After finishing my 1st Sunday service as Reverend for Union Methodist Church, I feel exhausted.

"You have had a long day, Minister Brian McCleoud," I sighed while walking into my office.

I close my door so that my brown bedroom eyes can view the mirror that hangs on the other side.

A feeling of peace comes over me upon seeing my 5'8" chocolate complexion dressed in a white and red ministry robe...I know that God is proud of me.

He has a reason for guiding me from a large suburban church into this small inner city parish.

Unfortunately, my wife does not share this same commitment of faith.

I will never forget/forgive her shrilled voice in reaction to my accepting this leadership position:


"Gail," I said patiently, "Please calm down. God is telling me that this is the right decision. "


Looking back at this...disagreement, I wonder why I decided to marry her 20 years ago.

We both were 18 when we fell in love in college. After graduation, I proposed and here we are.

I loved her honey freckled skin, pretty brown eyes, and graceful 5'6"-36C-22-37 size.

Gail told me that she loved my deep commitment to helping people follow in the Lord's faith.

When Gail gave birth to our beautiful son, we were all so happy...but things change.

Today, Gail's lips are frozen in a frown to match her cold dark eyes and frightening 43C-40-46.

I am even more hurt from noticing that neither she nor my son attended my 1st service.

When I ask God to help me understand why she hates me... I only hear silence.

Yet, as a Christian disciple, I know that my place is with her... besides who would want me?

Who would want a 43 years old man with a stocky linebacker build and a bald circular head?

"I was once a phine looking brotha. Now I am an old guy with a salt/pepper goatee," I sighed.


Before I further fall into despair, I hear my 2pm appointment knock on the door.

"Thank you so much for seeing me, Reverend," said Mrs. Reade with a faint voice.

As we sit at the table across from my desk, I am shocked to see pain in her hazel eyes.

"Reverend, I need help with my son, Marcus," she said as tears stream from her gray eyes.

She is concerned about her 16 year old son staying out late at night.

"He never calls. He just comes home at 1-2am from a night of doing God only knows."

Mrs. Reade's description surprises me. I have always viewed her son as a gentle and timid child.

"He is mostly by himself since other boys call him ...a fag," she said with utter disgust.

She looks so embarrassed to say...that word as if such a name could ever transform him from being her son.

"I wish that his father hadn't passed away. A boy needs his dad," she said with a voice of tears.

After I bring her a box of Kleenex, I responded, "I will help Marcus in any way that I can."

"Thank you Reverend. I know that you will set him straight," Mrs. Reade smiled.


After Mrs. Reade leaves at 6pm, I finally disrobe...yet, I am hesitant about going home.

"Home," I laughed. I would only go home for my son, but nothing more.

Still, I call Gail and tell her that I am still at work.

"mmhmm. Ask me do I care," she sarcastically responded.


"Whatever Brian! A real man works at a job and not a hobby that places his family in danger-"

Before she finishes her statement, I snapped, "MY JOB is the ONLY thing that takes care of us."

For the first time since we moved, Gail is silent. Good, maybe she will finally stop pushing me. "You should feel lucky that I am here because no other woman would want you."

And with that statement she hangs up the phone...leaving me feeling burning RAGE!!!!!!!!


At 10:30pm, my mood is still too irritated to return home.

So, like most troubled men, I head to the neighborhood bar.

God will understand my need for release, I laughed.

Suddenly, I notice a person walking in front of me.

The dim street light hides the person's face...yet, I can tell that the person is a young male.

I surmise this from the person's black jacket, denim skinny jeans, and blue tennis shoes.

Strangely, he has a graceful feminine walk that reminds me of a woman's sweet thighs.

Hmm, I know that feminine walk from somewhere... "That's Marcus!" I whispered.

But where is he going so late? As if to answer, I see him walk into an adult movie theater.

Standing in front of the building with shallow breath, I ask God what to do?

Do I go in to help the young man or should I simply walk away...


After I pay the $8.00 admission fee, I timidly step into the heart is pounding.

I am afraid that if I enter this place...I will give in to flesh...

Before I became a reverend, I had to face certain truths about myself. For instance...I love sex.

I had to admit that inside of me, I have a horny 9" black dick that demands to be fed.

However, I find it more critical to have a monogamous relationship, which is why I got married.

Sadly, I have not touched my wife since who knows is it wise to enter this place?

ENOUGH BRIAN! I am here to save a soul...not become stressed about my own inner demons.

With that in mind, I find a seat.


Directly overhead, I see a video showing Ray Victory banging some white girl's pussy.

Since I was in my early 20's, I have felt inspired by Ray Victory and how he is able to make all of the girls worship his creamy white nut. Like in this video, a white tramp has her legs in the sky welcoming the black stud's massive cock.

But enough sightseeing, I am here to find Marcus...whom I do not see.

Now this is interesting...I only see men fucking/sucking...where are all the women? I wondered.

As a Methodist priest, I believe in God's love for all people. Still, I have no interest in joining...


I turn to my right to see a couple in the next aisle.

The screamer is an older naked white guy being fucked doggy style by a greasy black dude.

Fascinatingly, the old man arches his back over the movie seats to receive more dick.

Over Ray Victory's love play, I can hear the black guy nailing the old guy's ass.

"POP-POP-POP-POP-POP-POP!" was the sound of a hard black dick inside of a tight pink hole.

"Damn," I whispered from watching the greasy black man turn the old white man into his whore.

Turning left, I see a scrawny black male sitting on the floor only wearing a silver dog chain.

Holding the chain above him is a muscular Latino man dressed in leather pants.

Immediately, I notice that the Latino brother's sculpted chest and his 8" cock.

The slut gently kisses his master's round tip then decadently swallows his master's entire length.

The slut never gets tired of deep throating his master's big hard cock.

When the masculine Latino shoves his 8" piece down his throat, the slut eagerly keeps sucking.

In watching the slut please his master, I wonder what it would be like to have a man as a servant.

The image of my wife acting subservient to me causes me to chuckle in if.

"OH SHIT! IM'A CUM!" was the sound of the greasy black guy in the next aisle.

I could hear his black dick popping the old white guy's hole with a faster rhythm.


"OH YEAH!!!" said the older white guy.

"EUUUUURRRRCH!!!" said the greasy black man as his cum oozes into the old man's ass.

I turn around to see the slut standing on his knees as he awaits his treat for being a good bitch.

"Please give it to me," the slut begged.

His master responds by directly pouring his cum all over the slut's pretty brown face.

The slut gives a sweet smile to show his love of being used as a grown man's toilet.


"God, why are you testing me?" I whispered in frustration

I've never wanted to be with a man...yet it's been such a long time since I have had sex...

NO! I am a disciple of God...I must not give in to lust.

With all of my might, I hold on to the reason why I am here.

Thankfully, I see Marcus standing in the middle of the theater aisle.

Good, now I can leave this valley of temptation.

As I prepare to stand, my body freezes upon seeing Marcus only wearing a red jock strap.

My brown eyes marvel at Marcus' body...I find this side of him to be...beautiful.

I have never noticed his innocent caramel face, large full lips, and short nappy curls.

More surprisingly, I feel my 9" spring to life after seeing his female hips and soft male breasts.

Although I try to resist, my lips moisten to suck on his titties.

Never in my life have I seen anything more...exotic. Even my wife's breasts are not as pretty.

Yet, the most amazing aspect of Marcus' full figured his round/curved ass.

"DAMN! He has a female ass," I unknowingly said aloud.

When he turns around in my direction, I swiftly hide behind the movie seats.

Man, I hope that he has not seen me. In a few minutes, he turns back around none the wiser.

But I am not the only one drawn to him. In a flash, 3 older black men stand next to Marcus.

The short muscled man is Leron, his chubby friend is Malik, and his life-partner is Reggie.

As the 3 men surround him, I observe Marcus' blushing like a mischievous child.

He likes having a grown man's attention...still, I dislike how they stare at him like fresh meat.

I must stop this...yet...God help 9" dick is dripping pre-cum on my leg.

When Marcus and Reggie start kissing, Leron's tongue tenderly sucks his breasts.

"Ohh, yeah do that shit," Marcus moaned.

Malik squats on the floor and begins to lick Marcus' teenage asshole.

"Damn! Ya ass is sweet," said a hungry Malik.

From Leron lightly nibbling on the young man's titties, Marcus lowly whimpers, "Ah! Yeah!"

Reggie removes Marcus' jock strap...thus freeing the child's hard 8.5" cock for the grown men's amusement.

I feel envious of these 3 men as they touch Marcus' nubile body.

As Reggie deep throats Marcus' lollipop, I can feel my own mouth water for a taste.

From behind, Malik presses 1 finger...2 fingers...3 fingers...into Marcus tight hole.

"Ahhh! Yeah!!!" Marcus whined from his brown pucker loving Malik's manipulation.

Soon, Leron joins Reggie in kissing the young man's 8.5" cock.

"Damn this bitch's cock tastes so sweet!" Leron applauded.

While the 2 swallow the young man, my dick screams for release...

Malik pulls down his pants to reveal his HUGE 10" MONSTER!

From my brown eyes watching Malik's black hammer, I am blazing in heat.

After he sits in a seat, Marcus slowly eases his phat pussy on Malik's hard cock.

"Wait a minute, girl. I gotta big snake. You may want to pace yourself," Malik warned.

"But I want it, daddy," Marcus whined.

Rapidly, Marcus center's his pussy on Malik's swollen pole.

"WHOOOO!!!!" was the loud sound Marcus made in taking Malik's entire prick.

"I told you, baby. You need lots of lube for this dick!"

Ignoring the young boy's pain, Malik's 10" dick starts digging within Marcus' pussy.

Marcus further becomes Malik's bitch when the older man starts kissing his titties.

"Yeah, fuck that cunt," I whispered...imagining it was me savaging Marcus' ass.

"You like that shit, bitch?" Malik asked.

"ERK-ERK-ERK!" was the sound made from the seat as the two engage in hot burning sex.

Just when I think the young man cannot take anymore, Marcus begins gyrating his hips.

"That's right, bitch. Take this dick," Malik whispered.


"Ah! Ah! Ah! Your dick is so big!!!!!" Marcus cried.


"Tell me you love it bitch!!!"


"I love it daddy."








"CUM IN ME DADDY!!!! CUM IN ME!!!!" Marcus screamed with pleasure




"Bend over, bitch," Leron ordered sweet ass Marcus.

The young man effortlessly touches his ankles...allowing Leron's 8" full access.

"Do it, daddy. You know this pussy is yours," Marcus smiled.


Once Marcus' asstwat is completely loose, Leron's dick begins to throttle the young man's ass.

Leron pushes his 8" curved dick in deeper...Deeper....DEEEPPPPEEEERRRRRR!!!!

"UH! UH! UH! OH GOD!" Marcus cried in pleasurable pain.

I am captivated by Leron holding onto Marcus female hips.

"Aaaaahhhhh!!!!!!" Marcus whined.

Leron's rhythmic motion soon causes water to form in Marcus pretty brown eyes.

How can Marcus take such punishment? Should I step in to help him?

However, Marcus illustrates that he is fine by raising his back and spreading his cheeks open.

"Give me more, daddy!" the young man demanded

Sensing a challenge, Leron intensifies his speed by rapidly assaulting the young man's asstwat.

However, like a good bitch, Marcus starts swiveling his hips, which pushes Leron in deeper.

As Leron holds onto Marcus' female hips, Reggie walks in front of Marcus.

He then slaps the young man in his innocent face with his 7" cock.

"Your pussy may be good, but let's see how you suck a dick," Reggie slyly grinned.

Watching Reggie and Leron dominate Marcus makes my poor dick want to spew globs of cum.

Instead, I bite my lip praying to God for a sweet release...but refusing to give in to masturbation.

When Leron slaps Marcus' sweet ass, the young man does not flinch...instead, he continues to take the punishment like a good girl.

As Leron smashes the young man's asstwat...Reggie rapidly pumps Marcus' wet mouth.

"I am going to cum," Reggie said.

He clutches Marcus pretty curls and pushes the full extent of his dick down the child's throat. "OOOOOHHHHHHHH" Reggie exhaled as his cum floods poor Marcus sweet mouth.

After, Leron instructs Marcus to stand. He then presses the young man's face against the wall so that his 8" may plunge even deeper.

"YYYEAAHHHYYYEAAAHH!!!!" was Marcus' muffled sound of pleasure.

"Take it bitch! TAKE IT ALL!!!!!!!" Leron yelled while cumming inside Marcus' asstwat.

My suffering 9" dick needs release....NOW!


Closing my eyes, I beg God for forgiveness as I release my black cock.

I recall the beautiful love exchanged between these men.

Rather it be the greasy black man, the scrawny slut, or these 4 passionate men, I feel blessed to bear witness to God's most precious gift on humankind...

Sex is beautiful!

As I rub my cock, I hear a sweet voice in my right ear, "Did you enjoy the show, Reverend."

Like after hearing an alarm bell, my body tenses from hearing Marcus' voice.

"Marcus-I" but before I can explain my presence in attending his orgy, the young man kneels before me.

He places his warm wet mouth around my mushroom head.

Slowly...gently the young man massages my 9" monster with his slippery tongue.

"Oh my..." I said impressed with his ease at pleasing my dick.

Not to brag, but it takes a lot to please my hungry beast.

From my wife bragging, I know that its long and phat like a wooden baseball bat.

When we started dating, my wife would literally run away from my dick...shit she still does.

"No, you cannot touch me with that," she would say with fear.

Thankfully, I learned how to use my monster for both making love and fucking.

But I am not thinking about her right now...

Right now, I am enjoying this flow of positive energy between Marcus and me as we embrace.

He closes his eyes and intensifies his inhaling of my black wood.

Oh, his lips are so soft.

Valuing his tongue massage, I gently place my right hand on top of Marcus' head.

Unlike the 3 men, I do not want to hurt Marcus...instead, I want to feel him next to me.

When I stroke his beautiful neck, I feel his soft skin...which is indeed truly soft.

Marcus begins to lightly rub my nuts while his mouth gently moves up and down my base.

With care, he places his mouth on my hairy salt and pepper nuts so that he may taste my sweat. "HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM."

As Marcus returns to pleasing my dick, I can feel all the tension in my body leave.

Although I never want this moment to end...I feel ready to surrender my will to this young man.

Wanting to respect Marcus, I tell him, "I am about to cum," so that he may move if he likes.

I should not have bothered.

Marcus keeps his mouth around my stiff I.... EXPLODE.


I feel my toes curl as all of my wet floods the young man's...and he pleasantly swallows each drop.


As I drive him home, neither one of us says a word.

While I know that God is not mad at our embrace...I am still a married man.

I wonder is God displeased at me for sacrificing my marriage vows.

Random thoughts flood my head preventing me from saying a single word to Marcus...

I silently question did Marcus have a good time.

What can I possibly offer this young man?

There is a 27 age year difference between the 2 of us...What can we possibly have in common?!!

Did I hurt/humiliate him by not stopping those 3 guys?

Will he tell the church about what happened?

Finally, these random thoughts leave me when we arrive to his house.

5 seconds tick by with him and me sitting in silence.

"So, I guess this is me," Marcus said.

"Yeah...look...did you have a good time at all...since you didn't... you know?"

Marcus looks at me dumbfounded. Then he suddenly understands...

"Are you asking me did I have fun even though I didn't cum?"

I feel ashamed to verbally respond so I nod my head yes.

Marcus pulls closer to me and kisses me on my right cheek.

"I know you were watching me the whole time, so yes I had fun," he smiled.

When he leaves the car, my brown eyes lustfully stare at his phat ass walk up the house stairs.


Dear God, where are you leading me now?





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