Friday and it is that time of the week when I, Mark, spend the day and sometimes the night over at my best friend's, Ken, house.

I knock on the front door as I get to Ken's house late friday afternoon, its a warm day and I'm wearin a vest and running shorts, I'm 5'7 slim with a relatively toned body, 'Come in Mark' I hear Ken call from his bedroom window. I let my self in and head up to his room. 'hey man, so did you ask your mom? And where's your night bag?' were the first words from Ken. Shit! I totally forgot that Ken's parents are away for the weekend and I had to ask my mom if I could stay over for the weekend. 'hey relax, my mom isn't home yet, I'll ask her later' I assured him. 'oh cool' is all he said. Ken is a year older than me, 19, about 5'10 slightly stocky and in tip top shape coz he plays rugby at school. Hes got strong legs, pecs and abs that are inch perfect to say the least. 'how about I challenge you at a couple of games and maybe we can watch a movie later on?' I ask. 'sure' he responds, knowing that i'm only in for an ass kicking.

Ken and I spend the whole day playing video games and watching a movie or two, and we ordered a pizza at some point too, and before we knew it it was almost 10p.m., and I figured my mom would have called if she didn't know where I was already.

Ken seemed to fall asleep and wake again many time during the movie, I guess I wasn't paying attention either coz I dont even know the name of the movie we're watching. 'cumon man, off to bed, I dont think I can last any longer' Ken said, in a very sleepy tone. 'yeah, great idea man' I tell him.

Ken didn't waste much time stripping down to his boxers and jumping into bed. 'He looks soo cute when hes tired' I thought to myself. I also took my time undressing and joining him. I figured its best I sleep in my running shorts rather than my speedo looking undies.

After about 40mins of me just laying there next to this stud trying to sleep, his phone goes off and I jump to silence it. Its a text, and it reads 'Loverboy' in the subject line. I 'accidentally' open it and god do I get a shocker. 'This quiet gal from school, Nancy, is sexing with Ken?!' I ask myself. '...Big cock...' were the words that grabbed my attention in the text.

My heart was racing and my breath heightened and suddenly I was turned on by the situation i'm in.

Out of nowhere I start fantasizing about Ken's cock and how big it probably is and maybe how it feels. I mean I've seen it flaccid before, but that was a while ago. 'Could it hav grown that much?' I ask myself again. I nudge him abit, to see if he'll respond. Nothing. I nudge again, harder this time. Still nothing. My mouth now watering and my hands sweating. And since he is lying on his back, I slowly slide my hand to his crotch, stopping at the waistband. I take a moment to think whether I should go over or under. Over seems much safer. To my suprise, and Delight, his cock feels stiff, not hard, just semi-hard. Like me, Ken is also cut. I gentlew rub his cock through the fabric measuring every inch in the process. A sudden 'twitch' from his penis sends shockwaves through my entire body. I gulp and I feel precum leaking from my now hard cock. I shift a bit allowing myself to lightly press up against him, esp. my crotch area. Then I again place my hand back on his cock. 'Wow that 'twitch' must hav been the valves opening, coz now his cock was harder than before' I wonder. Desperate to get a better feel, I slide my hand inside his boxers. 'Oh godd' I moan softly as I make contact with his hot pulsing cock.

I begin to gently stroke him within the confides of his boxers, which was uncomfortable given that his cock is 8-thick-inches long. I got the idea that if I could get his cock out the boxers without him waking, I could do anything to it, or him. With some difficulty and great caution, I managed to get his cock out the boxers halfway and was stuck. I thought 'the gods must be with me' as Ken lifted his butt off the bed alil, sort of like he was stretching in his sleep, allowing me just enough time to pull his boxers halfway down his thighs. I gently placed a kiss on his left shoulder and looked up, thanking whoever's up there.

I was now getting really hot and wanted to get a close view of Ken's cock. Since it was still warm out, I slowly pulled the covers lower, and lower, and lower, revealing the hottest cock I've ever seen. Yes, 8inches it looked, with a muffin-top shaped hard and silky head. Right then I was shaking, not from the sudden chill, but from uncontrollable excitement and lust. I wasn't gay, or atleast I thought, but I couldn't think of any reason why I wanted his cock in my mouth. And like a tiger, I moved, hopefully undetected, down towards his cock, and laid my head on his abdomin and took a moment to saviour the smell of another mans crotch for the first time. 'mmmmh' I moaned in total ecstasy, the musky yet sweet smell of man put me on a sexual high.

I wet my lips and took Kens cock in my mouth. I knew now that I was officially a cocksucker. I lifted my head from his belly and begin my sucking motion, first the head, then down along the shaft. I used my hand to rub his balls. At this point I was dry humping the shit out of my best friends left leg and moaning in pleasure as I sucked. I even tried to deep throat him at times, however unsuccessfully.

I was lost in pleasure when I felt a hand on the back of my head and right then my heart stopped. Ken...

To be continued...



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