I walk up to the cathedral, draped in moonlight, as it scrapes the sky with obsidian towers. A marvel to all who gape at the immensity of it and the incredible masonry which brought the building into being. Up the mountainous steps I found the door, staring down at me from the height of three men, just a small blemish along the entirety of the wall. Wrought iron shaped by master blacksmiths crawls along the timbers creating the imposing, gothic view before me. The door was left slightly ajar and I slip inside.

The inside is a piece of art, unrivaled in gothic design, giving every hall and passage a tangible presence which makes my hair stand on end, yet can be so awe inspiring that I am forced to bathe in the beauty of it as time speeds on ahead, leaving me behind. The undying gargoyles hang on the walls, rafters, and balconies as lonely companions. The silent sentries, they watch everything with small, unmoving eyes. Higher up still, shimmering as if stars, reflecting the pearly white light of the moon, are the bells. They hang there, their weight held by hundred year old ropes, yet it seems there could be nothing sturdier in the world. I know there music could make the gargoyles cry.

"Alistar, good to see you again." I jump as I hear my name, it's an assult upon my ears, as it echo's up to the bells. It's speaker appears in my line of sight but I already knew who would be standing there. A tall, muscular man with hair of woven gold stands there. I know him well and there are years of deep hatred built up in everyone of his features. From the tip of his cowboy hat to the end of his long leather trench coat, which I know is filled with an innumerable number of weapons. I could name each one of them for I know them like the back of my hand. If I didn't, I would have been long dead. The Vampire hunter stands before me as his long chase is about to come to an end. At least he thinks so.

"Cameron, it's been years since we last met, I would have liked to keep it that way." I keep my tone steady and cold as ice, trying to pierce his heart with every word. I stand up straight and keep my chin high. He will not see a twinge of fear anywhere along my body. Rather I pray that he will learn the fear of a staring down a 1300 year old vampire who was born and raised in Celitc times. War was my life and I lived to be the best, to earn my place beside the king as his champion. I trained myself and created a tool for mass destruction, my body, with which I used to strike fear in all who saw me. However Cameron has never been scared, we are the same height, have similar body builds, and he has always refused to stand down.

"I believe that it was the cold war, was it not?" He chuckles and takes a step forward. I tense up but the question, along with his strange tone, caught me off guard.... It must be the church. Vampire hunters are few and far between, even by vampiric standards. Thats because they were created by the Catholic Church to be the immortal hunters of vampires. We Vampires were laden with this... CURSE, while they freely choose immortality just to hunt us down. The only difference between us is that I have to drink blood and can't walk in sunlight. I know who got the bad end of this bargain. The Hunters are what we Vampires dream to be but cannot become...

Cameron, specifically, has been chasing me for the past 700 years. I know him as well as someone would their best friend, only the actual "friendship" part is replaced by animosity and hatred. I know the way he walks, I know the way he talks, yet today he seemed different. His body was relaxed and he had a mad glint in his eyes, much unlike the calm and collected hunter I knew. Could just being in a church, even if it is the most famous church in the world, Notre Dame, have this kind of effect?

He stood confidently, yet held up no guard to stop my attacks, all the while starring at me. For a full 10 minutes we stood there and never once did he loose eye contact with me. My head became full of his gaze, I couldn't focus on the beauty of the church around me, there was only the intensity of his serious yet playful gaze. Yes, PLAYFUL!! He dares to not take me seriously even though we have known each other for 700 years and I have never once lost a fight. There have been times when Cameron came close to besting me, but it has never happened and I plan to keep it that way. Yet his gaze is beginning to unnerve me.

Then the bells began to chime, and the clock struck midnight. The cacophony of sound is beautiful yet gives me an eerie feeling of dread which leaves my hair standing on end and butterflies flutter in my gut. Cameron takes a step forward and I take a step back. His eyes flash with a mad excitement as I back down and he laughs. It wasn't really a laugh though, it was a cackle that could send chills down a witches spine. It combined with the sound of the bells and transformed the melody into a blood curdling sound that sent fire to my core as fear doubled me over.

This was the kind of fear that I hadn't experienced since I was a little boy. I was always the predator, the one with all the power that no one could mess with. Yet this sound alone seemed more powerful than all the kings and warriors I have ever met combined. I was alone, forced to stand against this sound like a tidal wave that washed over me and pinned me to the ground. I cowered beneath it, then it stopped. I couldn't move, I couldn't open my eyes. I just laid there, then I heard his foot steps.

Cameron began walking towards me, but this wasn't Cameron, this was a true monster in the guise of the Hunter that I know. What could have happened in the last 50 years to create this? He was a mad man raging down on me with the speed of a snail yet the ferocity of a dragon. Slow steps that filled me with fear, yet I couldn't run. His eyes no longer human, they held all the darkness of the underworld in his mad entertainment. His smile, twisted from ear to ear, was that of the devil himself.

He reached me and lifted me off the ground. Pinned against the wall I struggled in his grip but I couldn't free myself. His eyes held me there as much as his strength did.

"I finally have you Alistar!" He shouted triumphantly and his voice was still his, though it showed no signs that he just made a sound loud enough to over power the bells of Notre Dame. "I have waited 700 years for this. My life alone, my existence as a Vampire Hunter, all of it was for this moment here with you."

I looked down at him again, his eyes once again human, he looked no different than he had in the past. Fear began to recede, but just enough so that I no longer had the need to cower at his feet to deal with it.He set me down and I was frozen in place, my mind still blinded by the sight of his demonic gaze and fresh with the experience I just had. As my mind slowly began to think again, I started wondering, 'why am I not dead yet?'. I looked at him again, for the third time, and in my brief period of thought he had undergone yet another transformation.

This shocked me more than anything I had experienced tonight and I completely forgot about all my fear. A bright smile lit his face, a smile that seemed to make the darkness of night cringe from us. He learned in with a mad glint in his eyes and kissed me....



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