When Seth's ring tone sounded, he glanced over at his roommate and down at his cell. It was Frank. Josh was sitting at his computer where he had been for most of the afternoon. Seth hoped that he wouldn't pay any attention to the phone call, but Josh was kind of nosy.


"I want you."

"Now, Sir?" Seth asked.

"Now, Smith," Frank answered. "I want to fuck your boy cunt, and I want to fuck it now."

"Yes, Sir," Seth said.

"Bring a change of clothes. You'll be spending the weekend with me. When you get here, come in without knocking, and lock the door behind you."

"I'll be right there, Sir," Seth said and ended the call. He grabbed his shoes and put them on.

"Who was that?" Josh asked.

"No one you know," Seth said evasively. He grabbed some clean clothes and hurriedly left the room.

Seth opened Frank's door timidly and glanced around the room. Frank was standing wearing just his boxer shorts. His legs were spread and he held a flogger behind his back. The flogger was an intricately carved pole with a dozen long soft leather tails attached to one end. He waited for Seth to close and lock the door.

"Yes, Sir?" Seth asked.

"Get naked, Boy," Frank said.

Seth undressed and, as he did the day before, folded his clothing neatly and laid them on the desk chair. He turned and faced Frank.

"Yes, Sir?" he repeated.

"Come here."

Seth approached and stood before his master. Frank said, "I have another gift for you," and he showed Seth a handsome strip of maroon Moroccan leather with a gold toned D-ring and chain attached to it. "This is a slave collar," he said. He unhooked the chain, placed the collar around Seth's neck, and locked it in place.

"You will wear this every time we are together," Frank said.

"Yes, Sir," said Seth. "May I ask why, Sir?"

"Just to remind you that you are a slave; my slave."

"Yes, Sir," Seth repeated. "If I may say, Sir, I don't think I need reminding."

Frank raised his voice. "You'll wear it, Smith," he said, "because that's what I want."

"Yes, Sir," Seth said quickly. "I didn't mean to question your authority or your judgment, Sir. I just meant that I don't think I can ever forget that I am your slave."

Frank's voice softened. "That's nice to know," he said. He reached out and caressed the smooth skin of Seth's chin. "Very nice," he said. "I'm glad that damned fuzz is gone. Now, turn around."

Seth turned and Frank ran his hand softly over Seth's furry ass mounds. "No sign of red," he said. "Are you ready to play?"

"Anything you want, Sir," Seth said.

"Get me ready, Boy," Frank said.

"I'm sorry, Sir?" Seth said.

"Get me hard. Get on your knees in front of me and get my man cock ready to fuck your pussy."

"Yes, Sir," Seth said, and he knelt in front of Frank. He reached toward Frank's cock, expecting to put in his mouth and suck him to erection. Frank's commanding voice put an abrupt end to that expectation.

"Lean back," he said. "Cross your feet and sit on them. And put your hands behind your back."

When he had done everything Frank ordered him to do, Frank went behind him and cuffed his wrists together. Standing in front of him again he took off his boxers and said, "Look at me, Boy. Look into my eyes."

Seth looked up at his master.

"Open your mouth," he said. "Open it wide."

Seth opened his mouth and Frank laid his cock on Seth's tongue.

He rubbed it back and forth, took it out and slapped Seth's face several times with it and put it back. Seth closed his lips over Frank's shaft.

"Not yet," Frank cautioned. "Look at me and open your mouth wide." Frank pushed his cock into Seth's opened throat. Seth gagged.

"Relax your throat," Frank said. "Relax," and he repeated the motion. Seth gagged again and moved his face away from Frank's intruding member.

"This is not going well," Frank said.

"I'm sorry, Sir." Seth said.

"Sorry doesn't cut it. Do as you're told. Keep your mouth opened. Feel my cock on your tongue and in your throat."

Seth again opened his mouth and looked into Frank's eyes. Once more, Frank rubbed his erection over his tongue and slowly moved it until he entered his throat. Seth resisted the urge to gag, but Frank noticed that his eyes were tearing. He took his cock out of Seth's mouth and stooped over until their lips touched. They kissed lightly. "You're my good boy," Frank said softly.

He stood and said, "Again, Boy. Do it again."

Seth looked up to meet Frank's eyes and opened his mouth. "Wide," Frank reminded him.

Kneeling in front of Frank as he was and looking up; Frank, tall and muscular, looking down at him - it was clear what their relative positions were: Frank the master; Seth the slave. Each felt his position. That was just what Frank had been working to create.

Seth opened his mouth as wide as he could and Frank once again put his cock on his tongue. He rubbed it around, grazing the back of Seth's throat again and again. He slapped Seth's face several times with his semi-erection and fucked his throat slowly; softly.

Frank took his cock out of Seth's mouth. "Keep it opened," he said, and he spit into his mouth. "Swallow," he said. Seth swallowed.

"Again," Frank said and his spit landed deeply in Seth's mouth. "Swallow again," he said, "and know that you belong to me."

"Open wide. Look at me." When Seth looked up, Frank once again ran his hard cock across Seth's tongue and softly fucked his throat.

"You're getting the hang of it," Frank said. He stooped and removed the cuffs from Seth's wrists.

"Now, lie on my bed. On your back," Frank said.

When Seth complied, Frank produced four lengths of rope and tied Seth spread-eagle across his mattress. He took up his flogger again and lazily moved the soft leather tails across Seth's chest and abdomen.

"Do you like this?" he asked.

"Yes, Sir," Seth answered.

"Good," Frank said, and he flicked the flogger so that the tails gently whipped Seth's chest.

"Thank you, Sir," Seth said.

"You remembered. Good boy."

Frank flicked Seth's chest again and again, sometimes harder, sometimes softer. Then, he directed each flick lower on Seth's torso until they began to fall on his cock and balls. He noticed that each time Seth's cock was hit that it jerked upward involuntarily.

"You like this, don't you, Smith?"

"Yes, Sir. Thank you, Sir," Seth said.

Frank laid the flogger on the bed beside Seth and straddled his head so that he was facing Seth's feet and his butt was directly over his face. He squatted. "Lick it," he said. "Lick my hairy man hole."

He spread his hole open wider with his hands and moved his hips back and forth over Seth's tongue. "Make it wet," he said.

Seth licked in small circles touching all of Frank's pucker with the tip of his tongue. Frank stopped moving and lowered himself so that his asshole was touching Seth's lips. "Suck it," he said. "Suck it until my insides are in your mouth.

"Fuck me with your tongue," he ordered. "God, you're one hungry little bitch ass eater."

He stayed in position over Seth's face and dipped his hand in the lube jar on his bedside table. He encircled Seth's cock with his big hand and began to stroke it smoothly. He stood and positioned himself above Seth's erection. He squatted and impaled himself onto

Seth's cock slowly until he was sitting on his hips.

"Do you like this, Little Man?" he asked.

"Oh, yes, Sir," Seth said.

Frank raised and lowered himself several times. "Don't get used to it," he said. "I just wanted to find out what it feels like."

When he raised himself off Seth's hard cock it slapped his abdomen before standing at right angles to his pelvis. Frank made a fist around it and started to jack.

"You were pretty juiced up last night. Did you jack off after you left here?" Frank asked. He jacked Seth's cock through the whole interrogation.

"No, Sir," Seth said.

"Not yesterday or today?" Frank asked.

"No, Sir," Seth repeated.

"Good," Frank said. "I wouldn't like it if you had. You are to save yourself for when we are together," Frank said.

"Yes, Sir," Seth said. "I will, Sir."

"When was the last time you jacked off? . . . the last time you came?" Frank asked.

"You sucked me off yesterday, Sir."

"So I did. Well, let's see how this goes," he said as he stroked.

"How does this feel, Smith," he asked.

"Very nice, Sir."

"You like it when I jack your cock, do you?"

"Yes, Sir. I like it very much."

"Are you close to coming?"

"Not yet, Sir. Do you want me to come?"

"Let's just see how it goes," Frank repeated. He changed his position slightly, gripped Seth's shaft more tightly and jacked some more.

He eventually felt that Seth was getting ready to shoot. He relaxed his grip and stood, turning away from Seth. "I have to shit," he said, and he went into his bathroom without closing the door. Seth heard Frank's turd fall into the water of the bowl, the paper being torn from the roll and the toilet flush. Frank came back to the bed where Seth lay tied spread-eagle.

"I think I got myself clean, but I want you to make sure." He stood on the bed and squatted over Seth's face as he had done earlier. "Lick it," he said. "Make sure it's clean."

Frank's hairy hole opened above Seth's mouth. The odor that came from it was strong. This is something Seth never thought he would be called to do, but Frank was his master and he knew he had to do what he was told.

Frank's asshole, when his tongue first touched it, was funky, but not unbearable. Seth lapped at it sort of like a dog. Each pass of his tongue became longer, and he found that the taste was not as repugnant as he expected that it would be. He began to describe circles with the tip of his tongue, and when Frank reached back and spread his ass cheeks, opening his hole even wider, Seth buried his tongue in that hole as deeply as he could.

Frank stood, turned on the bed and lowered his face to Seth's. He kissed him tenderly. "You are my very good boy indeed," he said.

With that, he applied more lube to Seth's cock and began to stroke it again. Seth's legs twitched when he came close. But instead of bringing him off, Frank picked up the flogger and lashed Seth with it again and again, over his chest and abdomen and especially his cock and balls.

"Oh, Sir. Please, Sir," Seth whimpered, but Frank noted that Seth's cock lifted high off his pelvis and swelled with each lash.

Lash. Lash.

Frank laid the flogger aside and stroked Seth's cock.

Then - lash. He flogged his cock some more.

"Oh, Sir." Seth moved his hips from side to side as much as his restraints allowed.

Frank changed to stroking Seth. He lowered his mouth and sucked momentarily.

"Are you ready to come?" Frank asked.

"Yes, Sir. Please, Sir."

"Sorry. Not yet."

Lash. Lash.

"Oh, aww. Oh, Sir."

Stroke. Stroke. He sucked some more.

Lash. Lash.

Suck. Stroke. Stroke.

"Oh, yes, Sir. I'm going to come." Seth's legs twitched and he fucked Frank's fist as much as he could. "Ahhh," he cried and he shot his load of cum. Glob after creamy glob arched from his engorged glans to land on his cheek, on his heaving chest and on his rigid abdomen. "Oh, Sir," he repeated as the last of his ejaculate dribbled out over Frank's still jacking hand.

His arms and legs jerked involuntarily as Frank continued to stroke. "Please stop, Sir," he begged.

Frank stopped his stroking but still held Seth's cock firmly in his hand.

Seth seemed to relax a little. "How do you feel?" Frank asked.

"Oh, Sir," Seth said. "I'm exhausted. I've never felt so empty in my life."

"Empty?" Frank asked.

"Maybe that's not the right word. Spent, I guess."

"Did you like it?"

"Yes, Sir. I have never had an orgasm like that before. Ever."

"Glad you liked it," Frank said as he undid the restraining ropes. "Roll over," he said.

Seth rolled onto his stomach and Frank briefly massaged his ass mounds. He lowered his mouth and kissed and licked his ass. He spread his cheeks and ran his tongue up one side of his cleft and down the other.

"You have the most beautiful ass," he said.

"Thank you, Sir."

"I love the hairiness of it, the firmness, the beautiful roundness of it."

He massaged and kissed it more before placing his hands on either side of his crack and spreading the the mounds apart. He gazed at the round hole he had created. Its color changed quickly from creamy flesh to pink opening to blood red and eventually black at its deepest core. Frank lowered his mouth, his lips forming a seal over the inviting hole. He licked with his tongue, wetting the ring before burying his tongue as deeply as it would go. He made a point of his tongue and fucked Seth repeatedly with it. Seth squirmed under the treatment. "Ahh," he sighed, as Frank continued to lick and tongue-fuck.

Frank raised up and dipped his fingers in the jar of lube. He pushed his long middle finger into Seth's asshole. "Oh, yes," Seth said low.

Frank removed his finger, joined his index to it and entered Seth again. Again, Seth moaned softly.

Frank sat and watched himself fucking Seth with his fingers. "The most beautiful ass on the most beautiful boy I've ever known," he said softly. "I am very happy with you, Smith."

"Thank you, Sir. You make me very happy too."

"I think your training is going very well."

"Thank you, Sir. That's all your doing."

Frank jacked his own cock briefly with his lube coated hand and placed its head against Seth's opening. "Ahh, Sir," said Seth. "Fuck me."

Frank pressed steadily until his cock head pushed through Seth's tight ring. "I'm in your tight pussy," he said. "Are you ready for me to fuck your boy cunt?"

Seth's voice was low and raspy. "Use me, Sir," he said.

He squeezed his sphincter around Frank's shaft and lifted his pelvis off the mattress. Frank pushed him back down. "I'll do the fucking," he said gruffly.

He pulled out several times and reentered Seth forcefully. He dropped onto him; hairy chest to smooth back, and fucked with small, deliberate jabs. "Your fuck chute is so warm," he said.

He hugged Seth tightly and rolled him onto his side. He wedged his hand between Seth's legs and lifted the top one. "Open that cunt for me," he said

Seth began to jack his cock but Frank slapped his hand away. He then cupped Seth's balls in his hand and kneaded them softly. He moved his hand to Seth's erection and stroked it firmly as he fucked.

Without pulling out, he turned and rolled until Seth was on his back and Frank was over him, between his legs. Frank fucked him with long, slow strokes.

"Look at me," Frank ordered.

Seth looked up into Frank's eyes. He was fucking slowly, going as deeply into Seth as he could.

Seth moaned and Frank increased the speed of his fucking.

"Open your legs wider," he said. "I want to go deeper into your sweet boy cunt.

"Look at me," Frank reminded Seth. "I want you to see how much it means to me when I come deep inside you."

"Fuck me, Sir," Seth said. "Fuck me until you fill me with your hot cum. Ahh, Sir."

"Look at me, Seth. Know that a man is fucking you and making you feel like a pussy girl. Feel me going in and out of your boy cunt and love every minute, every stroke of it."

"I love it, Sir. I love your hard cock fucking me."

Frank increased the pace of his fucking. "Make me feel your hard man cock deep inside me," Seth pleaded.

"Are you ready, Pussy Boy? Are you ready for my juice?"

"Fuck me. Cum in me. Ahh, God!"

Frank squirmed and reached as deeply into his boy as he could with his swollen cock. He cried out as he jettisoned his first shot of cum into him. "God! Oh, God!" he cried.

He continued to buck and thrust as four more jets of cum shot into Seth, churning his seed inside his boy's ass.

Seth lifted his legs and spread them wide. "Christ," he cried before wrapping his legs around Frank's waist.

Frank pushed his pelvis hard against Seth even as his breathing began to ease. He was hot. His body was covered with minute beads of perspiration. He rested on top of Seth. "You're a hot little number," he said.

"Thank you, Sir," Seth said. "I love the feeling of you coming in me."

Frank hugged Seth close and kissed his lips. He then sat up and untied the cords holding his arms.

"Let's hit the shower," he said. "My bed's kinda narrow, but we'll make do. Maybe I'll sleep with my cock up your ass all night. There never was such an ass for fucking."



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