Hi, my name is Timothy Lewis; all my life I have lived in a small town, with a rather small population  .It got really boring sometimes just trying to find something fun to do in the summer.I was expecting to have another boring this year too.What I did not expect was Justin Haynes; this summer just got interesting.

Before I begin my story, I will start off by telling you that I am about 6ft, 17 years old with dark brown hair, muscular build, and Hazel eyes. Justin comes in at about 5’10, 16 years old, and pretty well defined with his best feature being his deep blue eyes.

It all began one summer shortly after school let out, and I was in my truck driving home one day when I saw A moving truck parked in front of the empty house next door to us.Intrigued, I slowed down slightly and looked the house over quickly seeing the new family moving in, and laid eyes on what appeared to be the hottest boy I had ever seen, who seemed to be around my age.I made a mental note to go over and introduce myself later and bring them a batch of my Mom’s chocolate chip cookies.

After I had Finished my dinner and helped Mom and Dad do the dishes I grabbed the batch of welcome cookies Mom had prepared earlier headed to the house next door to us.I approached the front door and rang the doorbell, and to my own delight, the super cute boy himself answered the door.Introducing myself I said “ Hi I’m Tim”,  “ I’m Justin”, the boy said just as his parents came to the door, also hearing the doorbell.Justin’s parents introduced themselves and invited me in, and I stepped Inside and offered them my cookie treasure, placing them on the table we each took a cookie and scarfed it down, and invited me into the living room where we talked a while before suggesting that Justin take me on a tour of the house, show me his room, get to know each other better.We made our way around the house, arriving at his bedroom door, and he opened it to reveal a fairly messy teenage style room, comfortable, bright, and complete with a queen size bed.

He flopped on his bed and invited me on, the both of us sitting on the edge of his bed, side by side. Justin asked me; so, what do you do for fun in this town?Not much really, there isn’t much to or many people around, so It’s really nice to see someone my own age around, especially someone as hot as you.

Do you really think I’m hot? Justin replies.Hot doesn’t even come close, I say back, leaning in and kissing him on the lips, and he must have liked it too, because soon enough we were sitting on Justin’s bed, making out, embracing the feel of our warm wet kiss, enjoying the feeling of our tongues pressed together. rolling around on the bed still kissing, I found myself on top of Justin, feeling that his cock  was as rock hard as mine was; so I undid his pants and pulled them down, and started feeling his hard on through his boxers, receiving a low moan in return. I then pulled his down his boxers freeing his raging cock and taking him in.Justin was in his own world as sucked his hot cock , slowly going faster as his moans got louder, I knew he was to cumming as he started bucking his hips saying, “ oh yeah, suck my cock, suck it Tim”, and he cummed in my mouth, and I swallowed his load.

I got up and rolled onto the other side of the bed, lying beside him, and I asked How was that? That was fucking amazing, Justin replied, jacking off never felt that good.   I glad you enjoyed it as much as I did; because we can do a whole lot more of that.How about tomorrow, said Justin.

As this is my first story, I would like to ask that readers refrain from overly harsh criticism and tell me what I can do to improve, and what I am already doing perfectly.

Thank You




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