I was very horny after I typed my last story. I type my stories wearing nothing at all and thinking about hot sex. I have a very high sex drive and I can come six times a day.

I decided to make a blast. I brought some lubricant. I rubbed my self with lubes and perfumes. Then I lubed my finger and started to play with my asshole. I inserted one finger and slid it in and out. Then I inserted it deeply and moved it around my prostate gland. I made round movement so I could touch the sensitive area.

I decided to play more. I have collected under wears from past lovers and fuck bodies. I placed six of them all over my body. I wore the stinkiest one as a cover mask so I could enjoy the smell and fantasize about the rest.

I left the lab top and went to do some ab crunching. I inserted a dildo inside so I can feel the movement of my body inside my prostate. I brought some milk and spread the milk all over me.

With the mirror, I guided my self as I could spread milk around my ass. Then, I added some cinnamon for flavor!

My body was on the ab machine naked, wet, lubed with oil and milk, and smelled like hell with sweat and cinnamon. In it was an electric dildo and on it were six of the hottest used under wears. My face wore a mask of one. I came three times that way.

Suddenly, the phone rang and I answered. It was an old fuck body of mine who was horny. He said that he could come to help. To my surprise, he showed up at my apartment naked.

He asked me to stay in my position on the ab machine and he plunged like a swimmer on my body. He made sure to rib himself with milk and cinnamon.

He asked me if he could suck my dick while fingering me. He inserted his finger without removing the dildo. He guided the dildo inside me. He sucked me dry for two times in a row. Then it was my turn. I turned him around and sucked his ass. He blew his nuts on me. We came twice.

We hugged each other and French kissed. Then we went to the bath tub. He spread his legs. I wanted to fuck him badly. He put his finger inside his ass and moved it to excite me. I was excited indeed and I fucked him for about fifteen minutes. We came the same time. We dropped on the floor and slept naked in the shower.

We work up in the morning and did the same again.


R Joe



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