My neck was so stiff. That 14 hour plane ride caused it. My eyes were tired from tears. No matter what fame that I achived, no matter what I became; my Aunt Shannon was there. But I had to go back and see the family that didn't claim me anymore because I was gay.

"Ten years...." Played back in my mind. I couldn't help but think of Dylan. I had never forgotten about the last day we spent together, how much it hurt to let someone you love so much go; but now I was doing again, but this time--forever.

I made my way to the airport terminal, and saw my cousin Jessica, and her husband Henry. Henry was pretty attractive, he was lawyer, so he had that sexy suit and tie look. "Tall dark and handsome...", I laughed at myself.

Then Jessi cut off my thoughts with her voice.

"Hi!", She yelled. Jessi's personality was beautiful. Happy, bubbly and whole-hearted.

"Hey.", I replied bluntly. Jessi looked at,me with cut eyes.

"Try at least." Jessi said through gritted teeth. "Please?"

"Hello Kyle," Henry said from Jessi. His voice was so deep, and seductive. And, plus, Henry was a sweetheart, and a devoted father. So he was good.

"Hi Henry." I replied.

After our proper hello's, we left for my aunt's. On our way there, replayed every scene in my head with my Aunt. I never was mad with her--ever. She always held my hand when I needed her, and now I had to face the people that had rejected me. She was no longer there to hold my hand.

I was so lost in my thoughts, when the car stopped, I didn't feel it. I peered over at the countless cars that lined up in the rounding drive way, and the people expecting to see me. My tongue was in my throat. I needed to breathe. The world around me wasn't real. I promised myself I would never return here....but this--was different. I wanted all of them to go. Half of these only know my aunt because of her status.


After the funeral I made my way through the crowd to find Kyle. He was no where to be found.

Tessa, Drew, Evan, Jessi, Henry and I met up a Shannon's house; but we still couldn't find Kyle.

"I'm worried..." Tess looked pained. Hell, we were all worried.

We all dispersed to Kyle's common places, but only I had a sense of we he was-- the Lake. I walked past the mansion's garden and made my way to the lake. There he was sitting on the dock.

"Kyle..." I said, softly.

"Dylan..." Kyle said painfully. Kyle was full of intense sadness. His parents didn't come to the funeral, and he didn't take it well.

"Is this seat taken?" I asked half-heartedly.

"It depends.... Haha" Kyle laughed.

"How are you feeling?" I asked.

"Great. I mean... I've felt better." Kyle replied.

"So you've forgotten about me! Now that you're a superstar!" I said jokingly.

He burst out I laughter. Good. He was laughing.

"I have never forgotten you Dylan." Kyle said, as he wad lying on my shoulder.

"And honestly, I'm done with my career-- For now at least." Kyle said.

"Kyle..." I whispered. No answer. I looked over. He had feel asleep. I guess I would carry him back.

I made my way back to the Manor.

"DYLAN!...." Tess yelled.

"Oh my g-" I cut her off.

"He's asleep. He was at the lake." Everyone checked on him. We were staying in the mansion for the time being, because we didn't have to buy a hotel.

I made my way to Kyle's room. I removed his shoes, shirt and pants. His body looked amazing. I put him down in the bed, turned off the light, and headed for the door.

"Dylan... Don't go"


Dylan turned around.

"You're awake?" Dylan asked surprisingly.

I climbed out of bed. I stood in front of him. There he was. The epitome of my fantasies. Walked over to him and removed his shirt. Dylan had grown. His chest was chiseled, and marbled with Jet black hair. Through the late night moon I could see his well defined facial features. He so breathtaking.... I could see his Gray eyes peering at me looking through my soul. His tall frame, much taller than mine reached out and pulled me to him.

"This is the point of no return...." Dylan said seductively.

"Who ever said I wanted to return." I repiled.

I could feel the heat seeping from his skin. He was warm, hot, and full of passion and love. Dylan picked me up. I latched unto his neck, and wrapped my small body around him, feeling secure. He put me down on the bed, and started to kiss my neck. Dylan started slow, kissing and biting at my neck tenderly. He ran his lips down the side of my neck, through my upper torso, and finally reached my lower abdomen. He removed my underwear quickly. He took his hand and slowly led my cock to his mouth. He did it slowly; allowing me to savor his warm, hot mouth. Then he moved his head down to my ass, lifted my legs, and started to rim me. Before long, I was starting to get fucked by his experienced tounge. D-Dylan... I whispered through the pleasure. He stopped, and with out me even noticing.

"F-fuck me Dylan," I whimpered. "Hard."

Dylan reached and grabbed feeble legs, and soon after he began to rim me again. In and out he went, soon fucking me with his tongue.

"D-Dylan..." I called out but he didn't stop. I couldn't hold myself, and I came. Hard. I hadn't experienced sex like that in a while. Soon Dylan was cleaning me up with his tounge.

"You ready? Dylan asked.

"Yes." I replied.

Dylan didn't waste any time. He began to penetrate me. "God he is large!" I said to myself. I haven't had sex in six years, and his grunts let me know I was tight.

"You are so tight..." Dylan murmured.

Finally Dylan made his way into me.Dylan began to thrust slowly, and increased his speed. Dylan was skilled. Every movement, every touch intensified our pleasure, producing hoarse moaning. Our skin melted together as we collided. Dylan began to move faster, and the sex how I loved it--rough. Thrust, after thrust we both became close. Then, we both came.

"Dylan...do yo-" Dylan cut me off.

"Everyday, since that day, ten years ago, you have been on my mind." Dylan explained.

"I never thought, we would be this close again..." I said turning away from his eyes. They were looking deep into me.

"Don't look away." Dylan said as he softly grabbed my face and kissed me.

Then, he placed his body on mine and humped me. His chiseled frame against my skin felt amazing. Our erections collided with intense friction. I let a moan escape my lips. I looked over at Dylan. He knew what I was thinking.

Dylan, flip over.", I asked tenderly and he complied. I straddled him, climbing over his large frame. Looking into his piercing Gray eyes; once again reminded me of our first time together.

"Kyle...." Dylan cut my thoughts.

I lowered down on his,massive member. Even though I was tight, I could handle Dylan's size. I slowly began to ride Dylan, but I grew tired. I ended up laying on his chest, and let him do the thrusting. He didn't give me time to adjust, instead he wrapped his arms around me, and pounded, so hard, I felt each inch of him. My moans muffled by his chest. My throbbing member was rubbing and colliding with his feverish skin fucking his chiseled groves. He was grunting and I was whimpering. We both were close, and with one powerful thrust, he invaded me with every single inch, and creamed my insides. I splattered on his chest, covering him in cum.

I woke up later that night; entangled in Dylan. He was so big and muscular. Not juicehead big, but model big. Even though his size, he held me gently.

I crept my way downstairs, and aimed for cookies. But, apparently, someone put them up to high, and I couldn't reach them.

"Shit!" I whispered.

"What?" The what startled me. I looked over and it was Dylan.

"I-I cant...reach the cookies." I grunted. I was expected a laugh from Dylan, but it never came.

" Why didn't you make fun of me?" I asked jokingly.

" I do what you can't do, reach what you can't reach, or see what you can't see. I'm you other half." Dylan said as he was reaching for the cookies

"Oh, and I can make fun of you anytime..." Dylan said laughing.

With my mouth open to yell, I turned around to face Dylan. Then I found myself up against Dylan's rock-hard body and kissed. As my nose filled with the overwhelming scent of Dylan, my hands pushing against Dylans's shoulders slipped around them instead. Fuck, he felt good. Dylan's lips were warm, the insides of his mouth was soft. Dylan's hands slipped

inside my pajamas, spreading on either side of my body and pulling me closer. When Dylan's touch slipped lower to grab my ass, unbelievable touch caused heat flare between us. We were at it again. I could feel his hard on through the thin underwear. He picked me up and carried me to the room. We didn't even make it to the bed, we chose the wall.

I pulled down Dylan's underwear and he had a raging hard-on. He ripped my pajama pants apart, lifted my legs up and started to fuck me. He slammed his cock on my prostate. A loud moan escaped my lips, and Dylan cover my mouth and fuck me harder. Then, I came. He was fucking me so hard my cum sprayed everywhere, then I felt him come in me. We both collasped. Somehow we made it to the bed.....


I woke up the next morning, I woke up next to Kyle. I smiled. This was a rare moment to wake up first, and see him sleeping peacefully. It was beautiful. The sun hadn't risen yet so I woke Kyle up, and headed for the shower. Last night reminded me of my first time with Kyle. He was so cute, and innocent.

"Dylan..." Kyle broke my thoughts.

"Yes, Babe?" I replied

"Am I easy?" Kyle asked with sadness in his eyes.

"No. I know about you and Drew and what happened that day before I left. He apologized to me too." I said smiling.

"I want you to be happy." I added.

We had to hurry, because we were going over Shannon's will.

Me and Kyle made our way downstairs, where Jessi, Henry, Tess, Derek, Evan, and Drew were with the man who was reading the will.

We sat down. The man began to read:

"Kyle. You are my world. Unfortunately, I have been deciving you. When I was a teenage girl, I got pregnant, and Me and Alex were much too young; and broke for that matter to care for a child. So on the day of the baby's birth, we gave it up for adoption. We stayed in contact and watched him grow up before our eyes. Kyle, you ARE that boy. Please do not hate me. I have forever regretted that choice. To you I leave The Mansion, The Lake, and the land. The things you built with your father, whom he cherished so much. And, to Jessica, I leave all the assets, Including the company, and the monies. Jessica, you have the responsibility to Explain to Kyle his life. Help him understand I did what was the best for him... "~ Shannon.


My mouth was agape. I looked over a Jessi. "You're my older sister....?"



I stormed out of the living room, hit the door, and horridly fell to my knees. I couldn't believe it. This woman who I thought was my aunt--was my mother. My insides hurt--my heart ached. The rain kept beating against my body as I sat on the ground and cried.

Suddenly I felt arms around me.

"Don't cry," Dylan's sexy sultry voice said in my ear. Before I could respond, he grabbed my up and looked me dead into my eyes.

"No matter what happened Kyle, who was there?" Dylan exclaimed.

"No matter what you needed she gave it to you!" Dylan yelled at me.

I was a robot. But what Dylan said was completely correct. She was always there. Actually there too much. I was proud, but what made Jessica so special she got to stay with her? I pushed Dylan out of the way, and I stomped into the house. Jessica, stood up as I started to approach her.

"What made you so special that you stayed?" I asked angrily.

Jessi sighed. I was expecting that response.

"I didn't stay." She said defeated.

Then explained the whole thing. Our grandparents took her away because they were much too young to have kids. But, I came 5 years later, and they gave me up so my grandparents wouldn't find out. Finally, the got financially stable, they got Jessi back. That's when they started to come around me as "Aunt" and "Uncle".

I headed up stairs. I was emotionally exhausted.

"So..all of this is mine..?" I said to myself. The house, this status. All this time I wasn't what I thought I was. I was a son of a loving, caring pair of parents who loved me despite my sexuality. That-- was a lot to take in.


Kyle was no doubt devastated. His whole life was a lie. But somehow he hasn't noticed Tess and Drew. That made me happy. Hopefully he has forgiven them, but if he hasn't, he should. I headed upstairs with Kyle.

"Hey Kyle, you okay?" I asked. He peered at me blankly.

"Who is this little boy in this picture Dylan?" Kyle asked.

"My son...." I replied.

Surprisingly, Kyle let out a faint laugh.

"He looks just like you." Kyle said as he analyzed the picture. I was taken aback back his response. But at the same time, he was under some heavy stress, and he was way to calm.

"Kyle...are you okay?" I asked sitting down beside Kyle wrapping my arms around him. He leaned into my chest and began to cry.

"I...don't..." Kyle said, muffled by my chest.

"What?" I asked him kissing him on the forehead. He raised his head.

"What have I been doing for ten years?! You've got a son, Tess is married, and Drew has a "relationship"...!?" Kyle yelled at me with tears in his eyes. I didn't understand where this was coming from. Kyle seemed to have a content life with his fame.

"Every night I went to sleep, no one was there. Every party, and award show there was no hand to hold, no warm body to rest against, only men that used me as bridge. I've grown...so bitter. It's been six years since I've had meaningful sex, and just imagine: if My mom wouldn't have died, where would I have been?" Kyle looked pained. He wanted me to answer his questions. His heart hurt, and it made mine heart. This was the emotion he always hid.

"I want to love you, but I need you to trust me Kyle." I cut him from his thoughts.

"I swear what you went through, will never happen again." I looked him in the eyes and kissed him.


The kiss melted it away. Dylan slipped his hands into my shirt, caressing my warm skin. He moved his lips onto my neck, breathing and kissing me at the same time. Chills ran down my spine, as he kissed my neck, shoulders, and back. He completely removed my shirt, exposing my tender, craving body. He started to bite and nip at nipples, causing a slight moan. He removed my pants, and underwear, I was completely naked. Looked up at him, there he was; staring at me like he did. We no longer fighting for our love, nor 16 year Olds that were trying to discover themselves. We were men. Two men--in love.

He parted my legs, kissing the insides of my thighs. He led my cock to his mouth, starting slowly; tasting me. I watched; as his head went up and down. I couldn't control my body. I thrusted into his mouth and he took it all in, swallowing me whole.

"Dylan..." I called out to him, but he didn't stop. I am erupted with a loud howl. Without giving me time to collect myself, I turned around and put my ass in the air.

"Fuck me...Dylan. Now" I was completely submitting to him. I wanted him to know I was his.


I looked down at him. The man I loved. The one I dreamt about as a teen, as,a man. For ten years we were apart, and I never thought we would be together again. Everyone judged me when I held his picture in my hand, because he was average, and I was,"Beautiful". I grabbed him up, his back resting on my torso. I pulled his head back exposing his neck.

"I know what you are trying to do. I already know you are mine. But do you know I'm yours?" I said, in a seductive voice.

"There is no need for you to show me Kyle." I said burying my kiss into his warm neck. He let out a sharp breath.

My cock rested between the crack of his ass. I wanted to fuck him. I ran my hand down his chest , aiming for his throbbing erection. I grabbed it, and he pushed his ass harder onto my body. He wanted it, and was going to give it to him.

I guided my cock to his ass, pushing it inside him. Kyle let out a moan. That when I started to fuck him. I started slowly, our hips moving rythmically.

"Dylan...Harder...please..." Kyle whimpered out to me. I grabbed his waist, wrapping my arms around him; and started to fuck him. Our skin collided and slammed against one another, as I thrust all of my cock in his insides. Kyle's moans were fragmented and irregular. I was so close. My grip on Kyle's waist grew, and his moans turned into him calling my name. I pounded my cock into him, slamming his prostate in the process. I came with a shattering orgasm.


Drew came inside me. He leaned me face down on the mattress, and started to fuck me again. Each time he thrust inside me, I could cum. Deeper and deeper it buried inside me. Dylan grabbed my hips, and fucked me savagely, I couldn't catch my breath. Dylan reached and grabbed by throbbing erection, and fucked me even harder. I was in complete euphoria. My face buried in the pillows and my orgasm was on edge, Dylan stopped. He flipped me over lifted my legs, held them over my shoulders and fuck me missionary style. I wrapped my legs around his waist, and he went in to me deeper. That was all it took. I erupted all over the bed. Dylan collasped on top of me.

"Dylan, when can I meet him?" I asked looking at him.

"Who?" Dylan replied.

"Your son." I said looking at him in the,eyes. I wanted him to know that I was serious.

"Today." Dylan said smirking. I guess he figured how I was feeling.

I was tired, so I drifted off to sleep.


Kyle drifted off to sleep. So I went downstairs. It was desolate. Everyone was gone, and it was the perfect time to call Alessandra. She was the mother of my child. Met her in Europe, while I was studying in College. I was still feeling down about Kyle, and she became my girlfriend for sometime. I told about my feelings for Kyle, and how he meant so much to me; but somehow the relationship didn't work, and we came to a mutual break up, and we found out she was pregnant. She moved to America, and the rest is history.

I called Alessandra, and proposed that they would come over. Alex was 6 now, and he needed to meet Kyle. They were coming over in an hour. I took a deep breath.


I opened my eyes. I had been asleep for 2 hours. The sex with Dylan exhausted me. He wasn't next to me when I woke up, so I put clothes on and headed down stairs.

"Dylan I-" I was cut of by what I saw. Dylan was on the sofa, talking to a woman and playing with a boy. I gasped. But maybe too loud, because they turned and looked at me.

"Kyle!" Dylan said pulling me closer. I just stood there speechless.

"You must be Kyle. I am Alessandra." The woman came up to me and said.

"Hi....um...er" I replied. I couldn't believe it. She was beautiful. She had to go, so we said our goodbyes. I looked over a Dylan as he held his son's hand.

"Go on. Say Hi." Dylan said as he guided his son forward. The Dark haired boy walked toward me. His eyes, icy blue peered up at me.

"Hi. I'm Alex. What's your name?" He said in a cutesy voice. I couldn't believe it. I was on the brink of tears.

"Kyle..my name is Kyle. Hi Alex." I said wiping the tears from my eyes. Dylan came over and hugged me. I was so emotional. Right before he left for Europe when we were teens, I said I always wanted a son named Alex. He remembered. He-- remember. I cried on Dylan's shoulder.

"Y-you remembered?.." I said through tears.

"Yes...I never forgot. I love you Kyle." Dylan said as his grip on me tightened.

"Daddy I love Kyle too." Alex said tugging in my pants.

"Don't cry." Alex said as he wrapped his arms around my leg.




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