I was raised to lend assistance when I saw that it was needed, regardless of who it might be.  On many occasions, I had offered assistance by holding a door open, assisting an older person to their car or with their groceries, or in any number of other ways.

I am Mark Rivers and work as a business manager for a mid-size company.  I was on the West coast discussing a contract with one of our suppliers and was staying at a very upscale hotel.  As I started out of my room and entered the hall, I was shocked by what I saw.

There in the hall, surrounded by several body guards, was Scott Brenner, the hottest actor in the industry.  I recognized him immediately was surprised that he didn't have more security with him. 

Scott was in his late twenties and extremely muscular, with brown hair and sky blue eyes.  He stood slightly over six foot tall and I estimated his weight at 190 or so.  We approached the elevator on the twenty-third floor and as we waited, his guards told me I would have to wait for another elevator.  That's when Scott stepped in and said "Why should he? He's alone and won't take up much room."  With that he looked at me and smiled showing a beautiful, perfect set of white teeth.

I smiled and nodded and as we stepped into the elevator he asked, "Do you all have the car ready for me?  You know how I hate all the photographers."

"We've done the best we can," one of the guards replied.

I knew there was a way for me to lend assistance.  "Mr. Brenner," I began, "maybe I can lend some assistance."

"And just who are you?" he asked.

I gave him my name and after I did he asked how I could help.

"Sir, I'm parked on the third level of the garage.  You and one of your associates are welcome to use my truck and I can be covered with a coat and be hustled into your limo and meet up with you at your destination."

"You would do that for me?"

"Sure, why not?  I can only imagine the harassment you go through."

As he thanked me we stopped at the third level and all exited the elevator.  I handed over the keys to my new F-150 pick-up and he said he would see me later.  His guard drove and they headed out of the garage with Scott slumped in the passenger seat. The rest of us returned to the elevator and a long coat was thrown over my head and I was hustled out to the limo that was waiting at the door.  Cameras flashed as everyone yelled for 'Scott' to look at them.  Once we were away and in traffic, the coat was removed  and I was able to relax.

We arrived at the convention center and the scene was repeated, with me being rushed  out of the limo and into the building.  Fortunately, I was dressed in dress slacks, white shirt and a sport coat, so the disguise had worked.  Once inside, I was taken to Scotts dressing room for the banquet and he insisted that I remain and sit at the table with his group.  He loaned me a tie and I agreed to join in.

When the event was over, against his guards wishes, he said he would return to the hotel with me.  Once there, he insisted that I join him in his suite for a late meal and drinks.

"Mark, what made you decide to help me out?" he asked.

"It's just the way I am.  I'm always offering help when I can."

"Well, I certainly appreciate what you did," he said as we stepped out onto the balcony alone. Once outside, we talked more and he asked if I was happy with my job.  I looked at him questioningly and asked "Why?"

"Well, I'd like for you to go to work for me as my personal assistant.  You would manage my appointments and finances and when necessary pull the same stunt we pulled off tonight. I'll make it financially advantageous for you."

"Damn, I don't know what to say."

"Just promise me that you will think it over.  I'll be in contact with you," he said.  With that, he stepped forward to me and wrapped his arms around me and as he hugged me  he casually placed a light kiss on my neck.  I could feel my cock steadily stiffening from his actions.  If he only knew how bad I wanted him.

We went back inside and he got my name and address and what room I was in. After giving me another quick casual hug, he said, "I'll be in touch."

I returned to my room and after undressing I lay in bed going over in my head what had transpired and began to jerk off.  I wanted Scott in bed with me but knew it would never happen.

The next morning early, my phone rang and it was him inviting me to have breakfast with him in his suite.  I accepted and when I arrived he wore only a pair of gym shorts and his bare muscular chest was revealing a nice coating of dark brown hair.  After he asked if I had thought over his offer, I said I had but hadn't made a decision.  He said that he would be in touch. 

I headed home and after a week, my phone rand and when I answered, I heard, Mark, this is  Scott.  I'm passing through and wondered if you would have dinner with me."

"Sure," I replied.  "Great," he replied.  "I'll pick you up at seven."

He arrived in a limo with just the two of us in the back and the privacy window closed.  As we drove to the restaurant, he casually lay his hand on my thigh and said, "I really would like for you to work for me.  Of course, your position would require total secrecy as to everything in my life but I seriously think I could trust you."

"You could," I replied, "but I still need some more time."

He said he understood as he gently squeezed my thigh.  After dinner as he dropped me off back at my place, he said, "I'll be in touch," he said with a devilish smile.

TO BE CONTINUED.................(with hot action)



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