Ben's wife becomes good friends with the black pharmacist where they buy their prescriptions. Ben just thinks they are casual friends. He has no idea how close their freindship is or of the trade they make behind his back.

His wife (Chris) and the pharmacist (Glenn) have decided to controll Ben by switching a medicine that Ben thinks is a blood pressure medicine. Glenn is secretly putting a strong feminine hormone drug in prescription bottles that Ben thinks is for his blood pressure. The drug changes Ben's genes to female genes. His small cock is unable to reach erection but he stays horny most of the time. He wants a big cock in his ass often. The small cock get's smaller while his big titties get bigger. He even starts to walk and talk like a woman. He has always felt homosexual but has kept it covered up. Only Chris knows his inner feelings. He has begged her to fuck him with a dildo.

A few months after he has started taking the hormones he can't get his cock to reach erection.

Chris laughs at him. They are laying in bed. She has him lay on his stomach and put his hands over his head.

After tying his hands to the head board she reaches under the bed and produces a dildo. After coating it with some lotion she slowly slides it into his tight,hot ass. He loves that but his small cock stays soft. She laughs a long time.

Then she tells him he has been taking hormones and is now her bitch boy. His ass is hers to use however she wants it. He might be given to her friends or rented out. But he don't need to worry he will be used to please a lot of cocks. And he don't need to worry about her because she intends to sleep with a big black cock most nights. Glenn's 10' cock knows how to keep my pussy satisfied. He likes manpussy often too.



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