Inside Union Methodist Church, I sit in my office staring at a blank computer screen.

"Come on Reverend Brian McCleoud. There has to be a way to retell the Story of Peter," I sighed.

So far, I have typed, "As Peter learned, we must forgive our brothers as we are forgiven by God." can I teach my congregation about forgiveness when I cannot forgive myself.

To match my somber mood, I dressed my dark frame in a buttoned black shirt and black pants.

Noticeable wrinkles appear on my brown bald head as more gray hair forms on my dark goatee.

These feelings of self-loathing only grow when I stare at my platinum wedding ring.

Inside of the ring, my wife inscribed, "God Bless our Love Forever"...maybe forever is finally here.

I have tried so hard to love my wife...when the truth is that she cannot fulfill my needs.


We met in college. Gail struck me with her slim honey freckled frame, brown eyes, and sweet smile.

In return, Gail told me that she was attracted to my devotion to God...but I always knew that was a lie.

She was truly attracted to my gentleness...which made her believe that I was naive and easy to control.

Nonetheless, I believed that God wanted me to marry her so that I could focus on serving his will.

So after graduation, we tied the knot. I felt incredibly ecstatic when Gail gave birth to our son.

But that was 15 years ago. Today, Gail and I only bicker...mostly about my career as a reverend.

"Brian, you are 43 years old with a family. When are you going to get a real job?" she questioned.

"This is my job. When we met, I was studying pastoral counseling so that I can become a reverend."

"I honestly thought you would have outgrown this habit by now," she sneered.

"Enough Gail," I said fighting the urge to snap. "Please tell me why NOW my career is a problem?"

She looks me directly in my brown eyes and answered, "It's a problem because I deserve better."


Quickly, Gail starts to cry...which makes me feel low as dirt...yet, I never apologize.


Even more painful, is at we lay in bed...I have no interest in being near her.

Gail was once beautiful at a 5'6"-36C-22-37 she is monstrous at 45C-43-49.

Truthfully...during our entire time together...she has never been able to sexually satisfy me.

I have a LONG-THICK 9" BLACK DICK that constantly hungers for a warm hole.

However, when my hard cock is ready for love, my wife turns into a lifeless machine.

Gail has never liked spontaneous sex. Instead, she follows a prescribed script when making love.

For instance, we can only make love in our bedroom. She feels uncomfortable anywhere else.

I must kiss her for at least a half-hour while softly fingering her hairy pussy.

When she starts to moan, that's my cue to place my wet tongue between her legs.

I honestly enjoy licking her clit and making her is the only time that I know she is alive.

"BRIAN, YES! I AM CUMMING!!!!!" she would scream in pleasure.

After her first orgasm, she would lay sprawled on the bed with her legs and arms to the side.

I believe she thought this was a sexy position...instead, she looked like a cheap rag doll.

Still, I followed the script by gently placing the tip of my dick in her wet hairy snatch.

"Uh! Uh!" were typically the mechanic sounds that she would make as her wet cunt swallows my cock.

After I cum inside of her, Gail always roll me off her body with a heavy shrug.

She consistently has a look of relief on her face when lovemaking...has ended.

Never once in our marriage has she touched me...sucked my dick...or even cuddled after sex.

Our sexual relationship...just like our marriage in all about me pleasing her.

I honestly do not love Gail...yet, as a Christian, I must preserve my family...despite my happiness.


Besides, I am a 43 year old one wants a bald black man with a sagging linebacker build.

Or so I thought until I met...Marcus. Just thinking about him makes my cock twitch with life.

In my studies as a Christian, I believe that God does not consider homosexuality as a sin.

Still, I find it hard to believe that I am attracted to a man...much less a 16 year old effeminate child.

Although, Marcus is old enough to be my son...he fulfills my sexual needs...unlike my wife.

We met at church. His mother asked me to counsel him because of kids teasing him for his being gay.

One night I followed him...into an adult movie theater. My brown eyes were shocked to see him naked.

Yet, I could not stop staring in awe of his beautiful caramel skin, round male breasts, and sweet thighs.

But Marcus' best feature is his full round ass...I have never seen a man with such a thick behind.

When I recall how easily Marcus' juicy mouth swallowed my shaft with a gulp, I moaned, "Marcus."


Still, Marcus is only 16. As much as I want him...he is a child. So, does that make me a child molester?

I must ask God for forgiveness. Kneeling on the floor, I close my eyes to search my soul for words.

"Heavenly Father, please forgive me for what I've done. I ask that you wash my mind, my body, and my soul of sin. Help me be a better husband. Lead me to the road of salvation and of peace. Amen."

Unexpectedly, I hear a knock at the door. I am surprised to see Marcus...God, why do you test me, so?

Although my 5'8" height stands over his short stocky build, our brown eyes immediately connect.

I cannot resist staring at his innocent caramel face, full juicy lips coated in gloss, and short nappy curls.

However, he looks sad. Usually, he has a warm personality, but today he resembles a wilted flower.

"Hi Reverend McCleoud," Marcus said in his soft effeminate voice.

"Hello Marcus, please call me Brian."

As he enters my office, I notice that he wears a tight red shirt that accentuates his breasts and black denim jeans that shows his curves with blue tennis shoes.

Damn! The boy has a woman's ass, I screamed inside as my brown eyes stare at his feminine switch.

I briefly wonder how it is possible for this young man to have the body of a beautiful black woman.

However, my mind fully focuses on why he appears depressed, "Marcus, are you ok?"

"Brian, everything is wrong," Marcus whispered in despair. "I told my mother that I am gay."

While his mother is not ignorant, she may have difficulty accepting her only child's sexual orientation.

"It takes a lot of courage to do what you have done. How did she react?"

He does not respond...he only stares at the floor refusing to look me in my eyes.

I wonder did he tell his mother about Yet, I ignore this question to assist Marcus.

"She's very angry. She doesn't understand me. She hates me," he said in a fragile voice.

I touch his back with my left hand hoping to comfort him while my right hand lifts his head.

"No she doesn't. Marcus, you just gave her very serious news. Right now, she is confused. That's all."

"Brian, am I wrong for loving men? I think about having sex all the time. Am I going to hell?"

"God loves you for who we are. He made you who you are and he doesn't make junk. You just have another river to cross as a black man, that's all," I affirmed.

Marcus sighed, "I couldn't bring myself to tell her that I have been with a man sexually."

Suddenly, Marcus places his right hand on my left leg...causing my 9" dick to rise with life.

With caution, I said, "Marcus, you act very sexually advanced. Were you child molested?"

"NO!" he yelled pulling away from me. "I was never molested. I just love to be with a man."

"Most teenage boys like sex, so there is nothing wrong with that."

I see that my words are calming him into regaining his composure. He returns next to me.

"Before you, I have only been with 4 men. They were all older Black men like you. I like older men...they know how to fuck me," he bluntly explained.

"Son, you cannot let these men use you," I advised.

"But I like it," Marcus passionately said.

"I love pleasing an older man with my tight pussy. It feels so good when they cum inside of me."

"But what joy do you get from being with a man?"

"I can't really describe it. But, when I am with a man, I feel so beautiful."

"But you are beautiful," I blurted out loud without thinking.

Marcus looks at me with his pretty brown bedroom eyes...I look away praying to God for help.

"Brian, when we were together, you touched me in a way that no other man has."

"What happened between us must never happen again," I said with a stern voice.

Marcus stares at me and gives an innocent smile. "You do not mean that," he said confidently.

He's not stopping... and what's worst I do not want him to.

"I want you to fuck me, Brian."

"Huh?" I said in whisper. "You cannot be serious."

Quickly, I stand on my feet and walk away from the young man on the coach.

Marcus immediately kneels by my feet and wraps his slender arms around my legs.

"Please, fuck me, Brian. I came to see you today, because I had a dream about you."

I try to resist his touch, but he has a strong hold on me.

"Last night, I dreamed that I was here with you and that you showed me your big black cock."

God, please help me, I silently prayed while easing my resistance.

"I swallowed your chocolate lollipop until you exploded in my mouth."

"Marcus, you are only 16...and I have a family at home," I said.

"Your cum tasted just like warm kisses," he continued.

Marcus unzips my black pants letting my hungry 9" inch monster free.

"It's so big," Marcus said in awe.

Dear God...I need your help. If this is not meant to be, then please stop us.


While only wearing my unbuttoned black shirt, I sit on the coach as Marcus slowly sucks my cock.

I am amazed at how easily he glides my PHAT 9" dick down his throat.

"Yes. Suck it, boy," I whispered as he wraps his tongue around my shaft.

Feeling the intense pleasure of a warm mouth on my dick causes me to roll my head from side to side.

Marcus adds to this intense feeling by pinching my hairy brown nipples with his soft hands.

"OH!" I said in surprise...I've never had my nipples pinched feels...phenomenal.

Marcus lips grow tighter around my 9" shaft as he bobs his head in a faster rhythm on my dick.

Just when I feel ready to explode, Marcus removes my hard cock from his mouth.

As I prepare to ask him why, Marcus leaves me breathless by kissing my hairy nuts.

My muscular legs tingle as his juicy lips touch my two hairy treats.

I quiver even more when he takes one of my member's into his wet mouth...then the second.

"Ohhhhhhhhh" I exhaled upon feeling such intense pleasure.

Marcus gently rolls his tongue between my balls causing me to breathe shallow breaths.

"HMMMMMMMMMMMM" was the sound of his mouth vibrating on my nuts.

As Marcus pleases me below, I squeeze my hairy brown nipples...I cannot believe how good this feels.

While humming on my nuts, he rubs my stiff black dick...Instantly, I feel my cum rising for release.

But I am shocked when Marcus mouth grows tighter around my sack, "No baby. Gentle," I advised.

"Sorry, Brian, let me make it up to you." Marcus removes his shirt to let his gorgeous breasts free.

I sit in amazement as Marcus places my hard black dick between his soft male breasts.

He tightly squeezes his titties around my dick...causing my cock to swell.

"Damn!" I said in awe of watching this young man tit fucking my blunt tool.

"Do you like my soft breasts, Brian? Does it feel good when my breasts smother your hard cock?"

"Y-Ye-Yes," I stammered in ecstasy.

Marcus slowly swivels his back while his titties clutch my hard black cock.


"Take control, Big Daddy. I am your bitch now," Marcus said.

As he places my hands on his soft chest, I am surprised at how smooth it a woman's breasts.

"Titfuck me, Big Daddy," Marcus ordered.

Hearing his words, I feel completely at ease with fully manipulating this young boy for my pleasure.


Abruptly, Marcus moves away...leaving my thick black dick throbbing for release.

With slight sexual frustration in my voice, I asked, "Why did you stop?"

"No reason," he said innocently.

I wonder is he trying to tease me...but I can see from his somber demeanor that he is truly saddened.

"Did I go too far? Is everything ok?"

He sits down beside me. My mouth waters from sitting so close to his beautiful naked chest.

"I guessed your secret."


"Besides your wife, you've never had sex. So you are sort of like a virgin. If I make you cum you will leave me just like all the rest."

I smile and thank God that it was nothing more serious.

"Yes, I have only had sex with my wife, but I would never leave you...unless you want me to."

"Really?" he asked me in disbelief as our eyes embrace with his lips coming closer to mine.

We kiss...not a cold kiss like with Gail and I...but a long passionate hold. This feels so right! The longer we kiss...the more that I feel all of my stress and worries as a married man disappear.

As our tongues melt together, Marcus' soft right hand jerks my hard cock in a circular motion.

I place my lips on his tits. I marvel at how even his chest tastes exactly like a woman's breasts.

"Owww! That's my spot!" Marcus moaned while pushing my head closer to his chest.

With a gentle ease, I start to nibble on his areola as he removes my shirt.

"Suck my titties harder, Brian. Make me feel pain," Marcus seductively whispered in my ear.

In response, my left hand pinches his right nipple as I aggressively grip his left tit with my teeth.

"Yeah! YEAH! YEAH!!!!" Marcus wailed.

Wow! I cannot believe that he actually likes pain. Gail would run away crying by now.

Unexpectedly, my office phone loudly rings.


I pick up the receiver as Marcus sits on the coach...turning me on further by licking his pretty titties.

"Brian, I am sorry to bother you at work," Gail said with an uncommon passive voice.

Although I am listening to her, my mind focuses on watching Marcus remove his jeans.

"I just called to apologize," she sighed as if in agony to utter the words.

Yet, her words arrive too late because all I can see is Marcus' round curved ass wearing a blue G-string.

Hallelujah! I screamed inside as he removes his underwear.

I hold the phone between my left ear and shoulder while rubbing my thick Gail prattles on.

"I truly love you, but I am very unhappy about the direction of my life," she whined.

Marcus faces me with a sly look. He falls to his knees...face down ass up...and crawls over to me.

"I love you so much, Brian. Please don't leave me," Gail whined.

However, I cannot say a word thanks to Marcus devouring my 9" dick.

His warm mouth inhales my black dick with such a ferocious hunger that I have only felt in my dreams.

Suddenly, I realize that my guilt about being a married man involved with a 16 year old is gone.

All I want is for this feeling of being touched...of having someone want to please never end.

Desperately trying to contain my voice, I said, "Gail, maybe we should talk later."

"NO!" she screamed. "I won't allow you to leave me."

Inside, I laugh at Gail because even when she is pleading...she must always be in control.

Marcus stands above me, turns around and sits his curved soft ass on the tip of my black dick.

Uhhhhhh.... so....tight!!!!

While straddling the first few inches of my knob, my dick leaks precum inside of his sweet cheeks.

"Brian, are you still there?" Gail whined.

"Yes Gail. I am here. Let me put you on speaker phone while I handle urgent business."

With her on speaker phone, I can finally concentrate on getting my sexual needs met.

I forcefully bend Marcus over my desk so that my face can have a direct view of his hole.

As I spread his cheeks open, I realize that I have no fear in wanting to taste a man's ass for the 1st time.

Placing my tongue on Marcus' center, I find that he tastes...clean and fresh with just a hint of cologne.

"Brian, I think that it's best if we talk with a relationship counselor," Gail said.

However, from eating Marcus' pussy, I can barely hear what she said.

"I want us to last. Brian, we have a son. We have to save our family."

My tongue presses deeper inside the young man's hole enjoying this new taste.

"We have something special, Brian. We have to keep our love alive," she convince herself.

I insert my ring finger inside of Marcus tender womb causing the young man to buck his back.

He strains his face as I begin to finger pop the boy's pussy hole.

"Shit!" I whispered upon realizing that this boy's clit truly is TIGHT...almost fresh like he has never been fucked before.

"Sure Gail. I have to go now so that I can finish my business here," I said with a dismissal voice.

After a minute pause, she meekly said, "Ok."


Marcus sits in a doggy style position on top of the coach.

He makes my dick throb for release when he slowly bounces his full ass cheeks in the air.

"Come on Big Daddy. What are you waiting for? You know this pussy is yours."

I walk behind him to place the lotion that I found in my desk inside of his tight asshole.

As my dark hands grip his beautiful caramel cheeks, I am in awe at how little hair he has on his body.

"Please fuck me, Big Daddy. Fuck me hard. I've been such a good bitch," Marcus whined.

I gently place my dick inside of his pussy...hoping not to hurt the young man.

"Please Big Daddy, don't be gentle. FUCK ME!" Marcus ordered.

Hearing the young man's demand causes my 9" rod to stiffen like a hammer and bang away at his clit.

"Oww! That's it Big Daddy. Give it to me harder and faster," he ordered.

"You want to be fucked, Baby Girl?"

"BAWM! BAWM!" was the sound of my black hammer nailing Marcus' sweet hole.

"Yes Big Daddy! AHHH!!!!"


With my right hand I pull the young man's nappy hair while my left hand pinches his nipples. "BAWM! BAWM! BAWM! BAWM! BAWM!"

With a fist full of his hair in my hand, I bend my body down so that we may share another burning kiss.


"Will you let me fuck this pussy anytime I want it?"


"YES DADDY! Just please fuck me," Marcus begged.


"SWACK! SWACK! SWACK!" was the sound of me spanking Marcus' tender ass.


"This pussy is mine now, girl. Your body is now mine. You belong to me."




I fully grip Marcus chubby hips so that my dick can better pound the young boy's pussy.


I intensify my rhythm to show Marcus that my BIG BLACK DICK must always be satisfied.


"DAMN! This is some good pussy girl. Not even my wife's pussy is this tight."


"Cum in me, Big Daddy. Please cum," Marcus said in exhaustion.


"Oh Baby Girl, I hope you are not tired, because I'm not even close to being done."


"Oh wow!" Marcus said between gasps of air as my heavy dick breaks his back.


"What's wrong, Baby Girl? You said you wanted to be fucked hard."


Damn! I can fuck Marcus' tight ass forever...however, I wonder if he is happy.

My mind has been so involved with fucking Marcus' sweet pussy that I have ignored his 8.5" cock.

I swiftly take my sweaty black cock out of Marcus' pussy so that I may sit on the coach.

"Come and sit on this dick, Baby Girl."

Marcus stands away from the coach to look at me wave my big black cock.

With a look of concern, he responded, "But I'm a big guy, Brian. I do not want to hurt you."

"You are not a big guy. You just have hips and curves. Now stop stalling and sit on it."

Gracefully, Marcus climbs over me and centers his tight ass on my dick.

"Ayahhhh!" he moaned while taking the full length of my black cock into his ass.

He begins to stir his sweet pussy on my thick spoon...causing me to grip his full caramel cheeks.

Wow! His ass feels amazing, I thought while feeling his pussy hole spreading open on my dick.

"Yeah! Yeah! Big Daddy, you are so big and strong," Marcus said.

"That's right girl. Now I want you to take charge of this dick."

"What do you mean, Big Daddy? I am the girl, you are supposed to fuck me," he said.

Instantly, I can see that Marcus has never held such power before...which is why I continue.

"Baby Girl, when we fuck, I want you to feel good. From now on, we are going to please each other."

"No man, has ever said that to me before," he blushed.


As I sit on the coach, Marcus' round booty bounces on my 9" cock.

I hopelessly stare at his beautiful breasts dancing in the air while his 8.5' cock swivels side to side.

"Ohhhh! Give me that dick, Big Daddy," Marcus sang as I spank his round ass with my strong hands.

Although his sweet ass keeps my hard black cock happy, I lick my lips for a taste of his demur titties.

"Yeah," he whined as my phat black dick goes into his ass further...without mercy.

I grip his round ass in my that I may stab his dark eye with all my might.

"Is my pussy tight enough? Do you like how it feels?" Marcus asked.

"It's real tight, baby," I responded while deep inside the young man's clit.

Marcus is in full control of my black dick as he rides it up and down...left and right...up and down.

"I told you girl, I want you to cum on this dick", I said while rubbing his hard dick.

"Owww! Touch me, Brian!!!" Marcus wailed.

"BOP! BOP! BOP! BOP!" was the sweet sound of Marcus round ass riding my black dick.

While sucking his tits, I jerk his piece...causing the boy to feel intense ecstasy.


"Ay! Oh Brian. Your dick is so big and hard!" Marcus moaned while riding my cock faster.

"That's right girl. Take this dick," I whispered in his ear.


My hand jerks his dick with faster strokes....I want to make my Baby Girl cum.



I snatch the boy into a tongue kiss... that is so fierce...I can feel our bodies breathing as 1.

Instantly, I can feel Marcus white cream burst all over my strong hairy chest.


"That's right, Baby Girl. Cum on my dick."

But I am not done with this young man's pussy.


I grab his hips and pop his pussy with strong fast jabs.

"Oh Big Daddy, please cum. I can't take much more," Marcus cried.


"SHIT! I'M CUMMING!!!!" I yelled as my dick released its wet inside my Baby Girl's pussy.

DAMN....I never knew that cumming inside of a man's tight ass would feel so good!!!!


I lay on my right left arm over Marcus' hourglass waist...with my semi hard dick inside his ass cheeks.

Unlike the 1st time I was with Marcus, I am not lost in thought on what this moment means for us.

Instead, I relax...knowing that God is watching over the two of us...knowing that God is blessing us.

"You are the first guy that has ever wanted me to cum," Marcus whispered.

I respond by kissing his neck...I really like this man.

"So, you never told did you know my wife was my first?" I asked.

Marcus turns his body around and wraps his slender arms around my narrow waist.

"I didn't know for sure. I was just guessing," he smiled.

Seeing his lights something within me...but I am not ready to give it a name.

"Marcus, I am not for sure where to take this...whatever this is," I said with a hesitant voice.

We kiss...a long soulful kiss...that goes without end.

"Let's go one day at a time," Marcus said. "Brian, just promise me that you will never lie to me."

I pull him closer, "I promise."

Dear God, I am not for sure where I am going, but I have never felt free.




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