'll tell you what's necessary. You're just a fucking slave. Your opinions aren't worth shit, so keep them to yourself."

Frank sat on the edge of his bed. "Get over here," he said. "Lie across my knees."

Seth did as he was told and Frank gently rubbed Seth's hairy ass mounds with the smooth paddle.

Smack. The paddle landed sharply. Seth let out a small cry of surprise and pain.

"What do you say, Smith?"

"Thank you, Sir."

"Count them off, Smith. That was one."


"Two, Sir."

"Do it right, Smith. Figure out what you are to say and do it right."


"Three, Sir. Thank you, Sir."

And so it went.

Smack. Smack.

Frank took care to not hit Seth's ass in the same spot too many times in succession.

Smack. Smack.

Seth began to squirm on Frank's lap, trying to mitigate the pain he was experiencing.

"Stay still, Smith. Take it like the man I thought you were."

The words stung as much as the swats.

Smack. Smack. Smack.

"Ow, Sir. Please, Sir. That hurts."

"That's the whole point, Smith."

Smack. "What's the count, Smith?"

"Sixteen, Sir. Thank you, Sir."

Smack. Smack.

Frank placed the paddle on his bed. "Your ass is red, Smith," he said. He softly caressed Seth's ass mounds with gentle circular motions.

"Would you like for me to put something on it?" he asked. "Something to make it feel a little better?"

"Yes, Sir. I'd like that, Sir."

Frank reached for a tube of aloe cream he kept in his bedside table drawer and put a bit on Seth's ass. He gently rubbed it into the flesh and cooled it by by blowing softly through pursed lips. "How's that?" he asked.

"Much better, Sir. May I get up now, Sir?" he asked plaintively.

Frank was still gliding his hand softly over Seth's ass. "Not yet, Smith." He couldn't resist the temptation of inserting his long middle finger into Seth's asshole and fucking him with it.

Seth liked the feel. "Ahh! Thank you, Sir," he sighed.

Frank withdrew his finger, picked up his paddle, and hit Seth hard. "Count," he barked.

"Twenty-six, Sir. Thank you, Sir."

Smack. Smack. He eased off and hit Seth less hard.


"Have you had enough, Smith? Have you learned your lesson?"

"Yes, Sir."

"Get up," Frank said. "Stand at attention in front of me."

When Seth was at attention Frank said, "Let's reiterate, Smith. What lesson did you just learn?"

"To get your permission before doing something, Sir"

"Don't ever forget it, Smith."

"No, Sir. I won't"

"Very good, Smith. At ease."

Seth waited at ease while Frank went into his bathroom and turned on the shower. He tested the water and when he was satisfied he called to Seth. "Time to shower," he said. "Get in here."

Seth went into the bathroom where Frank was waiting. Frank unclasped and removed Seth's new slave collar and held the shower curtain back. When Seth stepped in, he entered behind him. He lathered the washcloth and washed Seth's face. "God, you're beautiful," he said.

Seth smiled bashfully and said, "Thank you, Sir."

Frank washed Seth's chest and abdomen. "Lift your arm," he said and he washed Seth's armpit and side. "Turn," and he washed his other side.

He lathered the cloth again and handed it to Seth. "Now you," he said, and Seth washed Frank as he had been washed.

Frank took the cloth and washed Seth's lower torso. He washed his cock and balls briefly, put the cloth aside and took Seth's cock in his hand. It grew and hardened. Frank looked into Seth's eyes and slid his hand between his legs. He pressed his fingers against his perineum and on back to his asshole. He inserted one finger. "How's that?" he asked.

"Very nice, Sir," Seth responded.

"Turn around."

He took the bar of soap and rubbed it through Seth's ass crack. "Bend over a bit," he said.

Seth put his hands against the shower wall and jutted out his butt. Frank pushed his cock in with one smooth stroke. He pushed until his pelvis was tight against Seth. Then he pulled out and entered him again.

"Ahh," sighed Seth.

Frank fucked Seth leisurely. "Does my baby like that?"

"You know I do, Sir."

Frank increased his tempo."

"Use me, Sir." Seth arched his back a little more. "Fuck me. Ahh."

Frank moved his feet forward until they were beside Seth's. He put his arms under Seth's and raised them, gripping his shoulders with his hands. His chest was tight against Seth's back, and his fucking was slow and deep. "Ahhh," Seth sighed.

Frank pushed in deeply and ground his hips against Seth's ass. "I'm going to come, Boy," he said. "I'm going to come up your sweet ass."

"Yes, Sir. Please, Sir. It's your ass to fuck."

Frank pulled nearly out and pushed back in; over and over, increasing his tempo and he fucked. The small shower stall was filled with their combined animal sounds; Frank grunting as he rapidly fucked his boy's ass; Seth crying his pleasure with abandon.

"Are you ready, Bitch Boy?" Frank gasped.

"Seed me. Ahhhh." Seth's voice sounded as if he were crying.

Frank stabbed, feeling his cock head swell as the first jet of cum blasted out of him. He fucked and jabbed until he pulsed all of his big load deep inside his boy's hot cunt. He continued to thrust and jab after he had finished dumping his load.

He withdrew his cock and inserted a finger and probed to see if any of his sperm would seep out. Seth grunted but, as usual, Frank had fucked too deeply for that to happen.

Frank took the soap and washed Seth's ass mounds. He rubbed his hands over them softly. "Are you sore?" he ashed softly.

"It's tender, Sir, but I'm OK."

"Good," said Frank. "Let's dry off."

He handed Seth a clean towel and he took his own from its bar. They stepped out of the narrow shower stall and went into the bedroom. Seth admired the flexing muscles of Frank's upper arms as he toweled his hair. When he turned his back, Frank stepped nearer and dried his back and ass.

"Let's get dressed and go to breakfast," he said.

"I'm afraid we missed breakfast, Sir," Seth said. "They stopped serving half an hour ago."

"When I had my cock up your hairy boy butt," Frank laughed. "Well, we can always go to the Student Union," he said.

"Yes, Sir," Seth said. "We can always do that."

* * *

Frank and Seth left the Student Union cafeteria shortly after ten. The warmth of the early November sun was inviting. "Let's not go back to the room right away," Frank suggested.

"OK, Sir," Seth said. "It's a nice day for a walk."

"This way," said Frank, and he led the way down a path through the old oaks. The dried leaves crunched under their feet and gray squirrels scampered out of the way as they approached.

They walked on until they came to an especially large tree. They left the path and circled the tree to its far side. Frank turned abruptly to face Seth. He put his hands on the smaller man's shoulders and pushed him against the trunk of the tree. He stepped close, put his hands on the tree's rough bark above Seth's head and pinned him there. He lowered his mouth and kissed him hard. He forced his tongue between Seth's lips and ran it over his teeth before Seth opened his mouth. Their tongues darted and explored.

Frank broke contact and looked at Seth. "Open your mouth," he said. When Seth complied he spit into it. "Swallow," Frank ordered, "and know that you are mine."

Frank lowered his hand and cupped Seth's genitals. He kneaded as they looked into each others' eyes.

"You're ready again, aren't you, Smith? You're already hard, you horny little bastard."

"Me, Sir? I'm not the one feeling someone up." He had a half smile on his face.

"Yeah," Frank said. "It's tough keeping my hands off you."

"If I may say so, Sir, I don't think you try very hard."

"You're not the only one whose getting horny," Frank said. "Follow me."

He led the way from the big tree across a patch of grass and through a thick bramble to a section of old brick wall that separated the campus from the busy main street of town. He worked his way between bramble and wall until they came to a small clearing. Enough autumn leaves remained on the multitude of branches and twigs to shield them from the adjacent campus path. Between the wall and the thick foliage they would be pretty well hidden from any passing pedestrians.

"Where are we going, Sir?" Seth was apprehensive.

"Here, Smith. I'm partial to fucking in the great outdoors. This may not qualify as the great outdoors, but it will be today's second choice."

Seth looked about worriedly.

"This is something of a test, Smith. If you trust me as you say you do, you'll wipe that frown off your face and do as I say. Get on your knees."

Seth knelt gingerly as Frank lowered his fly and took out his cock. "Open," he said. "Get it wet."

Frank laid his cock on Seth's tongue and moved it across its surface. "Look at me," he said. "You should know how I like it done by now."

Seth looked into Frank's eyes.

Frank lifted his cock and slapped Seth's tongue several times with it. "Suck it," Frank said. "Get me hard."

Seth sucked, feeling Frank's cock grow longer and get hard in his mouth. Frank held Seth's head between his big hands to hold it still, and he fucked, going past the root of Seth's tongue and into his throat.

He pulled out and looked down on his boy. "Stand up," he said. "Pull your pants down and show me your pretty ass."

"Here, Sir?" Seth asked.

"Don't give me any of your goddam shit, Smith. Just do as you're told."

Seth stood and lowered his pants and shorts to mid thigh. Frank put his hands on Seth's hips and turned him until he was facing the wall. He knelt behind him and spread his ass cheeks. He spit onto Seth's hole and spread his spit around the opening with his tongue.

In spite of his apprehensions, Seth began to moan.

Frank spit again. He wet his fingers in his mouth and pressed them against Seth's hole. "Jut your ass out for me," he said, and when Seth did as he was told, Frank slid two fingers into him. His asshole gripped Frank's fingers tightly as he pivoted his wrist back and forth. "Hot fuckin' ass," he said softly.

He spit on Seth's hole a third time and stood. He placed his cock head against Seth's opening. "Ready?" he asked.

Seth nodded, crossed his arms against the rough brick wall and rested his forehead on his arms. Frank stepped closer and pushed with his hips. "Let me in," he whispered in Seth's ear. "Push out like you're trying to shit."

Seth grunted and wriggled his ass. Frank's cock slipped past the tight ring of Seth's hole. He pushed in with one slow, even movement until his cock was completely buried inside Seth's ass.

"That's it," Frank said. "Feel me in you. Feel your master's hard cock up your slave boy cunt." He began a small fucking motion, out and in. "Feel that?" he whispered. "Do you love my cock fucking you like this?"

Seth answered by turning his head so they could kiss.

Frank pulled back from the kiss. "Stick your ass out more," he said.

Seth lowered his arms on the wall and jutted his ass out to meet Frank's increasingly urgent fucking. Frank reached around Seth and wrapped his hand around his hard cock. Without any lube, Frank jacked Seth's cock, rubbing his glans with his dry hand.

Seth's moans were getting louder. Frank's mouth was near his ear. "Shh," he cautioned. He heard a group of co-eds approaching on the nearby path. The bramble was thick enough to hide Frank and Seth, but only if they were still and quiet. As the girls came closer, Frank again pushed into Seth until his balls were against his ass. He fucked in shallow but forceful thrusts. "Uhh, Seth moaned.

"What was that?" one of the girls asked.

"What?" asked another. "I didn't hear anything."

"There, in the bushes," the first answered. "Someone's in the bushes."

"Well," a third girl said. "If they're in the bushes, they obviously don't want to be seen." The girls' giggles became less audible as they continued on their way.

Frank pushed hard against Seth's ass. He pulled nearly out and pushed deeply again, over and over. The pace of his fucking increased steadily. "Take it," he uttered. "Take it all, Cunt."

Seth moaned again, louder than before. He was jacking his hard cock. "Oh, god," he uttered as shot a thick rope of cum against the wall. "Uhh, uhh," he sighed. Stream after stream of cum shot out and formed white rivulets that trickled slowly down the bricks.

"I'm going to come," Frank said. "I'm going to come up your hot ass."

He bucked against Seth's ass and shot his first stream deep. He pulled half way out and rammed back in as the second stream pulsed forcefully out. He continued fucking until his balls were completely drained, and still he stayed buried, fucking with little reflex thrusts until he was still. He kissed the back of Seth's neck and pulled his softening cock out.

Seth raised and closed his pants as Frank stuffed his cock in his jeans and zipped up.

Seth turned and Frank grabbed him and hugged him close. He kissed him passionately before stepping back. "You're one hot fucker," he said.

The two left the seclusion of the bushes just as two men approached walking closely together. Students, no doubt. As they passed, the blond one turned his head and looked at Seth with a grin on his pretty face.

"I think they know, Sir," Seth said.

"I'd be surprised if they didn't," Frank replied. "They were watching us when we were back there at the tree."

"I don't understand, Sir," Seth said. "I thought you were going to check that no one would see us being intimate like that."

"I never said that," Frank said. "What I said was that I would know when it's OK and when it's not. With those two it's OK. Today's their lucky day."

When Frank and Seth neared their dorm Frank said, "I have a report to finish for econ before Monday. What about you? Do you have anything that has to be done?"

"I have some assignments that I need to do," Seth said.

"Well," Frank said, "I'd like to make some progress if that's OK with you."

"Sure," Seth said. "What would you like me to do, Sir?"

"Go back to your room and do what you have to do. Report back to my room at eight and we can play some more."

* * *

Josh was in their room when Seth entered. "Well," he said, "the wanderer has returned. You didn't sleep here last night," he observed.

"No, I didn't," Seth said abruptly, "and I won't be sleeping here tonight either."

"May I ask where you've been?" Josh asked.

"No, you may not," Seth answered. "I'm going to the library now," he said, and he gathered some supplies he would need and walked to Shivley Hall.

At eight o'clock sharp, Seth knocked on Frank's door. "My boy's back," Frank said when he opened the door.

"As ordered, Sir."

"Good boy," Frank said. "I'm ready to play. I hope you are too."

"Yes, Sir," said Seth.

"Good," Frank said. "Get naked.

"I love saying that to you. 'Get naked'," he repeated.

Seth smiled broadly as he followed Frank's order.

"Kneel beside the bed," Frank said, "knees on the floor, ass in the air." Frank opened his trousers and lowered them and his boxers to his ankles.

When Seth was in position, Frank lubed Seth's hole and his own hard cock and pushed it into him. He fucked him hard and fast for several minutes. Neither man said a word.

Frank slapped Seth's ass. "Get on the middle of the bed," he said. "Face down."

Seth scrambled into position as Frank removed his jeans and bared his feet. He put his hands under Seth's pelvis and lifted his ass.

When he entered him again, his fucking was less frenzied. He used his body weight to push Seth tightly against the mattress, and he raised and lowered his ass, fucking Seth with hard, deliberate thrusts. He used his knees to press against the inside of Seth's, legs forcing them further apart. Now his thrusts were deeper, and he ground hard against Seth at each downward thrust.

"Ahh, fuck me," Seth moaned. This signal of approval - of raw animal hunger - drove Frank on.

"Come in me," Seth begged, but after a few more thrusts Frank withdrew and sat back on his heels. "Roll over," he said.

Frank positioned his cock above Seth's mouth. Seth opened and Frank put his cock in. He raised his hips and fucked Seth's mouth.

Getting back between his legs, he put his hands behind Seth's knees and lifted his ass into the air. He stared into Seth's gaping hole. He dived his tongue into that hole and tongue fucked him, listening to Seth's low moans.

Finally he lowered Seth's ass, opened his legs wide, and entered him again.

"Look at me, Smith. Look into my eyes."

This time his fucking was slower and more deliberate. He ground against Seth at the bottom of each stroke.

"Oh, Sir," said Seth softly. "Give me your seed. I want your seed in me," and he moved his ass slightly upward against each of Frank's downward thrusts.

"Now," said Frank. "Here it comes, Boy," and he lowered his lips to Seth's and kissed him passionately as he pulsed his huge load deeply into the welcoming hole.

Spent, he lay on top of Seth who put his arms around his shoulders and cradled him gently.

Frank spoke low into Seth's ear. "Do you want to come?" he asked.

"No," Seth answered. Then he added, "It doesn't matter, Sir. I want what you want."

Still holding Frank close Seth said, "I love you, you know."

Frank reared back. "No," he shouted. "Don't say that. It's not your place to say that."

"I only meant . . ."

"I don't give a fuck what you meant," Frank roared. "This is not about love. It's about power and submission."

"Yes, Frank. I know. I'm sorry."

"There you go again. I really am sick and tired of your being so fucking sorry. If you want out of this arrangement," he said forcefully, "that can be arranged."

"No, Frank, Sir. That's not what I want. Please, Sir."

"You little shit." Frank was in a rage. "You'd better start acting the way you know I want you to act. You're not to say anything, or do anything stupid. You're my fucking slave. You don't do anything without my express permission, or speak out of turn. Ever."

"Yes, Sir. I know that."

"Apparently you don't," Frank roared. "But, by god, you're going to learn it.

"I'm going out," Frank said, "and you're going to wait here for me."

"Yes, Sir," Seth said.

"Sit in that chair," Frank ordered.

Seth sat in Frank's desk chair.

"Put your arms behind the chair back." Frank bound him securely.

"I'll see to you when I get back," he said. "This little session isn't over yet. Far from it." And he stormed out of the room.



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