When mom leaves the house to work at the hospital as an evening nurse, I let out a sigh of relief.

Quickly, I lock the front door/close the house curtains...No one can see me....I am finally alone.

Inside my bedroom, I hopelessly stare into the circular mirror sitting on top of my dresser.

"Keyon Osborne....you look like...such a boy," I muttered in complete disgust.

On surface, people see me as skinny 5'7" ebony skinned guy with almond shaped brown eyes.

Yet...underneath...I AM A SLUTTY BLACK FAGGOT who craves to swallow a man's dick!!!

I want the whole world to know that I am a NASTY GIRL! That's why I let my hair grow in long braids that fall to my slender shoulders, but despite my brave words, I have to remain quiet.

If I ever told my mother, she would say, "But you are only 17. How do you know who you are?"

"Because mom, this is who I am," I would respond courageously...if I had an ounce of bravery.

Eagerly, I undress my body from the prison of wearing baggy denim jeans and a white tank top.

My 9' black dick pulses with life as it swings peacefully...not caring about rules or obligations.

After I grab my red lipstick from the dresser's top drawer, I gently place it on my full brown lips.

This feels so right, I smiled when noticing my long hair, luscious brown eyes, and sweet full lips.

My body tingles with...life...from noticing how much I resemble a woman.

"Oh wait!" I excitedly said when remembering the stashed silky red panties under my mattress.

When I slip my firm chocolate buns into the garment...I become Keyona...a pretty black girl.

My almond eyes stare at my decorated body in the mirror.... "FINALLY, I AM FREE!"


Staring at my feminine dark reflection, I instantly recall the moment when Keyona was born.

It happened after dad died from diabetes leaving my grieving mom to solely care for me.

Slowly, mom moved on by dating a guy with honey complexion, short curly hair and hazel eyes.

He was a cool guy who always brought me candy and took me to basketball games. All was well.

Until a week later...I noticed mom acting weird. I overheard her on the phone with my aunt.

"Girl, why can't you babysit, tonight? You know my man is coming over and this is our night!!!"

Hmm...I wondered what she means by "our night?" I silently questioned.

The answer came later on when I was awakened from sleep by hearing mom welcome her boyfriend inside our home. Feeling bored, I left my bed to sit on the stairwell and spy on the 2.

"Wow," I whistled upon seeing mom. Her hard working ebony face was painted in full make up while her slim figure was dressed in a red dress with a blue garter belt, and red heels.

As her boyfriend sat on the coach, mom stood in front of him with a frowned face.

"You smell like alcohol!" she said in a bitter tone.

"I am sorry. After work, I went to the bar and came here."

"Mmmhmmm" was mom's sharp response. I could tell mom did not believe a word he said.

He must not have liked her smart tone because in an instant he stood directly in her face.

"BITCH, WHAT THE FUCK IS YA PROBLEM?!!!" he yelled in her face.

Mom backed away...scared...but his strong hands grabbed her arms forcing her by his side.

"You had all that mouth, now why you so quiet?" he sneered in her frazzled face.

"Let-let- me go," she whispered while looking down on the floor....afraid to look him in the eye.

I have never seen mom act so scared...she kept pulling away, but he kept holding on...tighter.

"You are frightening me. Let me go, now...Please," she whimpered.

He ignored her pleas by giving her a gentle smile, "I am not going to hurt you, baby."

Mom's body tensed in fear as he brought her closer to his body.

Gently, he started kissing her neck...then her lips...however, she still resisted him.

"What's wrong baby? You look afraid. You not afraid of me are you?" he smiled.

He adoringly rubbed his goatee against her face while kissing her neck.

Interestingly, I could see that her arms...her body...slowly...returns his affection.

She moaned like a kitten..."It's just, I've never had a man touch me like you do."

He responded by kissing her lips...reassuring her that she will be ok...she will not be hurt.

"You shouldn't be afraid of me. I want you girl," he whispered in her right ear.

She responded by finally kissing him back moving her arms to hug him tenderly.

"I just need a man to touch me," mom said with her arms wrapped around his body.

He responds by holding her just as intensely. Before my young eyes, the two melt into one.

Immediately, water slides down her face as a big bulge appeared between his legs.

"Girl, seeing how you dressed tonight, tell me girl. What did you have planned?"

Mom's dark face turned slightly red...like she is a school girl caught doing something naughty.

She looks away...but he lifts her chin with his hand...so the two stare into each other's eyes.

"I..." she said with a long breath of hesitation..."Tonight, I want you to make love to me."

Hearing her meek voice caused him to show his dimples in a sly smile.

"Make love...Girl, I don't make love. I FUCK! Do you want me to fuck you?"

Mom looked at him with awe...while he continued, "Have you ever been fucked, girl?"

She nodded her head no...yet, looks at him...afraid of being hurt but needing to be touched.

He merely smiled at her internal conflict..."Did your man ever rip your pussy open?" he asked.

She nodded her head no....Is that what you want?" he asked...She nods her head yes.

"Then tell me you want me to fuck you," he whispered.

Mom looked so conflicted...do I maintain my dignity....or give in to what he wants.

"Say please," he said starting to touch her silky brown hair.

Mom took a deep breathe...finally accepting that she was powerless against her desires.

"Please fuck me," she said softly.

"What did you say girl? I couldn't hear you," he said toying with her emotions.

Slowly, she removes her shoulders from her dress...."I said, please fuck me."

Her perky titties stood exposed while she rubs her shaved clit....awaiting his touch.

It was at this moment...as I watched this man tenderly massage mom's round breast...that I realized...mom's fear...her humiliation...was false...she was EXCITED by this man's power.

"Please Big Daddy. PLEASE FUCK ME!" she screamed like a SLUTTY WHORE.


Before they walked upstairs, I ran into mom's dimly lit bedroom. Quickly, I jumped into her closet so that my brown eyes could safely spy on the two from a gap between the door and floor.

Mom walked in first...only wearing a blue garter belt that further highlighted her ebony curves.

Her round breasts looked stunning under the dim soft light.

Yet, my mind was driven into frenzy when I saw her naked boyfriend enter the room.

Even at that young age, I started to pant from seeing his tight runner's build and gray chest hair.

I could feel my mouth water while staring at his ROCK HARD 8" dick and phat curved ass

"What a big dick," mom cheered upon seeing his 8" inch throbbing black cock.

"That's right, it's hungry for you," he said sitting his hairy ass on mom's silk green bed sheets.

Mom smiled a naughty grin as she pours baby lotion over her split and thick booty.

"Come here girl," he ordered. Like a bitch in heat, she crawled on all fours over to him.

He sat on his knees so that his hands could rub her fully lubricated dark backside.

"Damn! That's a nice ass! Tell me girl, have you ever been fucked in the ass?"

Mom giggled, "No. I have never had it that way before."


"Oww, oww yeah!" my mother screamed in pleasurable pain.

My brown eyes were in shock from seeing mom take her boyfriend's black cock deep in her ass.

As he fucked her tight virginal ass doggy style, he ordered "Back dat ass on my dick!" "Oww! Yes!" mom screamed with lust as she submitted to his control...like a good pussy slut.

At this age, I had no words to describe the scene of him pulling on mom's silky dark hair while his balls bounced against her asshole.

"Oww! Please put it in my pussy. I can't take it!"

"You can take it, baby! I can feel your ass creaming, you know you want it!"

Silently, I questioned, how can mom allow this man to destroy her tight asshole...isn't it painful?

Mom unknowingly answered my questions by the intense joy on her face.

She loved losing her role as a woman...to become a DICK RIDDING BITCH!!!!

"You like it girl? Don't have to be shy with me. Nigga dick feel good in ya ass, don't it bitch?"

"OOOOOHHHHHHH!!!!" was her only remark.

"Come on girl, tell me you like this mawthafuckin dick!"

"I LIKE IT DADDY!" she cried so intensely...so passionately.

Suddenly, I started to feel weird...not from watching mom...but from watching her boyfriend.

His muscular body dripped with sweat as his hands held mom's hips steady so that his black dick could BANG her dark hole. I loved staring at his hairy ass bounce while feeding mommy.

This scene...made...my own...urges...rise...."I want to be fucked just like that!" I panted.

His black dick dug deep inside mom's tight ass DESTROYING her asshole.

"Look at how your dick swallowing my dick! You such a nasty bitch!"

He made mom moan even louder by fingering her shaven clit and pinching her nipples.

"Aww! Yes! Oh God, help me. IT'S SO BIG!!!"

"Stop playing bitch! This is what you wanted, right? You wanted to be fucked right in ya ass!"

"Yes-YES DADDY! Fuck me harder!!!" she cried like a sniveling bitch in heat.

"DAMN! You got some good ass, girl. Hold it open for me," he ordered.

Mom placed her face in a pillow...screaming in pain...as she spread her ass cheeks open.

"Ohh shit this ass is soooo tight. You tryna make me cum, ain't you bitch?"

"Yes! Jesus, your dick is so big! I cannot take anymore."

Despite her cries, he fucked mom's ass-harder-Harder-HARDER!


I was surprised to see tears fall down mom's ebony face...still...she never stopped her man.

"You said that you wanted it, now you crying? Stop playing games?" he spat at her.

"IT'S SO BIG!!!" mom yelled. "Why can't you fuck me in my pussy like other men?"

"Shut the hell up, woman. You will take my dick and love it."

"AHHHHH!!!" mommy screamed. She lifted her head in the air...her eyes appeared so lost...

"Wait...Wait..." mom moaned..."I'm...I'm cumming....I'm cumming...I'M CUMM...ING!!!"

"That's right bitch! Cum on my dick bitch! You're such a NASTY FUCKING WHORE!!!!!"

Despite her internal release of water...mom's boyfriend would not stop fucking her.

She just held her head down and wrapped her arms around the pillow..."Oww!" she moaned.

"Oh! Oh, yes. Now I'm going to cum girl. I'm going to cum in your ass," he said with a grin.

"Please cum-cum, please."

"AWWW YESSS!" he screamed as his cum flooded her asshole.

"Oh-oh, yes please cum," mom moaned sounding relieved that the pain was over.

Immediately, his body started to shake as if he was being hit by lightning bolts.

Mom's body falls down on the bed like a ton of bricks with her man's dick inside of her ass.

She lifts her head from the pillow...looks him in his eyes...the two kissed like animals in heat.


My tender dark body burns with such intensity from remembering that moment.

From watching mom take her boyfriend's swollen cock...I learned that a bitch must always please her man...NO MATTER THE PAIN...SHE MUST OBEY!

I realized that Keyona was within me from watching mom's dutifully serving her man.

Although she kept saying how painful his dick felt, mom never moved away from him.

Yet, I was so confused when a day later mom told everyone...including the police that her boyfriend raped her...but mom wanted this man to fuck her...to turn her into a NASTY BITCH!

I could never understand why she lied...why couldn't she admit that she LOVED being used?

Still, I played along with her game of deceit. After all she is my mom.


Mmmm remembering this scene lights an intense fire inside of me.

I want a man to FUCK me...I want a man to HUNGER for me...and I will find him.

Tonight, I am going to my first gay bar. I know that is where my mouth could find a hard dick.

I wear a pink polo shirt, tight denim jeans, and black sneaks with my hair flowing free.

Standing in front of the door, I wonder will they card me.

Go for it Keyon, I cheered inside while walking inside the place. Surprisingly, no 1 says a word.

Immediately, I notice that the place reeks of cigarettes and is pitched dark except for light found overhead the bartender's area and from a television screen hanging on the left corner's wall.

My almond shaped eyes hypnotically stare at the TV as it shows an image of a chiseled white guy with his legs spread open lying on a harness while beside him is a black guy fisting his hole.

Damn, that's awesome! I thought as my 9inches grow in my pants upon seeing my first gay porn.

I look away from the screen to see that the room is filled with older black men...wearing leather.

And they are all staring at me...as if they were dogs eyeing fresh meat, I smiled with lust.

Nonetheless, I sit on a barstool and instantly the short bald bartender walks over to me.

"What can I do you for son?" he asked in a heavy southern accent.

For a second I panic...SON?!! Does he know that I am younger than I appear?

KEYON, CALM DOWN, I screamed inside. The bartender is just asking for your order.

"No, I'm fine for now. It's crowded tonight?" I said while scanning the room.

"Typical night. There are more people in the back," he said pointing to a closed black door.

"Do you wanna go back there?" he asked sizing me up with his lazy right eye.

I wondered what could be in the back that would cause the bartender to question me.

"Umm sure."

"Alright, son. Walk on in," the bartender smiled showing his jagged teeth.

He clicks a buzzer to let me in...after I am inside I noticed that the area is truly pitched black.

"DOOM!" was the sound of the door locking shut behind me.

OH NO WHAT HAVE I DONE!!! I screamed inside while attempting to open the door.

Unexpectedly, a hand closes over my mouth and pulls me further into the dark room.


The kidnapper's hands flings me to the floor....God please get me out of here, I prayed.

As the unknown kidnapper stands over me, he said "If you say a peep, you are so dead."

My heart beats erratically as I sat in the dark room.

Each time I try to stand, the kidnapper pushes me down on the floor.

"So look at the fag trying to be a man," another voice...sounding like the bartender's...said. "How old are you?" the bartender's voice asked.

"Um-um" I stuttered scared out of my mind.

"Answer him" said a new voice...standing over me...ordered.

"I'm only 17" I wheezed in terror.

"17?" the kidnapper's voice asked in shocked...while around me more voices laughed.

With the lights off, I imagine that I am surrounded by a group of men....will they hurt me?

"Why did you come here?" a harsh southern voice asked." This place is for grown men only."

"I came because-because..." I muttered. My fear prevented me from forming the words

"OUT WITH IT BOY!!!" said the original kidnapper.

"I am here because I want to suck dick. I was hoping to find a man who will let me be his bitch."

For what felt like hours...the room is silent...until the room fills with the sound of men laughing.

I begin to cry as my body trembles upon realizing that these guys are probably going to kill me.

"Stop crying, fag," a new voice said. "Well, if you want to be a man, we will treat you like one."

"Yeah, lets show him how we treat our bitches," another voice said close to my right ear.

When the guy's voice stops, my ears ring again with men's laughter.

Shockingly, water starts to fall on me...however, I notice...the water has a fowl smell.

"This isn't water-this is piss," I said in disgust as my clothes become drenched in urine.

I had to try with all my might to resist the urge to hurl as the men continue to laugh.

"Did you like that?" the bartender's voice asked.

I realize that these men are not going to kill me...instead, they seek to humiliate me.

"Now open your mouth wide and if you bite on it, we will get you," the bartender's voice said.

A hand grabs my piss drenched shirt and its voice said, "He said open your mouth wide, bitch!"

Slowly, I open my mouth...ignoring the overwhelming smell of piss on my clothes.

A hard fleshy object passes through my lips. I could feel that it was long and thick.

"Suck it, bitch!" the bartender's voice ordered.

Oh my God, it's a dick. They are forcing me to suck their dicks. Instantly, I do not feel as scared.

The bartender grabs my head and pushes my head forward to swallow the length of his manhood.

He ignores my gagging and keeps my head poised to suck him dry.

"Oh shit, this bitch is damn good. I'm gonna cum," he moaned.

I taste a warm thick liquid...."Swallow it, bitch. Don't you dare spit it out." he said.

Without a thought, I gulp it down...LOVING the taste of a man's salty bitter cum on my tongue.

"Move man, it's my turn," the kidnapper's voice said.

He shoves his gigantic- but slightly bent- dick deep down my throat.

With one hand, he grips my head still while pumping my mouth with his large cock.

Like a good bitch, I keep my mouth open wide and hold my breath...refusing the urge to gag.


"Oh snap! He really is a good dick sucker!" the guy moaned.

Just like the bartender, the kidnapper fucks my mouth fasterfasterfasterfaster until his dick explodes a warm liquid down my throat. Interestingly, his cum is not as salty as the bartender's.

Inside my piss drenched jeans, I feel my own 9inch cock stir to life...ENJOYING this moment.

Hmm I wonder if there is a line of men all waiting for me to suck them dry.

This thought appears as a true possibility when another guy places his small dick into my mouth.

With distaste about having to suck a small cock, I attempt to jerk his infantile penis.

He slaps my hands away..."No hands, faggot. Use your mouth!" he ordered.


Like a good girl, my lips caress his spine in quick rhythms.

He soon busts his fowl tasting cum in my mouth...making me feel more like a nasty black girl.

I enjoying having these older men gag my mouth with their big-small-bent-blunt-pencil dicks.

This sensation fades when a man pushes me down on the floor and sits on my chest.

"Open ya stank mowth!!!" he ordered.

I feel his thick hard dick on my lips...but when I open wide...he plops his balls down my throat.

"Suck my nuts, Lil' Bitch," he whispered.

My wet tongue licks/glides/hums on his nuts as he jerks his dick in a fast rhythm.

"Im'a cum yo! IM'A CUM!!!" he yelled as his wet SP/LA/SH/ESSSSS on my face.

"Yes daddy give me all your nut," I purred like a good slut while his cum frosts my face.

I happily drink all of these guys cum...not once thinking of my own needs...instead I relish this time to provide pleasure and have all of these men appreciate me for being a dick sucking bitch!

But all things must come to an end.

"All right, punk you gotta get the fuck outa here," the bartender's voice said.

From the back, a hand again falls over my mouth and pushes me out of the bar's back exit.

I stand here on the corner...covered in piss with a mouth full of cum...THANK YOU GOD!


After taking my shower, I walk around the house naked...feeling so beautiful and free.

Tonight, I was abused by a group of older black men who wanted to humiliate me.

Unlike my mother, I will not cry rape or act injured...NO, I wanted this and I wanted them.

I walk inside my bedroom, where my almond shaped brown eyes look into the circular mirror standing ontop of my dresser. I look pretty with my wild braided hair...and pretty soft lips.

"So, Keyon Osbourne who/what are you? Are you a man or are you a woman?" I asked myself.

The only answer that arrives is silence...and a fire that burns inside of me...that wants more.




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