There he was, on his usual corner holding the same sign that read: 'Marine Vet-Homeless-Want a job-NOT charity.' I had to admire him for that.

It was a Friday and since I owned my own company, I grabbed my cell phone and called the office. After telling my assistant that I was taking the day off and could be reached on my cell phone, I turned around and headed back to where the guy was.

He appeared to be in his mid-twenties and was extremely well built. In no way did he look like the other homeless guys you normally see. His head was shaved and he sported a moustache and goatee, which was almost jet black. His snug tank top revealed a nice hairy chest and beautiful pecs.

I pulled into a parking lot on the corner where he stood and sounded the horn. When he looked my way, I motioned for him to come over. After he grabbed is one bag he headed over my way.

Once at the car, I asked, "What kind of work you looking for?"

"Sir, I'll do anything as long as it's legal. I'd prefer full time but for now I'll take anything."

Offering my hand, I said, "I'm Mark Rivers. Let's go get some coffee and talk."

Shaking my hand , he replied "I'm Duke Carter, and if you have some work, I'm ready to talk."

We got into the car and headed for a nearby Denny's for coffee. I requested a booth off to the side where we could talk in a semblance of privacy.

We ordered coffee and as I was ready to start questioning him, I noticed the way he looked at the different plates of food that were being brought by the booth.

"Duke," I began, "when was the last time you had a decent meal?"

"Night before last," he replied then added, "But I had some snacks last night."

When the waiter brought our coffee, I said, "Bring us two menus, also."

"Just the coffee if fine," Duke said.

"You need to eat so let's just call it my 'thank you' for your service to your country. Besides, I won't take no for an answer."

"Thanks, Sir," he said.

"My name is Mark. Call me that."

"Will do," he replied.

He ordered a huge breakfast and as we waited, I asked how he became homeless.

He began his story saying that he joined the Marines straight out of high school, then after his first tour overseas, he became engaged to his high school sweetheart. He said that while he was home on one of his leaves, his girl convinced him to put her on his checking and savings account 'in case of an emergency'.

When on his last tour overseas, he said he realized that he had never had a life as a single man like his buddies and decided to break off the engagement. He said he informed his girl that when he got home he was getting out of the Marines. He continued to receive letters from her saying how she looked forward to being his wife and starting a family. When h asked why her letters were post marked from another town, she said he had taken a job there. He never told her that he was ending the engagement.

His parents had been killed while he was in the service, leaving him with no family. When he arrived home, he went to his bank to take her off the accounts. When he arrived. he was told that both accounts had been closed. Since here name was on the accounts also, there was nothing that could be done to stop her from draining his accounts. All he had was a few hundred dollars from his separation pay.

He went by a mutual friends and asked her if she knew anything about Sue. He said that he was told that Sue had married a man from New York and moved back to New York with him.

"So, I was without a place to live and almost broke. I made my cash last as long as I could."

"What a bitch," I said without thinking.

Smiling, he said, "I agree."

His breakfast arrived and as he ate, I began telling him what I had in mind.

If you're interested, I need a lot of shrub trimming in my back yard. It will take at least three to five days if not more. You'll be paid twelve dollars an hour plus have a place to stay and meals will be included."

Before I could ask if he was interested, he said, "I'll take it." He finished his meal and when we returned to the car, I pulled my laptop from the back seat and asked him for his driver's license and social security card.

"What the fuck is going on?" he asked.

"Duke, since you will be alone at my place during the day, I have to make sure that you don't have a record of any type."

He said he understood and I brought up the web site I use to check on my new hires for my company. I find out if they are legal to work and all criminal history. I entered Duke's information and pressed enter and waited.

As I did, I told him I now knew how he got the name 'Duke'. His ID showed his name to be John Wayne Carter. "My dad was a big fan of John Wayne."

I got the 'beep' and checked my screen. Duke came back squeaky clean and I was glad.

"You ready to go see where you will be staying and working for a few days?"

"Hell yea. Let's go."

We drove to my place and as we neared it I said, "You will find that I like my privacy. I bought my lot when the area was new and also the lots on each side. My back yard is surrounded by a nine foot tall concrete block wall. All along the fence are crape myrtles. I need all the lower area cleared and the tops left so I cam plant small shrubs and flowers along the fence also."

We arrived and I watched as he got his one bag out of the trunk. I asked if he had more clothes.

"Yea," he replied. "They are in a locker at the bus station."

I showed him around and explained what I wanted done.

"The work will be on the honor system. You will log your hours that you work. If you want to take a break and have a swim, just log out. I don't mind."

I then took him inside and showed him around. I put him in the guest room right next to my bedroom. To get to the bathroom, he would have to pass by my bedroom door.

After a few moments I took him to the garage and as we passed through the kitchen, I pulled a set of car keys off the rack by the door.

Once in the garage, I pointed to a Jeep Wrangler and tossed him the keys. "Use the Jeep and go get the rest of your belongings. The remotes for the front gate and garage are on the visor. Insurance card is in the glove box."

"Mark, just why are you doing this for me?"

"I believe in giving a helping hand whenever I can. It's just the way I am."

He stepped closer and gave me a friendly gentle hug as he thanked me. An electric shock of excitement shot through my body.

He left and I went to my bedroom and stripped down before going out to the pool naked. Stretching out on a lounge, I jerked off my now hard cock, shooting my huge load out onto my chest and stomach. After wiping up, I took a swim then dozed off on the lounge.

I jumped with a start as I heard a voice say, "Now I know why you like the privacy back here."

Grabbing a towel, I covered myself and said, "Sorry, Duke. I didn't mean to drop off to sleep."

"Hey, I saw plenty of guys nude in the showers while in the Marines. Besides, it's your property."

"Well, it wouldn't bother you if I go nude when I'm home? I'm a lot more comfortable."

"Not at all. Go for it."

"Duke, please feel free to do the same if you want to," I said hoping he would accept the offer.

"Thanks," he replied.

I told him to relax for the weekend and he could get started on his job on Monday. He went to his room and moments later returned in a small Speedo swim suit. The bulge in the front was quite large and the hair on his body was awesome. n It wasn't extremely thick, but was nice and covered both his chest and back as well as arms, legs and buttocks.

We talked and got to know each other better during the afternoon. That night, I took him out for dinner. I had picked out a restaurant where about half the cliental was gay and the food was out of this world. I wanted to see his reaction when he saw the gay couples holding hands.

He took it all in but never condemned them in any way. He did comment that after the military began accepting gays, that some of his close buds came out that they were gay.

Did it bother you having them working so closely with you?"

"Not at all. They knew I was into pussy, and they left me alone. They did joke and say if I ever tried sex with another guy I'd never go back to women."

Saturday, we slept late and as I lay in bed with my door open, I heard Duke get up and head for the bathroom. He passed my door and I saw that he was totally nude. The quick glimpse I got of his cock told me it was quite large.

I got up and waited by the door and as he came out of the bathroom, I stepped into the hall and upon seeing him said, "Coffee will be ready in a few minutes."

"Be right there," he replied.

When he arrived in the kitchen, he was wearing only a pair of mesh bikini briefs. Seeing me notice them he said, "Sue bought these for me. She liked seeing me in them."

"I can see why," I said, smiling.

"The only reason I haven't thrown them out is because they are so fucking comfortable."

Seeing him in the mesh underwear, my cock began to twitch and my brain had to will it not to get hard. It was too late though. Duke had seen it start to rise slightly.

Later, as we swam, I asked what he had done in the Marines. He said he had been in a construction battalion. My ears perked up as he said what all he had done.

I owned a large construction company and could always use more help. I decided that after he had trimmed the shrubs, I would create a project for him and see how he did in constructing it.

Sunday, we went to a movie and a late lunch before returning home. I went to my room and returned to the den nude. I asked if he'd like a beer and he said yes. When I handed it to him, I noticed that he took a good look at my cock.

I headed out to the pool and sat my beer down before diving into the cool water. After swimming to the far end then returning, I saw Duke step out of the house. To my delight, he was nude and came out and sat his beer next to mine before diving in.

As he swam, my cock began to stiffen and was soon rock hard. As he swam underwater, I knew that if he had his eyes open, there was no way he could miss seeing my boner.

After a moment, he surfaced just a couple of feet from me. Very casually, he stepped closer and through the crystal clear water, I could see that he was hard as a rock also.

As he stepped closer, he commented at how great the water felt. I quickly agreed and soon got a great surprise.

TO BE CONTINUED.................



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