A Piercing Aquaintance

Thu 16 Apr 2015

"Isn't that the guy in the bar," thinks Paul. 

The  large 6', 40's, stocky  but  muscled, black bearded, Old  Guard leather man, who Paul  had  spent  the  last  two  hours, smiled at  Paul  at  the  end  of  the  block. He stood like  an  imposing  block  of  granite under  a  street lamp.  

Paul is drunk but walks a pretty good line down the curb of the street toward his apartment, but  could  see  he'd  have  to  deal  with  this heavy  obstacle to  get  there. 

Lanky, blond, fit, about 5,10  with a  gentle  face -- that often  made  people do  a  double  take when  he  revealed  his  arrogant  and  disrespectful  nature.

Paul reflected and furrowed his brow  as he recollected his conversation -- and promises  to  this  man.  

'Why  do I  have  to be  such  a  cunt?,' Paul  thought, 'I  shouldn't  lead  these  old  guys along, but  it  is  fun  to  tease  them; this  guy  obviously  wanted  to  fuck  me -- and  his  cock  was  pretty  hot  when  he  pulled  it  out  in  the  toilet for  me  to  see -- 'and  grab  hold of it, boy - wouldn't  you  like  that  seeding  yer  ass?'  Ha! ugly  old  man's  never  going  to  touch  my butt.'       

'Called himself 'Master' Charles', Ha! Master! Master of clown gear -- and he obviously has no motorcycle. ’

Paul chuckles as he steps over to the beckoning leather guy whose chaps, vest , Jacket, all black, glistened  under  the  light. 

"Got a light, slave?"  His  recent  bar  mate said.  

'Did  he  just  emphasize 'slave'?' thought  Paul.

"Look, I just said it'd be fun -- 'to be  your 'slave ...forever? C'mon! 'As in, I was just joking! I have no interest in being anyone's property!”  

Paul makes an awkward effort at  being  a  regular guy as he produces some matches and  tries  to  light  the  large man's  cigar.

 Just then a van pulls along side the men, the sliding door opens and Master Charles pushes Paul backward into the vehicle.

The driver pulls Paul through the door, and Master  Charles loops a zip tie around the boy's sneakered feet.

Paul instinctively pulled at his bound feet, but another tie was easily looped around his hands just when he did.

The flash of the buck knife just caught the corner of Paul's eye as it quickly swiped through his belt and cut his  pants - enough, and  shirt - enough…to let  Paul experience a  well  done  rip and  strip. The  pockets emptied  on  van  floor and then all  Paul's  clothes were pitched  to  the  curb. They sped off off with the door  slammed  shut in  the  same  motion.

He marveled at how quickly he felt the cold air upon his anus -- chilling his cock and naked ass; his cold zip tied hands under his  crack -- cold against the plastic seat and buckled in.

“Spread your legs, slave; and bow your head; we want a look”, came a gruff command from  Master Charles.

Paul did, thinking it best to cooperate.

His cock sprang up -- disconcertingly ... a betrayal to Paul's thinking.,

Paul was shaved, and his white cock rose about 7 inches. Master Charles stroked it a few times. 'Looks to me you are already my bitch material, Paul; saves me a little work.'

Paul wanted to speak but instead gulped and burped, wide eyed. He was, to his amazement being  owned and  he was intensely horny.

“I don't care about that cock of yours, Paul, in fact, you aren't going to have much use of it either, it belongs to me now, just as those tits”, to which Master Charles gave a painful twist. Master  Charles  sat  behind  Paul  and  went  through  his  wallet.

Paul's boner wilted, and he began screaming; just as a ball gag pushed into his mouth, and the strap wrapped about his head.  A silky black hood bagged his disturbed brow and wild  eyes.  

He  stopped thrashing after  few  minutes; and  listened,  he  heard  the  jets low  overhead near  the airport.  'Low  class bastard!' Paul  wanted  to  yell.

"What  did I  tell  this  guy  to  have  him  doing  this to  me? It's  kidnapping, and  that's a really  serious crime but  my  family  doesn't have  any  money."

Paul  felt his  penis being  played  with, and  against  his  authority,  it  quickly  became  erect -- perhaps  if  I  can please this  guy  with  a  blow  job ..."

But  before he envisioned that  scene, Paul felt a quick intense sharp pain on his cock head; and, realized after feeling forceful tugs -- and a peek  under  the  hood, that he'd just been given a PA.

“I may make you my eunuch too, bitch, but I do like your balls”, Said Master Charles, as  he  wrapped and  squeezed his  ham  hand  about  the  sack .

“ I  plan to stretch  them  so  they  hang  low – you’d  like that?”

'Yes, Master', said Paul. Trying to  be agreeable as to one insane --  yet, confused,  thinking  back  to  his recent conversation  to  this  man. 

 Paul mumbled that through the rubber ball gag too; so, Master  Charles  failed  to  hear  the  insult – the  gag he'd been grateful to bite into during that torture of piercing.

Master Charles clamped a tit and attached the other chain end to his PA, stretching his flaccid cock up tight -- stretched even when crouched, as much as the shoulder strap allowed -- causing Paul to hump his  hips  forward, knees spread against  the  seat in  front;  Paul held very still to ease pain as much as he could.

Paul wanted his mother, and cried unseen tears.

Paul's heart raced when he saw a blue flashing light through the hood, and he prayed the police would save him.

The police noticed the van because it jerked to the left briefly as it passed, owing to a kick Paul was able to make to the driver’s seat when Charles pierced his penis.

They  pulled  over.

The officer noticed the dark shape covered with a towel in the back, driver's side seat and stepped  back  and  pulled  his  gun.

'It's ok officer,' Master Charles said with a big grin. 'It's a friend we have tied up for a game.'

'Let's see?' said the officer,  gun tracking  back  and  forth along  the  car.

They un-draped the boy, revealing hood, tit clamp, and stretched bloody cock, -- with a rather swollen  mushroom head.

Master Charles produced a cell phone,' We don't want to interrupt the game so we made a consent recording -- just listen?' He told the policeman with a 'you understand’ grin. And  Master  Charles  played  a  portion  of  the  conversation  in  the  bar.

To the boy's amazement he heard himself agreeing to this very scenario -- How?

“Take off his hood let him speak”,  ordered the policeman.

Master Charles removed the hood and gag.

Instantly the boy babbled incoherently, squinting with tears streaming down his face in the policeman's LED flashlight.

The policeman aimed the flashlight to the boy's shaved crotch seeing, owing  to  the  tit  clamp, the sphincter of his anus, since he'd pushed his skinny ass as much to the front as possible -- to lesson the tension on his pierced cock, and now throbbing tit with  his  thighs  spread  wide.


“Damn!' said the cop “I know who you are! -- You were picked up for soliciting an undercover officer at the gay bar a year back – and, cried just like that when I processed you into jail. I recall you were a minor and being such a baby officer Don dropped charges. Your  mother  was  a  piece  of  work”

The cop noticed his blond hair with highlights, 'What a spoiled fag’, he thought.

"Shave his head”, he said to  Charles as he  turned  away.

The policeman motioned to his partner.

'Take a look at this, Shelly ', A lesbian. She grinned when she saw the boy.

'Hi sweety'.

The boy desperately protested and  tried  to  rapid  fire  his  situation – He knew  it  wasn’t  going  well..

He was 18 but looked like a 'boy' without pubic hair so  they  checked  his  license.

'Hi, Master Charles,' she said, as a matter of  fact, obviously  knowing  him.

And, after some discussion with the others she turned to the boy and said,

'Honey, you've made your bed, and I'm afraid you are going to have to sleep in it.'

Master Charles put the ball gag back in his still working mouth, and like a magician bagged it with a flourish and grin to the audience.

Oddly, the boy grew another erection as  the  others  looked  on chatting, and  they  saw his PA blood trickle down to the  anus as  it  grew –  Paul's sphincter flexed under  the  Shelly's  flash light, as if calling  out  in  desire. 

Charles  produced a butt plug, and  as  a  doctor  might  demonstrate  a  sensitive  procedure  to interns, he  worked it into  Paul's  anus  to  the  hilt,  giving  it  a  half  turn  and  slap  between  Paul's white trembling  thighs.   

Then, they  returned  to  their  respective  rides and drove off.




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