My name is Ray, I come from a very conservative background in a modestly sized Midwestern city, Omaha. Have lived here all my life. I had a good upbringing with a loving family. I was fortunate to have come from a family that had the means to send me to private schools, which offered me a wonderful learning experience and opened opportunity. My family was not wealthy in common terms, but rather well off. Dad and Mom always had nice new cars, and we had a well decorated and comfortable home. I was an only child. After my birth, Mom was unable to have more children.

I was well brought up, and it was made clear that I was expected to do well in my studies, which I did. I loved school. I always had straight A marks in school. I am and was from an early age, very outgoing and had no problem communicating with others, my age, teachers or elders. My parents never let on that they wanted other children, although as I matured, I'm sure Mom would have wanted a girl. She never said it, but I always thought so. Mom was very attentive and took very good care of me. Dad was the head of the household. He worked hard in our family business. He worked long hours and most days came home rather tired. He could be distant, but I still knew he loved me.

As I entered middle school, I like all the other boys like my age, became aware of, well what we looked like and what was happening to us in a physical stance. Hair growth, body growth, deeper voices. School was my passion. I studied hard, had good marks, and was given many awards. Honor Roll, National Honor Society, class president. It was always a life of reaching for and ultimately obtaining my goals. I had many friends. 

Once in high school, I joined the swim team. Sports were never high on my list of goals, as I was shorter than most of the other guys in my class. I started school at an early age. Kindergarten at age three. So by the time high school rolled around, yes I was the youngest, and always shorter. I never even thought about basketball nor football as I would have been either too short, or crushed on the football field in a tackle. But,  swimming offered me a physical outlet. It was relaxing, kept me in shape, and I really was a fish in the water. 

I, as a senior, was 5'9, 145#, and had a 29" waist. I wasn't a bodybuilder, but had a good swimmers build. And I had hairy legs, arms and chest. I have dark brown hair, almost but not quite black. Hasel eyes, and even with being a bit shorter than the other guys, I still had big hands, slender fingers, not skinny, and pretty big feet at size 10. All in all not bad I thought. 

I am of Italian heritage, my great grandparents came here from Italy, near the city of Calabria. Not a world class city like that of Rome, Florence or Venice, but still beautiful. Our family there are owners of a large orchard. Much smaller than what is considered so in America, but by Italian standards, very big. My cousins operate the orchard and raise olives, lemons and blood oranges. All in all, they are rather well off and quite envied in the area.

As this story goes, more shall be revealed. I was 17 as a senior, and loved every day. I took in life as something to be conquered. Setting daily goals, and keeping a tight schedule. With studies, swim practice and meets, and work in our family business, I had very little time for socializing. Mid way through senior year, I started to notice that I was "more developed " than my swim team mates. Although at the first, I really paid it little attention. Just the occasional normal glances of growing young men in the showers. All of the guys sized each other up, it was natural. 

Our team placed well at the season end, we had many good swimmers. And we were awarded a place in the state tournament. Coach Cubik was a good man, he had been coach for a long time and also taught math. Well, come time for the state meet, and coach announced to us that the school was affording us new swim suits, sweats, shoes and the likes. We were all excited to see the new uniforms and suits. They would arrive at the school a week before the meet.

A couple if days later, Coach Cubik called me into his office. I was nervous. He had never asked me into his office before. He told me to shower up, dress and meet him there, he would be waiting. The other guys took note. There was whispering, but it was inaudible to me. I was shaking. I thought what could this mean?  Could I been in some sort of trouble?  Was I being told I wasn't good enough for the state meet?  So, I dried off and dressed quickly and headed to the coach's office. He was at his desk. "Ray, please come in. Close the door behind you. We have to talk." I thought, oh shit, here it comes.....

Coach was in his early sixties and nearing retirement. But, he was still youthful in his approach to life. I sat down and he could tell how nervous I was. There was one window in his office that looked out into the locker area. He drew the shade. Oh lord, I thought, what us happening. He sat down and leaned back in his swivel chair and took a deep breath. He didn't say a word for almost a whole minute, just looking at me. Then he spoke. "Ray, I have something serious to discuss with you, it's not tue first swimmer I've had this talk with, but I do hope it's the last ", Coach said.

He leaned forward onto his elbows on his desk, he said "Ray, I am afraid this is going to be uncomfortable for both of us. You see, the new swim trunks we are getting, well...". He trailed off. I didn't know what to say, and I gulped. I thought where us he going with this. Confusion and curiosity must have shown clearly on my face.

Coach Cubik continued. "Ray, the suits are the newest Adidas spandex material, blue and orange like our school colors ". I asked coach what the trouble with that was. I had no idea what was coming next. "Ray, you're, you're........well Ray, you are going to have trouble with the new trunks ". He continued. "Ray, you are very well developed. Do you understand? " Coach asked with a raised eyebrow. Then it hit me. Coach was talking about , well me below the belt.

The coach was talking about my cock. Oh goodness. Now I was embarrassed. I must have been ten shades of red. Coach said, "young man, you have a large penis and you are going to have trouble keeping it under raps in that material with it's tight fitting and rather slim cut. Do you understand what I am telling you? "  I gulped again. I didn't know what to say. The room was so quiet you could hear a pin drop. After about three minutes of dead silence, coach cleared his throat. "Ray, are you with me? "

"Coach Cubik, I have never really thought about it. Have you been looking at 'me' there? " I said, with concern on more than one level. Coach went on, "Ray, I'm a coach, but I am not a pervert. I had to notice you because of what I hear in the locker room. You know I never go near the showers." "Ray, the other guys have talked about how big you are and with my door open I can't help but over hear."

It was then I realized what the whispers were about. Coach gave me advice and told me what to expect. He never said anything other than to tell me what to expect, and how to keep my cock under control. You see, I had even at this age a good 8" cut cock, moderately thick and I had big hairy balls. I never really paid that much thought about it. Even soft it was big. But, aside from the every day wash in the shower whether at home or in the locker room, I was so busy, I was rather asexual. 

Well, from that day forward, my life changed. In many ways I became aware that I was a maturing man. I was never the same afterwards. I was aware and there was no turning back.

To be continued.........




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