As a young man I had realized that I was a little different from other teenage boys my age. The difference was, I loved to look at other young guys, and older mens cocks. I was uncut and when the times for me to learn to take showers in Jr. High School, I had a time trying not to get aroused and popping woodies when in the showerroom, or in the showers.

A new boy named Leroy moved into our town and I have to tell you this he was a little small hunk, muscular as hell, beautiful as a model, and quite a sexual turnon for me. But the problem was that My mom was a Church secretary and the young Man, Leroy, was the pastors son. So my Mom pushed me to be friends with Him, so we invited him over for dinner after the Sunday services, It was then that I learned Leroy was not the goodie Little fellow that you might think he should have been, Truth was he was just a sixteen year old. I found out that his birthday was just 9 days before mine, so we were the same age.

Well Leroy was allways talking about sex and girls, and having had sex so many times I felt like something was wrong with me, But I was feeling a strong attraction to Leroy.

Leroy would come up to me and rub my butt and say that feels better than his girl friend and truth was I had never seen her or even knew what her name was. After about a year of the same ole, same ole, I just let all his bull go in one ear and out the other.

But we would still be great friends.

One Sunday afternoon Leroy Ask me if I could cum, I said whats that? He laughed and said have you never 'Beat your Meat',you know 'Jerked off'? Not wanting to be considered dumb or stupid I said 'Hell yes' and what happens when your finished? He ask. I answered I blow a wad of sperm (Thats what my Dad had called it) So Leroy challenged me to prove it. I told him I would if He would. So we went down in the woods behind my house, and down by the Missouri River, Yanked our Pants to our ankles. When Leroy pulled his briefs down Out sprung about a good eight Inches of half hard cock, Uncut and thick as his wrist, I almost swallowed my tongue. He said It just wouldn't stop growing, He said let's race, so we set down bare assed on a bed of leaves and started pumping, I couldn't take my eyes off his cock and the beautiful set of nuts between his legs. I was quickly getting so turned on in about 7 or 8 minutes I started getting the feeling in my groin that signals an ejaculatoin of cum. I started grunting and picking up speed and leaking pre-cum like a faucet,( I have always had a lot of pre-cum), and slathering the pre-cum up and down my own uncut cock, Jeeze Man, Leroy said That's awesome I wish I did that, I told him to use some of mine I had plenty to spare. That's when my fate was sealed Leroy reached over and wrapped his hand around my 6.5 inch hard as a rock Dick and got a hand full of clear, slick, pre-cum, The feeling of his touching my cock just about gave me a heart attack, I didn not want him to take his hand off my dick, I just about lost it then. But then he placed my pre-cum on his dick, G-d Damn, He said, that's awesome. When he said that, it was like a explosion in my lower parts, I started shooting my wad, I had leaned over facing Leroy and he was watching my cock as it shot stream after stream of cum, mother f--ker He said, I thought I cum a lot, man that's like a horse shooting.

I just let my dick hang there with cum dripping off it, and Then Leroy started grunting, and he was kinda Jerking, I had never seen anyone else shoot off before but He was Having a seizure ( that's what it looked like to me.) He blasted a shot completely over to my stomach, I reached down and started laughing and wiped it up on my finger and Leroy ask me if I had ever tasted my own cum, and I told him several times, He then ask me if I had tasted anyone elses? I said no but I was willing to try, so I scooped up quite a bit of his and He scooped up a good glob of mine and we tasted each others cum, I loved and that started a bit of a Love affair that lasted untill he went into the Army, Oh by the way the Love affair was a silent one that progressed into oral sex as well as anal.

That is another chapter in my life story, but Leroy Had many progressive experiences as time progressed. He was my first real love and I have many warm, sexy and Love filled memories of Leroy.



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